Dating Site Review is a well-known dating platform for beautiful single women to meet their ideal sugar daddy. Our review of revealed immediately that this kind of transactional relationship, where both parties benefit, has been more widespread in recent years.

We were shocked to see so many beautiful ladies on looking for an arrangement like this while we poked around the dating site! They numbered in the thousands, and it wasn’t all fake accounts set up to scam daters. We signed up for and then talked to other users to see if it was legit.

In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at the premium membership packages available on, including the features available to users at each price point. We’ll also detail how you can use the platform without paying anything, along with our thoughts on the free vs. premium options. Read on for our unbiased review of dating site review for 2024! Hompeage

Fast Facts on​, which has been around since 2002, is a reputable dating website explicitly catering to wealthy men in search of a sugar baby or babe. It’s also for women looking for an affluent male to support them financially. It boasts a large dating pool with 5 million users with a gender ratio of 30% men and 70% women, and most of the female members are between the ages of 18-25.

Key FactsDetails

Site Name

Key Info

• Founded in 2002
Number of Active Users: 5 million
Gender Ratio: 30% men to 70% women
• The majority of dating site members are between the ages of 18-25
• Specializes in forming sugar arrangements between sugar daddies and sugar babies

Membership Cost

begins at $15.99 per month

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Sign Up Time

5 minutes

Our Unbiased Rating Process

Overall Rating (4.0/5)

If you are interested in entering into a sugar relationship, then joining this dating site is definitely worth it! also showed that sugar daddy relationships aren’t necessarily a May-December kind of thing and that successful young men wish to date women their own age. Some of the sugar mommies are attractive and generous with their cubs, although they are in the minority on this site.

Cost (4.0/5)

Our professional reviewers were very impressed with’s low membership price compared to its main competitors. The monthly cost of a premium subscription is around $30 cheaper than that of many comparable sugar dating platforms.

Features (2.0/5)

We liked the fact that there was a forum for the community even if’s features are simply okay–there is nothing fancy in regards to bells or whistles. We have no issues with the platform’s core functionality as it has what users need to find compatible sugar pairings–messaging, IM, who’s seen me, etc.

Usability (4.0/5)

The registration process for this dating site was simple, fast, and uncomplicated, and searching for singles is relatively straightforward!

Quality Matches (3.0/5)

Given that doesn’t employ human matchmakers, we gave it a lower rating for the quality of its matches. You won’t be “matched” with anybody based on your responses to personality quizzes or scientific algorithms, but you can easily browse members in the area or across the country thanks to the site’s grid layout of various profile pictures from members.

Safety and Security (4.0/5)

With the help of several privacy-enhancing tools, including encrypted communications and anonymous billing, premium customers are able to safeguard their clients’ privacy. Pros and Cons​ claims only to accept high-quality users, and it does indeed include many attractive single females in many professions (including students, models, and entertainers). The males are financially well-off and driven, but it is their self-assurance and competence that really make them desirable to the sugar babies!

But here are the main pros and cons of this dating site so that you can make the best possible determination about

  • Support staff are available around the clock to help users have successful dates on the site.
  • Provides a free week-long trial with no need to provide payment details
  • Identifies and deletes fake profiles by using a combination of picture authentication and content monitoring
  • You can change your payment method or cancel your membership on the Settings page without contacting customer service
  • Unlike other sugar dating sites, women here must pay for a premium membership
  • The majority of the men on the dating site don’t use their most recent photos
  • Messages that include external phone numbers or email addresses are automatically deleted by mail servers
  • There is no FAQ section for members

“Free Trial” Offers offers free memberships with a subset of the site’s functionality; the service does not provide free trial memberships. The free trial is a kind of advertising that gives prospective members all the perks of a paid membership at no cost at all, usually for a week. However, a valid payment method is required from the potential member before the trial starts. If they don’t cancel before the free trial period ends, their account will be turned into a paid subscription, and they’ll be charged the total amount of the service to their payment method on file.

You can sign up, upload photographs, and browse the profiles of other users of without spending any money.

You will only require your credit card details once you decide to pay for a premium membership. However, the free version has one major drawback: you can’t communicate with other users via private messaging or live chat. Even the community forum is off-limits to you.

What Can I Do with the “Free Trial?”

  • Create a profile
  • Upload Images Online
  • Membership Database Search
  • Check Out Other Member Pics
  • Meet My Match
  • See a list of your profile’s viewers
  • Favorite Profiles that you like

If you’re not a paying subscriber, you can browse the profiles of the men and women awaiting you on the dating site. Try out the platform for free for a while to see whether it’s worth it to you, and if it is, go ahead and sign up for a premium membership!

Is Worth It?

