Sugarbook Review – Our Thoughts on the Popular Sugar Dating Site

Since 2016, sugar daddies and sugar babies have successfully found mutually beneficial relationships using Sugarbook. In 2024, though, is it still a good option for sugar arrangements and transactional relationships that the elite among us desire? Our Sugarbook review will answer that question and delve into the other important details, like communication features, membership prices, and the matching system.

We rated Sugarbook 3.5/5 stars after giving the platform a good run through our review and rating system, looking at features, ease of use, cost, active members, and daily match quality. This sugar arrangement site is one of the best out there—discover why 30,000 members use the site each week!

Fast Facts

Before diving into our review, let’s look at the key highlights of this sugar arrangement site. This chart and our handy FAQ section can give you all the essential details of Sugarbook in a condensed form.

Site Name

Key Info

• Year Founded: 2016
• Average User Age: 18-25 (women), 35-45 (men)
• Gender Ratio: 35% men to 65% women
• Best For: Finding sugar arrangements or mutually beneficial relationships with sugar daddies or babies
• US Members: 60,000
• Members Active Each Week: 30,000
• Daily Logins: 7,500

Membership Cost

Starts at $39.95/month

Sign-Up Time

5-10 minutes

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5 Homepage Screenshot

About Sugarbook

Sugarbook was founded in 2016 in Malaysia by founder Darren Charn. The site specializes in sugar arrangements and mutually beneficial relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies, wealthy, affluent men in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, and younger women seeking financial support, pampering, or gifts.

In the past eight years, it has become one of the big names in sugar dating and arrangements, with 30,000 active members using the site each week. Most members are women (65%), which makes the platform best for sugar daddies to use as they get a wider range of choices. However, women can use the site for free if they are enrolled in college or university. Ratings

To keep our Sugarbook review completely honest and transparent, we run the site through our unbiased rating system, where we take all the pros and cons into account. We scored Sugarbook 3.5/5 stars. This makes it a decent site for sugar arrangements, but it has some flaws and downsides that should go unnoticed.

Site Cost 3.5 3.5 Heart Rating

You pay a hefty price to use the site compared to traditional dating sites. One-month memberships cost $71.95, three-month memberships cost $167.85, and six-month memberships cost $239.70. These prices might pose no problem for a sugar daddy, but it can be a steep price for sugar babies. We’re glad that Sugarbook offers free membership to female college students.

Usability 3.5 3.5 Heart Rating

Once you’ve become a premium member, the site is easy enough to use. Enter search terms to find sugar babies or daddies that meet your requirements. The profiles are information-heavy—you can find other members’ membership terms and basic bio information. You can jump right into using Sugarbook without too much trouble; it’s all pretty self-explanatory.

Active Users 3.5 3.5 Heart Rating

There are 60,000 registered members in the United States, but only half (30,000) are active each week on the site. The daily login number is right around 7,500. This doesn’t have much of a dating pool, but not many people seek sugar arrangements. Sugarbook works well enough when you live in a city or big urban area, but it doesn’t work well if you’re in the country.

Pros and Cons

No dating site is perfect, and Sugarbook has proven that adage. Upon reviewing the site, we found an even number of pros and cons. There’s much to love here, but some significant downsides cannot be overlooked.

  • Sugarbook is perfect for finding mutually beneficial relationships
  • Register for a new account in 5 minutes
  • Free membership for female college students
  • 24-hour profile verification for added security
  • Free live streaming
  • Discreet billing for sugar daddies
  • Strong SSL-encrypted connection
  • The membership prices are high
  • Few features
  • Scam accounts make their way onto the platform
  • No Android mobile app
  • Free members cannot send messages
  • Only 7,500 daily logins
  • 35% men to 65% women

Sugarbook Cost

Sugarbook is a reasonably priced sugar arrangement site for men, especially considering that many who use the platform are affluent and have a lot of wealth and influence. They can afford to fund a lavish lifestyle for the babies they meet on the site.

For women, however, it’s a different story. This site can be pricey, especially if they can’t use the college discount. But once they have their relationship terms of arrangement in order and find an interested sugar daddy, they should be sitting pretty well as far as money and financial support go. It might be a sacrifice in the beginning to become a member, but it could result in significant gains later on.

Membership Plans

All membership plans must be fully paid before using the Sugarbook features and benefits. Everything must be paid in one lump sum. No monthly installments or payment plans will help you cover the cost.

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Month Membership



3 Month Membership



12 Month Membership



There are significant savings if you commit to a longer membership right from the start. You’ll notice that the three- or six-month memberships have a cheaper monthly cost rate. It’s much more money to go with the longer plan, even if it initially costs more than to go with the cheaper, shorter plan and renew it for the same time. Take advantage of these hidden savings.


