2023 Christian Mingle Review

Are you a Christian looking for a serious relationship with someone who shares your faith? We might just have the perfect solution for your problem. It comes in the form of Christian Mingle, a dating site that has been instrumental in cultivating serious relationships and marriages for around 29% of all Christians who have ever sought out a spouse online!

Our Christian Mingle dating site review is going to show you how we rated their app as a whole, covering some key facts, including the membership plans, subscription costs, and free trial opportunities. By the time you are finished, you will know everything there is to know about all your options for becoming a member here!

In order to present you with an honest and transparent Christian Mingle review, we have also come prepared with some online feedback and comments from actual people who have used Christian Mingle for themselves! If Christian Mingle happens not to be ideal for your needs, we are going to provide you with some great Christian dating alternatives! We are even going to guide you through the sign-up process for your convenience!

About Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle was originally founded in 2001 and has grown over the years to be one of the most widely recognized names in the online dating industry and one of the most trusted sources for finding serious relationships with Christian singles in many different areas of the world!

Check out some of these Christian Mingle fast facts to gauge exactly how big and well-known this dating website has come to be after 20 years of service:

Christian Mingle Fast Facts

Key FactsDetails

Site Name


Key Info

• Year Started: 2001
• Total Active Members: 16 million
• Total Premium Members: 154,000
• Visits Per Month: 3.5 million
• Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
• User Base: All singles
• Number of Countries Serviced: 7
• Most Popular Country: United States (83.83% of total users)
• Average User Age: 36-50 years old

Membership Cost

Starts at $24.99/month

Free Trial Offer

Begin Your Christian Mingle Free Trial Here!

Sign-Up Time

5 minutes

Rating Christian Mingle

In our Christian Mingle reviews, we took the time to look at five key categories in order to establish our overall rating for the dating site as a whole. These include the overall cost of membership, the quality of the membership features, the user-friendliness of the app, the quality of the daily matches, and the size of their total user base

Once we figured out the individual rating for each major category, we took an average to come to our overall rating! 

Overall Rating (3.5/5)

Every category that we hit in our review of Christian Mingle ranked above average or higher! There was not a whole lot that we found on this dating app that was unappealing or turned us off. Christian Mingle comes with plenty of fun, modern features for finding the right singles. The user base is large enough to find eligible, quality matches that fit your criteria, plus the Christian Mingles is really easy to use and does not cost a whole lot for what you are getting!

Cost (3.5/5)

While they are not quite as inexpensive as a dating app like Zoosk or Match.com, Christian Mingle is still one of the more affordable options online when it comes to online dating! Their 6-month membership plan begins at only $24.99 per month! The features that you get with a Christian Mingle membership and the wide user base you have access to make Christian Mingle one of the best dating apps when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck!

Features (3.0/5)

The features at Christian Mingle are one of the higher points of the dating app. Users can spotlight their profile to gain more attention from other singles, Messaging+ allows members to send, read, and receive messages from anyone using the app (members or “free trial” users), and there are read-notification receipts so that members can know when their messages have been read.

Usability (4.9/5)

Christian Mingle has a simple, straightforward design that does not leave much to the imagination. We found it really easy to just dive in and begin using the site. We did not have to do a whole lot of studying to understand the layout or where things were located! It also helps that the site and the app both look really good, and they are largely free of glitches, errors, or any sort of lagging!

Quality Matches (3.0/5

Because Christian Mingle is geared toward matching up like-minded singles for serious, God-centered relationships, they take the personality testing and matchmaking end of the process seriously! In fact, Christian Mingles is responsible for nearly 30% of the Christian marriages that have originated online!

Active Users (3.0/5)

Christian Mingle has around 3.5 million visitors per month and 16 million users worldwide, but their serious, active user base is somewhere around 154,000 paid subscribers. This is definitely the best niche Christian dating app when it comes to the size of its dating pool, but still not one of the biggest we have reviewed. The gender ratio breakdown is 44% men to 56% women.

While Christian Mingle ranked relatively well in most of the categories we looked at; there were definitely things about the app that we did not care for. These were things that we felt should be changed or could be improved for future users.

