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It’s difficult to meet compatible romantic partners, so many people now use online dating sites. And discovering an ideal partner can be hard enough without worrying about whether you and your possible mate share the same moral and spiritual values.

Many Jewish singles might think they have to limit their search for a Jewish life partner to people they’re familiar with or people they see at synagogue. However, there are a variety of dating sites as well as apps that cater specifically to the Jewish community.

Learn more about our recommended Jewish dating sites by reading our in-depth overview. We analyze multiple factors, including price, suitability to your requirements, and available features, to suggest the best dating site for you. Is it possible that one of these Jewish dating sites could connect you to your soul mate? We think it is!

5 Best Jewish Dating Sites

If you’ve given up on finding your Beshert, keep looking! Maybe you’re tired of your Yenta cousins or Bubbe trying to set you up on dates, or maybe you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your search for love. Don’t worry about what brought you here today–if you’re Jewish and single, you do not need to go through hell to have an enjoyable dating life.

Our best Jewish dating sites guide is full of insightful advice. and we’ll start out by recommending several great Jewish dating sites, and from there, we’ll give you all the tips, tricks, and information that’ll help you find love. By the end, you’ll be prepared to venture out and find love.

The accompanying chart will help you understand why we think these ostensibly popular dating sites are great for connecting with other compatible Jewish singles who share the same faith and, more importantly, will help you get your relatives off your back.

Dating Site Best For Free Trial Logo Jdate

Finding Jewish singles who are looking for serious relationships or long-term commitments

JSwipe Logo JSwipe

Millennial Jewish singles finding love, romance, and friendship

eHarmony Logo eHarmony

Finding Jewish singles who want a serious relationship

Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles

Finding highly educated and successful Jewish singles

CoffeeMeetsBagel Logo CoffeeMeetsBagel

Finding Jewish singles who want a modern approach to dating

You Can Trust Our Recommendations

If you’re looking for a Jewish partner, why should you trust the dating sites we’ve suggested? Is this really the best selection of Jewish dating sites out there? Here are the top five reasons why you ought to follow our guidance and use the online dating sites we suggest.

  • We Use an Unbiased Reviewing Process – When reviewing a dating app, we always offer our frank assessment. We weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a platform equally throughout our evaluation. When it’s warranted, we give praise; when necessary, we’re not afraid to provide criticism.
  • Our Content Is Always Current – When reviewing a dating app, we always offer our frank assessment. We weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a platform equally throughout our evaluation. When it’s warranted, we give praise; when necessary, we’re not afraid to provide criticism.
  • Links to Free Trials – When we suggest an online dating site, we always include a link to its free trial version. We know you’re not going to be instantly convinced by our reasoning, so this allows you to try out the dating site without spending a dime to see whether it works for you. If not, then there is no financial risk.
  • We Use the Dating Sites – We provide our professional dating writers free access to these dating sites so that they can evaluate them from a user’s perspective before writing their reviews, which improves the trustworthiness and accuracy of our reviews.
  • We Won’t Waste Your Time With Obscure Products – In the world of online dating, we only promote the best services and applications. Of course we’ll let you know about any niche dating sites that we think might spark your interest, but we’re primarily interested in informing you about the most modern and successful choices accessible to our readers right now.

Jewish Dating Site Reviews

Now that you know which dating sites we recommend, it’s time to learn why they’re ideal for meeting like-minded Jewish singles and establishing meaningful relationships.

#1: Homepage Screenshot

We strongly recommend Jdate to any Jewish singles out there! Both the benefits and the downsides are substantial, as Jdate has a smaller dating pool than others and not many intriguing features for its members, but it is inexpensive, has an accessible design, and is ultimately credited with happily bringing together around 52% of online Jewish couples in marriage.

Although Jdate has a smaller user base than some of the bigger sites (approximately 240,000 active users), you can be certain that everyone you meet on the dating site shares your religious values since it is specifically designed for Jewish singles. Considering that men make up 53% of the total and women makeup 47%, it’s safe to assume that people of both sexes have a great chance of finding a lifetime companion who shares their values and beliefs. In addition, the site has over 180,000 monthly unique visitors, which is a lot of traffic for a dating site with such a narrow focus.

Fast Facts

  • Matchmaking Process: Simplified personality and compatibility testing is the basis for the daily matches Jdate provides its members
  • Active Users: 240,000+
  • Gender Ratio: 53% men to 47% women
  • Swipe-Style Dating: No
  • Membership Price: begins at $29.99/month
  • Sign-Up Time: 5 minutes

#2: JSwipe

JSwipe Homepage Screenshot

JSwipe is an international Jewish dating site that helps Jewish singles find love and meaningful relationships. Getting started with JSwipe couldn’t be easier, and it’s free! You just need a Facebook account to join in the dating action. You can sign up in minutes, and there are no exams or quizzes to worry about. When you initially join up for the application, you’ll be asked to upload four profile photographs. As soon as you’ve done so, you can begin enjoying JSwipe’s free services, or you can upgrade to a premium account and have access to even more cutting-edge features.

