Why Celebrity Women Want to Date Pete Davidson (And Men Can’t Understand Why)

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For those that don’t know, Pete Michael Davidson is a 28-year-old comedian and actor, with his most memorable gig being on Saturday Night Live. At just 16 years old, he began his comedy career on a dare at a bowling alley. That impromptu set prompted him to pursue a full-time gig as a stand-up comedian. As they say, the rest is history.

Pete’s History

Before breaking down the appeal he seems to have with celebrity women, let’s dive into his background. Pete’s career didn’t fully begin until he was cast as a sketch actor/comedian on Saturday Night Live. This gig lasted for eight seasons and ran from 2014 to 2022.

His father, Scott Davidson, was a New York firefighter who perished in 2001 during the Sept 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Pete often uses this sad circumstance in many of his controversial comedy routines.

For example, during the Justin Bieber comedy roast, Pete stated, “I lost my dad on 911, and I always regretted growing up without a dad…until I met your dad, Justin. Now I’m glad mine’s dead.” This and many other jokes about his father’s death garnered laughs and gasps.

His Early Career

Even before his stint on SNL, in 2010, he scored some minor roles on hit shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Guy Code, Friends of the People, and the popular comedy show Wild’ n Out, which Nick Cannon produced for MTV. In 2016 he released his comedy special Pete Davidson: SMD, and in 2020 released Pete Davidson: Alive from New York, which also contained many jokes about his late father.

So How Is Pete Davidson So Rich?

So how did the guy become so wealthy? Good question. It may seem like he is an overnight sensation, but he has been around for quite some time. He’s popped up in many shows, and you probably didn’t even notice him. Reportedly, as an SNL cast member, Pete earned between $15,000 and $26,000 for each episode in which he appeared. So it is quite possible that during those years as a cast member, he earned approximately $500,000 per year from just SNL.

Then there were his movies and other entertainment gigs — some of which were made during his SNL days, raising his yearly salary closer to the one million dollar figure. According to Celebrity Net Worth, these projects helped raise his current net worth to $8 million.

10 Trivial Things You Don’t Know about Pete Davidson (Or Perhaps Don’t Care)

  • He became a comedian on a dare – As mentioned, a stand-up show at a bowling alley on Staten Island was happening, and his friends dared him to get on stage and tell jokes. So he did. This became his first experience as a comedian.
  • He was bullied all through school – Since he didn’t have friends and classmates teased him, the comedian attended three high schools: Tottenville High School, St. Joseph-by-the-sea, and Xaverian High School. Unfortunately, things didn’t get better for Pete until he left Staten Island for college.
  • He has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Crohn’s Disease – He received Crohn’s diagnosis in his teens, a chronic condition that causes significant irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract. He manages the disease with medications. His Borderline Personality Disorder limits his ability to control impulses and manage his emotions.
  • He closed his Instagram account – He was once active on social media. Previously, he posted many pictures of the two together and promoted her music. However, following his breakup with the singer Ariana Grande, he closed his social media accounts after expressing suicidal thoughts on Instagram. He temporarily began posting after dating Kim Kardashian but closed the account again after their breakup.
  • He loves Harry Potter – During interviews, Pete maintains that he is the biggest Harry Potter fan. He loves all the films and the books. The 28-year-old can even remember the first Harry Potter film being released on his seventh or eighth birthday. He loves the Wizarding World so much that he has several Harry Potter-themed tattoos on his body. Pete and his then-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, even posted pictures of them dressed in Hogwarts gowns on social media.
  • He likes getting weirds tattoos and has several of them on his body – Along with Harry Potter tattoos, Pete has many cryptic tattoos, like 8418 on his left arm. This number signifies his late firefighter father’s badge number.
    Additionally, he has four tattoos dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, singer Ariana Grande including her initials and a bunny ear logo, which is an inside joke between the two.
Pete Davidson Tattoos
  • Dark observations influence his body of work – Pete’s style of humor is predominantly described as witty and dark. He once stated that he searches for humorous situations in even the darkest circumstances because it’s a way of healing for him. This is very evident in his jokes about his deceased father. Many people enjoy his comedic style. However, some find his comedy depressing and sometimes even offensive.
  • He’s had some failures in the business, too – While Pete may be a huge success now, that hasn’t always been the case. Case in point, in 2014, a Fox pilot aired called “Sober Companion.” Unfortunately, the pilot was a colossal flop, and the series never aired. Luckily, this setback did not seem to derail his successful career.
  • He’s an avid sneaker collector – Can you remember ever seeing the guy in a pair of shoes? No? That’s most likely because he is a huge sneaker freak. He has hundreds of pairs, each of which is a different style and color, and has more than he could possibly need.
  • He was on a prestigious who’s who in Hollywood list – In 2016, around the same time he was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, Pete had made his way onto Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ list — a listing of 30 people the magazine believes are worth keeping an eye on due to their up-and-coming status in the entertainment industry. Even early in his career, Pete was one to watch out for.

