2024 ChristianCafe Review

Suppose you are looking for Christian singles online who want serious relationships. In that case, ChristianCafe.com is a great dating site to be using in 2024. Our Christian Cafe review will cover the various membership plans offered by this niche dating site, as well as a complete breakdown of the sign-up process so you can get started as quickly as possible!

Something else you will find in our review is a comprehensive tour of the platform. We are going to cover everything like where to send messages, participate in the site’s customer forums, and how to reach customer service. We’ll give you an honest and transparent review of Christian Cafe that will leave very few stones unturned!

ChristianCafe Fast Facts

Site Name


Key Info

Year Founded: 1999
• Best For: Finding Christian singles who want
• Number of Active Members: 44,000
• Visitor Per Week: 20,000
• Gender Ratio: 46% men to 54% women
• Matchmaking Process: Quick Matches are created using location and advanced search filters breaking down by denomination, beliefs, personality preferences, interests, etc.

Membership Cost

Starts at $18.33/month

Sign-Up Time

5-10 minutes

Overall Rating

3.0 out of 5

ChristianCafe.com Homepage Screenshot

Rating ChristianCafe

Why did we come to these ratings for each category? Check out the detailed breakdowns and rationale behind our individual ratings and then our overall rating for ChristianCafe. We did our best to be as objective and as unbiased as possible so you can wholeheartedly trust our take on ChristianCafe.

App Cost 2.5 2.5 Heart Rating

Because ChristianCafe is a niche dating app, the cost is going to be a bit more compared to mainstream dating apps. The general monthly rate is $44.97, but that rate drops to $12.50 if your purchase the longest membership plan: 12 months. It’s not the best pricing out there but it’s far from the most expensive. There are 4 total membership plans that can accommodate any kind of budget so there’s something to be said for that too.

Usability 4.0 4.0 Heart Rating

Because of ChristianCafe’s simplistic design and overall setup, it’s a dating app that is easy to figure out and navigate. By and large, they keep things really simple, and this includes the sign-up process that can be completed in as little as 5 or 10 minutes. We had no trouble whatsoever getting our profile and photos set up, finding where we could adjust our search settings and filters, and finding the right kind of singles. Under “matches,” you can sort your results by topics like username, location, age, and most recently viewed.

Active Members 2.5 2.5 Heart Rating

ChristianCafe is a niche dating app so it’s going to be a lot smaller in scale than a mainstream dating app for Christians like Christian Mingle or eHarmony. There are only 44,000 active members of the app and about 20,000 visits per week. It’s not all that bad for being a smaller app, but it’s still a much smaller market that will leave you with fewer options. The good thing is that you’re guaranteed to meet Christian singles here.

Pros and Cons of Christian Cafe

We want to bring you the most honest, transparent, and accurate Christian Cafe review we can, so we have included a complete list of pros and cons you will experience allow the way! 

  • Members get Quick Matches daily
  • The sign-up process is quick and takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes
  • The limited 10-day “free trial” cuts down on inactive or dead profiles and accounts
  • User-friendly and simple platform to use
  • Members can send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search filters create matches using personal preferences, interests, and beliefs
  • Good dating site for finding Christian singles who want serious relationships
  • A smaller user base of around 44,000 active members and 20,000 weekly visits
  • Bland user interface that looks like it hasn’t been updated in years
  • The “free trial” only limits newcomers’ use to 10 days
  • Scammer and fake accounts make their way onto the site from time to time
  • Customer service consists of a limited FAQ section
  • The price of membership gets more expensive per month with the shorter plans
  • The “free trial” allows for no messaging with other members or users whatsoever

ChristianCafe Cost

Four membership plans are available at Christian Cafe, but they all offer the same features and functions. The only difference is in price due to the lengths of the memberships.

Speaking of price, the price per month for each plan is going to be lower the longer the membership plan you choose! If you can afford a more extended subscription, we encourage you to go for one because you will ultimately save on your monthly cost!

