2024 Jdate Review

Jdate is a great dating site to be used if you are looking for Jewish singles who want serious relationships or long-term commitments like marriage! In fact, Jdate is responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that successfully got their start online! Jdate is a part of the Sparks Network of dating sites which makes it affiliated with names such as Christian Mingle, Silver Singles, and Elite Singles.

In our 2024 Jdate review, we’ll cover whether Jdate is worth your time, giving you an honest and transparent rundown of the dating site’s major pros and cons. We’ll reveal what features and benefits you will get with a paid membership and what kind of plans are available that best fit your needs as you seek Jewish singles.

Perhaps one of the biggest things we’ll address in our Jdate review is a complete rundown of the sign-up process and a comprehensive tour of the entire site and how it is laid out! You will be a Jdate expert when all is said and done. You’ll know how to get around the website as well as the neighborhood or town where you grew up!

Check out our honest and comprehensive review of Jdate and discover if you will begin experiencing shalom by making Jdate your dating site of choice!

About Jdate

We’re going to start our Jdate review by showing you some of the basic facts and essential information you should know about Jdate before starting their “free trial” or pursuing a paid membership plan.

Jdate Fast Facts

Key FactsDetails

Site Name


Key Info

• Best For: Finding Jewish singles who are looking for serious relationships or long-term commitments
• Number of Active Members : 240,000+
• Visitors Per Month: 180,000
• Gender Ratio: 53% men to 47% women
• Matchmaking Process : Simplified personality and compatibility testing are the basis for the daily matches Jdate provides its members

Membership Cost

• 1-Month Membership: $59.99/month
• 3-Month Membership: $44.99/month
• 6-Month Membership: $29.99/month

Free Trial Offer

Begin Your Jdate Free Trial Here!

Sign Up Time

5 minutes

Rating Jdate

Overall, we highly recommend Jdate to anyone who is looking for Jewish singles who want a serious relationship or are looking for love! 

Let’s take a deeper look at exactly how we rated Jdate as a whole and how we rated each respective category. The top considerations we made during the rating process were looking at the membership features, the quality of daily matches, the cost of membership, the site’s overall usability, and the number of active users who use the site on a daily basis. After assigning a score to each category, we took an average to come to our official, overall score for Jdate: 4.0 out of 5.

Overall Rating (4.0/5)

Jdate is probably our best recommendation for Jewish singles who are looking for true love or romance in 2024. There are a ton of great aspects to the site, but also a fair share of downsides as well. While Jdate is affordable in pricing, intuitive in its design, and ultimately responsible for successfully joining around 52% of online Jewish singles in marriage, it has a smaller dating pool than most and does not have a ton of exciting features for its members

Cost (3.2/5)

The price of membership at Jdate is the middle of the road as far as affordability goes. They have three premium membership plans, and each comes at a relatively affordable price: $59.99 for a single month, $44.99 per month for 3 months, and $29.99 per month for 6 months. We feel there is enough choice here that there should be a perfect premium plan for customers with any sort of budget.

Features (3.0/5)

There are some decent features to be found at Jdate but nothing super interesting springs to mind that make the site stand out against others of its kind. Paying members can enjoy unlimited messaging, anonymous browsing, read notification receipts, and be notified when someone has viewed or liked their profile. And that’s about it. The features are quite basic and run-of-the-mill in nature.

Usability (4.9/5)

The way that Jdate is set up and the way that all the menus and options are configured really makes for an easy learning experience when you first use the site. It’s set up in a way where there’s little question as to where things are located and how things work. Users can adjust their search settings with the greatest ease and view profiles that display all their information clearly.

Quality Matches (4.5/5)

The matchmaking process itself is not as complex as it could be, but we found that Jdate is really good at generating great daily matches for its users and members. The fact that the site is responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that begin online is a testament to the fact that they are obviously doing something right when it comes to pairing up compatible singles.

