2024 eHarmony Review

eHarmony is a world-renowned dating site that has been responsible for joining about 600,000 couples in marriage over the past 20 years, as well as countless serious relationships and long-term commitments. This is made possible by the advanced matching algorithms and in-depth personality questionnaires that were designed by the site’s founder Neil Clark Warren.

Does eHarmony work? And is eHarmony worth it?

We are going to go over all this in our eHarmony review, where you will soon find out whether or not eHarmony.com is an online dating service that’s a good fit for you. eHarmony places a strong emphasis on lasting connections, contentment, and lifelong happiness between couples. If this sounds like you, you’re probably on the right track!

About eHarmony

eHarmony was founded in 2000 by a clinical psychologist named Neil Clark Warren. Over the years, eHarmony.com has used his patented matching algorithms and detailed personality testing as a basis for creating matches where compatibility between each member is king! This is a dating site that has grown into a reputation for catering specifically to serious relationships and marriages.

eHarmony Fast Facts

These are some of the most important facts about the eHarmony dating site. If you’re interested in using eHarmony to find true love, your soulmate, or someone to join in marriage, these are some important things about the service that is just good to know!

Key FactsDetails

Site Name


Key Info

• Year Founded: 2000
• Founder: Neil Clark Warren, clinical psychologist
• Average User Age: 25 – 34 years
• Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
• Best Known For: Creating 600,000 married couples

Membership Cost

• 6-Month Premium Light: $65.90/month
• 12-Month Premium Plus: $45.90/month
• 24-Month Premium EXTRA: $35.90/month

Free Trial

Begin Your eHarmony Free Trial Here!

Sign Up Time

45-minute process

Rating eHarmony.com

Our eHarmony.com review and overall rating are based on our team of researchers examining five major categories (cost, features, usability, matches, and active users). We took each of those individual scores, and then we created an average, coming to our overall rating of eHarmony.

So is eHarmony worth it? Let’s find out!

Overall Rating (4.6/5)

eHarmony is one of the best all-time dating sites, and we
feel that our score reflects this. Nearly all criteria points are
scored on the higher end of the fourth star, with the
exception of the cost. eHarmony is definitely one of the
pricier options out there. But everything else is top tier, in
our opinion!

Cost (4.0/5)

The cost of an eHarmony subscription can seem a little high for many people. Compared to other dating sites out there, this one is a little pricier, but from our experience, it is worth the money if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Features (4.9/5)

As far as features go, eHarmony offers some of the most useful ones of any dating site, including the video dating platform and their search feature.

Usability (4.6/5)

In terms of the usability of their service, eHarmony has made it as simple to use and find quality matches as possible. The initial questionnaire does feel long, but once you’re through that, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Quality Matches (4.8/5)

If you’re looking to find quality matches for long-term, committed relationships, then no one does it better than eHarmony. Their Compatibility Test is comprehensive and scientifically proven to work.

Active Users (4.5/5)

With over 10 million members, you should have no problem finding active users on this site. It is one of the most popular online matchmaking services in the world.

As with all online dating sites that we’ve reviewed in the past, eHarmony is not perfect and has its fair share of flaws and shortcomings. As a way to bring you one of the most honest reviews of eHarmony that is possible, we’re going to show you both the positives and negatives of the eHarmony dating site so that you know what to expect if you choose to use their services.

eHarmony Pros and Cons

  • Long-standing name in the online dating market (since 2000)
  • New matches are provided on a daily basis
  • Great dating app for long-term relationships, marriages, or serious commitments
  • Users get detailed reports on why they matched with specific singles
  • They use top-notch matching algorithms to determine compatible matches
  • The sign-up process can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes
  • Their limited free trial offer does not let you view photos or send messages
  • You will get a lot of emails from the site (nearly any time you get a new message)
  • Not a great dating app if you are looking for a casual relationship or dating
  • They do not cater well to members who are lesbians or gay

How to Sign Up at eHarmony

Buckle up. eHarmony.com has one of the longer sign-up processes of any online dating site that we’ve reviewed in the past: 30 to 45 minutes. While it can be time-consuming, the detailed questionnaires and compatibility testing is going to be well worth the time once you see the quality of singles on the other end!

While we would love to give you an in-depth, step-by-step look at the entire sign-up process, we’re going to spare you from that tedium and boil it down into five major, digestible steps to give you an idea of what it will be like!

1. Initial Steps

Begin creating your new account at eHarmony by visiting their homepage. On the left-hand corner of the screen, you will find a place that says, “start free today.” You will then select if you are a man or a woman. And, of course, you will also select if you are seeking a man or a woman.

By far, this was the easiest portion of signing up at eHarmony!