Women in college can use Sugarbook for free if they provide proof of enrollment from their academic institution or university. Other than this, there aren’t any deals where you can get a discount on your membership with Sugarbook.


All membership plans will automatically re-up when they come to the end of the billing cycle. A new plan will replace the old one, and members will be charged for the new plan with the billing information that the site has on file. This handy feature can save members time and effort when choosing a new plan and re-entering their payment information.

To turn off the auto-renewal function, you can shut it down under your account settings, effectively canceling your membership. However, you can use any remaining time left on the plan.

What Features Come with a Membership?

Sugarbook is a rather costly sugar arrangement site. Still, it has features that provide a quality experience for sugar daddies and babies as they navigate meeting new people and setting up arrangement terms.

  • See The Entire Profile – Premium members of Sugarbook gain access to any member’s profile page, not just an abridged version. Most notably, paid subscribers can view all Terms of the Relationship information. These are important elements to be aware of when getting to know someone on Sugarbook, so paying for a membership is well worth the time.
  • Additional Search Features – Free members can search for love using terms like location, profile photos, ethnicity, lifestyle, relationship, body type, number of children, smoking or drinking habits, education, eye color, and hair color. However, paying members can search using age and height, two terms locked to free users. Premium members can also use a special search bar to seek singles using keywords.
  • Find Out Who Liked Your Profile – Not only can you see which members liked you, but you can see which members took the time to view your profile extensively. This gives you a decent idea of who might make a good candidate for a sugar daddy or sugar baby.
  • Get Your Profile Verified – Members who purchase a membership plan right away can verify their profiles themselves upfront and avoid the hassle of waiting 24 hours for Sugarbook to run the background check.
  • Read Notification Receipts – Find out when your messages have reached the recipient and if they took the time to read them. This knowledge helps you pinpoint which singles are taking you seriously or giving you the brush off.
  • Privacy Settings – Thanks to the site’s privacy settings, sugarbook members can conceal their online activity. They can hide their last login location, start date, and their current online status from other members to keep a low profile.
  • View Private Photos – Premium members can ask other members permission to see their private photo albums on Sugarbook. While free and paid members can view public photos on any profile, they can see private, spicy stuff if they get the go-ahead.
  • Coins – Depending on your membership plan, you get a certain allotment of Sugarbook Coins, which you can use to show appreciation for members with livestream content posted to Sugarbook. One- and three-month members get 1,000 coins to start, while six-month members get 5,000.

Sugarbook Free Trial

We could talk about the free membership that all new Sugarbook users can experience once they’ve created a new account. It’s a great way to test the site to see who’s using it and if it will be suitable for finding sugar relationships.

Free Features

You can enjoy a handful of features free of charge. You don’t have to worry about committing to a paid membership plan to use these complementary features:

  • Go through the sign-up process
  • Create a Sugarbook profile
  • Complete self-authored sections
  • Include bio information
  • Upload photos
  • Enter search terms to find matches
  • View other members’ members’ and photos

The major drawback to the free membership is that you cannot communicate with the singles you meet using the service. You have to become a paid member to enjoy this privilege. Still, the free membership is perfect for testing the site to see if you can find suitable connections with a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Is Sugarbook Worth It?

Although Sugarbook is a pricey sugar arrangement site, we feel they have reasonable pricing for affluent sugar daddies who make plenty of money. In fact, Sugarbook is worth the time, money, and energy if you are:

  • A sugar daddy: you usually have the money, and 65% of members are women
  • A college-age sugar baby: you can use Sugarbook without a membership

Where we see the problem is for sugar babies who cannot take advantage of the college discount. These women must pay for a membership, but once they find a sugar daddy, their money problems typically go away. A premium membership might be difficult in the beginning, but it could result in some big gains if you find the right man.

Alternative Sugar Sites

If you feel that Sugarbook is not a great fit but are still interested in finding a sugar arrangement online, we recommend checking out these alternative sugar dating sites! Each has a free membership to help you learn more about the service and what it can do for you.

RankDating SiteFree Trial

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Create a free profile and view singles on these sugar arrangement sites for free—you don’t have to pay anything to join! Use the free memberships to your advantage. Test out these sites to see if they are a good fit.


If you want to get the main highlights of our Sugarbook review, this might be a fine place to start. Check out the most common questions we’ve got in the Sugarbook site.

What Is Sugarbook?

