Our Picks for the Best VR Dating Sites in 2024

A small subset of singles worldwide have had success finding love or romance online through VR dating sites, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fill you in on the best VR dating sites you could be using in 2024! We’ll review some of the best platforms on the market and the main pros and cons of finding love in a virtual reality setting. We’ll also let you decide whether these sites are worth the time, money, and energy!

VR Dating Site Key Facts Free Trial
Flirtual Logo Flirtual

Best All Around for Meeting Singles Using VR

Nevermet Logo Nevermet

Traditional Profile Swiping

VR Chat Logo VR Chat

The Best Dating Pool for a VR App

Rec Room Logo Rec Room

Meet Singles Doing Interesting Online Activities

Meta Horizon Worlds Logo Meta Horizon Worlds

The Best VR Worlds and Settings

Overview of the Top 5 VR Dating Sites

When it comes to virtual reality dating, there are five excellent products out there. You’ll have different experiences with each of these regarding overall setup and functionality, how many active members use the platform weekly, and the breakdown of male-to-female users. Let’s get into the details of the best VR dating sites you can use in 2024!

#1: Flirtual

Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Active Members: 9,000 (40,000 are registered altogether)
  • Gender Ratio: 71% men to 29% women
  • Average Age: 30-37 years
  • Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month
  • Website: Flirtu.al
  • App Store: No
  • Google Play: Yes
Flirtual Homepage Screenshot

Men and women using Flirtual to find love or romance online will develop their unique avatars instead of creating an online dating profile. It’s the vehicle that lets them navigate the fantastical settings of Flirtual’s world. The biggest thing that Flirtual offers that reminds us of popular dating apps is the ability to swipe through avatars to find suitable matches. Flirtual users need only enter search terms that match their dating preferences and relationship criteria to find other members where there’s some true romantic potential in real life!

On top of a decent matching system and the “profile swiping” function, Flirtual lets its members set up virtual encounters to get to know other users better: one-on-one dates, parties, and speed dating events! Flirtual allows its members to communicate with their matches by sharing their VRChat or Discord accounts. There are a few downsides with Flirtual that you should consider before joining—there’s no messaging function or app for iOS devices, the website can be sluggish, and the website might crash entirely if there’s too much traffic.

#2: Nevermet

Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Active Members: 20,000
  • Gender Ratio: 60% men to 40% women
  • Average age: 30-37 years
  • Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month
  • Website: Nevermet.io
  • App Store: Yes
  • Google Play: Yes
Nevermet Homepage Screenshot

A product of Meta, Nevermet is primarily considered the “Tinder of the Metaverse.” Nevermet allows members to connect using their Discord accounts at the App Store and Google Play. What really stands out about the Nevermet app is that members set up dating profiles like they would if they were using a traditional dating app. This differs from other VR dating sites, where you design an avatar and explore the virtual world to pursue love.

But there’s one significant catch with your profile that brings everything back to the use of avatars: your profile photo cannot be a picture of you. You must use an avatar version of yourself for your Nevermet profile, complete with its own unique look, voice, and other important elements. The idea of Nevermet is to form love connections without such a significant emphasis on looks or appearance. Swipe left or right on members’ profiles to find love on the Nevermet app.

#3: VR Chat

Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Total Members: 760,000
  • Gender Ratio: 80% men to 20% women
  • Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month
  • Website: hello.VRChat.com
  • App Store: No
  • Google Play: No
VR Chat Homepage Screenshot

While it’s unavailable as a mobile app, you can connect to VR Chat using any system if you own a VR headset (cross-platform play)! Due to this accessibility, VR Chat enjoys the largest crowd of all the VR dating sites on our list, with 760,000 people using the platform weekly. It’s definitely one of the best options for finding the broadest range of potential dates or relationships.

VR Chat has an array of activities like role-playing athletic games, various virtual environments to explore (some designed by other users), and voice chat with other players as you enjoy your favorite games or activities. Though VR Chat has one of the best dating pools for VR dating, the site is dominated by male members (80% men to 20% women), making this a terrific option for women looking for VR love or romance.

#4: Rec Room

Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Active Members: 220,000
  • Gender Ratio: 73% men to 27% women
  • Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month
  • Website: RecRoom.com
  • App Store: Yes
  • Google Play: Yes
Rec Room Homepage Screenshot

Rec Room is a mobile app at Google Play and the App Store, so members can choose to use the platform with VR goggles or simply from the convenience of their mobile device. Members meet one another through voice chat and personal avatars, all while connecting in the “Rec Center,” where they can enjoy various games and activities.

In the Rec Room, you can design your own content and sell what you create to other users! The different rooms you visit in Rec Room are self-contained universes designed by the app or by the talented minds of other members. You can also learn new skills along the way as you visit different rooms and play various exciting games. It’s a fascinating place to meet new people using VR, pick up some knowledge, engage in trade, and find someone to date or romance!