Christian Mingle is far from an ideal online dating site. Check out our top pros and cons below for an honest and accurate look at what Christian Mingle does well and the areas where they are weak:

Christian Mingle Pros and Cons

  • 16 million active users and 154,000 premium members
  • Great website for Christian singles who want serious, God-centered relationships
  • LookBook feature allows users to browse a catalog of single in swipe-style fashion
  • Affordable membership pricing beginning at $24.99/month
  • The sign-up process is easy and only takes five minutes to complete
  • Members have unlimited messaging, read notifications, and anonymous browsing
  • A simple user interface and an intuitive design make for a user-friendly experience
  • Not a good dating site for finding casual dates or casual relationships
  • Christian Mingle is overrun with a lot of fake profiles and spam accounts
  • Membership features are pretty standard with nothing special really standing out
  • There are refunds available to those who are dissatisfied with Christian Mingle
  • All memberships are set to auto-renew once they expire
  • The free trial does not allow the customer to experience the full range of features
  • There is no search function available for matches

How to Sign Up at ChristianMingle.com

We went through the entire sign-up process for ourselves to see how long it would take and how easy it was to complete. Just as Christian Mingle is straightforward and easy to use with its intuitive design, the sign-up process is very much the same! It only took about five or ten minutes to complete (depending on how thorough you want to be), and there was not too much that went into figuring out how to get a free trial or a membership set up!

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect when you sign up for a free trial or a for a paid membership:

Steps From #1 to #11

Step #1: Visit the Homepage

You will begin the sign-up process by visiting ChristianMingle.com and clicking on the green button that says, “Register Today.”

Step #2: Sign Up

This step involves you signing up for your new account. You have a few options for doing this. Christian Mingle login can now be performed in three different ways! You can sign in using your Facebook account or Apple account to save some time. Or you can add your email address and create a unique password for your Christian Mingle account.

Once you have finished this step, you can hit the “Next” button.


Step #3: Add Personal Information

Input your name, your gender, your date of birth, and your ZIP code. Agree to the terms and conditions and go through the steps to prove that you are not a robot. Once this is filled out, hit the “Next” button.

Step #4: Include Photos

In order to get your new account up and running at Christian Mingle, you will need to upload at least one photo. You can add up to 6 as a free trial user and then upgrade to unlimited photos as a member.

Be sure that any photo you post has a clear shot of your face and contains nothing suggestive or offensive. The photo also needs to be at least 375 x 375px. Once you have uploaded at least one photo, hit the “Next” button to proceed to the next step.


Step #5: Include More Info About Yourself

This step involves you getting more in-depth about yourself. You will be asked about your height, marital status, religion, and church attendance. You will also need to list your occupation, education level, how you feel about having kids, and if you have kids in general.

Hit the “Next” button once you have completed this section to get to the next step.

Step #6: Written Summary of Yourself

This is where you can elaborate a bit more about who you are. You can always skip this step, but we highly advise that you take the time to write out a profile summary. It is going to help you get more interest around your profile and drive better traffic your way!

If you are having trouble writing something for your profile summary, Christian Mingle has included a link to some tips for writing a summary that sizzles. Hit the “Next” button once you are finished to proceed.


Step #7: Include Your Interests

Again, this is one of those steps that you can skip if you want to hop right to check out the Christian Mingle dating site. But again, we recommend that you include some of your interests to give your profile some added depth. You can select as many that are applicable to you!

Click on the “Next” button to head to the next step of the process.

Step #8: Describe Your Ideal Match

Select the gender that you are interested in meeting. Select your desired age range as well as the distance (in miles) that you are willing to look to find the right singles. The range goes anywhere from 1 mile all the way up to 500 miles or more.

You can also list your preferences as far as religious denomination goes. Click on the little down area, and an entire, detailed menu of various denominations will pop up. You can also select the relationship type you desire as well as some additional advanced preferences.

Once you have included all the information you need to describe your ideal match, click the “Next” button to get to the next step.


Step #9: Upgrade to a Membership

This is another step that you can skip if you prefer. This is simply a page that plugs a member at Christian Mingle. It is going to list out all the features and benefits that come along with a paid subscription.

If you skip this step, you will go straight to your personal profile at Christian Mingle, and you can begin your free trial account. If you hit the “Get All Features” button, you will go to the next screen where you can put some money down on a membership!