2. Compatibility and Personality Quiz

The next step that comes in the eHarmony setup process is their renowned compatibility testing and personality quizzes. This is divided up into several patches of questions. Divvying the questions into categories actually made it much easier to get through the sign-up process mentally. It didn’t seem as dense and tedious as it could have been!

Initial Questions

These are the first set of questions that you will encounter in the early stages of sign-up. These questions were much more general in nature than the ones that were to come. We have not included every single one of them, but just a handful to give you an idea.

  • Where would you most like to live?
  • What are your main reasons for wanting a relationship?
  • Describe your ideal partner.
  • What is most likely to make you interested in someone?
  • Why do you think you’re single?
  • Do you think cheating is ever ok?
  • What is your ideal wedding?

Preference and Interest Questions

Here are a few examples from the next cluster of questions. This time they focused on more specific, personal matters relating to interests and lifestyle preferences.

  • What do you want your partner to like about you?
  • What do you think is most important in a relationship?
  • Do you drink or smoke?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • Do you like to cook?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What kind of music do you like?

Habit Questions

This was another more in-depth section of the questionnaire. This part was a little shorter than the other portions. Here are some of the things we were asked during this part of the sign-up process.

  • Are you easily excited about things?
  • Do you turn on music or TV when you get home?
  • How do you prefer dressing?
  • How do you react when people hurt you?

Concluding Questions

These were some of the final questions we got to see in the last segment of the sign-up process.

  • Do you like your physical appearance?
  • Do you believe people are inherently good?
  • Are regular mealtime important to you?
  • Are regular mealtime important to you?
  • What mantra do you live life by?

3. Add Your Information and Photos

We found this step to be a nice little respite coming off of the compatibility questions! Here is where you can fill out your personal information including things like your name, email address, date of birth, religion, ethnicity, marital status, and more.

You also want to add a good photo of yourself to complete your eHarmony profile. You can always opt to skip this step and come back to it later. We definitely recommend doing it as soon as possible though. Other singles want to see your face!

4. Add Answers to Profile Questions

The next step is answering one or more questions that will be featured on your profile for all users to see. This adds a little more color to your eHarmony profile and can draw the attention of other singles.

There is also a step where you can elaborate on what your ideal partner looks like or what you hope to accomplish using the eHarmony dating app. Again, this gives your profile some more depth and allows other singles to get to know who you are!

5. Contact Other Singles

Now you are officially finished with the sign-up process at eHarmony.com! You will be automatically advanced to the homepage. The image below is exactly how things will appear when you see your profile for the first time.

Everything is laid out clearly. Your new matches appear toward the bottom of the homepage. You have options at the top to check on or write messages to other singles. The image below will give you an idea of what you will find when you click on the Matches tab at the top of the page.

You can view your matches much easier on this page. You have the option to sort them based on criteria like distance, compatibility score, and registration date. This is the page where you can delete any matches that you are uninterested in as well!

eHarmony Cost

There are three membership plans we found in our eHarmony dating site review. Something that we can say for sure about eHarmony is that you’re going to pay more compared to the average online dating service. But considering that they have some of the best compatibility testing and one of the largest dating pools in the market, we feel that it is somewhat justified.

Something to note about the price points below is that the monthly cost of the membership actually lowers the longer the plan you end up paying for. While you are going to be paying more overall, you can definitely capitalize on some savings here!

eHarmony Membership Plans

Total Cost: $395.40
Premium Lite 6-Month Plan
$6590 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $550.80
Premium Plus 12-Month Plan
$4590 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $861.60
Premium EXTRA 24-Month Plan
$3590 Monthly Select Plan

eHarmony does not offer any sort of month-to-month payment plans. Most of the time, the customer is going to be expected to pay for the entire membership in one lump sum at one given time. eHarmony does work with their customers a bit, though, and does allow them to divvy things up into as many as four equal monthly installments.

What Features Come with a Membership?

As you can see above, you get all the same features regardless of the membership plan you choose. You are really just paying for the time that you have to enjoy eHarmony’s services. Something cool with the way the pricing works is that you actually get a better monthly rate the longer the plan you choose!

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited viewing of photos
  • Setting your distance preferences
  • Putting together a profile
  • Find out which singles have viewed your profile

eHarmony.com Free Trial

There is not too much to say about the free trial at eHarmony.com. You get to create a profile for free. So you are getting your face and your information out there for members to see. The only other things that you can do with the free trial is send “smiles” and “icebreakers” to other free trial members or paying members. And that is it!

We highly recommend going with the paid membership at eHarmony. The free trial does not even allow you to send messages or view photos of other singles. That right there should be enough to sell you on a membership!

