2024 CatholicMatch Review

Are you a single Catholic looking to find your true love or a serious relationship with someone who shares your views on matters of faith? You need to check out our CatholicMatch review!  

Many CatholicMatch online dating reviews will leave you feeling like you want more. They might include information on free trials and membership plans, a quick rundown of the features, and some calls to action to sign up for a new account. 

Our CatholicMatch.com reviews will include everything we just mentioned, but we will show you how to create a new account, a complete step-by-step instructional guide!  

We’re going to do you one better! We’ll go through the site menu by menu and tab by tab showing you exactly where everything is located and how it works at Catholic Match! You will know this site in and out by the time you’re done!

CatholicMatch Homepage Screenshot

About CatholicMatch

Before diving into our CatholicMatch.com review, we want to list some essential facts anyone should know about CatholicMatch before committing. 

CatholicMatch Fast Facts

Key FactsDetails

Site Name


Key Info

  • Year Founded: 1999
  • Best For: Finding Catholic singles who want serious relationships or long-term commitments
  • Number of Active Members: 1.5 million
  • Weekly Visitors: 500,000
  • Gender Ratio: 50% men to 50% women
  • Matchmaking Process: Personal preferences, religious background, beliefs, and geographic location

Free Trial Offer

Begin Your CatholicMatch Free Trial Here!

Sign Up Time

15-20 minutes

Rating CatholicMatch.com

Let’s look at how we rated CatholicMatch.com as an online dating site for Catholic singles. We used five major categories as the basis for our criteria. We assigned a score for each and averaged them to arrive at our overall rating for the CatholicMatch site!

We’re going to take a closer look at why we assigned these scores to each of these categories. Overall, we really liked CatholicMatch and would highly recommend it to those who have Catholic faith and want to develop serious relationships with singles of similar beliefs. It’s not a perfect dating website, but it definitely has a lot of strong things going in its favor.

Overall Rating (3.7/5)

For being a niche religious dating app, CatholicMatch actually caters to a decent sized user base and has some modern features that keep right up with dating app giants like Tinder or Bumble. While CatholicMatch is strong in its unique features, its pricing (beginning at $9.99 per month), and the size of its customer base, it’s a bit weaker when it comes to serving rural customers. Despite some of the drawbacks, this is an excellent, engaging dating app if you’re a single Catholic looking for a strong, serious relationship.

Cost (4.0/5)

When it comes to the price of a premium membership plan, CatholicMatch offers some really affordable pricing compared to other dating apps. The pricing begins as low as $9.99 per month and tops out at $29.99 per month. There are also three membership plans that customers can choose from: 1-month, 3 months, and 6 months. CatholicMatch offers so good flexibility here which makes this one of the stronger aspects of this niche dating app.

Features (3.5/5)

There are some really unique features found of the CatholicMatch dating app. not only do you get all the basic features like unlimited messaging, daily matches courtesy of the app, and the ability to see who has liked or viewed your profile and photos, but there are also the community chatroom and app forum where members can engage with one another on matter of faith and beliefs. The Photo Wall might be the most unique feature of all and extends to members the opportunity to search for singles based on unique search terms like recent birthdays or recently uploaded photos.

Usability (4.0/5)

The CatholicMatch app is fairly easy to navigate. It’s really easy to access your personal search settings and adjust them as needed. CatholicMatch has its own version of swipe-style dating which allows members to find and save their favorite singles with the greatest ease. The Photo Wall is a simple and straightforward way of viewing what kind of singles are using the app. All around, everything is self-explanatory when it comes to navigating the app, the intuitive design being great for those just getting their feet wet.

Quality Matches (3.5/5)

CatholicMatch is diligent with setting up its members with some good daily match suggestions. But members also have the ability to search for singles on the app using the Photo Wall and adjusting their search settings based along lines of age, appearance, distance, and even beliefs surrounding the Catholic faith. From a daily matches perspective and from an independent search perspective, CatholicMatch comes in strong when it comes to quality matches.

Active Users (3.0/5)

CatholicMatch gets about 500,000 visitors each week and caters to an overall user base of around 1.5 million. While there are definitely more active members than you’d find at a typical niche dating app, many of these dedicated users like in more urban settings using this app might be a challenge for those who live out in the country or in rural areas. There are plenty of involved users, but you do have to be in the right environment to make the app and its services advantageous.

Pros and Cons of Catholic Match

One of our big goals in presenting this CatholicMatch review is to provide you with the best and most accurate information about this dating site found online! And an unbiased one at that!  