Step #10: Select Your Membership Plan

Again, you will find another list of the features and benefits that come with a paid membership at Christian Mingle. This is also the page where you will find the three monthly membership plans with their respective prices. Choose the one that you want, and you will automatically be taken to the next page.


Step #11: Complete the Purchase

For this example, we selected the 6-month premium plan. You will be shown the total price and the monthly price breakdown.

Enter your credit card information, including the card number, expiration date, and security code. Also, include the country of origin and the ZIP code that is attached to the card.

Read the information on cancellation rights and the purchase terms and conditions. Agree to these and then click on the big blue button that says, “Complete Purchase.”

Christian Mingle Cost

Total Cost: $49.99
1-Month Plan
$4999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $104.97
6-Month Plan
$3499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $149.94
12-Month Plan
$2499 Monthly Select Plan

Christian Mingle does not allow you to pay month-to-month on the 3-month and 6-month membership plans. Each of those needs to be paid all at once and in one lump sum.

What Features Come with a Membership?

These are the benefits and features that come with a membership at Christian Mingle. As we mentioned before, Christian Mingle comes with a really standard set of features. There was nothing here that captured our interest.

  • Access all members’ photos
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • See who has liked your profile
  • Browse other members anonymously
  • Unlimited messaging with all members using Messaging+
  • Read receipt notifications


Another thing to keep in mind is that all memberships at Christian Mingle are set to renew themselves automatically once they have come to their end. Unless you contact customer service and request the auto-renewal be turned off, you will be charged again for the same plan you have once your current one expires.

Christian Mingle Free Trial

We like to call this the Christian Mingle free trial, but it is technically only limited access to a few of the app’s features that newcomers can use without having to pay for a membership. There are only a handful of actions and functions that “free trial” users can take advantage of before having to become a member of the app: 

Free Trial Capabilities

  • Create a Christian Mingle profile
  • Browse other singles’ profiles
  • Post up to 6 photos
  • View profile photos only of other singles
  • Send “smiles”
  • Get daily matches
  • Read and reply to premium member messages
  • Access to LookBook

Our official recommendation for Christian Mingle is to purchase a premium membership so you can experience the full spectrum of benefits, perks, and features that they offer. 

Is Christian Mingle Worth It?

Christian Mingle is not going to be worth it for everyone who visits the site or gives the “free trial” a spin. The best way to answer this question is to present you with five reasons to join Christian Mingle and five reasons why it might be a good idea to check out an alternative dating site or to keep shopping around.

If you find yourself identifying more strongly with the first five reasons, then Christian Mingle might be worth the time, money, and effort!

5 Reasons to Join

#1: You’re a Christian

If you are a Christian and you are looking for Christian singles who want serious, committed relationships, Christian Mingle might be worth it for you. This is definitely not a place to go as a casual dater. You are looking for someone who is marriage material and desires to have God as an integral part of the relationship.

#2: Swipe-Style Dating

If you are looking for a form of dating where you can scroll through a catalog of singles and either “like” or “pass” to find what you want, then Christian Mingle might be a good fit for you! They currently feature the LookBook, which features that swipe-style dating method that a lot of the dating app giants have found massive success with, like Tinder or Bumble.

#3: Good Matchmaking System

Christian Mingle does a great job creating matches based on the user’s personal preferences and religious backgrounds. If you appreciate good matchmaking that takes a lot of factors into consideration, Christian Mingle might, again, be worth the time and the money!

#4: Privacy Controls

If privacy matters a great deal to you, or you want the luxury of browsing through profiles anonymously, Christian Mingle might be right up your alley! Not only does this site keep all its customers’ personal and financial information safe through high-end encryption, but they also offer incognito mode as a premium membership feature!

#5: Large Dating Pool

If you want a large volume of potential Christian singles to sift through, Christian Mingle might be the ideal dating app for your needs! There are around 16 million active members with 154,000 confirmed paid subscribers. There are also around 3.5 million visits to the site each and every month! You will never be for want of a wide array of Christian singles from all over the globe.

4 Reasons to Keep Looking

#1: You’re Not a Christian

If you are not a Christian, it is probably best to pass up Christian Mingle and focus on a dating site like eHarmony that specializes in serious relationships that cater to the religious and the non-religious alike.