With any membership level, you can do as many swipes as you want, and members can send and receive messages with their compatible matches. Everyone can look at anyone else’s profile and like the pictures and details that they find interesting. One “Super Swipe” each day is available to standard users, whereas five “Super Swipes” and one “Super Note” are available to premium customers. Premium members may easily explore profiles from a certain country using the swipe function, and they always know when their messages have been viewed.

Fast Facts

  • Matchmaking Process: A location-based dating app that matches data and dating preferences to find potential matches
  • Active Users: 570,000
  • Gender Ratio: 46% men to 54% women
  • Swipe-Style Dating: Yes
  • Membership Price: begins at $9.99/month
  • Sign-Up Time: 5 minutes

#3: eHarmony Homepage Screenshot

When it comes to finding a lifetime partner, eHarmony is often considered the greatest choice. It’s much more than just a dating site, thanks to its cutting-edge compatibility-checking technology. The current model is the result of years of research into the factors that foster flourishing partnerships.

According to our findings, eHarmony is among the most pricey matchmaking services despite having the most users, but it’s also one of the most popular international dating platforms, with members from many different countries. It’s one of the easiest to use in a variety of respects, and users won’t have to spend time browsing through thousands of profiles to find someone compatible with you because of its advanced matching technology.

Key Information​

  • Matchmaking Process: 32 Dimensions of Compatibility
  • Active Users: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Swipe-Style Dating: Yes (What If)
  • Membership Price: begins at $35.90/month
  • Sign-Up Time: 30-45 minutes

#4: Elite Singles

Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

This elite dating site markets itself as a “premium” service for “smart, successful singles” who “want to find someone who ticks all of their boxes.”

Elite Singles is committed to helping its well-educated and financially stable members find meaningful, long-term relationships. Their Five-Factor Model of Compatibility Testing is used to pair Jewish singles based on criteria including communication preferences and relationship goals. When it comes to finding a partner who shares their dedication to Jewish tradition and values, Jewish singles can count on Elite Singles to do the legwork.

Key Information​

  • Matchmaking Process: Five-Factor Model
  • Active Users: 10+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Swipe-Style Dating: No
  • Membership Price: begins at $34.99/month
  • Sign-Up Time: 25-30 minutes

#5: CoffeeMeetsBagel

CoffeeMeetsBagel Homepage Screenshot

Coffee Meets Bagel, launched in 2012 by three sisters, is unique among dating sites since it prioritizes long-term commitment above casual flings. The women became household names after selling their mobile app idea to Mark Cuban on the ABC reality program Shark Tank.

Despite declining Cuban’s offer of funding, CMB’s Soo Kang, Dawoon Kang, and Arum Kang were able to harness the publicity around Cuban’s arrival into actual enthusiasm for their new dating platform, and their app has been successful ever since. The founders of Coffee Meets Bagel saw a problem: established online dating sites had a poor track record of keeping women as customers.

The industry has been dubbed a “sausage-fest” because of the industry’s 65% male to 35% female gender ratio of users, according to Dawoon Kang in an interview with Forbes. When you compare the activity levels of men and women on dating sites, you will find that men are often twice as active as women.

Key Information​

  • Matchmaking Process: A sophisticated algorithm selects a small selection of the most promising potential matches
  • Active Users: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 40% men to 60% women
  • Swipe-Style Dating: No
  • Membership Price: begins at $19.95/month
  • Sign-Up Time: 5 minutes

Users of CoffeeMeetsBagel get a certain number of personalized matches each day. Women only receive six “Bagels,” but males may get up to 21. Matches are released daily at 12:00. Both men and women choose potential partners from a pool of six individuals, and Coffee Meets Bagel is not a hookup site. Seventy percent of users are looking for a deep connection, and 11 percent want to settle down and get married.

What Makes These the Best Jewish Dating Sites?

You may be wondering how we settled on these five dating sites as the top picks for Jewish singles. Since we’re contrasting five different dating websites, we looked for the most important features each has in common. Here are the reasons why Jewish singles should try out these online dating sites!

The Newest Features

One of the best ways to connect individuals with shared interests who may not otherwise meet is via one of the numerous available dating sites online. They have the means to choose partners who are a good fit emotionally and intellectually. Since the system has confirmed the identities of the authentic and high-quality singles on these sites, you can trust that they are who they claim they are.

Big Dating Pools

Many Jews are represented among the millions of users we promote and the dating pools we draw from for our mainstream recommendations. In contrast, there are Jewish-specific dating sites out there for those who are interested, but most Jewish individuals might have more luck utilizing a mainstream dating site than they would with a niche one.

