IndianCupid Review for 2024

IndianCupid is one of the best online dating sites to find dates, romance, or lifelong commitment with Indian singles in the United States and worldwide. Hands down, this dating site has some of the most detailed member profiles and rigorous search filters that help Indian singles find partners who match their cultural expectations, lifestyle choices, hobbies, and economic interests.

IndianCupid Fast Facts

Site Name

Key Info

• Year Founded: 2000
• Parent Company: Cupid Media
• Average User Age: 25-35 years
• Gender Ratio: 65% men to 35% women
• Best For: Serious, long-term relationships or dating for Indian singles all over the world

Membership Cost

Starts at $5.83/month

Sign-Up Time

5-10 minutes

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5

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About IndianCupid

Using the IndianCupid free membership is a great place to begin—it’s entirely risk-free. It lets you access your profile and personal information on the site without paying. Signing up for a new account takes around ten minutes, then browse the site to see how it works and who’s using it! Keep these critical details in mind as you use IndianCupid!

Rating IndianCupid

Every dating site we review goes through our honest and unbiased rating process, ensuring you can read an IndianCupid review that’s entirely accurate and realistic. We scored this dating site 3.5/5 stars and got there by rating five key categories and pulling the average.

Site Cost 3.5 3.5 Heart Rating

Depending on how long you’d like to use IndianCupid and what kind of features you’d like to enjoy during your experience, you can customize a unique price for your membership that will adhere to your personal budget. You can join for as little as one week or as long as one, three, or twelve months. Gold Tier plans range from $5.83-17.73 per month, Platinum Tier plans range from $7.50-22.98 per month, and Diamond Tier plans range from $15.00-45.97 per month.

Usability 4.5 4.5 Heart Rating

In all respects, IndianCupid is simple to navigate and to use. The signup process takes a brief five to ten minutes to complete. You don’t have to answer too many questions about your personality the way you would with some dating sites. All the menus and tabs are well-organized, which makes it easy to find Indian singles who match your dating criteria.

Active Users 2.5 2.5 Heart Rating

This is one of the more disappointing parts of IndianCupid—the lean dating pool and active user base. On its surface, the site looks excellent: 45,000 registered members. However, upon closer examination, you’ll find that only about 4,000 members use the site weekly to find love or dates. This is the very definition of a niche dating site, and these platforms aren’t great for getting you an exciting pool of suitable candidates.

Indian Cupid isn’t a bad platform for finding love or dates with Indian singles, but the site’s small user base of 4,000 active members makes for a limited dating pool and subpar match quality. In all other regards, it’s the perfect dating site for finding an Indian partner, but we’d venture to say there are mainstream dating sites that might do the job better! Read about these alternative platforms here.

IndianCupid Pros and Cons

While IndianCupid has its strengths for Indian dating and romance, the dating site has some downsides. We’ve compiled this list of pros and cons to help you decide if IndianCupid is a good fit. In addition to this breakdown, you can join IndianCupid for free and test the site, all at no risk!

  • Excellent site for finding love or long-term relationships with Indian singles
  • Twelve membership plans are available
  • Join for free and develop a free profile, view profiles, and get matches
  • Advanced search filters
  • Sign up for a new account in 5-10 minutes
  • Develop your profile as you go
  • User-friendly site and design
  • 45,000 registered users worldwide
  • Great communication features like message translation and video chat
  • Gender breakdown of 65% men to 35% women
  • Limited customer service
  • Small dating pool of 4,000 active members (across the world)
  • All memberships automatically renew
  • You must pay more for the better features (membership tiers)
  • The free standard membership doesn’t let you message your matches
  • IndianCupid isn’t available on the App Store

IndianCupid Cost

There are twelve membership plans at IndianCupid, but they are stretched out over three primary membership tiers. The Gold Tier is the lowest, and the Platinum Tier is the highest, so the perks and benefits are slimmer in the Gold Tier and then build up with each level. You have to pay more for better features, which isn’t ideal, but some top-notch communication features hold much value.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Gold Plans

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Week Membership



1 Month Membership



3 Month Membership



12 Month Membership



Platinum Plans

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Week Membership



1 Month Membership



3 Month Membership



12 Month Membership



Diamond Plans

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Week Membership



1 Month Membership



3 Month Membership



12 Month Membership



Something you don’t really see with many other dating sites, other than CupidMedia products, IndianCupid allows you to become a member for only a week. This is a good option for new singles who want to get a taste of the premium communication features but only want to use them for a short time as they make their decision.