#5: Meta Horizon Worlds

Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Active Members: 300,000
  • Gender Ratio: 70% men to 30% women
  • Pricing: Platform fees of up to 47.5%
  • Website: Meta.com/Horizon-Worlds
  • App Store: Yes
  • Google Play: Yes
Meta Horizon Worlds Homepage Screenshot

We’ve already discussed Nevermet, Meta Horizon Worlds’ dedicated VR dating site, but there’s also Horizon Worlds, where you can find love in various VR settings. It’s set up like Flirtual but without the avatar profile swiping. With this one, you design an Avatar and explore fantastical worlds, play VR games, go to virtual parties, or attend VR events. Players can even design and customize their worlds like they’d create their avatars.

With 300,000 people using Meta Horizon Worlds every week, the site isn’t as popular as it was expected to be at first. Undoubtedly, they’ve done a great job creating some interesting settings and designing an online space where people can connect, network, or find love in interesting ways. Still, this Meta Horizon Worlds has been hyped. It’s decent for meeting other singles using VR, but the number of people using it isn’t as big as it could be!

VR Dating Explained

Each VR dating site on our suggestion list is set up slightly differently, but they operate in the same way for the most part. Some platforms let you enjoy the experience from your phone or tablet once you’ve downloaded the mobile app, but many offer an immersive experience that requires a solid computer and operating system and the most important high-ticket feature: VR goggles or headsets.

How VR Dating Works by Site

Some VR dating sites will have profiles like Nevermet, where you can learn more about the singles you meet in the virtual setting. In some cases, your avatar serves as your dating profile. And then there’s another case where the site doesn’t have any profile and allows you to explore the world, meet other singles, and develop a relationship organically (without the assistance of profiles or bio points) the way you would in real life.

  • Flirtual: Design an avatar and enter bio information other singles should know about you. The avatar serves as your “profile.” You can use search filters to find matches on the app and then swipe through the “profile suggestions” (avatars) to find singles who match your dating preferences or criteria.
  • Nevermet: This VR dating app functions like Tinder and is owned and operated by Meta Horizon Worlds. You’ll find swipe-style profiles that use avatars as profile photos. Members cannot upload real photos of themselves but must use their Horizon World avatar to represent their likeness. Use search filters to start your search, swipe through profiles to find potential love interests, and begin messaging once a mutual match is established!
  • VR Chat: There’s no mobile app for this one; you’ll need a VR headset because VR Chat is an immersive experience where you explore various worlds and forge relationships through VR activities or hang out. You don’t have to set up search terms or create a profile, but you’ll need an avatar to get around and activate voice chat to have conversations with the people you meet.
  • Rec Room: Rec Room is like VR Chat in that you’re exploring the virtual world more and enjoy VR activities as a means of meeting and connecting with new people. However, you can go with the VR goggles/immersive experience or download the app and enjoy it from your smartphone. Meet singles in VR worlds designed by the site or other members. Or you can create your own!
  • Meta Horizon World: Arguably the best VR dating site, Horizon Worlds is set up like Rec Room: you can use it from your phone through the mobile app or throw on your VR headset and enjoy the signature experience the site offers. Explore different worlds to meet other singles organically, be it through hanging out or attending VR events/parties.

The Main Takeaway

VR sites are still relatively new to the dating market—some have been around for nearly ten years, while many have only been available since the beginning of the 2020s. VR dating is not accessible to anyone as it requires expensive equipment to capture the ideal experience. Some platforms are making some decent gains as the technology advances, but it’s still mostly a novelty at this point. Unless the equipment becomes more readily available, we don’t see VR dating becoming a widespread or widely accepted way of meeting new people online.

Why Did We Choose These VR Dating Sites

What makes these five platforms the best VR dating sites for 2024? We’ll review a few of the reasons these VR platforms made the top of our list for the best in virtual reality dating.

  • They let online singles find love anywhere across the country or worldwide.
  • Each platform has a dating pool of 100,000 or more, offering members various options for online dates, love, or romance.
  • Aside from the costs associated with the needed equipment, some of these VR dating apps are free to use. If they charge a membership fee, it’s for $9.99 or less most of the time.
  • We chose a mix of VR dating sites that had a mobile app and others that required VR goggles. This allows users without expensive hardware to meet other singles virtually using the available mobile apps.
  • VR dating sites on our recommendation list let you meet other online singles in a breathtaking virtual landscape. Some platforms will let you learn more about your matches with members’ profiles and search filters that allow you to find specific avatars without exploring too hard.

Pros and Cons

As VR dating sites gain a following, we’ve gotten a better idea of these novel platforms’ significant pros and cons. We have mixed feelings about VR dating sites because there seem to be a lot of negative impacts on the individual, and there’s the whole idea that you’re not operating in reality. But we’ll let you decide if VR dating is an avenue you’d like to explore.