These are the top pros and cons that we discovered along the way:


Long-standing name in the online dating market (since 2000)

The sign-up process can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes

Good dating site for finding Catholic singles who want serious relationships

Not a great dating site for those living in rural areas away from major cities

In-depth personality testing that covers matters of faith and personal preferences

The sign-up process can take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete from start to end

CatholicMatch has a community chatroom and forum for personal support

The “free trial” won’t let you send messages to other members or “free trial” users

The photo wall contains the latest uploaded user photos

Customers have reported that it is difficult to get a refund for a membership

CatholicMatch provides its members with a set of daily matches

CatholicMatch is not a great dating site for those who are not Catholic by faith

Members can enjoy sending unlimited messages and icebreaker questions

The smaller user base of 1.5 million leads to a small dating pool of candidates

Attentive customer service via phone or email

Each membership comes with an auto-renewal plan

The “Free Trial”

We have put the term “free trial” in quotes here because what Catholic Match offers is not a way to use their site’s full range of functions free of charge. Sure, you can use the site for free, but it is going to be in a limited fashion.

One of the most significant factors missing from the “free trial” is the ability to communicate with other members.

Although the “free trial” is an excellent way to test out Catholic Match without putting any money down, it will not offer you all the great features you can experience with a membership. And the “free trial” is no viable substitute for a membership!  

We’ll get into what features and capabilities await you with a “free trial” at CatholicMatch, but we will encourage you to go with a paid membership plan! If you like this dating site and want to use it to find good, quality Catholic singles, your best bet is to pay for a subscription to get the most out of the experience!

CatholicMatch Membership Plans

Only three membership plans are available at CatholicMatch, all containing the same features and benefits as any paid membership. The difference in price lies in each plan’s respective length: 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months.

Total Cost: $29.99
1-Month Membership
$2999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $89.94
6-Month Membership
$1499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $119.88
12-Month Membership
$999 Monthly Select Plan

Important: All membership plans must be paid for in full and in one lump sum before you can begin enjoying its services. There are currently no payment plans available at CatholicMatch.  

Free Services vs. Paid Services

So, what features and functions do I get by using a “free trial?” And which services and benefits are specific to the paid membership plan alone?  
Here is a complete list of the free and paid features you will find at CatholicMatch. We recommend buying a membership plan primarily because they offer unlimited messaging to members without any hindrances! 

Free FeaturesPaid Features

Create your CatholicMatch profile

Send and receive unlimited messages from paying members and “free trial” users

See who has liked your CatholicMatch profile

Get daily matches from CatholicMatch

View and search the profiles of other members or “free trial” members

Search and view the profiles of other CatholicMatch users

Find matches using the photo wall

Discover who has viewed your profile

Upload up to 50 photos to your CatholicMatch profile

Send personalized icebreaker questions to other members

Send icebreaker questions (emotigrams) to other members to start a conversation

A higher level of customer service and support compared to “free trial” members

Take the personality and compatibility tests for free during sign-up

Access to the community chatroom or forum for added support

CatholicMatch Customer Service

If you have any questions or a problem arises using the CatholicMatch dating site, you can reach out to their customer service center. They offer more than the average dating site regarding customer support: a phone (hours may vary), email support, an FAQ page, and a help support ticket option! 


Tool-Free Phone

(800) 960-6057

Snail Mail

PO Box 154 Zelienople, PA 16063

Email Support


CatholicMatch Help Desk

This is the help center available at CatholicMatch. You get to this page by clicking on your profile picture icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A menu pops up on the left where you will see the option for “help.”

CatholicMatch Help Desk Screenshot

FAQ Page

As you can see, the first thing that pops up when visiting the help center is CatholicMatch’s comprehensive FAQ page, an excellent resource for troubleshooting basic problems or issues.

Major categories covered include:

  • Getting Started
  • Forums and Community
  • My Profile
  • Account and Subscription
  • Technical
  • Messaging
  • Searching and Matching
  • Safety

Help Ticket Support

Click on “Create a Help Ticket,” and you will be brought to this screen to submit a request to customer service. Include your email address, a subject line, the topic, and a message, plus any attachments that must be included.  

When you click on “topic,” you can choose between the following options:

  • Account Removal and Recovery
  • Billing
  • Bug Reports and Other Technical Problems
  • Courses, Bundles, and Other CMI
  • Products Forums
  • General Site Questions
  • Guarantees
  • Messages and Likes
  • Other
  • Report Urgent Member/Content Issues
  • Searching/Matching
  • Signing In
  • Update Account and Profile Information

Community Help

Going back to the main page of the help center, you can click on “ask other members,” and you will be taken to the page featured above. This community forum and chatroom serve as an arm of the customer support center at CatholicMatch!  

