Christian Dating Sites 2023

If you’re a single Christian, chances are you’ve heard about Christian dating sites as a possible option. Whether from your friends in Wednesday night Bible study or your one aunt who never misses a Sunday morning and wants to see you settle down with a lovely Christian man or woman.

Christian dating websites have been gaining more traction over the years. They are now a significant part of the cultural discussion when it comes to possible avenues for meeting single Christian believers. Even your 60-year-old aunt knows about them! I mean, come on.

So, you’ve heard about online dating websites, but do they work? And which dating sites for Christians are worth the time and effort? Our guide will discuss these matters, and we will point you in the direction of the best Christian dating sites currently on the market!

Why You Can Trust Our Recommendations

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Be it the number of active users, the gender ratio breakdown, or the types of features available to paying members, we guarantee you’ll be getting the latest updates on what’s currently available in the online dating market for Christian singles!

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We Test Out the Sites to Create Our Reviews

We make a point of testing out all the products that we write about so we can speak from firsthand experience. We can show you things like how to create an account, how to navigate the platform, or how to take advantage of the features offered.

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We Conduct Honest and Objective Reviews

We focus on the pros and cons of the Christian dating sites we review and are not afraid to deliver praise and criticism where they are due. Objectivity and honesty are paramount in our review process.

10 Best Christian Dating Sites

#1: Christian Mingle - Best Overall Christian Dating Site

Christian Mingle Banner - Couple Praying and Holding Hands

Christian Mingle is a part of the Sparks Network and has been going strong since the early 2000s. This is the best dating site to use if you want serious relationships with other Christian singles who share your beliefs and faith. They’ve had the time to build up their user base to an impressive 15 million members, a decent-sized dating pool to enjoy.

One of the greatest strengths of the Christian Mingle dating site is that they cater to singles of all denominations, which is covered with careful consideration during the personality and compatibility testing in the sign-up process. Christian singles can adjust their search setting to find singles of their preferred denominational background and beliefs as well as factors like appearance, personality, interests, and many others.

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#2: eHarmony - Best for Finding Compatibility

eHarmony Banner - Profile Pictures

Although this isn’t exactly a Christian dating site, eHarmony is geared toward creating compatible relationships using faith as a major deciding factor in their matchmaking work. One of the most extensive parts of their compatibility testing is asking singles where they stand regarding faith and religious beliefs. It’s one of the 32 dimensions of compatibility that is covered when you create an account at eHarmony!

Another great advantage of using eHarmony is its size and the name recognition that it enjoys in the online dating market. It’s a name that is well-known. In addition to its 16 million active members, there are roughly 66 million users worldwide. This means you have a deep well of potential options to choose from!

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#3: Christian Cafe - Best Niche Christian Dating App Banner - Couple Having Coffee and Holding Hands

Although it’s smaller in scale compared to a dating site like Christian Mingle, Christian Cafe is an excellent option for meeting Christian singles. It’s a site that guarantees you find singles who share your Christian faith, but you’ll choose from a much smaller dating pool. The site also needs a facelift with its dated design and appearance. There’s definitely some good and some bad to be found with this one.

Christian Cafe is known for some of its unique features. Members and free trial users alike can access the site’s blog page and a community forum where users can write about their personal experiences with Christian dating or engage with other singles on the platform on topics like faith and religious beliefs. Christian Cafe comes complete with a testimonial page and even a Dating101 page that offers excellent Christian singles dating tips and advice.

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#4: Zoosk - Largest Dating Pool

Zoosk Banner - Dating Site Profile Pictures

Zoosk is not a Christian dating site at its core, but it’s a large dating site that handles a large base of customers, many of whom are Christians. Although there are 500,000 active members, 40 million users enjoy Zoosk’s service worldwide, which means they cater to people of many different faiths, including multiple Christian denominations. You have a great chance to meet someone with similar beliefs when you take a deep dive into their immense dating pool!

Zoosk is also a great, modern dating site with many great features, including the Carousel, where you can “swipe right” or “swipe left” on potential singles. Zoosk will eventually establish your “type” based on trends they see with profiles that you end up liking or rejecting. They will use this as a basis for matchmaking, along with your personal preferences. This means that if you are interested in dating Christians and swiping right on Christian profiles, you’ll eventually meet someone on Zoosk who sees eye-to-eye on matters of faith!

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#5: BigChurch - Best for Developing Christian Friendships Banner - Couple Hugging and Looking at Each Other

BigChurch is a dating site for Christians owned and operated by another entity that oversees other online dating platforms. In this case, Big Church is run by the same company that founded FriendFinder. This means there’s a huge emphasis placed on developing solid Christian friendships that will eventually lead to Christian love or romance.