Active Users (4.5/5)

Although Jdate is a niche dating site with a smaller user base of around 240,000 active users, you are guaranteed to find singles who are of the Jewish faith. The gender breakdown of the site is 53% men to 47% women, which means that men and women both ultimately have a great shot at finding true love or serious relationships with someone who shared their beliefs and values. There are also about 180,000 visitors to the site each month, which shows it’s relatively active for a smaller niche dating site

Pros and Cons of Jdate

While we rated Jdate well, there are definitely a few things that could be improved at the site to make it better for future users and members. We want to deliver you an honest Jdate dating site review, so we felt the need to lay out the top pros and cons we found in our appraisal.

  • Responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that got their start online
  • Great for finding Jewish singles who want serious, long-term relationships
  • Enjoy unlimited messaging, anonymous browsing, and read-notification receipts
  • Offers events for its members, events that occur both online and offline
  • Upload up to 6 photos and view daily matches with a “free trial” membership
  • Members can use Messaging+ to allow any user to read and reply to their messages
  • “Spotlight” feature allows members to boost their visibility and enjoy profile highlights
  • Not a great dating site for casual dating or casual relationships
  • A niche dating site that offers a smaller pool of around 240,000 Jewish singles
  • The “free trial” does not allow the user to message or speak with other singles
  • Simplified matchmaking process that pales in comparison to a lot of other dating sites
  • No method for contacting customer service via phone and their FAQ page is lackluster
  • The membership pricing per month is steeper for the shorter plans
  • Not a wide variety of features for customers

Jdate Free Trial

There is a “free trial” available at Jdate, but, like most dating sites, users will only experience a few of the many features and benefits available to those with a membership.

The Jdate “free trial” is great for seeing if the site will be a good fit for you or what kind of singles will be using the platform. Still, it’s ultimately restrictive and is nowhere near what you could be doing with the site if you just got a paid membership plan.

We will cover the features and restrictions that come with the Jdate “free trial” in our section Free Features vs. Paid Features. Once you see the kind of abilities that open up to you with a membership plan with Jdate, there will be no question!

Jdate.com Subscriptions and Memberships

There are three membership plans to choose from a Jdate. No matter which one you pick, you will get all the same features and benefits of standard premium membership. The reason for the difference in prices is the membership plans’ length.

Plans and Prices

Total Cost: $59.99
1-Month Plan
$5999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $134.97
3-Month Plan
$4499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $179.94
6-Month Plan
$2999 Monthly Select Plan

If you notice, you actually save money on your monthly cost with the more extended membership plans! You ultimately have to pay more upfront for the longer subscription, but you can capitalize on some savings each money if you can afford to buy a lengthier plan.

Memberships at Jdate must be paid for in full before you begin using them. There are no installments of payment plans to speak of. Everything is paid for ahead of time, all at once, in one lump sum.


Any plan you purchase at the Jdate dating site will auto-renew itself once it has come to the end of its term. This saves you the time to go back into Jdate and purchase another subscription.

If you do not want your membership to auto-renew, you need to cancel this feature by contacting customer support and having them turn it off. Or you can go into the “account settings” at the Jdate website, click on “manage subscription,” and turn the auto-renewal setting to “off.”

Free Features vs. Paid Features

Once you get a look at the chart below, there will be no doubt that you need to get a membership at Jdate to get the most out of the experience! We have included all the features and services that come with a “free trial” and a premium membership.

Free FeaturesPaid Features
  • Upload up to 6 photos to your profile
  • Search for other singles on Jdate
  • View daily matches
  • See other members’ profile picture only
  • Read other users’ or members’ profiles
  • Send smiles
  • Read and reply to messages sent by paying members of Jdate
  • Unlimited messaging with any users or members of Jdate
  • Browse anonymously, hide your online status, and remove your profile from searches
  • Search and view the profiles of other CatholicMatch users
  • See all photos posted by members on their Jdate profile
  • See who liked your profile
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Messaging+ allows members to send messages that can be read and replied to by any user

All in all, the “free trial” does not make you feel like you are using the Jdate dating site for all its worth. You will experience some limited features and capabilities here and there. Still, the worst part is, perhaps, the inability to freely message other singles without limits.

We officially recommend going with one of the Jdate memberships, one of the lengthier plans, if you wish to get a better monthly price!