#2: You Want a Casual Relationship

Christian Mingle is not a dating site where you will find a whole lot of singles who want casual dating or relationships. By and large, the users there are looking for something serious and God-centered. If you are a casual dater, it is best to check out a place like Zoosk or Match.

#3: A Lot of Spam Accounts

This is one of the things about Christian Mingle that we feel is a major problem and has really gotten out of control in recent years. This online dating website is inundated with a lot of fake profiles and spam accounts. Christian Mingle has not done that great a job of flushing these out, so their users do not end up wasting time or becoming prone to a scam or hustle. If you do not want to deal with a lot of garbage profiles, Christian Mingle might not be worth your time.

#4: Limited Features

Christian Mingle is a dating site that comes light on the features for customers. There is the LookBook, unlimited messaging, and the incognito mode for anonymous browsing. But beyond this, there is not too much the site has to offer. If you are looking for an app with a lot of good, high-end features, Christian Mingle might not be a good fit for you.

Reviews from Real Users at Christian Mingle

We have said plenty about how we feel in regard to Christian Mingle. We feel you might want to hear some voices of those who have actually used the site to find Christian singles for themselves! These are reviews from actual users who have tried their hand at using Christian Mingle and what kind of experience they had along the way.

We pulled user comments from sites like SiteJabber, Trustpilot, and ConsumerAffairs. Keep in mind that the user experience is subjective. Everyone has a different, unique outcome when using this Christian matchmaking service. And people tend to leave comments on sites like these when they have a bad experience versus a good one.

ChristianMingle.com Alternatives

If you feel that Christian Mingle is not for you, you are not alone. Although this is an excellent online dating site for finding Christian singles, it is not always the right course of action for everyone. And that is ok!

Below are some of the best dating sites out there that we feel serve as good, viable alternatives to using Christian Mingle:

RankDating SiteFree Trial


eHarmony Logo

Start Free Trial Today!


ChristianCafe Logo Table

Start Free Trial Today!


CatholicMatch Logo Table

Start Free Trial Today!


Christian Connection Logo Table
Christian Connection

Start Free Trial Today!

Christian Mingle FAQ

Throughout this Christian Mingle review, we tried to make sure that we highlighted all of the most important factors about this dating site. We realize though, that it’s not possible for us to cover every detail which is why we have included answers to the following questions we most often receive about ChristianMingle.com.

Is Christian Mingle Free?

Christian Mingle has a free trial, but you cannot technically use the service in its entirety for free. The free trial allows you to do a few things like make a profile, browse those you have matched with, and upload photos. You can also do some limited messaging with premium members only.

What Kind of Features Do I Get with a Paid Membership?

With a paid membership at Christian Mingle, you will be able to view all photos of other singles on the site. You will also enjoy unlimited messaging. There are no restrictions on whom you can send messages to or how many messages you can send. Members can browse certain profiles using the incognito mode so they can go undetected. Members will also be able to use read receipts to know when their messages have been received and read by other members.

Does Christian Mingle Have Read Receipts?

Yes, there are read receipts available at Christian Mingle, but this feature is only available to those with a premium membership. Read receipts will allow you to know when your messages have been received and read by other members.

How Much Does Christian Mingle Cost?

There are three premium membership packages that customers can purchase, so the price of Christian Mingle is going to vary. The 1-month membership costs $49.99. The 3-month membership costs $34.99 per month for a grand total of $104.97. There is a 6-month membership package as well that costs $24.99 per month for a total of $149.94.
The monthly price points actually come cheaper with the longer plans. There are some savings that can be taken advantage of at Christian Mingle if you choose to purchase a 3-month or 6-month subscription!

Is This Christian Mingle Review Honest and Transparent?

Yes, we feel that we have been completely honest and forthright with this Christian Mingle review. We presented the primary pros and cons of the site that we felt our readers should know about. By showing the good and the bad sides of Christian Mingle, we feel that you are getting an honest and completely accurate picture of this dating site as a whole!

Does the Christian Mingle Dating Site Have a Downloadable App?

Yes, there is a free app available for download at Christian Mingle. You can find it on Google Play or the Apple App stores. From what we have experienced, it functions nearly the same as visiting Christian Mingle using your web browser.

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