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#6: SilverSingles - Best for Finding Christian Seniors

SilverSingles Banner - Older Couple Having a Laugh

SilverSingles is geared toward senior singles and handles around 500,000 active members, but it can be a great way to find Christian singles in their later years. Much like a Christian dating site, those who use SilverSingles are in the market for serious relationships and commitments. This site is extremely simplistic in design, making it really easy to browse member profiles and send messages.

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#7: ChristianCupid - Best for Finding Devout Singles

A part of the Cupid Group of dating sites, Christian Cupid is dedicated to catering solely to singles who are Christian believers. Its membership base is actually bigger than Zoosk’s, although its total number of users is a lot less. Still, for being a niche Christian dating site, Christian Cupid has a pretty large dating pool, all of which share similar Christian principles and beliefs.

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#8: CatholicMatch - Best for Catholic Singles

CatholicMatch Banner - Couple Silhouettes at Sunset

This is the best Christian dating site for singles with the Catholic faith. It’s evident in the name! CatholicMatch is known for its active member forum page and its dead-even ratio of men to women.

One of the things we found with CatholicMatch that’s less than ideal is the fact that it’s difficult to find singles in rural areas. There are also quite a few members who don’t accept the Church’s teachings condemning pre-marital sex.

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#9: - Find Christian Singles in an Unexpected Place Banner - Dating Site Profile Pictures

Yet again, this is another recommendation that’s not a Christian dating site by nature, but they cater to many Christian users! 

Take advantage of’s top-shelf personality testing and advanced search filters to find singles who are serious about their Christian beliefs and convictions! They’re definitely out there!

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#10: Christian Connection - Best for Finding Singles of All Denominations

Christian Connection Banner - Photos of Couples Enjoying Life

This is another niche Christian dating site that is a viable option for finding Christian singles. This is a much smaller and more intimate atmosphere than most other dating sites for Christians we have recommended, but it’s composed of many users that come from various denominational and church-specific backgrounds.

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Why Are These the Best Christian Dating Sites?

Christian Members

The dating sites specifically geared toward Christians obviously have many members who hold Christian beliefs near and dear. The dating sites that cater to a broader audience, like eHarmony or, allow you to adjust your search settings to find singles who share similar faith or beliefs. Their personality and compatibility testing also consider matters of faith to help determine daily matches.

Large User Base

Each of the mainstream dating sites we recommend comes with a large number of users, ensuring an immense dating pool of eligible singles. Even the smaller, niche Christian dating sites we recommend have a decent size of active members, but you’re assured of finding someone who shares your faith with almost anyone you encounter on the platform.

Great Features

All the Christian dating sites on our recommendations list come equipped with features to make the process of finding Christian singles as fun and enjoyable as possible. Many of these sites come with some form of swipe-style dating, offer their users unlimited messaging capabilities, and many more fun, up-to-date features.

FAQ About Dating Sites for Christian Singles

If you’ve never tried online dating before or are just a Christian single trying it out again, there are many questions that can come up about it. Below we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive when it comes to Christians trying to meet other singles online.

Christian Mingle is our number one dating site for a reason when it comes to finding Christian singles. This platform has over 66 million users worldwide and a committed, active user base of 16 million. By and large, all users of this dating site share some Christian faith, so there’s a good shot you’ll meet someone who shares your values, beliefs, and religion.

Two of the most significant factors we considered when putting together these recommendations were the size of the user base and the number of users with Christian beliefs. This means that we suggested sites where nearly all the users are Christians, as well as sites that might not be Christian dating sites in nature but handle a large enough base of customers where many of them are indeed Christians.

Each dating site we recommend for Christian singles keeps all their customers’ and users’ information completely secure and confidential. They use an encrypted connection to safeguard any shared personal or financial information. No picture shared with these platforms will appear in Google search results, and data will never be sold to third parties.

By and large, the Christian dating sites we recommend come with free trial offers, but they only come with a limited number of premium membership features, which means you cannot use the sites to their full potential.

It will depend on your current needs and what you’re looking for. That’s why we highly recommend looking at our reviews of these Christian dating sites so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Not necessarily. Anyone can begin an account at a Christian dating site and say they’re a Christian. As a member of one of these sites, it’s up to you to determine where singles stand in their faith. As with any dating site, there’s the chance you’ll run into fake accounts. Just know that with these sites, not every user will be a Christian.

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