If the type of relationship you’re looking for is a sugar relationship, then this is the right dating site for you. attracts users of all ages and backgrounds. And while all ages are represented, the most active demographics are women in their early twenties and men in their mid-to late-thirties. The platform also showed that sugar daddy relationships aren’t necessarily a May-December kind of thing and that successful young men wish to date women their own age. Some of the sugar mommies are attractive and generous with their cubs, although they are in the minority on this site.

The dating site claims only to accept high-quality users, and it does indeed include many attractive single females in many professions (including students, models, and entertainers). The males are financially well-off and driven, but it is their self-assurance and competence that really make them desirable to the sugar babies! Membership Plans and Pricing 

Total Cost: $44.99
Bronze Package 1 Month
$4499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $89.97
Silver Package 3 Months
$2999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $149.94
Gold Package 6 Months
$2499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $191.88
Platinum Package 12 Months
$1599 Monthly Select Plan

There are four different paid subscription tiers available on All of them have the same benefits; the only variation is the length of time you can access them. One-month, three-month, six-month, and yearly memberships are also available. is one of the only dating sites that will allow you to pay off the total price of the membership in up to four monthly installments, while most others require the entire payment upfront.

First 24 Hours Special Pricing

If you’re considering upgrading to a premium membership, the first day is the best time to do it. All membership tiers have an introductory price reduction, and the first-day subscription rates are as follows:

Membership LengthPrice Per MonthTotal Membership Cost

1 month



3 months



6 months



12 months



After the limited-time discount ends, the regular pricing for the various premium membership tiers will be reinstated. Even if the difference between the cheapest and most expensive plans is just a few dollars a month, over the course of a year or more, it adds up.

Membership Features

The premium membership options on provide all the usual benefits plus a few more. Most of the dating site’s features can be accessed by anyone with free accounts. People’s full profiles and photo albums are available for perusal, and there’s also a carousel-like “Meet My Match” feature.

Although the exchange of messages is the most common and fundamental form of communication, they are also the most efficient. However, has developed engaging features for its users to use, not only to communicate with one another but to enhance their whole experience on the site.

Meet My Match

Meet My Match on is one of the most exciting features of this dating site. Like other swipe-based dating software, Meet My Match presents potential matches in a carousel format. One user’s profile appears at a time, giving you a glimpse of their primary picture, username, age range, and geographical area. Is (so and so) a Good Match for You?” appears to the right of each profile.

The options are “yes” and “no.” The following profile will be shown if you respond with a no. If you choose “yes,” a personalized message from you will be sent to the member. Once reviewed and accepted by, your message will be sent to all members who have also received a “yes.”. They are also added to your list of favorites.

Quality Score

Raising one’s Profile Quality Score is one way in which members can improve the quality of their profiles. User activity on the site contributes to a total score, which is then broken down into eight subcategories. Since all features of are accessible only to premium users, paying subscribers can quickly boost their quality scores.

Community Forums also has an active community forum where members can offer feedback on any subject in the main public forum, and there are other sub-forums for more niche interests, including art, literature, the outdoors, politics, and more.

Members can get to know one another in the forums without having to spend time searching for one another’s profiles. However, if you’re having a very engaging chat with someone, you can always click their username to see their profile.

The Sign-Up Process​

Interested in creating a profile on Here, we’ll walk you through the whole signup process, from clicking “Sign Up” to upgrading to a premium account and browsing member profiles.

Compared to other online dating sites, features one of the quickest and simplest signup procedures. All that’s required is a few minutes of your time to fill out a few simple details, upload a few photos, and create a quick one- or two-sentence bio.

Step #1: Create an Account Sign Up - Step 1

The first step in the process is to create an account. Simply enter a username, gender, email address, and a unique password.

This dating site does not encourage connections between older well-off women and younger men since males are labeled “Sugar Daddie,” and females are labeled “Sugar Babe” under the gender category.

Step 2: Upload a Profile Picture Sign Up - Step 2

After signing up, you’ll be prompted to add a primary profile picture. You can do this now if you want, or you can go on to the next section and add a photo later!

Step 3: Fill Out the Profile and Financial Information Sign Up - Step3

Given that this is a sugar dating site, it seems to reason that they would inquire about finances early on. You can change your estimated net worth, annual income, ethnicity, relationship status, and more on this page.

Even if the platform doesn’t check your bank account or salary, you shouldn’t lie about these things–if you can’t afford to give the Sugar Babies you encounter the lives they want, it will be apparent that you’ve been dishonest about your financial situation. Believe us; they are going to verify your authenticity early on in the relationship.

The “relationship” dropdown menu contains a few interesting details in this questionnaire section. Either “strictly Sugar Daddie relationships” or “not limited to a Sugar Daddie relationship” are acceptable responses.

Therefore, some people on the site are interested in going beyond a purely transactional sugar relationship.

Step 4: Enter Appearance Stats Sign Up - Step 4

Next, specify your height, your body type, and your hair color.