Plans and Prices

Total Cost: $44.97
1-Month Membership
$4497 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $69.97
3-Month Membership
$2333 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $109.97
6-Month Membership
$1833 Monthly Select Plan

While it would be nice if Christian Cafe offered payment plans so customers could pay for their memberships over time, no such thing exists at the site. All memberships must be paid for in full and upfront before you can begin enjoying their services.

Please Note: There are two more membership plans, a 2-Week plan for $34.97 and a one-year plan for $12.50 per month, for a total cost of $149.97.


Each membership plan is set to auto-renew. Once the subscription has come to its end, it will renew, meaning that the customer will get the same plan and continue to enjoy the services, but they will also be automatically billed.
If you don’t want your membership to auto-renew, you can contact customer service to address this or turn off the feature in your account settings. Just remember that it needs to be done one week from the date when the membership is set to expire.

What Features Come with a Membership?

  • Unlimited messaging with other members
  • Post more than 3 photos
  • Get read-notification receipts
  • Gift memberships to “free trial” users
  • Send “winks” to other members
  • Send emails to other members
  • Exchange contact information with other members

The “Free Trial”

The “free trial” offer at ChristianCafe.com is different from any other that we have reviewed. Unlike most “free trials,” where you can enjoy a portion of the site’s features indefinitely, there is a time limit on this “free trial.”

  • Create Your own profile and browse profiles
  • Add favorites to your Favorites List
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Post up to 3 photos
  • Post and read prayers
  • Access blogs, the site forum, testimonials, and Dating 101 content
  • Run searches and save the criteria for future searches

Newcomers who create a profile automatically get 7 days to use the site in a limited capacity for free! If they upload photos to their profile, they get another 3 days! If they refer anyone to ChristianCafe and that person successfully creates an account and a profile, they can earn 5 days for each successful referral!

Is ChristianCafe Worth It?

Is Christian Cafe a good dating site for finding Christian singles with similar denominational beliefs? Check out the best reasons why Christian Cafe may or may not be worth your time or energy below—we’d say there are a lot more reasons to become a member here because Christian Cafe has a unique approach to Christian dating online that helps you foster community and networks with other believers on the site in a platonic manner. You can find a good friend using this site just as quickly as you can discover a romantic partner or spouse.

Reasons to Join

  • This one is obvious, but Christian Cafe is worth it if you’re a Christian and you want to date other Christians.
  • Christian Cafe is worth it if you want to find a spouse, have meaningful dating experiences, or make a long-term commitment.
  • The signup process is quick—it only takes five to ten minutes!
  • Conduct searches by denomination beliefs, lifestyle choice, appearance, location, and a host of other factors.
  • Use search filters to find your own matches, but get Quick Match suggestions based on past searches and behavioral patterns using the site.
  • The app is available at Google Play and the App Store, allowing you to take Christian Cafe on the go.
  • Use the Christian Cafe forums and chat rooms to engage with groups of believers who want to discuss faith, values, and Christian beliefs.
  • Christian Cafe might be worth it if you seek friendship or companionship with like-minded believers.
  • There aren’t many fake profiles on Christian Cafe to deal with, so the vast majority of your match suggestions are legit.
  • Christian Cafe is good for finding believers in their 30s and early 40s.
  • Use the Prayer Page to encourage and uplift other members you bond with on the site.

Reasons to Keep Looking

  • If you’re not a Christian and have no interest in dating Christians, you should check out another dating site.
  • You won’t find casual dating, flings, or hookups at Christian Cafe.
  • Over 2 million members worldwide, but only 20,000 active members use the site weekly, so you get match suggestions for inactive members.
  • The website has a dated look and doesn’t have the bells and whistles you find with modern dating sites.

ChristianCafe Alternatives

These are great alternatives to ChristianCafe.com if you feel their dating website is not the best fit for you!

Best AlternativesDetailsSite Review

Christian Mingle Logo

Christian Mingle

• User Base: Christian singles
• Monthly Users: 16+ million
• Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
• Paid Subscription: Yes
• Free Trial: Yes (limited)
• Subscription Price: begins at $24.99/month

Christian Mingle Review

eHarmony Logo

• User Base: All singles
• Monthly Users: 66+ million
• Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
• Paid Subscription: Yes
• Free Trial: Yes (limited)
• Subscription Price: begins at $35.90/month

eHarmony Review

ChristianCafe FAQ

We’ve covered a lot of information throughout this review of eHarmony, but we realize that we may not have answered everything. Below we have also put together a list of the most commonly asked questions that we receive from our users, specifically about the eHarmony dating site.

