ChinaLoveCupid Review

ChinaLoveCupid is the perfect online dating platform for people looking to find true love! With free memberships that allow you to communicate with others or paid memberships that offer invaluable tools like automatic translation, this platform has everything you need to find the love you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re a single Chinese or looking to form a romantic relationship with one, ChinaLoveCupid offers the tools and features you need to reach your romantic goals.

Signing up for ChinaLoveCupid is an easy process that can take as little as five minutes. Getting started with a free membership is an easy decision to make! Let’s take a closer look at what ChinaLoveCupid has to offer its users – from attentive customer service representatives to a matchmaking process that sets you up for romantic success! Once you see the wealth of high-quality singles waiting to meet you, you’ll know you’re on the right dating platform.

ChinaLoveCupid Fast Facts

Let’s look at the basic facts that make ChinaLoveCupid the high-quality caliber of online dating platform you’ve been searching for! This table will cover every key aspect you should know about the platform from the start.

Site Name

Key Info

Year Founded: 2004
Best For: Chinese singles looking for true love or singles looking to find their perfect match with a Chinese single
Number of Active Members: 1.5+ Million
Weekly Visitors:  400,000
Gender Ratio: 53% men to 47% women
Matchmaking Process: Personality questionnaire

Membership Cost

Starts at $10.00/month

Sign-Up Time

5 minutes or less

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5

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ChinaLoveCupid Homepage

Rating ChinaLoveCupid

ChinaLoveCupid gets a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars from us. We came to this rating after testing the site for a few weeks as a free member and then upgrading to the premium plan to see what the membership features were like. We have mostly good things to say about ChinaLoveCUpid and its approach to finding love online with Chinese men and women. 

Here’s how we rated the main criteria categories—we pulled the average to reach our final score of 4.5 out of 5 stars!

App Cost 4.5 4.5 Heart Rating

While many of the Cupid Media dating sites come with three membership tiers, for some reason, ChinaLoveCupid only has two tiers, which is nice to see because the premium features that might have fallen into the Diamond Tier level are now in the Platinum Tier and come at a better price. Becoming a premium member of ChinaLoveCupid does put a massive dent in your wallet or purse—the plans range from $10.00-29.98 per month for Gold plans and $12.50-34.99 per month for the Platinum plans.

Usability 5.0 5.0 Heart Rating

Like all Cupid Media dating sites, ChinaLoveCupid has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to find where things are located and how to operate the main functions of the platform. Begin your search under “Advanced Search” and then view your top matches under “My Matches.” You can set up a new account and profile in less than ten minutes. The site’s overall functionality is top-notch—ChinaLoveCupid works relatively free of glitches, errors, or lagging.

Active Users 4.5 4.5 Heart Rating

Suppose you look solely at the number of registered accounts at ChinaLoveCupid. There are over 1.5 million members in that case, but this number gets chopped down to 400,000 when you examine the members who use the site every week. Because ChinaLoveCupid caters to dating and relationships with Chinese singles, it’s a niche dating site, so 400,000 regular members are a realistic number of users. However, this can lead to limited match suggestions. You might succeed better using a mainstream dating site and filtering your search by race, nationality, or ethnicity.

ChinaLoveCupid Pros and Cons

When considering whether ChinaLoveCupid is the right online dating platform for you, there are some benefits and downsides you’ll be likely to consider. Let’s go through each of these categories to help you through the decision-making process as efficiently as possible. That way, if you decide you’re ready to start looking for love, you’ll be able to take five minutes and sign up for the platform today!

  • ChinaLoveCupid offers a vast array of Chinese singles looking for serious, committed, and long-lasting relationships. The users on this site or app are looking for true love!
  • If you’re a Chinese single or attracted to Chinese singles and want to find your perfect match, this is one of the best online dating platforms in the industry for you to use.
  • Premium members can take advantage of invaluable features like the automatic translation tool and video messaging capabilities to reach their romantic goals.
  • ChinaLoveCupid has an excellent track record of helping its user base find long-lasting and mutually beneficial love!
  • If you’re not looking for your perfect match but want something more casual, there are better online dating platforms for you than ChinaLoveCupid. You’ll find other singles looking for the same type of relationship as you on other sites and apps.
  • Also, if you’re not interested in dating Chinese singles, you’ll have a difficult time on this platform. There are a copious amount of Chinese singles in the user base of ChinaLoveCupid. If you’re attracted to a different demographic, check out one of the other online dating sites in the Cupid family.