Step 5: Choose a Profession, Your Interests, and Write a Bio for your Profile Sign Up - Step-5

You’re almost finished! Select your profession from the dropdown menu in the last area of profile creation, and then write a short bio. When you’re done with your intro, it’s time to choose at least three activities you enjoy doing. Since other users are going to use everything you share in common to start a conversation, you should choose at least five.

Step 6: Take Advantage of the Special Offer for Premium Membership Sign Up - Step 6

Your profile has been completed! This means that the premium membership discount clock started ticking, and you have 24 to claim the exclusive deal before redirects you to the homepage.

Step 7: Search Profiles Sign Up - Step 7

You will be directed to your freshly created homepage and presented with a grid of thumbnail images displaying other new members. The members you see aren’t really organized into anything, unfortunately. You’ll have to do some digging to find profiles of people who are nearby.

To search, choose “Search” from the menu bar to access the site’s search bar. You can refine your search using the options on the page’s left side. Modifying the search parameters will immediately update the profile views.

The options for narrowing your search by race, age, hair color, height, and body type can be found in the expanded advanced search menu. It’s a good idea to save your searches once you’ve optimized them. That way, you won’t have to re-enter all the settings every time you return to it.

The final thing to do is to complete your search on–keep looking through profiles until you find several that you like before upgrading your subscription. Put the best ones in your favorites. That way, whenever you upgrade to a paid account and send out messages, you’ll be able to locate them easily.

Good Alternatives to

Don’t believe you’ll find romance on Don’t fret! You can quickly locate other sugar dating platforms to try out.

Perhaps one of the following online dating sites listed below is more your speed: FAQ

We do our best to address our readers’ concerns about dating sites by providing in-depth reviews. In case our assessment of overlooked anything, we’ve included the most frequently asked questions we have received from our readers!

What Is a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is a partner in a mutually beneficial financial arrangement. In such a relationship, one partner may provide the other with financial or material rewards in return for the other’s engagement.

What Kinds of Relationships Are Catered To by pairs wealthy older men with younger, beautiful women in a “sugar” arrangement. That’s the kind of arrangement where the male pays for the woman’s expenses, takes her on lavish trips, buys her expensive gifts, and acts as a mentor in return for her company.

Can I Use for Free?

Yes, signing up and using won’t cost you anything. With the Meet My Match feature, you can introduce yourself to potential matches, see their profiles and photos, add them to your favorites, and even send them pre-written notes. You may additionally monitor who has liked or visited your profile.

Which Features Need a Premium Subscription to Access?

Almost all of’s features are free. Of course, you’ll need a paid membership to access the top three:

• Messaging other users
• Taking part in group discussions
• Using the instant messaging chat feature

To access these critical features, users must upgrade to a paid membership.

Does Have a Mobile App?

There is currently no mobile app. The website, however, has been tailored for use on smartphones and tablets.

Can I Read/Publish Various Content on a Blog or Forum on

Yes! You can read and contribute to discussions on a wide range of subjects by clicking the Forum option. Additional interesting and educational writings can be found at But you must purchase a premium membership to leave comments or submit and publish original posts.

How Does Choose My Matches? plays no role in matching up users, as there is no matching algorithm used by and no compatibility rankings or personality tests. Users enter their locations and search criteria and choose the profiles they want to connect with.

Can I Use a PC to Access Facebook Dating?

For now, Facebook Dating can only be used on iOS or Android devices through the Facebook mobile app. Users cannot access the service using their web browser and need to download the Facebook app to their mobile devices to access the “dating” portion of the site.

Can I Block Profiles?

Yes, just go to the profile in question and choose the Block User option. Click the Mail menu, then select Blocked Members to remove a block.

What Forms of Payment Does Accept?

Visa, Discover, and MasterCard credit cards, cashier’s checks, and money orders can all be used to make payments on You can even make payments by debit or credit card over the phone.

Can I Make an Anonymous Subscription Purchase?

Yes, your payment will show up as on your statement.

Can I Change Any of the Info on My Profile?

Sure! You can make changes by selecting the Profile menu, then clicking the “My Profile” link, and finally selecting the “Submit Changes” button to save your profile changes. You can do this at any time and as many times as you like.

How Much Does a Premium Membership Cost? offers four distinct premium membership packages. All of them provide the same advantages; the only difference is the duration of your membership. Memberships are offered on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual basis.

The prices are as follows:
Bronze Package 1 month: $44.99 (price per month and total cost)
Silver Package 3 months: $29.99 (per month); $89.97 (total cost)
Gold Package 6 months: $24.99 (per month); $149.94 (total cost)
Platinum Package 12 months: $15.99 (per month); $191.88 (total cost) also offers an introductory price reduction, and the first-day subscription rates are as follows:
1 month: $39.99 (price per month and total cost)
3 months: $26.66 (per month); $79.99 (total cost)
6 months: $22.49 (per month); $134.99 (total cost)
12 months: $14.16 (per month); $169.99 (total cost)

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