As a “free trial” member, you can access the forum and look at previous or present conversation threads between site members. But you will not be able to begin a thread of your own or comment on existing threads until you have become a full-fledged member of the CatholicMatch dating site!

How to Sign Up at CatholicMatch

If you are interested in creating a “free trial” account or committing to a paid membership at CatholicMatch, we have included a step-by-step guide to make things easier! The entire endeavor will take between 15 and 20 minutes. You’re definitely going to be answering some interesting questions along the way. All in all, it’s an engaging and effortless way to sign up for a dating site!  

Steps From #1 to #8

Step #1: Go to CatholicMatch

CatholicMatch Homepage

Visit www.CatholicMatch.com, and you will go right to the site’s home page. Click on “get started for free” to continue. You must click this button to sign up for a paid membership plan.

Step #2: Email and Password

CatholicMatch Sign Up

Give CatholicMatch your email address and create a password to access your new account. Read and agree to the terms and conditions and hit “continue.”

Step #3: Begin the Questionnaire

CatholicMacth Questionnaire Beginning

The sign-up process begins with some basic questions:

• What is your name?
• What is your date of birth?
• What is your gender?
• What is your location?
• What Diocese are you in?
• What is your marital status?

Step #4: Faith Questions

CatholicMacth Faith Questions

Once the personal questions are finished, you move on to answering questions about your faith:

• How often do you attend mass?
• How much do you practice your faith?
• What liturgical style do you prefer?
• Do you accept the Church’s teachings on the Sanctity of Life?
• Do you accept the Church’s teachings on Premarital Sex?
• Do you accept the Church’s teachings on the Eucharist?
• Do you accept the Church’s teachings on Contraception?

Step #5: Written-Word Response

CatholicMatch Introduce Yourself

The next step allows you to tell other singles more about yourself. There will be a limit to the number of words you can use (minimum of 50 characters and maximum of 500), so here is your chance to be concise and witty in your presentation!

Step #6: Personal Preference Questions

CatholicMatch Personal Preferences

This portion of the sign-up process will have you answering questions about your personal preferences, passions, and interests. CatholicMatch will use this information to gauge your compatibility with the site’s other singles.  

Step #7: Profile Photos

CatholicMatch Add Profile Picture

The next step is adding some photos to your profile. They can be uploaded from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or another mobile device, as well as from your personal Facebook profile!  
Even if you start off as a “free trial” member, you can upload up to 50 photos to your new profile! But all you need to get to the next step of the sign-up process is to upload just 1 picture.

Step #8: Become a Member or Continue for “Free”

CatholicMatch Become a Member

This is the final step. You will be presented with each membership plan and asked if you want to become a member or continue for “free.”  
So, either choose a membership plan that works for you or click on the button saying, “no thanks, I’ll miss out.”

Let’s discuss getting around the Catholic Match website and your personal profile page. Consider this the road map to finding the right Catholic singles you have been looking for!  

We’ll begin with the first thing you will see once you have finished signing up for your new account:

Photo Wall (Upper Half)

CatholicMatch Upper Half of Photo Wall

The first thing you will see is all the newest members of CatholicMatch. Below this, you will find a rundown of the singles you browse on your first search of the site (almost like a search history of the profiles you have viewed).  

The portion at the bottom is the members who have viewed your profile. You can see these singles if you are a paying member of CatholicMatch. They will be blurred out if you are a “free trial” member until you pay for a membership!

Photo Wall (Lower Half)

CatholicMatch Lower Half of Photo Wall

The lower half of the photo wall will show you any birthdays that are coming up or have just happened. Below are the newest photos that any member or “free trial” user has recently uploaded. This section will change with each new login.

Swipe Style Dating

Yes, CatholicMatch offers its own form of swipe-style dating a la Tinder, which comes in the form of using the photo wall! Begin by clicking on any one of the singles featured!

As you can see, there are two buttons in the top right-hand corner: “prev” and “next.” These allow you to navigate through all the current singles at CatholicMatch. It’s a slick design!

CatholicMatch Swipe Style

As a “free trial” user, you can view someone’s profile and like it by clicking on the heart symbol right next to their picture. Unfortunately, if you want to use the little speech bubble symbol to send them a message, you need to be a paying member!  

As you can see, the upper part of the profile features all the essential information like location, political views, education level, appearance, and career. Below the profile picture, you can see the small written-word introduction and their opinions regarding the Catholic faith.

