Our Review of the NextLove Dating Site (2024)

If you’re a single mom or dad looking for love following a divorce or the death of your spouse, you might want to check out NextLove. Supposedly, they help single parents get another chance at finding true love or a marriage partner following tragic life circumstances.

However, our NextLove review will paint a different picture entirely. As we learned about this dating site, we found more reasons to dislike it overall. Overall, this isn’t one of our favorite dating sites, but who are we to say what can and can’t work for you? We still reviewed NextLove to relay the information you need to make the right decision.

Fast Facts

The main highlights of our NextLove review and the FAQ section toward the end can be found here. NextLove is great for widowed or divorced singles but falls short in several areas. You’ll see this when viewing our NextLove fast facts.

Site Name


Key Info

• Year Founded: 2013
Average User Age: 25-34
Gender Ratio: 58% men to 42% women
Best For: Single parents or divorced moms and dads looking for love and romance once more
Total Members: 58,000
Members Active Each Week: 5,000

Membership Cost

Starts at $19.99/month

Sign-Up Time

5-10 minutes

Overall Rating

3.0 out of 5

NextLove Homepage Screenshot

About NextLove

As a dating site designed to help widowed singles or divorced parents find love again, NextLove caters to moms and dads looking for different relationships, including long-term commitments, marriage, short-term romance, casual flirts, or low-key dating. The split of men to women is fairly even, the dating pool size is alright for a niche dating site (5,000), and NextLove’s services come at a slightly expensive price for what you’re getting.

Founded in 2013, NextLove may have over a decade of experience under its belt, but it’s a simplistic dating site from a features perspective:

  • The matching algorithm is done using basic search filters.
  • Premium members can message their matches without limits and send gifts to their favorite members.
  • Paid users can request access to members’ private photo albums.

A few other paid features come with a NextLove membership, but these are the key highlights of the features list. It’s not a super impressive dating site—the dating pool is limited, there are quite a few inactive profiles, and the response rate isn’t the best we’ve seen out there.

Overall Rating

NextLove is an decent dating site. The biggest issue we have with it is that it has a shallow dating pool spread over more than five countries in different regions of the globe. This platform has some good intentions in its mission to help single parents, but there are several things going against NextLove that cannot go unnoted.

Let’s talk about each part of our rating process in more detail:

Site Cost 3.0 3.0 Heart Rating

All NextLove members are billed only in Euro, as the site is available in several European nations. With prices ranging from $19.99 to $ 39.99 per month, you’re paying quite a bit for a dating site that doesn’t have a great set of features, a meager dating pool, and a lackluster matching system. You could put your money to use elsewhere better.

Usability 4.0 4.0 Heart Rating

One of the stronger aspects of NextLove is how easy it is to use and navigate. Sign-up only takes five to ten minutes to complete; setting up searches to find good matches is simple, and members’ profiles are easy to view. What NextLove lacks in response times and substantial membership numbers makes up for its terrific ease of use, but that’s not enough to make us recommend it with a lot of confidence.

Active Users 3.0 3.0 Heart Rating

This is the worst part of NextLove. Though you have 58,000 total members with registered accounts worldwide, there are only 5,000 active members, and they’re spread out over five major countries: the US, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. NextLove has a lot of inactive profiles, and you’ll likely be matching with many of them during your time using the site. You’ll have better luck finding single parents using other online dating sites.

Pros and Cons

With a score of 2.96/5 stars, you better believe some significant cons come with the NextLove dating site. Most have to do with the small dating pool, where NextLove’s singles live in the world, and how active single parents are on the site every week.

  • Helps widowed or divorced singles find love again
  • Available in the US, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, and Sweden
  • Average age: 25-34 years
  • Register and create a new profile for free
  • Request access to members’ private photos
  • Members who complete more of their profile page get better placement in the sites’ searches
  • Anonymizer Blut Tool is available to hide your identity
  • Send virtual gifts to your favorite members
  • The 5,000-member dating pool is spread over five major countries
  • NextLove’s memberships are a bit expensive: $19.99-39.99 per month
  • All memberships are billed in euros
  • 58% men to 42% women
  • Not many communication features
  • There are over 50,000 inactive profiles at NextLove
  • Low response rate

We cannot recommend NextLove as one of our top choices, especially when you look at the pros/cons list and our score of 3.0/5 stars. Yes, NextLove has been proven to work for some single parents in the past, but you’ll need to consider the membership numbers and where NextLove’s users are located throughout the globe.