This is definitely one of the more limited free trials that we have ever seen, and for a good reason. It gets you to sign up for a membership.

Is eHarmony Worth It?

The answer to this question is really going to depend on who you are. eHarmony is going to work better for certain people than it will for others. To find out if eHarmony is going to be worth the time and money, you will want to check out our top reasons for joining eHarmony as well as our top reasons for not joining.

4 Good Reasons to Join eHarmony

These are the signs that eHarmony is going to be one of the better dating sites out there for you. If you find yourself resonating with a lot of these aspects, eHarmony is probably going to be worth your while!

#1: Large Base of Users

eHarmony has about 66 million worldwide users and anywhere from 10 to 16 million that are active on a daily basis on the app. What this means for the user is that there are a large number of quality singles to choose from, a phenomenal dating pool! eHarmony is a dating site that has numbers on its side, and that means that you have a fantastic likelihood of you finding your soulmate or your future spouse using this site!

#2: Serious or Committed Relationships

One of the top reasons to join eHarmony is the fact that they take a clear focus on serious relationships, long-term commitments, and marriages. If you’re more into the casual dating scene, this online dating service is not going to be a good fit. In fact, users that express they are interested in short-term relationships or casual dating are likely to be denied membership at the site!

#3: Good Daily Matches

To a certain extent, you are responsible for seeking out singles at eHarmony for yourself, but they will take a little of that burden off by supplying you with daily matches! If you do not like the quality of the singles you are finding at the site, eHarmony keeps things fresh by sending you new opportunities!

#4: Research-Driven Results

One of the beautiful things about the eHarmony dating app is its ability to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships based on its top-notch compatibility testing. Results are driven by science and the psychological principles that cause certain people to be attracted to one another. On top of creating compatible matches, eHarmony goes the extra mile and provides its users with reports on why they matched with certain singles.

4 Good Reasons to Not Join eHarmony

Here are some great indicators that eHarmony is not going to be the best online dating site for you and your personal goals. If you feel that any of the things listed below are going to be a problem for you, we will say that eHarmony.com would probably not be worth your time.

#1: You Want Casual Dating Options

If there is one thing that eHarmony is not, it is a matchmaking service where you can go for casual dating and relationships. Their entire mission is centered around creating and fostering marriages or relationships that are serious or marked by total commitment. There is actually a chance that if you apply for a membership at eHarmony and you say that you’re looking for casual dating that eHarmony will deny you the ability to use the site!

#2: A Time-Consuming Sign-Up Process

eHarmony has one of the more lengthy membership sign-up processes that we have seen! The compatibility questions and personality quiz can generally take anywhere from half an hour up to 45 minutes! While it is extremely thorough and does capture a lot of useful information that goes a long way toward helping you find the right singles, this testing will eat up a lot of time initially. If you’re not interested in spending a lot of time setting up your online dating profile, eHarmony is probably not the place for you.

#3: Excessive Emails

This kind of comes with the territory when you’re dealing with online dating sites, but you are going to be getting a lot of emails when you use eHarmony. Any time you get a new match or someone messages you or even looks at your profile, you’ll be notified by email! If you don’t like spam, then eHarmony might not be the right matchmaking service out there for you.

#4: Matching with Trial Members

There is the chance that you will be matched up at some point with someone who is a free trial member. Some of the limits of the free trial include not being able to message members or view their photos. So there could be some singles that you’re interested in getting to know, but because they are free trial members, they’re not going to be able to send responses to your messages or see the photos that you have posted on your profile.

Reviews from Real eHarmony Users

It’s always good to hear a voice outside of our own to get an idea of how eHarmony is as a dating service. We felt that it would be good to add some eHarmony.com reviews from those who have actually used the platform for themselves. These eHarmony reviews will offer a perspective that we cannot give based on the specific research we’ve done.

See what the users of eHarmony have had to say over the past five years about their service:

eHarmony.com Alternatives

Although we feel that eHarmony.com is one of the best dating sites that the market has to offer, it might not be the right choice for everyone out there! We would be remiss if we did not include links to some great alternatives. If you feel eHarmony is not an ideal place for your needs, check out these alternative sites.

#1: Match.com –
Best for Serious or Casual Relationships

Match.com is probably the next best thing to eHarmony, and that is because they use similar testing and matching algorithms to engage compatibility amongst their users! Match is the perfect solution for singles who are not sure what kind of relationship they want and have an open mind. Match.com is extremely skillful at producing good matches for both casual and serious relationships.

#2: Elite Singles –
Best for Finding Highly Educated Singles

Elite Singles is another solid alternative to eHarmony, particularly if you’re looking for professional singles! Over 85% of members at Elite Singles have gone on to some form of higher education. The site is comprised of those with professional careers, such as doctors, lawyers, and business people. And similarly to eHarmony, this dating service is focused on serious, long-term relationships!