Jdate Customer Service

The customer service center at Jdate was a bit limited, if we are being honest. There are only two ways to directly contact customer service: the request form and the support email: support@jdate.com.

There is also a basic FAQ center that allows customers to troubleshoot problems as they come up. There is no way to get a hold of a warm body at Jdate when it comes to service, and you might be waiting upwards of 24 hours before getting a response.

FAQ Center

The FAQ center covers a lot of basic matters. The main categories for users are Account, Matches, Messaging, and Profile.

One remarkable feature of this page is that they will tailor some FAQs based on recent activity on your part! For example, if you just got done creating a brand-new profile, some of the FAQs that will appear would be “How do I update my password?” or “How do I change my location?

Request Form

For submitting your requests, provide your email, a subject line, your messages, and any attachments that might be applicable. You can expect a response typically within a 24-hour timeframe.

How to Sign Up at Jdate.com

Signing up for a “free trial” or a membership with Jdate is super easy and doesn’t take all that much time to complete. We got ours done in around 5 to 10 minutes!

While it was simple to get through signing up, we felt that the compatibility and personality testing could have been a bit more thorough. Still, with Jdate’s high success rate of matching up singles for successful marriages and long-term relationships, we are willing to overlook this a bit.

Steps From #1 to #11

Step #1: Visit Jdate Homepage

To begin the sign-up process, go to Jdate homepage! To get started, hit the “register today” button. 

The process of getting a “free trial” or membership will follow the same steps, so it doesn’t matter which you are going for. Everyone needs to start by hitting “register today.”

Step #2: Email and Password

In this next step, you must provide your email and create a unique password, or you can sign up using your Facebook or Apple account. If you choose the latter, it could save you some time!

Step #3: Initial Information Input

If you sign up using your email, provide your first and last name, your gender, your date of birth, and ZIP code.

Then agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy statement, verify you are not a robot, and click on “next.”

Step #4: Upload a Photo

In this next step, you will have to upload at least one photo to proceed to the next part of the sign-up process. You can actually upload up to 6 if you want!

When you are done, hit “next” to continue.

Step #5: More About You

Answer some basic questions about things like occupation, religion, and level of education. Really easy. Click on “next” to continue.

Step #6: Write a Summary About Yourself

This step can be skipped if you so choose, but including this as a part of your profile will draw more attention your way and educate other singles about who you are!

If you need tips for how to write your summary, Jdate is happy to provide you with some good advice and ideas!

Step #7: Reveal Your Interests and Passions

This is another step that could be skipped, but we feel it is well worth your while in order to flesh out your Jdate profile!

You can select as many that apply to you in each category. Once everything is in, you can hit the blue “next” button at the bottom to move on.

Step #8: What Are You Looking For?

Yet again, we have another step that can be skipped. Still, it would make no sense to do so because this is the part where you describe your ideal partner, information that could be really valuable in helping to match you with the right singles!

Begin by selecting the gender of your preferred partner, the desired age range, and the distance from your present location. Hit the “advanced preferences” button to get an expanded list of options to narrow your search further!

Hit “next” to get to the next step of the sign-up process.

Step #9: Upgrade to a Membership

Before proceeding to your “free trial” account, you will be offered the chance to upgrade to a Jdate membership plan. For your convenience, there is even a list of the features you will experience when you level up!

If you want the membership or you want to continue “for free,” hit “get all features.”

Step #10: Sign Up For or Pass Up on Membership

Each membership plan will be laid out on this next page with its respective price tags. Select any one of them, and you will experience all the features listed on the left side of the screen.

If you want to use the site “for free,” hit the “bring me back” link at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken straight to your new profile!

Step #11: Complete Your Purchase

Finishing purchasing your membership plan by putting in your credit card information.

Jdate even gives you a heads up here that your plan will auto-renew itself upon its expiration unless they are instructed otherwise by you! Click the little box saying that you understand the policy and hit “complete purchase.”

Navigating the Jdate Site

Now we’ll jump into how to use the Jdate dating site! We’ll cover every aspect of the site, including navigating all menus, pages, and tabs, so you know your way around the site like the back of your hand!