What Features Come with a Membership?

Your perks and benefits will differ based on which membership tier you’re a part of. For instance, the Gold Tier only has seven features. When you become a Platinum member, you increase your total features to twelve. Diamond members can then enjoy sixteen features altogether. Diamond-tier users can enjoy enhanced customer service, profile highlights, the best placement in the site’s searches, and priority messaging privileges.


All memberships are set to automatically renew once they end the billing cycle, even the Platinum and Diamond memberships. When the original plan ends, it will be replaced with another, and you’ll be charged automatically for the new subscription. If you don’t want this to happen, you can shut off the auto-renewal feature under your account settings.

IndianCupid Free Standard Membership

The following are the features that you can enjoy on the house without signing up for the IndianCupid membership:

Standard Membership Capabilities

  • Register an IndianCupid account
  • Design your profile
  • Edit and tweak your profile
  • Upload up to five photos of yourself
  • Get a few daily match suggestions
  • View others’ profiles and photos
  • Send likes
  • Enter your search terms
  • Receive, read, and respond to messages (sent by paying members)
  • Report or block other members

As you can see, there aren’t any ways you can communicate meaningfully with your matches. Even the messages you could get from paid members are limited, and you can only respond passively anyway. While the free membership is good for testing the site and seeing who uses the service, it’s not a viable way to meet other singles. We recommend going with the paid subscription plan for the best results!

Is IndianCupid Worth It?

Because this is a niche dating site, IndianCupid will be a good option for a small number of people but will also be an unsuitable option for the average person. The biggest draw with IndianCupid is meeting Indian men or women online, but there are some other significant reasons for joining or not joining, too. We’ll cover five reasons to join IndianCupid and five reasons why another dating site would be in your best interest.

5 Reasons to Join

#1: You Want to Find Relationships with Indian Singles

Whether you’re interested in international dating possibilities with Indian singles from other countries or trying to find attractive Indian men or women near you, IndianCupid is an excellent option for finding a wide range of Indian singles who align with your dating preferences and relationship criteria.

#2: You’re Looking for a Serious, Meaningful Relationship

Some exceptions exist, but most people using IndianCupid are interested in long-term relationships. They want to find a marriage partner or a soulmate versus short-term romance or flings. Particularly regarding long-distance overseas dating, these singles seek meaningful, long-term commitments.

#3: International Dating Opportunities

IndianCupid is available in most Western countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia) as well as other nations like Malaysia and India! This dating site lets its members enjoy some international dating scenarios. Not only can you meet Indian men or women near you, but you can develop a relationship with Indians from a different cultural context.

#4: You Want a Wide Range of Memberships to Choose From

IndianCupid has twelve membership plans where you can customize how your subscription looks regarding communication features and how long the plan runs. You can become a member for one week, one month, three months, or twelve months. Each of the three membership tiers (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) has different features. You can choose which feature batch works best for your online dating needs.

#5: The Profiles Are Rich in Information

So long as Indian men and women take their time to craft a quality profile, the profiles at IndianCupid are super extensive when it comes to bio information and personal information. This ultimately helps you learn the most you can about the singles you meet on the site. Members can post a wide range of profile photos and complete the self-authored sections where they can talk about themselves and their relationship goals in further detail.

5 Reasons to Keep Looking

#1: You Want to Use a Quality Mobile App

IndianCupid is available at Google Play, but Apple users have no mobile app. Android users are the only ones who can enjoy the convenience an app can offer, such as finding matches without needing an internet connection. IndianCupid can be used on any device, but it’s not a great choice if you’re interested in looking for Indian men or women using a top-rated mobile app.

#2: You Want a Larger Dating Pool

If you want a ton of matching possibilities, you best check out other dating sites because only 4,000 committed singles are using IndianCupid each week despite having 45,000 members worldwide and 9,000 dedicated users from the US. Use a mainstream dating site and set the ethnicity or nationality search filters to find Indian singles. You’ll definitely come up with a larger dating pool compared to using IndianCupid.

