Our Experience with the Our Secret Dating Site (2024)

Suppose you’re looking for mutually beneficial relationships with sugar daddies or babies. In that case, Our Secret is an excellent way to meet open-minded singles who like no-strings-attached relationships or transactional partnerships. Women can use the site for free, so long as they authenticate their new account using video verification!

Our Secret uses a combination of traditional search filters (where members can find love via factors like appearance, age, location, income, and lifestyle choices) and the “Matches” function that generates match results based on the bio information and dating preferences you share with the site. Over 300,000 people use the site each week—find a sugar arrangement in no time using a secure, utterly discrete platform that connects you with men or women who fit the bill.

To find out if this sugar dating site is a good fit for your sugar dating needs and goals, read our complete Our Secret review, where we go over how we rated the site, which features are available for premium members, and how the site works for finding suitable matches with sugar daddies or babies!

Fast Facts

To learn the most you can about the site without reading the entire review from front to back, we recommend checking out the fast facts chart below and the FAQ section toward the end. These key points should give you a great idea of what sugar dating experience you can expect from Our Secret.

Site Name


Key Info

• Year Founded: 2019
Total Registered Members: 300,000
Gender Ratio: 56% male to 44% female
User Base: All singles (18 or older)
Average User Age: 22-34 (women) and 38-49 (men)

Credits Cost

$59.00 – $289.00

Sign-Up Time

5-10 minutes

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5

You can use the free membership plan to test out the site without using any of the premium features. Free users can register for a new account and design a free profile. You get your face and information onto the platform without paying—it’s like free advertising.

OurSecret Homepage Screenshot

Rating Our Secret

Site Cost 4.0 4.0 Heart Rating

Something we appreciate about Our Secret is that there’s no monthly membership fee and no monthly charges you get with other dating sites, including auto-renewal. Our Secret uses a credit system where members purchase credit bundles and then use the credits to purchase premium features and other perks. The prices on these bundles end up being much less than a flat membership fee. It lets members pay only for the features they want to use and offers flexibility regarding money and budgeting.

Usability 4.0 4.0 Heart Rating

During our couple of weeks of testing out Our Secret, we were always in a place where we needed clarification as to how the site worked or where things were located, like the search filter settings, profiles, or messaging system. Everything on the site is designed for ultimate ease of use—the menus and tabs are highly organized, which makes it easy to perform searches, browse profiles, and communicate with your matches.

Active Users 3.0 3.0 Heart Rating

While few sugar dating sites have millions upon millions of members, Our Secret has a smaller dating pool when stacked against other sites that cater to sugar daddies and babies. You’ll find a limited 300,000 regular members here, and they’re spread across two significant nations (the US and the UK). Your matching possibilities aren’t as good as they could be—you might be better off looking for a mutually beneficial relationship on a mainstream dating site with a large membership base.

Our Secret Pros and Cons

We spent a few weeks testing the Our Secret site to become familiar with all the ins and outs of the platform. Many of our reviews’ quality lies in presenting a frank and accurate portrayal of the site we’re appraising. Hence, an extensive list of pros and cons is always needed to show we’re being objective and unbiased.

If you want to use Our Secret for a secretive partnership or no-strings-attached relationships, check out the biggest pros and cons we experienced while testing the site.

  • Women can use Our Secret for free!
  • Sugar daddies here are, on average, younger than on other sites, between 38 and 49 years old.
  • The breakdown of men to women is 56% to 44%, one of the more even splits in sugar dating sites.
  • Members use credits to pay for the features they want to use. It costs less than traditional memberships and offers more flexibility.
  • Our Secret is compatible with any mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Premium members can browse profiles anonymously and send photos in their messages.
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer service via live chat, phone, or email (as long as you’ve purchased credits).
  • Get your profile verified during the signup process.
  • The “Matches” feature lets members get suggested profiles based on their profile bio information.
  • The dating pool is limited to 300,000 active members.
  • Our Secret doesn’t come with a mobile app.
  • Sugar daddies don’t have to disclose their income or net worth.
  • Profile verification isn’t required.

Depending on who you are, the idea of sugar daddies not having to share details about how much they are worth could come as a blessing or a curse. For sugar daddies, that’s one less thing they have to share about themselves, and you cannot blame them for wanting to be discreet. Some of them have a lot to lose! However, it can be a bad thing for women who’d like to know that the sugar daddy they’re getting to know is the real deal. However, sugar babies can resolve this by requesting a grand gesture or high-end gift from a prospective daddy as a condition of the arrangement.