Is Christian Cafe Worth It?

Christian Cafe is worth it for those looking for Christian singles who want serious relationships or long-term commitments like marriage. While you are guaranteed to meet someone who is a Christian using their service, this niche site has a smaller user base compared to mainstream dating websites. This means a smaller dating pool to draw from. Going off that perspective, Christian Cafe might not be worth it for you.

Is Christian Cafe Free?

This is one of the most unique “free trials” we have encountered. Newcomers have only 10 days to take advantage of the “free trial” and the limited features that come with the deal. 7 free days are given just for creating an account at Christian Cafe, while 3 more are earned if at least one photo is uploaded to the new profile. Users can also earn 5 free days for each successful referral they send to this dating site.

What Can I Do with a ChristianCafe.com “Free Trial?”

Those who use the “free trial can send prayers to other members or users, read the dating blog, access the site’s forum, and create a favorites list based on the singles that spark their interest! One of the most significant drawbacks is the inability to send or receive messages from other users or members at ChristianCafe.com. This drawback might give you a good reason to spring for a membership!

Is Christian Cafe Legit?

Our Christian Cafe review did not find anything that would suggest this dating site was illegitimate. The site uses an encrypted connection to ensure all customer information is kept private and confidential. We looked into Christian Cafe’s past, and there have been no reported instances of them misusing or mishandling its customers’ personal or financial information! 

What Is the Cost of a ChristianCafe Membership?

There are four membership plans to choose from. Starting at the bottom, there is a 2-week membership that costs $34.97. Moving up, there is a 1-month membership that costs $44.97. The 3-month membership is the most popular at the site and costs $23.33 per month for a grand total of $69.97. Finishing up, you have the 6-month membership that costs $18.33 per month for a total of $109.97!

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

You can cancel your membership by contacting customer service or going into your profile setting and canceling the auto-renewal features that come with every plan your buy at ChristianCafe.com. Once canceled, you can still enjoy your subscription until it expires. It will not renew itself.

Is This an Honest Review of Christian Cafe?

We did our absolute best to generate a review that was free of bias and completely transparent. We covered an entire list of pros and cons early on in the review to show you that there were things we both liked and disliked about the site. We hope that by presenting both sides, you will find this Christian Cafe review honest and accurate.

What Features Come with a Paid Subscription?

With a paid subscription plan, you can do anything that can be done with a “free trial.” Plus, you can enjoy unlimited messaging with other members of the site, get notifications when your messages have been read, gift memberships to other users, and see who has viewed your profile.

Is the Sign-up Process Time-Consuming?

It should only take around 10 minutes to complete your online profile. It could take 15 minutes if you want to put some quality work into developing and fleshing things out.

Is It Better to Go with a Shorter or Longer Membership? 

We recommend going with the 3-month or 6-month membership plan if you can afford them. The monthly cost rate gets lower the longer your plan is! While you will ultimately pay more, you can get a reduced rate for your membership each month. It is much better than doing a 1-month plan and having to renew it several times. Capture the savings while you can because you never know how long you might need your membership!

Are There Fake Profiles or Scammers at ChristianCafe?

There’s definitely the possibility of scammers making their way onto the dating site, but this is curbed to an extent with the limited 10-day “free trial.” If a scammer wanted to get onto Christian Cafe, they would have to pay for a membership. Or, if they didn’t want to pay, they could use the site “for free” for only 10 days without the ability to send messages. 

What Is Christian Cafe’s Dating Pool Like?

Because Christian Cafe is a niche dating site, it will naturally have fewer members than a mainstream dating site. There are about 44,000 active members, and the place gets around 20,000 visitors weekly! You’ll be much more limited with the number of singles you find at ChristianCafe.com. Still, there is a high likelihood that you will meet someone who sees eye-to-eye when it comes to matters of faith. 

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