Affordable Member Pricing

The more sophisticated features that might streamline the dating process aren’t often available in the free versions of these websites. Before committing to a dating site, consider how much you have available to spend each month.

Solid Matchmaking

We found that every Jewish dating site we reviewed used elaborate personality tests and matching algorithms to help singles find love.

You might uncover dating sites that do more than just introduce you to people who could be interested in dating you. Accessibility to a qualified matchmaker who can help you find appropriate mates, an online dating concierge who can help you arrange dates, and invitations to members-only events are just a few of the rewards of using a dating app. However, the addition of these extras can drive up the final price.

Easy-to-Use Platform

By joining up for a free trial, Jewish singles can discover how intuitive some of the most popular dating sites really are. Even though the free trial limits your access to more intricate features, it’s a great way to try out the sites and see if you like them. It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up for one of these applications, and altering the search settings is simple.

While the great majority of applications and websites are simple to use, some are noticeably more basic than others. There are certain apps and sites that get straight to the point, while others have more involved sign-up processes before you can start looking for a companion.

Best Niche Jewish Dating Sites

There’s a lot for you, a single Jewish person, to get out of by giving online dating a try. There’s no denying that the proliferation of dating websites over the last few years has made it easier to find love partners outside of your own social circle. Popular dating sites with bigger member pools are great if you’re already well-established in the dating scene or coming back after a sabbatical, but they might be intimidating for those who are just getting started or thinking about making a return.

We compared the cost of membership, the simplicity of initiating a conversation with a potential match, the accuracy of the app’s matching algorithms, and the time required to sign up for five Jewish-specific dating sites.

Here are some of the best and most interesting niche Jewish dating sites we could find!

RankConservative Dating SiteFree Trial



Begin a Free Trial!



Begin a Free Trial!


J People Meet

Begin a Free Trial!

Sign up for a free trial at one of these specialized sites right now to see whether it’s a good fit for you to meet compatible individuals. You should know that the membership pool will likely be smaller, and the price may be higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we put in a lot of time and effort to make sure the reviews are complete, there is always a chance that we overlooked something. If you have any further questions concerning the top Jewish dating sites, please check out the frequently asked questions down below!

Is It Worth It to Use a Jewish Dating Site?

Using a Jewish dating site boosts your chances of meeting someone you’d be interested in dating significantly, but it does not guarantee you’ll discover your soul mate. All the sites we’ve researched so far have been successful in connecting Jewish individuals searching for long-term commitments, casual encounters, and friendships.

Can I Use Jewish Dating Sites if I’m Not Jewish?

No, but for a relationship to be considered “Jewish dating,” at least one of the parties involved must be Jewish; otherwise, it is just ordinary dating!

How Do I Choose the Best Jewish Dating Site?

Currently, there is an abundance of different adult dating sites for people to pick from. You ought to take full advantage of a free trial if you’re curious about them before committing to a substantial membership price, and you should read reviews and chat with other single friends before making a decision. Although we always recommend our readers upgrade to a premium membership to get the most out of a dating site in their search for love, frequent users of dating sites can get by just fine with the free messaging features provided by some of these platforms.

How Does Jdate Match Singles?

On Jdate, Jewish single men and women can set up profiles and browse for possible matches based on shared interests and the search parameters they set.

Are the Best Jewish Dating Sites Safe?

It’s undeniable that online dating and relationship building is a safe choices, but be aware of romance scams and fake accounts and be careful about how much personal information you provide and where you meet in person.

Warning signs for a dishonest match include no photos, a false name, and requests for favors or money. However, it is still wise to do some research about a potential partner before meeting in person.

If you get a terrible vibe from someone on an online dating site or in a chat, you can always hit the clock button or file a complaint to the dating site!

Does Jewish Dating Allow Physical Contact?

The typical answer to the query is “no,” since having sexual relations before marriage is prohibited in the Torah. However, this is mainly relevant to traditional Jewish individuals like Hasidic or stringent Orthodox adherents, who are unlikely to use dating sites to find a life mate. It’s up to the individual and their own set of values.

Are the Best Jewish Dating Sites Free?

There are a number of dating sites that allow you to use all of their features—view profiles, get match suggestions, and chat with other users—at no cost.

You can see who has liked and viewed your profile by paying for a premium membership at one of the many premium online dating sites and apps. Before signing up for an online dating site, it’s important to find out which services are free and which require a “premium” subscription.

Should I Pay for a Jewish Dating Site?

A subscription to one of the best Jewish dating sites can set you back about $10 a month, and we think that’s a fair price if it significantly increases your chances of meeting someone special!

Are Jewish Singles Generally Seeking Committed Relationships?

While a great deal of Jewish singles are interested in marriage, this is not the case for everyone. If you are curious about someone’s desires or opinions, all you have to do is ask. However, it’s important to emphasize that some Jewish singles, just like any other religious dater, aren’t interested in casual hookups.

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