Davidson’s Dating History

He may have been bullied in his younger years, but since he has been in the public eye, Pete has been in 4 (and counting) high-profile relationships with “hot women” in the industry. Along with his arguably most popular relationship with Kim Kardashian, Pete has also dated:

  • Carly Aquilino: a fellow comedian with whom Pete dated in 2014 and 2015.
  • Cazzie David: Comedian/Actor Larry Davidson’s daughter. They dated from 2016 to 2018.
  • Ariana Grande: He began dating the pop singer right after Cazzie in 2018. They got engaged the same year but split in October 2018.
  • Kate Beckinsale: The pair dated for four months before splitting in April 2019. Many agreed this was just a fling for both.
  • Kim Kardashian: They began dating in October 2021, shortly after her appearance on SNL. After nine months of a highly publicized whirlwind romance, the news of their break up was confirmed in early August.

So, What Mojo Does Davidson Have?

As you can see from the above dating history, Pete’s women haven’t been too shoddy, and he’s not done yet. So, ladies, what is it that this guy has? Fellas, are you afraid to leave your girlfriend alone in a room with Davidson? Let’s figure this out.

Sense of Humor

Many guys believe that all it takes for a girl to fall madly in love with him is to have a big bank account and bigger muscles. While that may be true sometimes, you also need an immense…sense of humor. (What were you thinking?)

Some fail to realize that a great sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to attractions. For example, Susan Prekel, a female comedian in the New York scene, stated that men seem to find her jokes “repulsive.” At the same time, male comics are lauded for their sense of humor and do very well with women.

Is it a double standard? 

Maybe. Or, maybe women find guys that make controversial jokes extra appealing because while they love jokes, controversial jokes are something women feel society doesn’t want to hear coming from them. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. Men prefer a woman who appreciates their jokes—however, women like a guy who will make them laugh.

Self-Deprecating Attitude

Ladies, have you met a hot-looking guy who knows he’s hot? Unfortunately, what starts as attraction can turn into repulsion with a guy always looking in the mirror, adjusting his hair, or spending more time getting ready for the date than you.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Let’s be clear. This isn’t a guy that has low self-esteem. This is a guy that laughs when you tell him he has food in his teeth rather than get embarrassed at how he could’ve let something so catastrophic happen to him.

There are plenty of guys who take care of themselves. However, they don’t go overboard with it. For example, if he freaks out because he missed his Thursday mani/pedi, you may be dating a narcissist. Somehow, Pete doesn’t look like that type of guy. In his comedy routine, he has been known to showcase his shortcomings, which makes him even funnier-slash-appealing.


Question: How do you know you can pull hot women?
Answer: When models appear on late-night talk shows detailing how hot you are

In 2021, Model Emily Ratajkowski appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and gave her account of why it should be no surprise that beautiful, high-profile women have dated the SNL alum. The model believes he has plenty to offer, including his great personality and height. She stated, “He’s got the height. Obviously, women find him very attractive.” She added that the comedian has a “good relationship with his mother,” which women also appreciate in a guy.

When it comes to BDE, the rumor is that Pete is rather blessed in that phallic area. However, even if that is the case, it’s important to note that Big Dick Energy is not actually about the size, girth, length, or anything else in the physicality of it all. Instead, BDE is about the energy or vibe you give off. In other words, when it comes to BDE, it’s more about the E than about the D.

When you have BDE, you exude confidence that’s not showy or arrogant. You aren’t trying to prove anything to anyone. You are confident because it’s in your nature. A person who exudes BDE knows what they bring to the table and have no problem asking you to match that.

7 Reasons Why Women Love Pete

If you’re a guy (or a woman) reading this and still don’t know why Pete Davidson is a hot commodity in the dating world, here are a few more points.

  • He looks like a bad boy (whether he is or not)
  • He appears vulnerable. He’s had issues with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and depression
  • He has a don’t give a f**k attitude
  • His endearing kindness. He’s noted several times in interviews that he’s close to his mom
  • You feel like he’s the type of guy you can “fix”
  • He exudes a personality similar to the rest of us and makes no excuses for it either
  • His BDE (this is worth noting again)
  • He has an odd fashion style. He’s not like other guys who must be completely put together. Pete sometimes looks like he just rolled out of bed.

Whether you understand it or not, you have to agree that Pete Davidson has dated many industry hotties. The discussion comes as to how. Is it because of his looks? What about his sense of humor or his oddball personality? Whatever the reason, Pete has dated some gorgeous women, which is most likely just the beginning for this rising young comedian. What do you think?

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