Our Secret is a decently secure dating site for sugar arrangements or discreet relationships. Any information shared on the site doesn’t leave the confines of the platform. There are no instances where Our Secret sells information or photos to third parties for marketing purposes. Though not required, a substantial security step on the site is for members to provide video verification to show they are authentic, legitimate users.

Our Secret Cost

All new members of Our Secret start their experience as free members, but they can buy credit bundles to enjoy premium features and perks only available to paying members. One of the highlights of using Our Secret is paying as you go only for the features you want. This is a much better setup than paying for a traditional membership plan for a set amount of time.

Credit Bundles

Note: This part will only apply to male users because female users can enjoy the entire Our Secret experience for free. Sugar babies don’t have to pay for credits to use the site!

You can buy three credit bundles at Our Secret, which come in 100, 500, or 1,000 quantities. Unfortunately, you must pay for everything in one shot—there aren’t any payment plans or installments to help you cover the cost.

Credit BundleCost Per CreditTotal Cost

100 Credits



500 Credits



1000 Credits



Larger credit bundles come at a lower price per credit rate. Buying a larger credit bundle can save you money in the long run. You might pay more overall but enjoy savings per credit by using the larger credit bundles outright.

Paid Membership Features

Several features will cost you credits to operate. Some will be added automatically when Our Secret sees you purchased a credit bundle. Check out the four primary features premium members can enjoy once they buy credits.

  • Unlimited Messaging: Sugar daddies must only pay ten credits to begin conversing with a woman on the site. Once the conversation is opened up
  • Secret Browsing: Members can anonymously browse profiles for ten credits for 24 hours with their online status hidden.
  • Photo Messaging: Once Our Secret sees you have purchased credits, you can send messages with photos attached. Add images to your private messages and do so securely.
  • Priority Customer Service: When Our Secret sees that you purchased a credit bundle, they grant you access to enhanced customer service, which includes phone, live chat, and email support.

As you can see, carrying credits on your Our Secret account allows you to connect meaningfully with your matches. Free members cannot message their matches; they can only send them “likes” to show you’re interested in getting to know them. If you want to use Our Secret for all its worth, we recommend getting some credits to unlock a conversation!

Our Secret Free Membership

New Our Secret members start their experience as free users, and they can enjoy a few free perks before purchasing any of the credit bundles. The free membership is a great way to start at Our Secret—it lets you test the site to see if it will be an excellent sugar-dating option.

Free Features

  • Register your Our Secret account
  • Complete a dating profile
  • Get your account verified
  • Use the site’s search filters
  • View other members’ profiles
  • View public photos
  • Like other members’ profiles
  • Get matches from Our Secret based on your preferences and interests
  • Request access to Secret Albums

The great thing for sugar daddies is that they can use Our Secret in free mode to set up their new account and profile. They can also see what kind of sugar babies enjoy the service. Consider this a test drive!

Is Our Secret Worth It?

Our Secret might be worth it to some users but not so much for others. We discovered in this Our Secret review that there are just as many reasons to look elsewhere as there are to join. It’s not to say this is a bad platform to use, but just that the niche nature of sugar dating appeals only to a small group of people.

Reasons to Join

  • You’re interested in sugar dating or mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Sugar babies can use Our Secret for free if they go through the video verification process.
  • You pay for credits, which can be used to purchase only the features you want to use. You don’t have to commit to multiple months of membership at a time.
  • Contact customer service by phone, live chat, or email as a premium member.
  • Free members can create a complimentary profile. You get your face and info out there for free!
  • Generate matches using the site’s search filters, but Our Secret will match you with other singles based on your profile bio information and other dating preferences.

Reasons to Look Elsewhere

  • You’re looking for casual dating, hookups, or flings with low commitment.
  • You aim to find a serious, long-term relationship centered around true compatibility.
  • The dating pool is smaller than other sites, so you should look elsewhere if you want a wide range of matches.
  • Our Secret caters to singles in the United States and the United Kingdom. You should consider another sugar dating site if you live outside these nations.
  • You prefer a mobile app version of the sugar dating site you’re using. Our Secret comes as a website only.
  • There are no monthly memberships, so you’ll have to track your credits and purchase more when you get low.