#3: You Want Something Casual

Many people consider IndianCupid a matrimonial dating site, so that gives you a general idea of the relationship goals of most of its users. IndianCupid isn’t a hookup site or a dating platform where you can meet Indian singles who only want short-term romance or flings. Most Indian men and women on the site want something serious or meaningful.

#4: You Don’t Want to Meet Indian Men or Women

This one is obvious, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t say IndianCupid isn’t for people uninterested in dating Indian singles. Because a lot of dating takes place internationally, we’d also say that IndianCupid isn’t great for men or women who don’t want to deal with international or long-distance dating.

#5: You’re a Man

The gender ratio at IndianCupid is 65% men to 35% women, so the site mainly comprises men (both Indian and non-Indian). Being a man, you’ll have fewer match possibilities, considering that the entire platform only has 4,000 regular members and is spread over multiple countries. You might have better success finding Indian singles using a mainstream dating site with a larger dating pool. Alternatives

IndianCupid has the significant downside of a small user base (4,000) spread across the globe in multiple countries. While you’re almost always guaranteed to meet Indian singles using the site, the limited dating pool leads to matching results that don’t always adhere well to all the criteria you might enter in the searches.

As crazy as it sounds, you might have a better chance of meeting Indian singles who match your dating criteria and preferences using a dating site with broader appeal and a more diverse user base, such as eHarmony or Zoosk. The larger the dating pool you’re dealing with, the greater the match possibilities for meeting Indian singles. Check out our five favorite alternative dating sites for finding love or romance with other Indians worldwide!

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IndianCupid FAQ

Check out the most common questions from customers and readers about the IndianCupid dating site. We’ve answered these questions—you can use this section as a guide to getting the key points and highlights about IndianCupid and how it works.

What Is IndianCupid?

IndianCupid is a niche dating site for finding love and serious relationships with Indian singles. It’s a Cupid Media product with many communication features to help you find dates or relationships at home or in other countries. 4,000 regular members use the site every week.

Can I Use IndianCupid for Free?

All new members start with the free membership plan, the standard membership. Free users can only take advantage of a few complimentary features without paying, including:

• Register an IndianCupid account
• Design your profile
• Edit and tweak your profile
• Upload up to five photos of yourself
• Get a few daily match suggestions
• View others’ profiles and photos
• Send likes
• Enter your search terms
• Receive, read, and respond to messages (sent by paying members)
• Report or block other members

How Much Does an IndianCupid Membership Cost?

This will depend on which plan you choose. There are twelve membership plans available, split into three membership tiers. Gold Tier plans range from $5.83-17.73 per month, Platinum Tier plans range from $7.50-22.98 per month, and Diamond Tier plans range from $15.00-45.97 per month.

What Is IndianCupid Best For?

While the site caters mainly to Indian singles who seek serious relationships and true love or want to find a marriage partner, there’s also an international dating bend to the platform. IndianCupid is available in several nations worldwide so that you can meet Indian singles in places like Canada, the UK, or even India. The site comes with features like message translators that help international relationships take hold and thrive.

Is IndianCupid Only For Indian Singles?

Anyone can join the IndianCupid dating site—you don’t have to be Indian. People from all cultural backgrounds are free to join, and there’s no way the site could even police this. However, most people using the site have an Indian cultural background or are from India.

How Long Does Signup Take?

The registration process at IndianCupid only takes around five minutes to complete. This includes entering any information the site is prompting you for, and designing a free profile to establish yourself on the site. IndianCupid makes it easy for new people who have never used the platform before to join quickly.

Is There a Way to Cancel My IndianCupid Membership?

Yes, disconnecting the auto-renewal feature will “cancel” your subscription, but you still can use any remaining time left on the plan before the next billing cycle hits.

What Is the Average IndianCupid Member Like?

Most people using IndianCupid are between 25 and 35 years old. Like many other CupidMedia dating sites, IndianCupid is geared more toward serious relationships and dating. Many people are interested in getting married. IndianCupid is a much more serious-minded dating site compared to other platforms.

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