Browse Tab/Main Page

So this is the main page of your personal profile, the home base for all your dating operations and adventures! They’ll start you out with any new singles to Jdate, but you can move across the top of the menu and search by who is currently online or their distance from you.

There is a really cool feature called MatchMe that shows how well each single matches with you personally. They will be assigned a percentage, which is supposed to reflect how compatible they should be with you based on the information presented in both of your profiles!


This is the final tab across the “blue” tab menu. This is where you can enjoy swipe-style dating much as you would find at a dating site like Tinder!

A profile picture will be presented as well as age, location, and a few other details. You will be able to see how well this single matches with you personally. You can then either “swipe left” by clicking on the little “x” icon or “swipe right” by clicking on the heart icon.

You will then be taken to the next single on the list automatically. You can keep searching until your recommendations run out.

Messages Tab

Under this tab, you can manage any of the messages you send or receive at Jdate. There are a few options for managing things here:

  • All messages
  • Unread messages
  • Sent mail
  • Meets preferences
  • Messaging+
  • Archived messages

Matches Tab

This is the tab where you will find the daily matches provided by Jdate. You can view an entire profile, and you have the option to like the profile by clicking the red button “like this match” or by moving on by clicking the blue button “next match.”

Activity Tab

When you click on the Activity tab, you can find out which profiles you have viewed, which have viewed you, your mutual likes, and the likes you sent to other singles.

Upper Right-Hand Corner Menu

Now we’re going to focus on the little menu that drops down when you click on your profile picture icon on the top right-hand corner of the home screen.

My Profile

Click on “My Profile,” and you can access your personal profile information as it currently stands. If there is anything you want to change, click on the blue “Edit Profile” button.

Edit Profile

Here’s where you will find an expansive menu of options for fleshing out and tweaking your Jdate profile. You can upload more photos and include information about things like synagogue attendance, drinking habits, pets, and several other subjects.

Discovery Place

This should be a familiar site because this was one of the steps when you created your account at Jdate! Click on “discovery preferences” in the top menu, and you can access this exact page once more to customize your search for the right singles.

Here’s where you can get detailed about what you look for in a partner. There are many subjects covered here, like religion, willingness to relocate, language, ethnicity, and more!

Account Settings

This page allows you to manage various parts of your Jdate profile and account. If you haven’t already, you can pay for a membership (“get all features”).

You can access all sorts of other functions like hiding your online status, browsing anonymously, and blocking or unblocking members under “profile display settings” and “block list,” respectively. By clicking on “account info,” you can go in and change your password for your account or the email address you have on file.


If you click on “spotlight your profile” near the top, you can access profile highlights that will allow you to feature higher in Jdate’s overall search results. These will increase your visibility with other singles and will likely bring more traffic and better results your way!

They come at a cost, though, and they are featured on the page you are sent to once you click “spotlight your profile.”

Logging Out and Getting a Membership

If we go back to that main menu at the top right, there’s an option “log out.” This is where you will want to go if you want to leave the Jdate dating site.

If you are still using the “free trial” and you want to upgrade, you can hit the blue button “get all features” to head right into getting a paid membership plan.


At the bottom of the Jdate home page, in the footer, you will see the options for switching to other languages if need be. Options include English, French, German, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Reviews from Real Jdate Users

When it comes to getting reviews from people who have actually used the dating sites themselves, we rely on our trusted stand-bys: ConsumerAffairs, SiteJabber, Trustpilot, and Reddit.

By and large, we could not find much customer feedback for Jdate on either ConsumerAffairs or SiteJabber. Any posts from Reddit go back four or more years, it seems, so we did not feel the need to include comments or threads that go that far back.

We found just a few Trustpilot reviews from the past couple of years. Hopefully, this can give you a better idea of Jdate from the people who have used their service firsthand!

Good Alternatives to Jdate

If you have read through our 2024 Jdate review and you have decided this might not be the best dating site for you right now, that is all right, and we are ready to recommend some fantastic alternatives!

While Jdate is excellent for meeting Jewish singles who want something serious and committed, it is a smaller site with a smaller dating pool and compatibility testing that is average at best.