Our Secret might not be your best sugar dating site, but that’s alright! We don’t expect this one to be a one-size-fits-all situation for all sugar daddies or babies out there. Some sites carry certain features, perks, or benefits that work well for some people but not for others. If you’re looking for a solid alternative to Our Secret, check out the list below and get plugged in with a sugar dating site that you can get behind!

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Sugar daddies should take advantage of the free membership programs that come with these sugar dating sites. Think about it—you can create a free profile and use the sites’ search filters to find sugar babies that align with your dating goals or relationship preferences.


It’s no secret that people new to Our Secret or sugar dating, in general, might have many questions about the site and the concept of mutually beneficial relationships. We took the most common questions of these subjects, answered them, and compiled them into this handy FAQ section. You can get the main highlights of our Our Secret’s review right here!

What Kind of Relationships Will I Find Using Our Secret?

Our Secret is designed for sugar dating and mutually beneficial relationships so that we wouldn’t recommend this one to anybody. Sugar daddies can find companionship or physical relationships with young, attractive women on the site. In contrast, sugar babies can find wealthy men to date in exchange for financial stability or an allowance to fuel their lifestyle.

Is Our Secret Free for Women?

Sugar babies can always use the site for free, so long as their profile is officially verified by video. Sugar daddies must purchase a credit bundle to carry on conversations with the women they meet and other features. However, they will start their experience in free membership mode, where they can search for other members, view profiles, and send likes to the profiles that catch their eye.

How Much Do the Credit Bundles Cost?

The three credit bundles at Our Secret are how you become a premium member of the site to enjoy premium perks and benefits. Credits can be used to start unlimited messaging with your matches (10 credits) or to request access to Secret Albums (10 credits, too). 100 credits cost $59.00, 500 credits cost $169.00, and 1,000 credits cost $289.00.

Which Countries Can Use the Our Secret Site?

Our Secret can be used in the United States and the United Kingdom. The site serves a few other countries, but most active members reside in these nations. It’s a sugar dating site that caters mainly to an English-speaking, Western clientele.

Does Our Secret Come with a Mobile App?

Our Secret only has a website, so you’re out of luck if you want to enjoy the comfort and ease of a quality mobile app. Though you rely on an internet connection to use the site, you can enjoy Our Secret from any mobile device. We tested the site for a week, and it’s as easy to use on your phone or tablet as on your computer.

How Many People Use Our Secret?

Only 300,000 people use Our Secret daily, so this is a smaller sugar dating site than other competitors. Despite the limited dating pool, the site has an almost even split of men to women at 56% and 44%, respectively. Sugar daddies and babies have about the same success rate at finding a sugar arrangement, though their matching possibilities are limited with the limited membership numbers.

How Old Are the Members of Our Secret?

On average, female members of Our Secret are between 22 and 34 years old, while male members are between 38 and 49 years old. Of course, you’ll get some outliers, but these are the general age ranges for the sugar daddies and babies using the site. You must be 18 years old to have an account with Our Secret.

How Do I Verify My Profile at Our Secret?

You can verify your profile during the signup process. It’s one of the last steps. Submit a short video clip saying, “Let me be your secret,” and upload the video to the site. It proves that you’re a legit member. Sugar babies must submit this verification video to use the site for free. It’s a great way to show other members that you’re a real, authentic person.

How Long Is the Signup Process?

This will depend on how thorough you are with crafting your profile and purchasing credit bundles, but it will take five to ten minutes to register with Our Secret. All you must do is enter your basic information, add profile images, describe what you’re looking for in a relationship, and secure your new account using your mobile phone number.

Do I Have to Upload Secret Photos?

You must submit at least four of these to your Our Secret account to complete the signup process, but you can choose which members get granted access to see them. These images are completely confidential and will never be shared with third parties or appear in Google search results. You must be discerning in whom you choose to be able to see these images, though.

What Features Can I Use with Credits?

Unlock messaging with other members for 10 credits. You can also get 24-hour or anonymous browsing privileges for the same amount. A few other perks of premium membership at Our Secret include adding private photos to your chats with other members and access to better customer service (phone, email, and live chat).

Is Our Secret Legit?

Our Secret has been around since 2019, and it’s a decent option for sugar dating in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Members can verify their profiles using video verification (sugar babies must perform this step to use the site for free), so most profiles are legit. All told, 300,000 committed members use the site every week to find sugar dates or mutually beneficial relationships, so there are people who find Our Secret worthwhile!

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