2024 Review of Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a free online dating platform that uses the Facebook app to suggest daily matches based on location and your personal dating preferences! It’s an online “dating site” that is comprised of about 30 million active members worldwide and caters primarily to the 30-40 years crowd.

Is Facebook Dating the right dating site for you? We’ll cover this topic in our review of Facebook Dating, as well as a rundown of member features and a step-by-step breakdown of the sign-up process.

Fast Facts on Facebook Dating​

We’ll dive into our Facebook Dating review in a minute, but we first wanted to cover the most basic facts on this dating site. Hopefully, it’ll give you a rough idea of whether this dating platform will fit your needs.

Key FactsDetails

Site Name


Key Info

Best For: Meeting singles on Facebook for casual dating or relationships
Number of Active Members: 30 million (US)
Weekly Visitors: 10 million
Gender Ratio: 57% men to 43% women
Matchmaking Process: Dating preferences and personal information combined with profiles that are “liked” and disliked”

Membership Cost


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Sign Up Time

5 minutes (if you already have Facebook)

Our Unbiased Rating Process

We pride ourselves on delivering an unbiased and honest review of Facebook Dating. We use an impartial review process focusing on five major categories: features, usability, daily matches, cost of membership, and active members. Each of these gets its own rating, and we take an average to get to the overall Facebook Dating rating.

Overall Rating (4.6/5)

Facebook Dating is a good, free option for finding casual dating and relationships and doing so from a large pool of singles! It’s a popular option, especially for the crowd that’s in their 30 and 40s.

Cost N/A

Because the Facebook app is free to use, Facebook Dating is free of charge! Our usual criterion for membership cost does not apply to this dating platform. We took an average of the four remaining categories.

Features (3.9)

Some cool features caught our eye during this Facebook Dating review. We really liked the convenient Instagram integration and the idea of uploading photos to Facebook Dating straight from our Instagram profiles. The Secret Crush feature was something that we had yet to see elsewhere in our reviews of other dating sites. We found Second Look and On Pause to be really helpful as well.

Usability (4.8)

In general, Facebook Dating is a straightforward dating site in terms of design and ease of use. If you’ve already downloaded the Facebook app, sign-up is a breeze and should only take 5 minutes as much of the information auto-fills from your Facebook account. It’s also straightforward to search for other singles as Facebook Dating employs the catalog design of online dating where customers can “like” or “dislike” profiles using something reminiscent of the swipe style found at Tinder or Bumble.

Quality Matches (4.6)

The daily matches on Facebook Dating were decent. The app goes through a lot of trouble to ensure you’re not paired with anyone from your Facebook friend list. Facebook Dating takes your personal information and your dating preferences to come up with its daily match suggestions. It’s a simple matchmaking process that’s especially good for casual relationships and dating setups.

Active Users (4.9)

Facebook Dating has a decent dating pool with 30 million members who are active on a daily and weekly basis. One of the significant drawbacks to this demographic is that the average Facebook Dating member is between 30 and 40 years old. This means that Facebook Dating is less popular amongst younger users. It’s a great place to find casual dating and romance, but it will be with an “older” clientele.

Facebook Dating Pros and Cons​

Here we have it: the major perks and benefits of Facebook Dating in 2024, along with the drawbacks and areas of improvement. You can make the best possible determination on Facebook Dating knowing the main pros and cons that come with the platform.

  • No membership costs
  • The sign-up process only takes 5 minutes if you already have a Facebook account
  • Your using Facebook Dating is kept discreet from those on your friend list
  • 30 million active members
  • Top-notch Instagram integration (upload photos straight to Dating from Instagram)
  • Secret Crush and Preemptive Blocking features included
  • It cannot be used in-browser only by downloading the Facebook app.
  • Facebook Dating is not popular with singles who are under 30 years old.
  • Uneven split of men and women
  • Facebook Dating is not a great platform for serious dating
  • Fraudulent profiles and spammers make their way into Facebook Dating
  • Unsolicited messages spring up because of the mutual matching feature

Membership Features

Technically, there are no membership plans on Facebook Dating. Still, as a member of the Facebook social media site (free), you can use Facebook Dating free of charge. It’s one of the better free dating site options in 2024 and comes with features that are just as good as paid premium memberships and services.

Preemptive Blocking

This feature is a way of blocking accounts you might know in real life but are not friends with on Facebook. You might not want anyone from your real life to know you’re using Facebook Dating. Preemptive blocking is a way of tying up those loose ends and ensuring you’re completely covered at all angles when it comes to discretion.