The dating sites featured in the chart below have far more active members to choose from and come with more advanced personality and compatibility testing that could give you better results!

#1: eHarmony

  • User Base: All singles
  • Monthly Users: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Paid Subscription: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes (limited)
  • Subscription Price: Begins at $35.90/month

#2: Match.com

  • User Base: All singles
  • Monthly Users: 8+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 49% men to 51% women
  • Paid Subscription: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes (limited)
  • Subscription Price: Begins at $18.99/month

#3: Zoosk

  • User Base: All singles
  • Monthly Users: 50+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Paid Subscription: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes (limited)
  • Subscription Price: Begins at $12.50/month

Jdate Dating Site FAQ

Is Jdate Worth It?

Jdate is definitely worth the time and money if you are on the search for Jewish singles who desire serious relationships and commitments. In fact, 52% of married Jewish couples who began an online relationship used Jdate as their dating site of choice!

Can I Use Jdate for Free?

You can use Jdate “for free” using a “free trial,” but the problem is that the “free trial” only allows you to do a portion of what you could be doing with a paid subscription plan. The only things you can do for free on Jdate, besides creating a profile, are uploading 6 photos, viewing daily matches, reading profiles, sending smiles, and viewing the main profile photo of any given user.

Is It Possible to Send Messages with a “Free Trial?”

There’s one more thing that you can do with the Jdate “free trial,” and that is being able to read and respond to messages that might be sent to you by a paying subscriber. While you cannot send your own messages, if any member sends one your way, you can certainly respond! But overall, “free trial” users at Jdate cannot communicate with other users or members.

How Legit Is Jdate Dating Site?

Jdate is a part of the Sparks Network of dating sites. This is the company that also oversees Christian Mingle, Elite Singles, and SilverSingles and their respective operations. Jdate is officially Sparks’ number-one demographically based dating site containing around 240,000 users in the US. It is responsible for approximately 52% of all married Jewish couples who began a relationship online!

How Much Does Jdate Cost?

There are three separate membership plans available at Jdate. There’s a 1-month membership costing $59.99, a 3-month membership costing $44.99 per month (for a total of $134.97), and a 6-month membership costing $29.99 per month (for a total of $179.94). There are no payment plans for these memberships; new customers must pay the entire amount upfront before enjoying the services of Jdate.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

You can cancel your membership by contacting Jdate customer service and canceling your auto-renewal plan. You will still be able to enjoy your membership until it expires.

Is There a Jdate App?

Yes, there is a Jdate app that you can download for free at Google Play, Apple Store, or any other major app store. The app actually works a lot like the dating site itself, so there would be a terrible learning curve going from one to another.

When I Sign Up for a Membership Plan, What Kind of Features Do I Get?

We highly recommend the membership because you will get the whole Jdate experience: unlimited messaging with other members and users, anonymous browsing, read-notification receipts, seeing who has visited or liked your Jdate profile, seeing all members’ photos, and Messaging+, which allows “free trial” users the ability to read and respond to messages that you send their way!

How Much Time Does It Take To Create a Jdate Profile?

It will only take about 5 minutes to get through the entire sign-up process. This can be both a good and a bad thing. For one, you do not waste much time getting your profile set up, and you can begin using the site quickly. The downside is that their matchmaking process is not as thorough as it could be, leading to potential compatibility issues.

What’s the Best Alternative to Using Jdate?

We would recommend using a dating site like eHarmony. They are a dating site that focuses heavily on strong, serious relationships. They also have a user base of over 66 million! With a dating pool like that, you will surely find Jewish singles who want something serious and committed!

Is Jdate a Safe Dating Site?

Absolutely! Jdate makes its customers’ safety and privacy a top priority! They keep any images or financial information shared with the dating site completely secure using a good, quality encrypted connection! And they never sell their customers’ data for marketing purposes.

How Large Is the Dating Pool at Jdate?

Jdate is a niche dating site, so the dating pool will be significantly smaller than those seen at mainstream dating sites! There are around 240,000 active members that make up the Jdate dating site. The site experiences about 180,000 visits per month. The gender distribution is 53% men to 47% women, with the average age sitting between 35 and 50 years of age.

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