Sugarbook specializes in sugar dating, where young women (sugar babies) and older, affluent men (sugar daddies) can meet one another and start a sugar arrangement. In these relationships, men provide women with a weekly allowance, trips, gifts, or other financial support, while women give men a physical relationship or companionship.

What Kind of Relationships Can I Find Using Sugarbook?

Sugarbook specializes in sugar arrangements, which are sometimes called mutually beneficial relationships. Both parties set up their terms beforehand and enter the relationship consensually. These relationships are transactional by nature, so there’s commitment, but typically, both parties are free to explore other relationships outside the sugar arrangement.

Is Sugarbook Safe?

Sugarbook uses an encrypted connection to keep its members’ members’ and financial information safe and secure. This is especially important for sugar daddies who might have much to lose using the site. We’ve never seen instances where anyone’s data was jeopardized using Sugarbook. The site also uses discreet billing practices and has a strict profile approval process.

Can I Use Sugarbook for Free?

College-age women can use Sugarbook free of charge, as long as they provide proof of enrollment. All new members start out as free users with the option to upgrade to a paid plan after they’ve had time to test out the site. The extent of the free membership is being able to register an account, develop a profile, search for other members on the site, and watch any live stream content that’s posted.

Does Sugarbook Offer Anonymous Browsing?

Another safety feature of the Sugarbook site is the privacy controls, which allow members to hide their online status and other sensitive information such as their login location or start date. This will enable them to browse profiles without any other members being notified of the fact.

What Are Sugarbook Coins, and Who Can Use Them?

Free or paying members can use Sugarbook Coins to join live broadcasts on the site. Free members can purchase these coins as an a la carte item, while paying members can get a set of coins to start with after buying their membership.

Will My Membership Automatically Renew?

Once your membership has reached the end of the billing period, it will re-up on its own, and you’ll be charged automatically for the new plan. Some call it continuous billing, providing constant access to your account and benefits. You can shut this feature off in the account settings; however, if you don’t, you aren’t charged automatically at the end of every billing cycle.

What Are the Sugarbook Profiles Like?

The Sugarbook profiles are rich in information, so you’ll follow things posted on anyone’s anyone’sRole (sugar baby or sugar daddy):

• Gender
• Lifestyle budget
• Annual income
• Body type
• Weight and height
• Net worth
• Appearance (hair and eye color)
• Nationality and ethnicity
• Occupation
• Smoking/drinking habits

And, of course, there are photos posted that you can view to see what each sugar daddy or baby looks like. There are also self-authored “About Me” or “What I’m Looking For…” sections where you can get more information about each member and what they want.

Is Sugarbook Worth It?

We feel that Sugarbook doesn’t cost too much money, considering the people using it are well-off. The service only costs $39.95-71.90 per month, depending on your chosen membership. Sugarbook is definitely worth it for women because there are far more men using the site (65%), giving female users a wide range of choices. College-age women can also use the service for free if they provide proof of enrollment to the site!

Does Sugarbook Have an App?

The Sugarbook app is unavailable at Google Play or the App Store, so you must use your web browser to visit the website. A Sugarbook Live app is available for download on the Sugarbook website, but it’s only for Android users.

How Long Does the Profile Approval Process Take?

If you’re joining as a free member of Sugarbook, you must wait 24 hours for your profile to be verified by the site. Those who buy a membership plan immediately after signing up can get around this waiting period by providing identification (national ID card, passport, or driver’s license).

How Can I Know My Messages Have Been Read?

Premium members can enjoy the perk of read notification receipts, which alert users when their messages have been received and read by the recipient.

Does My Profile Photo Appear in Google Search Results?

Your profile photo will never appear in Google search results. Your identity is kept discreet, too.

How Much Is the Sugarbook Membership?

Three membership plans are available at Sugarbook: one month for $71.95, three months for $55.95, and six months for $39.95. Members must pay for these in one lump sum and ahead of time before they can begin using their premium membership. There are no payment plans or monthly installments available.

Can I Get a Refund If I’m Unhappy with Sugarbook?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get a refund at Sugarbook. However, if you contact the customer service center and explain your situation, we’re sure they can accommodate you—it never hurts to ask!

Do You Have to Verify Your Identity?

If you pay for a premium membership plan straight out at Sugarbook, you must submit information to prove your identity. Usually, this involves showing them your driver’s passport or national ID card. This is how you can avoid the 24-hour profile approval process that free members must undergo.

How Big Is Sugarbook’s Dating Pool?

Each week, 30,000 members actively use the Sugarbook site. Each day, there are around 7,500 logins. It’s a niche dating site, so the dating pool will be much smaller than the one found using mainstream dating sites and services.

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