5 Weird Dating Sites You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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You probably have or at least had a minimum of one online dating profile, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Anyone can meet somebody on mainstream dating sites, but it doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to click with that person. That’s why, for some people, it takes a deep dive into the world of weird dating sites to identify your perfect match. 

As the saying goes, “There is a lid for every pot,” and finding love might seem like a Sisyphean struggle if you find yourself on the periphery of societal norms or interested in things that aren’t deemed “traditional.” 

But everyone deserves to find that special someone no matter what you’re into (as long as it’s legal), so put on your finest cyber eyewear and explore some of the weirdest dating sites you won’t believe actually exist!

clown dating

Clown Dating

Clown Dating’s homepage proclaims, “Everybody loves a clown… let a clown love you,” seemingly oblivious to the many examples of frightening clowns across popular culture and those terrifying clown sightings that are reported every few years. 

“It’s no fun looking for love when you’re a clown, behind all the make-up and the red nose is a lonely heart. Clowns are unique entertainers loved by some yet feared and hated by others. Luckily Clown Dating is here to help. If you are a Clown, a Clown Wannabe, or simply a Clown Lover you have come to the right place,” this weird dating site says. 

“Clown Dating offers a community for single entertainers to chat, have fun and arrange dates. Being on the road all the time can make it hard to find someone close by, but with members from towns and cities all over the world hooking up has never been easier. Join the Clown Community today and browse through the wide variety of members we have to offer you. You don’t have to be called Coco, or Cathy to join!”

They are completely right, though: we guess clowns, although creepy as hell, deserve to be happy and in love.  



If you are an adult who uses diapers, and not because you are elderly and incontinent, we’re quite confident you are already aware of the DiaperMates dating site. But if you’re walking around your place in a diaper and wish you had a fellow diaper lover and romantic partner to change your nappy (use are sorry for the mental image), you can join this weird dating site. 

DiaperMates provides a place to find and connect with your “people” and has an online shop where you can buy adult diapers, which we guess is more convenient than buying Depends at your local CVS. Those who get a kick out of acting like infants, complete with diapers, pacifiers, and bonnets, can find others who share their interests. Fortunately, the dating site has a stringent policy that prohibits graphic photos.

mullet passions

Mullet Passions

Even if mullets aren’t your thing, there are clearly enough admirers out there to sustain the weird dating site Mullet Passions

The dating site’s homepage welcomes mullet-lover with this message: “Yeah, that’s right! It’s business up front and a PARTY in the back! A 100% free social networking & online dating site specifically for singles with a mullet…and for those with the taste and style to appreciate these unique trendsetters. Browse the ‘Mullet Groups’ section to find members based on the style of their mullet, classic, mudflap, or spiky. Or find members who enjoy recreational activities like wrestling, country music, or monster trucks.” 

Users can sign up and get free personal ads, a mullet chat, and a mullet message board for all the latest on everything mullet. 

Women behind bars

Women Behind Bars

Pen pals are an excellent way to get to know a beautiful inmate, and if things go well, then it may lead to more than just exchanging letters when you sign up for Women Behind Bars.

“If you’re curious about meeting female inmates, you’re not alone. Many people have found fascinating insights and personal growth through connecting with incarcerated women,” this weird dating site’s homepage says. 

“While there are some unique considerations to keep in mind when meeting inmates, such as safety protocols and respect for the institution’s specific rules, the experience can also be eye-opening and enlightening. Building relationships with women in prison can help challenge stereotypes and deepen your understanding of the criminal justice system. It can also be a way to provide support and care to someone who may not have many people in their life. So, if this interests you, consider doing some research and finding ways to visit incarcerated women in your area.”

If you do hit it off with a woman behind bars, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t bring a nail file cooked into a baked item during a conjugal visit.

Equestrian Cupid

Equestrian Cupid

As a former “horse girl” who lost interest in equines and turned to boys as soon as my hormones kicked in, I can tell you that horse people are obsessed, and while I get why, it’s still weird to people who have no interest in majestic steeds.

If you are one of these filly freaks, we have found the perfect dating site for you–Equestrian Cupid

“Keep away from the city — enjoy rural & country life,” Equestrian Cupid proclaims on its dating site landing page. The platform bills itself as an “Exclusive community for cowboys & cowgirls and equestrian singles to meet horseback riding enthusiasts, discover uncharted trails, pursue the country lifestyle, and locate the best riding areas.”

No horse? No problem! The main requirement is a desire to connect with others who share your appreciation for simple country living. Although you should probably have a horse.

Final Thoughts

No matter what tickles your fancy, there is a dating site for that particular fancy! People with specialized interests and hobbies are turning to smaller, specialized dating platforms over bigger, more mainstream ones, which makes sense.

Forbes reported, “There are more than 2,500 online dating services online in the U.S. alone, with 1,000 new online dating services opening every year,” so it makes sense that they can’t all endure by targeting the same pool of singles.
Besides, it’s well-known that romantic partnerships have a greater chance of success when both parties share a similar way of life. And if none of the above weird dating sites are what you’re into, why not start with our recommended dating sites.

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