Instagram Integration

As mentioned earlier, it’s super easy to transfer Instagram photos over to Facebook Dating, and this is due to top-rated Instagram integration. Couple this with much of your Facebook account information being automatically applied to your Dating profile, and you have a seamless experience on your hands.

Second Look

Maybe you’re browsing the catalog of singles on Facebook Dating, and you “disliked” a profile. Later, you think you should have “liked” them instead. Second Look is like Rewinds on other dating sites, and they allow you to go back and change your action.

Keep Tabs on Your Friends

There is an option to make yourself visible to your Facebook friends on Facebook Dating. If you have friends who use Facebook Dating and allow you to know about it, you can see their latest activity on your newsfeed.

On Pause

You might get into a situation where you meet someone special, and you want to focus time and attention on getting to know them. You want to pause your Facebook Dating activity without deactivating your account. The On Pause feature will pause all new notifications or leads so you can get to know someone without being bombarded with new possibilities.

Secret Crush

This might be our favorite overall feature at Facebook Dating. It’s an excellent method for figuring out if someone in your real life has a crush on you. Secret Crush lets you choose up to nine Facebook friends to add to your Crush List. If any of those friends are also using Dating and add you as a crush, you’ll be matched with one another, which will be revealed on the Dating app.

The Sign-Up Process​

If you’re already a member of Facebook and have the app downloaded to your mobile device, creating an account at Facebook Dating will not take much more than 5 minutes of your time! While we won’t go through the process of creating a Facebook account or even downloading the Facebook app, we will solely focus on a step-by-step guide for adding Facebook Dating to your mobile device.

Step #1: Go Into the Facebook App​

Open up your Facebook app, and you’ll see an icon at the top of the menu with three horizontal lines. It’s on the far righthand side of the menu. Click here, and you’ll see an option pop up for “Dating.”

Click on “Dating,” and you’ll be directed to the screen seen in the image above. Click on the purple “Get Started” button to proceed.

We mentioned that Facebook Dating is adamant about keeping your activity on this part of the app completely confidential and discreet from your Facebook friends. This screen contains that promise before you proceed on to the next step.

Step #2: Dating Profile Creation ​

Now is the time to begin creating your Facebook Dating profile. Many of these fields will auto-fill if you already have a Facebook account, but you can always make tweaks and edits where needed. When you’ve filled out all the information, click “next.”

The next step asks you about who you’re interested in dating (women, men, or everyone.) The “everyone” option covers non-binary genders and orientations.

Facebook dating uses your location to improve daily match suggestions, ensuring you’ll be matched with singles near you. Add your location to improve search results and set a search radius, so you don’t get leads that are too far away.

You’ll be asked about your height, kids, and education level.

If you choose, the next few steps can be skipped, but we recommend fleshing out and developing your Facebook Dating profile to its fullest potential. These categories will touch on your personal education, children, and physical appearance.

Step #3: Upload Photos​

Facebook will use your current profile picture for your Dating account, but you can always change it from your Facebook photo gallery or Instagram. Click on “change photo” to swap out for a new profile photo.

Step #4: Privacy Policy and Community Standards

During this step, you can access information on Facebook Products, Supplemental Dating Terms, and Supplemental Facebook Dating Data Policy. Once you’ve reviewed or skimmed these materials, click “confirm” to get to the next step.

The next screen allows you to see the community standards that must be followed at Facebook Dating. The app also provides directions on blocking or reporting accounts for your convenience, as well as some online dating safety standards and tips.

Step #5: Edit and Preview Your Profile​

This is an idea of what the next step will look like once you’ve hit the “next” button in the last step. We’ll start at the top of the screen, click on “profile,” and work our way down.

Edit Profile

Once you’ve clicked on “profile,” you’ll have two options: edit profile and preview profile. We’ll start with “edit profile” first.

As mentioned before, many of these bits of information will be automatically applied using the information from your Facebook profile. But this is where you can add new information or edit old information. You can change things like your education, your job title, and company, or your daily habits.

Preview Profile

Once you have made any changes, edits, or updates to your profile and want to see what the finished product looks like, click on “preview profile” to see how it all came out!

Step #6: Interacting With Other Singles

Heading back to that initial screen before delving into “profile,” we scroll to the next menu option, “liked you.” Here you can view any singles that might have liked your profile on Facebook Dating. The next option is “matches,” where you can find singles well-suited to your personal criteria.

