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Anecdotally, we’d say that roughly half of the people who use online dating sites hold conservative values and beliefs regarding politics. While many don’t mind reaching out across the aisle and dating someone with liberal or moderate views, many conservative singles want to be matched up with those who share their philosophies and opinions on things like a strong economy, smaller government, and the importance of the Constitution.

Check out our best conservative dating sites and find singles who share your political beliefs and leanings! Because our nation and world can feel so divided right now, we don’t blame you for wanting to find singles who are just as conservative in their beliefs as you are. If you’re both of a similar mindset, you can develop a more harmonious connection with one another!

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eHarmony Logo#1 eHarmonyConservative singles who want strong relationships rooted in compatibilityStart an eHarmony Free Trial Today! Logo#2 Match.comConservatives singles who want to find suitable matches for casual OR serious relationshipsStart a Free Trial Today!
Elite Singles Logo#3 Elite SinglesConservative singles who are highly educated and a part of high-paying career fieldsStart a Elite Singles Free Trial Today!
SilverSingles Logo#4 SilverSinglesConservative singles who are over the age of 50 and looking for serious relationshipsStart a SilverSingles Free Trial Today!
Christian Mingle Logo#5 Christian MingleConservative singles who are Christian believers and desire serious relationships that result in marriageStart a Christian Mingle Free Trial Today!

5 Best Conservative Dating Sites in 2023

#1: eHarmony - Find Conservatives Who Value Compatibility

eHarmony Banner - Profile Pictures

eHarmony is one of the best online dating sites for singles who want to find true love and serious relationships with the hopes of marriage or a soulmate on the horizon. Conservatives are typically drawn toward traditional values, including marriage and committed relationships, which makes eHarmony our top pick as the best dating site for conservative singles!

What makes eHarmony up for the challenge of pairing up conservative couples? All newcomers to the site go through their patented compatibility and personality testing (32 Dimensions of Compatibility) as a part of the sign-up process. Political and religious beliefs are topics covered, and eHarmony considers these factors when putting together daily matches for its customers. eHarmony ensures compatible connections between any singles who use the site regardless of their political leanings.

eHarmony is a great dating site for conservatives due to the immense user base they handle. There are over 16 million active members who currently enjoy the services of this dating site. Because they have such a concentrated focus on serious relationships where compatibility is king, eHarmony is responsible for bringing together about 600,000 married couples over the last 20 years!

eHarmony Fast Facts

#2: - Find Good Matches for Casual or Serious Relationships Banner - Dating Site Profile Pictures

Although many conservative singles value strong commitment and the sanctity of marriage, others want to go out on casual dates and see what options are out there as they play the field! Match strikes an outstanding balance between the serious and the casual.

Match’s job is to find commonalities between singles based on their personal preferences and personality, create compatible matches, and then let the couple decide where the relationship goes. The result is that Match is equally versed in creating great casual dating scenarios and strong relationships that develop into marriage! Match members can describe their ideal match by expressing their preferences concerning topics like age, appearance, interests, and politics.

Conservative singles are just as nuanced as anyone on the left side of the aisle or in the middle. Match is an excellent option for conservatives because it covers casual and serious relationships and has over 8 million active members!

It’s a busy dating site with over 3 million daily logins and a terrific dating pool. Conservative members are bound to find other singles who share their views on limited government, the importance of the 2nd Amendment, and lower taxes. Or they can find singles with different viewpoints just as easily! All in all, Match provides some great options! Fast Facts

#3: Elite Singles - Find Conservatives Who Are Highly Educated

Perhaps you’re highly educated or work in a high-paying career field. You happen to hold conservative beliefs, including the desire for serious, committed relationships. And you want to find singles who are just as highly educated and successful as you are. Look no further than our best dating site for finding the highly educated and successful: Elite Singles!

Many conservatives believe in hard work, personal responsibility, and enjoying the fruits of one’s own labor and success. Elite Singles is one of the best dating sites for conservatives based on these principles alone. This dating site employs personality testing that focuses on attitudes toward relationships and preferred communication methods. This is the site’s way of gauging compatibility with other singles using the platform to ensure a compatible connection.

High earners typically value a robust economic system and are big proponents of free-market capitalism. They very much believe that it’s up to you to become better and improve yourself. These also happen to be many of the beliefs that conservative folks hold near and dear. Not only will you find successful singles who work in high-paying fields like business, law, and medicine, but you should be able to find many singles on this platform who hold conservative beliefs and viewpoints, singles who are in the market for a serious relationship or commitment.

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#4: SilverSingles - Find Conservatives over 50 Who Want Serious Relationships

SilverSingles Banner - Older Couple Having a Laugh

If you’re around the age of 50 and you are looking to find true love or romance once more, SilverSingles is a great dating site for accomplishing this feat and finding someone who shares your conservative mindset as well! SilverSingles typically services customers who are anywhere from 48-52 years of age on average. We’ve found that many older folks gravitate toward conservatism in their advanced age. This means that SilverSingles ticks all the boxes if you’re a senior conservative looking for a serious relationship!

Simplicity is the name of the game at SilverSingles, making everything about the site itself conservative in nature. SilverSingles has an intuitive setup and interface design that makes using the platform a breeze! The sign-up process is relatively quick, clocking in between 15 and 20 minutes. A simple personality and compatibility test are employed to gauge interest between singles using the site.

Another conservative aspect of SilverSingles is its premium membership pricing. It’s not too expensive and comes at an affordable price that makes fiscal sense! For a premium membership plan, members can begin for as low as $27.95 per month! SilverSingles provides three excellent memberships that allow customers some good flexibility and keep them to keep their spending under control.