ChinaLoveCupid Cost

ChinaLoveCupid offers two types of premium memberships: Gold and Platinum. Let’s look at each of these plans and what they have to provide paying users of ChinaLoveCupid!

Membership Plans

Depending on your budget, you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to paying for a premium membership on ChinaLoveCupid. You can choose from a Gold or Platinum membership and three different subscription durations for each level.

PackageLengthPrice Per MonthTotal Cost

Premium Gold

1 month



Premium Gold

3 months



Premium Gold

12 months



Premium Platinum

1 month



Premium Platinum

3 months



Premium Platinum

12 months



Payment Methods and Security

Your financial information is safe and secure when you trust ChinaLoveCupid by signing up for a premium membership using any of the following ways of payment:

  • All major credit and debit cards 
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

What Features Come with a Membership?

There are numerous benefits to upgrading to a paid membership! With gold and platinum options, users can choose which plan and price suits their needs best. Once they’ve gotten used to a free membership and how easy the platform is to navigate, users can upgrade to a paid membership to access the wealth of practical features ChinaLoveCupid offers.

  • Communicating Effectively – Paying members can message free users on the platform instead of being limited to messaging premium members only. They can utilize the automatic translation tool to effectively communicate with singles who speak a different language, connecting Chinese singles with more eligible matches. Additionally, video messaging capabilities are available to paying users so singles can take their newfound relationships to the next level!
  • Advanced Search Options – While free users can use a primary search feature, premium members can utilize advanced functions. One of these features is “Tags of Cupid,” where users can search for singles who share similar interests, which can help build the foundation for a long-lasting relationship with a compatible match! The advanced search options help singles narrow their romantic prospects while browsing, increasing their chances of finding someone they’re truly compatible with.
  • “VIP” Status – Premium members have highlighted profiles with “VIP” status. That way, everyone on the platform can see that they’re a paying member! This shows other users that the VIP user is dedicated to finding the love of their life on ChinaLoveCupid, making them a more attractive match overall. Having this “VIP” highlight can increase your confidence when looking for love on ChinaLoveCupid.

ChinaLoveCupid Free Trial

ChinaLoveCupid offers its users a free membership option where they can access many features. Users can start connecting with other singles by messaging premium members, creating their profiles, and more! Let’s look at the specific actions free users can take to make the most out of their membership.

Creating a Profile

Free members can sign up for ChinaLoveCupid and create their profile. The entire sign-up process only takes about five minutes – or less! Free users can present themselves in the best possible way so that romantic prospects can find and connect with them using this platform.

Browsing and Searching

Immediately after signing up for ChinaLoveCupid, users can view singles! They can conduct a basic search and find eligible singles to connect with. Free users can browse through profiles and profile pictures of real people who are verified users on the platform. Free users are also able to see who’s interested in their profile!


Free users can message premium members on ChinaLoveCupid. If they’re reaching out to a paying member, free users can communicate their interest in the form of a text message! While every messaging capability isn’t available to users with free memberships, they’re still able to communicate with paying members on the platform.

Limitations of Free Membership

Free users can connect with paying members on the site, but their abilities are limited. For example, the automatic translation tool and video messaging features aren’t available to free users. Paying members also have advanced search features they can take advantage of, as well as unlimited messaging capacities that allow them to pursue a growing relationship continuously.

Is ChinaLoveCupid Worth It?

If ChinaLoveCupid is your dating site, check out the best reasons to join or not join. Use this section as a guide to making your ultimate decision. Remember, you can always give the free membership a whirl to see firsthand if ChinaLoveCupid will be a good fit for your online dating goals.