CatholicMatch Viewing Profile

The bottom half of the profile will show their likes, personal preferences, interest, and passions. The final section features all the photos they might have uploaded to their profile. You have the potential to scroll through 50 pictures if you want!

Message Tab

Going to the top of the CatholicMatch home page, we will go from left to right across the navigational tabs and show you what is what! 
Click on “messages,” and you will be launched to the page where you can organize and keep track of messages from other singles and those who have liked your profile.  
If you are a “free trial” member, you will not be able to message other singles using the site, so this feature is useless until you choose a paid membership plan!

Search Tab

Click the “search” tab to find singles based on your personal parameters. You can adjust your search filters such as age, distance settings, geographic location, gender, height, marital status, race, or body type.

CatholicMatch Search

You could click on the little envelope icon to save particular searches from any given day if you really liked the mix of singles you saw! There is also an icon with two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down, that can create a new custom search based on specific criteria:  

  • Default
  • Distance
  • Age
  • Recent Activity
  • Newest

Forums Tab

Refer to the customer service section of this CatholicMatch.com review for details on the CatholicMatch forum section.

Remember, you must be a paying member to participate in the CatholicMatch forum! You can still access this section of the site and read previous or current threads to glean some knowledge, but you will be unable to start your own thread or comment on existing threads.

Plus + Tab

By clicking on this last tab, you can access all sorts of helpful articles and blogs about Catholic relationships and the Catholic dating experience! You can read up on some success stories, participate in engaging Catholic trivia matches, and even take advantage of some paid courses to enhance your overall experience! 

Article Categories

  • Success Stories
  • Single Living
  • CatholicMatch News
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Prayer and Spirituality
  • Online Dating Tips
  • Divorce and Annulments
  • Marriage and Wedding Planning


There are a few things worth mentioning about the footer at CatholicMatch. If you want to view their terms of use, mission statement, or privacy policies, this is where you need to go! There is also a link to the customer service center if required.  
You can also visit the CatholicMatch+ page with all its resources by clicking on the footer link. There is even a separate link for CatholicMatch success stories as well!

Clicking on Your Profile Picture Icon

Click on the small circular icon that has your profile picture, and you will be taken to the page featured above. You will be shown your basic information. On this page, you can adjust your email, location, diocese, and phone number.

Edit Profile

CatholicMatch Edit Profile

Click on “edit profile,” and you will be taken to this page where you can continue to flesh out and develop your CatholicMatch profile. You can add more pictures, answer more of the written-response questions, or adjust your information if you made a mistake or if something has changed.

Click on “preview profile” to see the changes made and how your profile currently stands at any given moment!


CatholicMatch Settings

This image speaks for itself in a way. Here, you can fiddle around with your settings and control what other singles see on your profile page. You can increase or decrease visibility according to what you need!  


CatholicMatch Security

Manage your passwords here and enable 2-factor authentication if needed.


This page features a rundown of the three membership plans, what features are included, how long they run for, and the price tag!

Sign Out

The last option on this menu is the “sign out” button. If you are looking to log out, this is where you can make your exit.

Reviews from Real Users

If you want to hear a little about CatholicMatch from people who have actually used it to find dates or true love, we have included some user feedback in our CatholicMatch review! Hear the experience of those who have used the dating site firsthand! 

Please Note: These CatholicMatch dating site reviews are going to vary.

Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few negative reviews online, but that is to be expected. It is not a completely accurate reflection of the site as a whole! Remember, customers are more likely to leave feedback on a dating site when something goes wrong or someone has had a bad experience.  

So take what we share with a grain of salt.

CatholicMatch.com Alternatives

If you have read through our CatholicMatch review and decided that this is not the right online dating site for you, we understand. And this is why we have some great CatholicMatch alternatives ready to go at your convenience! 

Best AlternativesDetailsFree Trial

Christian Mingle Logo

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is the best all-around alternative to CatholicMatch. You can meet great Christian singles, many of whom will be Catholic by faith! Choose from a larger dating pool of 16 million active members!

Christian Mingle Free Trial

eHarmony Logo

Not only will eHarmony provide you with a large dating pool (66 million members total and 16 million active members), but eHarmony will match you up with singles who are compatible with who you are as a person! This includes religious beliefs and convictions!

eHarmony Free Trial

ChristianCafe Logo TableChristian Cafe

This is another smaller, niche Christian dating site. Nonetheless, it’s a great alternative to CatholicMatch. It’s a place where you will definitely find singles who share your faith!