Condensed Profile

Below the main menu at the top is a condensed profile, including the member profile photo, name, age, location, and options for you to either “like” or “dislike” their profile. These are signified by the “heart” and the “x,” respectively.

Expanded Profile

By clicking on the image of the condensed profile, you’re taken to the member’s complete profile page. The expanded profile will contain all the essential information from the condensed version but will include additional items such as interests, lifestyle, and hobby information, as well as written word descriptions that add more depth about their character or who they are.

As you can see, more photos will appear, and tiny bits of additional information will be interspersed throughout these latter sections.

Good Alternatives to Facebook Dating​

Facebooking Dating is a great way to meet singles near you online, but it might not be the best fit for you. That’s okay because there are plenty of viable alternatives that we won’t hesitate to recommend!

Best Alternative Details Free Trial
Hinge Logo Hinge
  • Active Users: 500,000
  • Gender Ratio: 55% men to 45% women
  • Membership: begins at $4.99/month
Tinder Logo Tinder
  • Active Users: 8+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 61% men to 39% women
  • Membership: begins at $4.50/month
Bumble Logo Bumble
  • Active Users: 11+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 57% men to 43% women
  • Membership: begins at $29.99/month
Zoosk Logo Zoosk
  • Active Users: 50+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Membership: begins at $12.50/month

Facebook Dating FAQ

Anything else that you need to know about Facebook Dating should be covered in our FAQ section below. You’ll find some of the most common questions and prompts we get from customers and readers alike.

What Is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is a mobile dating app that connects single users with other singles who are not a part of their friend list. Facebook Dating cannot be used on a desktop PC or mobile device using a web browser but instead has to be downloaded to either iOS or Android devices as an app.

Is Facebook Dating Free?

Facebook Dating is a service that is entirely free of charge. You don’t have to pay for a Facebook membership; the same applies to the Facebook Dating platform. There are no membership costs or a price to download the Facebook app.

How Do I Sign Up for Facebook Dating?

Open up the Facebook app on your mobile device and click on the three horizontal lines icon. Under that icon, you’ll see an option for “dating.” Click here, and you can access Facebook Dating.

What’s the Sign-up Process Like?

The sign-up process is really simple if you’re already a Facebook member. This is because a lot of the information that you’d need to fill in your dating profile will be directly drawn from the information you already provided for the Facebook account you already had. The process shouldn’t take much more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Will My Joining Facebook Dating Be Kept Private?

Something we really appreciated about Facebook Dating is the fact that they will keep it discreet that you’ve joined the service. You can use Facebook Dating, and your friends will not be notified that you’re using it. Facebook Dating will never recommend singles that are a part of your friend list. This way, you can use this dating platform without hearing about it from your friends or family.

How Does Facebook Dating Play Matchmaker?

Facebook Dating takes each single’s personal dating preferences into account and mixes that with choices about location, age, appearance, personal interests, and other factors. Facebook Dating takes each member’s idea of their ideal match and generates a list of singles that best fit that description.

Do I Have to Be a Facebook Member to Use Facebook Dating?

You have to be a member of Facebook and have the Facebook app downloaded to your mobile device to use Facebook Dating. Getting signed up for a Facebook account does not take too long, so we highly recommend taking 15 to 20 minutes and getting the job done.

Can I Use a PC to Access Facebook Dating?

For now, Facebook Dating can only be used on iOS or Android devices through the Facebook mobile app. Users cannot access the service using their web browser and need to download the Facebook app to their mobile devices to access the “dating” portion of the site.

Is Facebook Dating Better for Serious or Casual Relationships?

Facebook Dating is far better for those who want to enjoy casual dates and romance than for finding a soulmate, marriage partner, or someone interested in a long-term commitment. That’s not to say that this platform can’t be used to find serious relationships, but it’s far less likely.

Is Dating on Facebook Set Up Like Tinder or Bumble?

On Facebook Dating, you’ll enjoy a swipe-style dating mechanism that allows you to “swipe right” or “swipe left” through a catalog of quality singles. But in the case of Facebook Dating, you can “like” or “dislike” their suggestions.

How Old Is the Average Facebook Dating Member?

On average, Facebook Dating members are between 30 to 40 years of age. Compared to the crowd at dating sites like Tinder or Hinge, or Bumble, Facebook Dating clearly caters to an older customer base.

Is There a Way to Block or Report Other Users?

Yes, you can perform these actions by going into your Facebook settings.

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