Reasons to Join

  • ChinaLoveCupid is excellent for finding dating or relationships with Chinese men or women. 
  • Most members are interested in finding meaningful relationships or long-term commitments, so ChinaLoveCupid is worth joining if this is your goal. 
  • The gender ratio is 53% men to 47% women, so both sexes have good odds of finding a wide range of quality match suggestions. 
  • It only takes ten minutes or less to become a new member and get plugged in at ChinaLoveCupid. 
  • International dating opportunities can be found here, as well as interracial dating since you don’t have to be Chinese to join the site.  
  • Use advanced search filters and eligibility scores to find your perfect match that aligns with your dating preferences and criteria outside outward appearance. 
  • Contact singles overseas and never let a language barrier get in the way of instant message translation.

Reasons to Keep Looking

  • You’re not interested in dating Chinese singles. 
  • International dating or interracial dating is something that doesn’t appeal to you. 
  • You’re looking for a dating pool of over 400,000—match possibilities are limited at ChinaLoveCupid. 
  • You have to pay additional money to get the best placement in the searches, access instant message translation, enhanced search terms and customer support, and profile highlights. 
  • You’re interested in fling, short-term romance, or casual dating scenarios. Most people using ChinaLoveCupid are interested in serious relationships/dating.

As a niche platform, ChinaLoveCupid has a respectable user base, so there are many more reasons to start a premium membership than looking into other dating sites. At least with ChinaLoveCupid, you’re guaranteed to find Chinese men and women in your searches, compared to mainstream sites where you’d have to filter your search by nationality, race, or ethnicity.

ChinaLoveCupid Alternatives

Other similar online dating platforms better suit your individual needs if you don’t think that ChinaLoveCupid is the perfect online dating platform for you. Check out some of these niche-specific alternatives and competitors to see if they’re the right choice for you to trust with your romantic ambitions!

Niche-Specific Alternatives

EME Hive Homepage Screenshot

EME Hive is also a niche-specific alternative that focuses on connecting Asian singles – especially those in New York City.

⬆️ Click the image to sign up today!

Blossoms Dating Homepage

Cherry Blossoms, or “Blossoms,” has been in business since 1970, connecting Asian singles with others with various relationship types.

⬆️ Click the image to sign up today!

General Dating Site Alternatives

Elite Singles Logo
  • Best for: Highly educated and successful singles
  • Active Users: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Free Trial: Yes (limited)
  • Pricing: Begins at $27.95 per month
  • Matchmaking: Five Factor Model theory of personality traits
  • More Info: Elite Singles Review

⬅️ Click the logo to sign up today!

eharmony logo
  • Best for: Find singles who desire serious relationships and profound connections
  • Active Users: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Free Trial: Yes (limited)
  • Pricing: Begins at $35.90 per month
  • Matchmaking: 32 Dimensions of Compatibility
  • More Info: eHarmony Review

⬅️ Click the logo to sign up today!

zoosk square logo
  • Best for: All singles – Flirting, finding love, and getting dates
  • Active Users: 40 million
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men to 53% women
  • Free Trial: Yes (limited)
  • Pricing: Begins at $10.00 per month
  • Matchmaking: Personal dating preferences and Carousel results
  • More Info: Zoosk Review

⬅️ Click the logo to sign up today!

ChinaLoveCupid FAQ

Let’s look at some of the most asked questions regarding ChinaLoveCupid! If you still have lingering questions about this online dating platform, you’re likely to find the answers here.

How Is ChinaLoveCupid’s Customer Service?

ChinaLoveCupid offers its users exceptional customer service. You can contact them in a variety of ways, including mail, instant chat, email, and phone. You can contact them from Monday to Friday over the phone. The highly qualified staff is attentive and able to help you out with any obstacles you may face while finding love on ChinaLoveCupid.

Is ChinaLoveCupid Easy to Navigate?