Christian Cafe Free Trial

Christian Connection Logo TableChristian Connection

This is another lesser-known niche Christian dating site that could work as a good CatholicMatch alternative!

Christian Connection Free Trial

CatholicMatch Dating Site FAQ

Still have questions about CatholicMatch? Well we have the answers below. Check out these most commonly asked questions from real users that we receive about CatholicMatch.com.

Is CatholicMatch Worth It?

CatholicMatch might be worth the time and money for certain people and not so much for others. If you are of the Catholic faith and want a strong, serious relationship, CatholicMatch will definitely be worth it! However, if you are not Catholic (or non-religious, for that matter), this site will be a waste for you. If you are interested in casual dating, CatholicMatch might also be a letdown. 

Is Catholic Match Free?

Catholic Match can be used for free to an extent. Their “free trial” only allows users to enjoy a limited range of the site’s main functions and features. For instance, the “free trial” will not allow users to enjoy unlimited messaging with other singles. Those who use Catholic Match for free will also be restricted access to the site’s community forum and chatrooms. Our review of Catholic Match has revealed that their “free trial” is not a viable substitute for a paid membership.

Can I Send Free Messages at CatholicMatch?

Upgrading to a premium membership at CatholicMatch allows you to enjoy unlimited messaging without restrictions. As a “free trial” member, you can send and receive messages to other users and members, but you will be limited by not being able to respond to any messages sent to you by members or “free trial” users.

Is CatholicMatch Legit?

You can trust this CatholicMatch.com to be completely honest and transparent, primarily because we addressed this dating app’s good and bad aspects. If we found something we did not like about the site, we were eager to point it out and offer our feedback on how it could be made better or more user-friendly. But we also gave praise to other areas of the site. We feel that this CatholicMatch online dating review is fair and balanced. Overall, we recommend this dating app to our readers, but it is not perfect!

What Is the Cost of CatholicMatch?

This will depend on the membership plan you choose. There are three, and they all have the same features. The only difference in pricing is due to the memberships plans’ length. There is a 1-month membership that costs a total of $29.99. Then you have the 6-month plan, which costs $89.94 altogether with a monthly breakdown of $14.99 per month. Rounding out the memberships, you have the 12-month plan that costs $119.88 and covers the entire year, with the monthly cost breakdown being $9.99. 

Is There a Way to Cancel My Membership at CatholicMatch?

Yes, but the process of “canceling” is technically just shutting off the auto-renewal feature of your membership. By “canceling” your plan, you will still be able to use your membership to its expiration date. The subscription will not auto-renew itself, and you will be left without a membership at CatholicMatch.

Does CatholicMatch Have an App?

In addition to being a legit dating website for Catholic singles, CatholicMatch also comes with a great mobile app that works on any number of devices, including iOS and Android. The app functions much like the site with very few changes or alterations! Website users can switch over to the mobile app and not really skip a beat!

What Features Comes with a Subscription or Membership Plan?

When you get a paid membership plan going at CatholicMatch, first and foremost, you are going to be able to send unlimited messages to other singles. That is the most significant upside. Paying customers can access the site’s chatroom and forums for additional support and service. You can discover who has viewed your profile daily. CatholicMatch will also set you up with some quality daily matches. 

How Long Will It Take To Set up a New Account?

We went through the entire sign-up process, which takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. This is due mainly to their in-depth personality quizzing and compatibility testing, where most of your sign-up time will take place. One of the ways you can make the process go quicker is by signing up using your Facebook account. A lot of that information will auto-fill, saving you some time. 

What Is the Gender Ratio at Catholic Match?

Catholic Match is one of those few dating sites we have reviewed where the breakdown of men to women is dead even! The official gender ratio at Catholic Match is 50% men to 50% women! You’re not going to get much better than a figure like that!

Am I Safe to Share My Information with CatholicMatch?

CatholicMatch has systems to ensure that any information shared is kept confidential and private. The site uses an encrypted connection. No personal or financial information is sold to third parties or marketing groups. Photos shared with the site will never appear in Google search results. There are no patterns or instances in CatholicMatch’s past where they misused or mishandled customers’ information.

Will I Find a Good Dating Pool at Catholicmatch?

We would officially categorize CatholicMatch as a more niche dating site. They have fewer members than competitor’s Christian dating sites, and we have noticed that anyone who is a rural customer has difficulty finding eligible singles. There are around 1.5 million users, and they get around 500,000 new monthly visits to the site. You are definitely going to find Catholic singles, but the dating pool is not as big as other sites, so there might be some challenges.

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