NextLove Cost

NextLove comes with four membership plans—they cover different lengths of time but have the same premium features as the next one. If we’re being completely honest, the plans are a bit overpriced, and you’ll see why once we review the communication features that come along the way.

Membership Plans

All memberships must be paid for in full upfront. There aren’t any payment plans to help you cover the cost or split the total price into installments. You can save time by choosing a longer plan with a lower monthly cost rate.

LengthCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Month



3 Months



6 Months



12 Months



You’ll find the NextLove memberships under “My Membership.” Once you’re there, click “Upgrade Now” to view the plans and see how to pay.


NextLove memberships are set up with continuous billing, aka auto-renewal, where a new plan will replace your old plan when you arrive at the end of the billing cycle. Though it’s designed to save you the time to repurchase another membership manually, it’s not ideal for everyone so that you can turn off the auto-renew feature under your account settings.

What Features Come with a Membership?

There are only four mainline features for premium members, but there are a few free features worth mentioning. These are the first three features listed—we didn’t want you to think premium members were barred from using these basic functions!

  • Search and View Profiles – A free membership feature and conducting searches is how you find singles on the NextLove site. Paying members have access to the same search filters that non-paying members do. At NextLove, you don’t have to pay extra money to improve your search filter options.
  • Add Members to Your Favorites List – To keep track of your favorite members on the site, free and paying members can place these profiles on a favorites list. This keeps things organized amid your searches and helps you stay in touch with the profiles you’re most interested in.
  • Send “Winks” – With some dating sites, you send “flirts” or “likes” to show other members you’re interested. At NextLove, you send “winks, ” which are available to free and paying members. It’s one of the few ways non-paying members can “communicate” with their matches.
  • Unlimited Messaging – You can message anyone you match with on NextLove without limits. This is the best reason to become a premium member at NextLove, but it’s also the one prominent feature. You won’t find many other premium perks here that you’ll see on other dating sites. This is where the features peak.
  • See Who Liked and Viewed Your Profile – This is a valuable tool for establishing a mutual match with someone on the site so you can unlock messaging. When you see who has liked your profile, you can like them and start a conversation with them. It’s also helpful in discovering who’s worth the time and energy to get to know.
  • Send Virtual Gifts – Premium members earn an allotment of digital coins and can earn more by performing tasks like verifying their accounts. They can use these coins to buy virtual gifts for their matches or favorite members to show affection or make a first impression. You can send digital rose bouquets, teddy bears, or chocolate boxes.
  • Request Access to Private Photos – NextLove members can upload photos to their profiles, but they can also upload private photo albums with pictures that might not be appropriate for public viewing. Premium members can request access to other members’ private photo albums, another perk of the paid membership plan.

NextLove Free Membership

Anyone who signs up with NextLove starts their experience as a free member. If you want to enjoy their premium perks, click “My Membership” and “Upgrade Now” to view the plans and make your purchase.

In the meantime, you’re free to use the site to a limited extent. There are several complimentary features you can take advantage of without having to commit financially to NextLove:

Free Features

  • Register for free with NextLove
  • Design a free profile (more detailed profiles rank higher in the searches!)
  • Include bio info points
  • Upload photos
  • Use the search filters to find matches
  • View profiles/photos
  • Send “flirts”
  • Add members to your Favorites List

The only way to connect with your matches is to send them a “flirt,” but that’s no way to use a dating site. You want to have a real conversation with the people you meet. And that’s why you must become a premium member to unlock the power of unlimited messaging with your matches.

Is NextLove Worth It?

Overall, we’d say that NextLove isn’t our top choice for most of the people most of the time. That sounds harsh, but we cannot deny that they have a lot of needed improvements:

  • A small dating pool of only 5,000
  • The dating pool is spread over five or more major countries
  • The matching system isn’t as extensive as it could be
  • There are a ton of inactive profiles (50,000+)
  • NextLove’s response rate isn’t great
  • Member participation is low compared to other platforms
  • The price of membership is steeper than average

NextLove might be worth it if you’re interested in finding love again following a divorce or the death of a loved one, but you would have to be okay with the prospect of matching with singles overseas (Sweden, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, etc.) or sorting through inactive profiles. With that said, many people have successfully used the service over the last ten years.