ChinaLoveCupid is exceptionally simple to navigate! The platform offers straightforward directives that are easy to decipher. If you can navigate your email or an online search engine, you shouldn’t have trouble navigating ChinaLoveCupid. Both the app and website offer an easy-to-use layout. You can focus on finding your perfect match instead of wasting time on a complex platform when you choose to use ChinaLoveCupid!

Who’s ChinaLoveCupid Best For?

ChinaLoveCupid is the best online dating platform for users seeking long-term relationships. If you’re a Chinese single or attracted to Chinese singles, you’ll find them on ChinaLoveCupid. If you’re open to a long-distance relationship, this app will be able to fulfill your needs. ChinaLoveCupid specializes in helping singles find their soulmates.

What if You’re Attracted to a Different Demographic?

Suppose you’re looking for your soulmate but aren’t primarily attracted to Chinese singles. In that case, there’s a better online dating platform that you could use to find romantic options tailored to your specific tastes. If you’re impressed by the features and offerings of ChinaLoveCupid, consider another niche dating app in the Cupid family. We strongly encourage anyone looking for true love to check out the Cupid niche apps that cover different demographics!

Is It Free to Sign Up for ChinaLoveCupid?

Not only is it completely free to sign up for ChinaLoveCupid, but it’s also free to maintain a membership on the platform! You can navigate and connect with singles with a free membership. While you won’t have access to unlimited messaging and the vast array of valuable advanced features ChinaLoveCupid has to offer, you’ll still be able to have a full, free membership on the site. Signing up only takes about five minutes or less, so you have nothing to lose when choosing to log on initially. Within a matter of minutes, you can browse through eligible singles from all over the world.

What’s the Best Feature of ChinaLoveCupid?

Two extremely valuable features come to mind when thinking about the best feature of ChinaLoveCupid! The first is the automatic translation tool. If you want to connect with a high-quality single that speaks either Chinese or English and you speak the other language, you’ll want to use this tool! It’s worth paying for a premium membership to take advantage of this feature so you can communicate effectively with singles who may be your perfect match.

The second-best feature of ChinaLoveCupid is the eligibility score. When browsing through profiles, you can see a numerical percentage of how compatible you are with each person. That way, you can make informed decisions about who to contact and who may not be the best match for you to pursue. This gives you an advantage when looking for your soulmate on ChinaLoveCupid.

Can People Find True Love in ChinaLoveCupid?

Yes! If you’re a Chinese single or attracted to Chinese singles and looking for a significant relationship to last the rest of your life, ChinaLoveCupid is the best online dating platform for you to use! Thousands of users have found romantic success on ChinaLoveCupid. With a simple internet search, an overwhelming number of success stories can be seen. Some of the best testimonials can be found on ChinaLoveCupid’s home page.

What’s Better to Use for ChinaLoveCupid – The App or the Website?

Both the app and the website of ChinaLoveCupid are exceptionally easy to use! This platform offers both options so users can access their matches on various devices. With a simple design, users can enjoy a straightforward approach to online dating. No matter how you’re looking to find love, ChinaLoveCupid has you covered.

Is Everyone in ChinaLoveCupid Chinese?

Unlike some niche Asian dating apps, ChinaLoveCupid isn’t exclusively for Chinese singles. It caters to Chinese singles and singles interested in dating them. It’s wider than just location, too. While plenty of users are located in China and Hong Kong, a copious number of users are located in the United States. This opens doors for long-distance relationships to form, even if they’re international in nature. If you’re looking to connect with the most compatible match despite location, ChinaLoveCupid has plenty of eligible singles to offer you. Many successful relationships found on ChinaLoveCupid started as long-distance or international relationships and became in-person relationships when the time was right.

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up for ChinaLoveCupid?

If you’re looking for an efficient online dating platform to provide you with singles to view in five minutes, ChinaLoveCupid is an excellent option. When you’re signing up for ChinaLoveCupid, you won’t need to spend a significant amount of time doing so. You can rely on the straightforward process to take you through 3 simple sign-up steps in five minutes or less. Sign up for your free membership in five minutes and start looking for singles before you know it! You can find the love you’ve been seeking by starting your search today.

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