SilverSingles Fast Facts

#5: Christian Mingle - Find Conservative Christian Singles

Christian Mingle Banner - Couple Praying and Holding Hands

There are a ton of Christians out there who hold a more conservative worldview when it comes to topics like marriage, personal responsibility, the importance of law and order, and being a good steward of your finances. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include Christian Mingle as one of our best conservative dating sites for 2023. Not only can conservative singles find those who share their Christian values and beliefs, but they can also enjoy a large dating pool of more than 15 million active members!

One of the more significant appeals for conservatives when it comes to a dating site like Christian Mingle is the emphasis on serious relationships where God plays a big factor. Christian singles are, by and large, more focused on developing relationships that lead to marriage. This is a more traditional kind of belief and worldview that is very much in line with a lot of the conservative ways of thinking and mindset.

Christian Mingle also comes at a great low price of $24.99 per month! Not only does this dating site come at a price point that will appeal to conservative users, but many of the members here are for God and country!

Christian Mingle Fast Facts

Why Are These the Best Dating Sites for Conservatives?

Large Base of Active Members

We chose to feature mainstream dating sites instead of niche conservative ones because mainstream platforms have far more members. This means a larger dating pool that opens you to more possibilities. With about half of the people in the US holding conservative views, you’re guaranteed to find singles on these platforms with similar views on politics. Go a step further and factor in right-leaning moderates, and you have some great options available using mainstream dating sites and the volume they cover

Modern Features

Just because conservatives tend to fancy the older and more traditional ways of doing things doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what they want when it comes to their dating site features. On the contrary, we chose to date sites with modern, advanced features so that conservative singles waste no time in finding the best possible singles who fulfill all their personal preferences and requirements.

Good Pricing

Another reason we chose mainstream dating sites instead of niche ones is that they typically come at a cheaper cost. Being larger operations, they can offer better pricing to the consumer. Conservatives value the money they’ve worked hard to earn and are a bit more careful with how they spend. The great news for conservative singles is that the dating sites on our list all come at price points that reflect the quality of the service but also work well with a lot of different budgets.

Solid Framework for Developing Daily Matches

Each of these conservative dating sites comes with a solid basis for how they develop daily matches and perform their matchmaking algorithm. While many of these sites used advanced compatibility testing combined with detailed search filters, some opted for a more simplistic personality test and the users’ personal preferences. Either way, these five sites have the most solid systems for gauging compatibility between singles, including conservative thoughts, beliefs, and principles!

Ease of Use

Each of these conservative dating sites is really easy to use and navigate. If you don’t believe us, you can create a “free trial” account at no cost and begin using the site in a limited capacity. You can find out just how easy it is to get around each platform and figure out the simple site layouts. Except for eHarmony (primarily due to the extensive compatibility testing), you can sign up for a “free trial” or a premium membership in under 25 minutes.

Benefits of Online Dating for Conservative Singles

Great Alternative to Meet Conservative Singles

We highly recommend mainstream dating sites because they come at a more affordable cost and provide many more opportunities. However, one big downside is that you might chance meeting and falling for someone who does not share your political views.

If you’re someone who can only date other conservatives, we encourage you to check out these niche conservative dating sites that serve as great alternatives to our recommendations.

RankConservative Dating SiteFree Trial
#1The Right StuffBegin a Free Trial!
#2RepublicanPeopleMeetBegin a Free Trial!
#3Republican SinglesBegin a Free Trial!
#4Conservative Dating Site Begin a Free Trial!
#5Republican PassionsBegin a Free Trial!

Best Conservative Dating Sites FAQ

Still not entirely sure if a conservative dating site is the right option for you? Below we have answered several of the most common questions we receive from people just like you. Hopefully you will find the answers you are looking for.

Each of our recommendations offers new customers a chance to use the site for free, but it’s going to be in a limited capacity. There’s no way that you can use any of these sites in their entirety free of charge. “Free trials” at these sites are a great way to test the place out, get an idea of how it works, and what kind of singles are available to meet.

Yes, these are known as niche conservative dating sites, and everyone who uses them holds conservative beliefs when it comes to politics. These sites are perfect for those who do not want to chance using a mainstream dating site and wind up dating a moderate or a liberal.

Yes, and this is why we’ve suggested using mainstream dating sites to seek out these kinds of singles instead of using niche dating sites. Niche dating sites generally cost more money to become a member and usually cater to fewer users, which means fewer opportunities for you!

Our top recommendation for the best conservative dating sites is eHarmony by a long shot. eHarmony is the master of forming compatible connections between the singles who use the platform. They definitely consider political views and affiliations when they gauge compatibility between members of the site. If you express a conservative viewpoint during the personality testing portion of sign-up, eHarmony will surely deliver you daily matches with similar beliefs.

It will depend on the site, but we can confidently say that mainstream dating sites are much more affordable and have way more members. eHarmony begins at $35.90 per month, is $18.99 per month, Elite Singles and SilverSingles both begin at $27.95 per month, and Christian Mingle starts at $24.99.

Each of our recommendations are legitimate dating sites that have no prior history of misusing or mishandling their customers’ personal or financial information. This is because these sites use safeguards like an encrypted connection to ensure everything is safe and secure. These sites also use top-rated vetting procedures to verify that their users are legit.

There are a lot of singles out there who want to meet people online who share their political views and beliefs. This is one of the most significant advantages of using dating sites geared toward conservative singles.

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