#3: Zoosk –
Best for Casual Dating

Perhaps you have read our reviews of eHarmony and found the app to be too serious. Maybe you’re just looking for someone to go out with on the weekends, something that is low commitment. You are young. You want to play the field and scope out all your options. Zoosk is the perfect alternative to eHarmony if this is the case! Zoosk is all about setting up casual dating scenarios and relationships.

#4: The League –
Best for Professional Singles

This is a dating site that is on the same kind of wavelength as Elite Singles and is also a great alternative to eHarmony. Again, this is an online dating service that is well-versed in the process of developing serious relationships. But here, the market is for professionals and singles who have really high standards!

eHarmony FAQ

We’ve covered a lot of information throughout this review of eHarmony, but we realize that we may not have answered everything. Below we have also put together a list of the most commonly asked questions that we receive from our users, specifically about the eHarmony dating site.

What Is eHarmony?

eHarmony is a dating site and online matchmaking service that was founded in 2000 by a clinical psychologist named Neil Clark Warren. The main focus of this dating app is advanced compatibility testing which has driven many successful long-term relationships and commitments throughout the last 20 years.

Today, eHarmony is one of the biggest players in the online dating industry and is responsible for introducing around 600,000 married couples over the years!

Is eHarmony Good?

eHarmony is a good online dating site for singles who are looking for long-term relationships that are made to last a lifetime. eHarmony is set up for fostering quality relationships because they have great combability and personality testing that gets into the psychology of what makes for successful relationships!

Something that eHarmony is not all that good for is finding singles who are interested in casual dating or casual relationships. People who use eHarmony are going to have great success in finding love or their soulmate instead of someone who is free to go out Saturday night.

Does eHarmony Work?

eHarmony is one of the biggest names in the online dating industry, with around 10 million active users. What that means for the user is a decent dating pool of eligible singles! eHarmony has also been responsible for introducing around 600,000 couples who later went on to be married over the past 20 years.

Customers do have a part in how much success they can experience using the app. First and foremost, they will want to be honest and thorough throughout the initial sign-up process and the compatibility questionnaire. The more detailed you can be in your answers, the greater the likelihood you will find your ideal match!

Can I Use eHarmony.com for Free?

eHarmony.com does offer a free trial to its new customers, but it’s not going to feature all the capabilities you could enjoy with a membership. You can get an idea of what the site offers and how it works, but you’re not going to be able to send unlimited messages or view pictures of those whom you have matched up with. You will, however, be able to send “smiles” to other singles and do some limited icebreaker questions.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

There are three membership plans that you can join at eHarmony. There is a 6-month plan called the Premium Light, which is $55.90/month. The most popular plan at eHarmony is the 12-month plan called the Premium Plus, which is $35.90/month. The final plan is the 24-month plan called the Premium EXTRA, and this one runs $25.90 /month.

How Safe Is eHarmony.com to Use?

eHarmony is one of the best dating services to be using if you are concerned about the security of your personal or financial information. eHarmony never shares these details with third parties, and there is NO chance that your photos or banking information is going to end up in anyone else’s hands. Everything is contained to the site, and eHarmony even uses an encrypted connection for an extra layer of safety!

Are There Any Restrictions to Using eHarmony.com?

You must be 18 years of age or older to use eHarmony.com. You also need to be someone who is looking for a serious relationship. eHarmony was not designed as a casual dating site and will not accept those who are not looking for something serious or committed. eHarmony is also super wary of accepting members who have been divorced multiple times.

How Does eHarmony Put Together Its Matches?

Neil Clark Warren and this team developed a comprehensive set of compatibly and personality tests when they began eHarmony back in the early 2000s. Although the process has been tweaked and refined over the last 20 years, these tests have been the source of successful matching between singles! The advanced matching algorithm, in particular, is one of the biggest factors in joining together singles who are compatible and made for each other on the deepest level.

How Will My Profile Appear to Other Users?

Other members at eHarmony.com will be able to see the photos you posted as well as your bio section and the About Me portion of your profile. They will be able to view important facts about you, like your beliefs, your appearance, and your location as well.

Things that other users will not have access to would be your email address, your home address, your phone number, or any of your billing information. These sensitive things will be kept safely stowed away from other users or any third parties within the confines of eHarmony’s encrypted system.

What Can I Do with Unwanted Matches?

In doing our eHarmony review, we discovered that you could indeed remove unwanted matches completely from your profile. And it’s super simple to do. All you need to do is click the “x” in the top right-hand corner of that match’s photo to remove them completely from your profile.

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