  • VR dating is a new and exciting way to meet new people online. There’s a novelty to it as it’s not as accessible to the ordinary person as it could be.
  • VR dating sites let you meet singles with interests similar like gaming. You can bond with other members by experiencing the same virtual activities together.
  • These platforms allow you to meet new people more quickly if you’re shy or reserved. You design an avatar and interact with other people’s avatars, all from the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • You can experience beautiful virtual worlds and feel part of the setting and what’s going on with other avatars. Some of these places are breathtaking, even though they are artificial, and can be a nice change of pace from where you live.
  • Meet singles outside of your local area. VR dating sites can help as the basis for a long-distance relationship. Network and connect with singles from anywhere in the country or worldwide.
  • VR dating reduces face-to-face contact with singles who’d prefer to interact with the site instead of meeting in real life. The novel aspect of these sites makes it enticing to stay in the virtual world and not deal with the challenges of real relationships.
  • You’ll find a more significant emphasis on looks or doing online activities versus personality, values, or true compatibility. The one exception to this rule, though, is Nevermet, where the idea is to connect beyond looks or appearance.
  • VR dating sites make it easy for scammers or catfishers to connect with unsuspecting men or women. The anonymity of virtual reality sites is the perfect setting for fraudulent members to do their work because everyone is using an avatar that doesn’t truly represent who they are.
  • These sites are known to be harmful physically and mentally for some members. While VR worlds can be fun to navigate, you’re in a space that detached you from reality. Escapism is a very real thing for so many people using these platforms.
  • The success of VR dating depends on your equipment’s dependability, including your computer, operating system, or VR headset. If you run into technical issues, your avatar won’t be able to move as well as it could, which will cause delays in your date or other interactions.
  • VR dating can become super expensive, especially if you don’t own VR goggles. A top-of-the-line computer and operating system are preferable to ensure no significant lagging or glitches while using the site.

At the end of the day, VR dating is something that’s super niche, and we see it staying small because the appeal isn’t large enough to capture the majority of people who still prefer to meet and interact with people in real life, or prefer traditional dating sites. Again, we’re mixed on VR dating. We see it becoming harmful to some people because it could keep you perpetually online, but it’s also suitable for people who want to meet in interesting ways or meet new people in a more insulated setting.


If you’re new to VR dating or unfamiliar with how it works for meeting new people, check out the most common questions we’ve gotten from readers on the subject.

Do I Need a VR Headset to Use These VR Dating Sites?

Yes, in all cases, you’ll need a VR headset to get the full effect of these VR dating sites. Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are designed to fully immerse you in the virtual world and block out anything from the real world that might affect your senses. These can run you some major money, making VR dating costly.

Do Scammers Use VR Dating Sites?

Nearly all dating sites have fraudulent profiles, so you need to be on guard even using these VR sites to find love and romance. Unlike most popular dating sites, there’s no way to verify your identity and make it known to other users through a profile badge. With VR dating sites, you need to put in the work and build trust in new relationships.

How Do VR Dating Sites Work for Finding Love?

Anyone using a VR dating site uploads their own unique avatar, which they use to navigate the world and meet other members. Instead of designing a dating profile, you create an avatar and start exploring the world to meet new people, almost like you would in real life if you could travel anywhere.

Are VR Dating Sites the Wave of the Future?

Some people think VR dating sites will completely replace traditional dating platforms; all we can do is laugh at that idea. If you look at the membership numbers for these platforms, you’ll see that they are comparable to niche dating sites catering to a small, specific population segment. This is mainly due to the expensive headsets required to operate these sites. For now, VR dating is a novelty, and we don’t see it becoming that much bigger unless the price of headsets becomes much more affordable.

Can I Use VR Dating Sites for Free?

Most VR dating sites discussed in this review don’t have membership plans. They are free to download and operate, but many require VR goggles, which come at a hefty price if you don’t own them.

Are There Big Downsides to Using VR Dating Sites?

The interactions you have using VR dating sites take place in a fake, virtual space using avatars that don’t truly represent the person behind them. People have been known to forge genuine, authentic relationships in these settings, but the whole thing is empty and false.

Are VR Dating Sites Just for Long-Distance Relationships?

You can use VR dating sites to meet almost anyone anywhere in the country or worldwide. It’s not just for forming and maintaining long-distance relationships.

Is VR Dating Safe?

As with other dating sites, VR platforms have their fair share of unsavory characters or fraudulent members. Because all members are using avatars, you don’t really have an idea of who anyone is. If you plan to meet in real life, you must be careful in your interactions with these people. Remember to meet in a public place, provide transportation, and tell family or friends about these meetups so they know where you are.

How Much Do VR Headsets Usually Cost?

The Oculus Quest 2 retails for $299.99 and is widely considered the most affordable mid-priced headset for VR dating sites. Other headsets that fall in this mid-priced range can go all the way up to $600. Higher-range headset options include the HTC Vive Pro 2, which retails for $799, or the Valve Index, which comes at a whopping $999! Any way you look, VR dating sites are super costly because the headsets cost a pretty penny!

Do I Have to Design an Avatar?

Most VR dating sites will require you to make an avatar to navigate the universe you’re spending time in. Newcomers can design their avatars within the dating site, search for avatar generators on Google, create them outside the platform, and import them into their favorite VR dating site.

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