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At times, finding the right dating app for what you need can be a real struggle. And if you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship that will last the test of time, it can be especially difficult!

We want to make the process of choosing the right dating app a little easier and a little more enjoyable for you. Welcome to our reviews page, where you will find honest and comprehensive dating site reviews of some of the biggest names in the online dating market! Trustworthy online dating site reviews can give you a better idea of what is included with each website and how they can best cater to what you need!

Featured Reviews

While there are a ton of dating sites that we have reviewed for, we do have a top three, and we think they are the pick of the litter! They continue to be the biggest and most popular dating apps that customers flock to for finding serious commitments, long-term relationships, or casual dating.

eharmony logo

Best for Finding Serious Relationships

This is the world-renowned online dating app that uses advanced compatibility testing in order to successfully match up singles for long-term relationships. We cannot give enough praise to eHarmony for the many relationships they have set up over the years!

This is certainly our top recommendation for any singles out there who are looking for true love, a soulmate, or any sort of long-term commitment. With over 10 million visits per month, eHarmony is the top dog in our book!

Zoosk Logo

Best for Casual Relationships

Other Site Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, there are a ton of other online dating site reviews that we have done outside of our big three recommendations. And they run the gamut when it comes to different types of singles, covering a bunch of niche markets like single parents, gamers, Christians, and singles who are over 50 years of age!

These are some of the best online dating and matchmaking services to check out in 2024:

Our Review Process

If you are wondering how we research our reviews of dating sites, here is where we will get into some of the key aspects of our review process. We are also going to reveal the top reasons why our readers tend to trust our recommendations and how they have found great success in taking our advice!

Everything Is Kept Up to Date

There are a lot of online dating site reviews where you are getting different information (features, price points, etc.) from what is seen on the actual dating site. That is not the case with We take extreme pride in keeping all the information in our reviews current. We are also diligent in bringing you any new updates or new products that are currently out on the market.

  • To our first point, we take the time to review all the reviews and content we posted to our site. If there are any changes or new updates to these sites out in the market, we are diligent in updating the information. This is what has won us the trust of our readers time and time again.
  • To our second point, we are on the ball with generating new content on any new dating sites that come out that we feel are worth our readers’ time and money! We might even review a mediocre product and post a review to the site just so our readers are aware of all the possible options out there, be them good, bad, or anywhere in between when it comes to quality.

Objective and Honest Reviews

One of our biggest concerns at is the honesty and objectivity of the content we post. We desire to give you the most honest and transparent take on these dating sites that are possible.

So this means that we cover the good and the bad aspects of every site we review!

Something that we are not about is promoting a dating site to the point where we omit any problems or flaws that might be there. And on the other side of things, there are no dating sites that we completely bash on without also including any features that might have been good or decent. We attempt to be as diplomatic as possible or as critical as possible with any site that we review for you!

Our Ratings Cover the Same Major Categories

There are five main categories that we focus on when putting together reviews of dating sites. These include features, ease of use, match quality, cost, and the number of active users. By focusing on this wide range of aspects, we can put together a review where the dating app is fully flesh-out!

We cover all the features the site has to offer, like messaging, profile highlights, or sending likes. We examine how easy it is to navigate and use the site as a whole. We look at the size of the dating pool available at each site in addition to the quality of the singles that users get in their daily matches. And, of course, we went over all the price points and relaid the affordability of each site to the reader so they could see if it would fit into their budget.

Wrap Up

We are so glad that you chose to learn more about the awesome dating sites that are out there this year! Our hope is that we can help you to find the right dating site for your personal needs and goals.

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