We’re not the biggest fans of NextLove, which has an overall score of 3.0/5. You can do a lot better than this one, we promise. But, it has the potential to be something great for single partners or widows/widowers, but it does need some improvement. We cannot look past the flaws—it would be a disservice to our readers.

Here are some of the better dating sites out there where you’ll find single parents. You’ll have much better options because these sites have higher member engagement and a wide pool of options.

RankDating SiteFree Trial


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Finding single moms or dads using these dating sites might take a little work because not everyone is divorced or widowed. You can use search filters centered around “relationship status” or “children/family” to find single parents like you on these platforms.


To get the highlights and key points of our NextLove review without reading the entire thing, check out the following FAQ section, featuring the most popular questions from readers about this dating site, along with our answers. Be sure to check out the “Fast Facts” chart at the head of the page to plug in any gaps we might have missed here.

What Is NextLove?

NextLove is a dating site specializing in helping single moms and dads find love following a divorce or spouse’s death. It was founded in 2013 and is available in multiple countries worldwide. The site caters to many relationships, such as serious, long-term commitments, marriage, casual dating, short-term romance, or flings.

Where Can I Use NextLove?

NextLove is the most popular in Vietnam and the United States, but it also has a respectable presence in Europe, where Germany, Spain, and Sweden make up most of the remaining regular members. The site is so big in Europe that all memberships are billed in euros.

Is the NextLove Dating Site Free to Use?

There’s a free membership that all new users start with before they upgrade to a paid plan. The free membership lets them create a free profile and use the search filters to determine who uses the site. It’s a great way to test things out before committing financially. However, free members cannot message their matches, so it’s not a realistic way to meet new people and form a connection.

How Much Do NextLove Memberships Cost?

There are four memberships available:

One-Month: $39.99
Three-Month: $89.97
Six-Month: $149.94
Twelve Month: $239.88

All memberships are billed in euros—they must be paid in full upfront before you can use the plan. You won’t find any payment plans or monthly installments to cover your debts. It must be paid in one lump sum.

Will My Membership Automatically Renew?

All memberships will automatically renew when the end of the billing cycle is reached. A new plan will replace the old one, and you’ll be charged for the new plan with the billing information on file. You can opt out of auto-renewal by shutting it off under your account settings.

Does NextLove Have an App?

The NextLove app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. It can only be used on Apple or Android devices, but anyone can visit the NextLove website using the web browser on their phone, tablet, or computer. Apple and Android users can visit the site instead of downloading the app.

Do I Have to Verify My Identity?

You don’t have to, but it will help you earn 150 coins, which you can use to buy virtual gifts for your favorite members on NextLove. Verifying your identity helps build trust with other single moms and dads using the site.

What Kind of People Are Using NextLove?

Most members are between 25 and 34 on average. Many are single moms and dads, either through divorce or the death of a spouse. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but we’ve found that, more often than not, most members are seeking serious, long-term commitment. People looking for something casual on the site are on the younger end of the scale.

How Many People Use the NextLove?

There are 58,000 registered members, but only 5,000 use the NextLove weekly. This means you have low membership activity and many inactive profiles just sitting around. Many members have reported matching with dead accounts and people residing in other countries. Needless to say, the NextLove matching possibilities are thin.

Do I Have to Be a Single Mom or Dad to Use the Site?

Anyone can join NextLove—the only requirement to join is to be 18 or older. You don’t have to have kids, be divorced, or have lost a spouse. However, expect to match with single moms and dads when using NextLove because most members are widows/widowers, divorcees, or single parents.

What Features Come with a Premium Membership?

Paying members can message their matches without limits, send virtual gifts to their favorite members, access private access to their matches’ discreet photo albums, send “flirts,” and find out who has liked their profile.

Is NextLove Safe?

Regarding your private information, NextLove keeps everything you share entirely private. Your information or photos never appear in Google search results and are never sold to third parties for marketing purposes. Regarding the people you meet on the site, you’re responsible for your safety.

Is NextLove Worth It?

We scored NextLove 2.96/5 stars, so we definitely didn’t give it a glowing review. It might be worth it with someone who’s okay with choosing from a dating pool of only 5,000 people scattered across five major nations: the US, Vietnam, Sweden, Spain, and Germany. It might be okay for someone to get match results with people who haven’t used their accounts in years. Ultimately, there are better sites to meet single moms and dads, but they give you better match suggestions.

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