31 Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy

Couple with a healthy sex life

“Sex is good for you!” are words your mom probably never said to you, but it’s true. According to studies, regular sex boosts your immunity to help keep viruses at bay, relieves stress, causes the release of chemicals that improve mood, and helps relieve pain. 

Sex even protects a man’s prostate gland by emptying the fluids that are usually held there—okay, a little too much info, but you get the idea that sex is good! So, shout it from the rooftops; Sex is awesome! 

Your doctor may or may not have informed you, but sex can still be wonderful well into your later years. While menopause impacts a woman’s function and drive, there is no reason healthy men and women shouldn’t partake in sexual pleasure at any stage. The intensity of sex may change as you age, but the joy does not.

So, if your sex drive is on “E,” we just gave you excellent reasons to fill it up and get it back on track again. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about swinging from chandeliers or ingesting tiny blue pills. Instead, try a few of these suggestions, and we guarantee your motor will be recharged and ready to go in no time. 

32 Ways to Maintain Your Healthy Sex Life

1. Have Sex Later Tonight

When you have regular intercourse, it helps kick (or keep) your sex drive in high gear by increasing the production of testosterone, which is the sex hormone primarily responsible for the libido in both women and men. 

If you can’t wait until tonight, by all means, have sex now. Yes, like right now! Put down your phone and finish this article later because when you’re ready to go, you’re ready to go. 

2. Make a List of All the Medicine You’re Taking

Did you know that over 200 medications can cause erectile dysfunction and diminish sex drive? Some of these medications include:

  • high blood pressure drugs
  • heart disease medication
  • drugs for depression
  • drugs for stomach-related issues

If you’re unsure whether the drug you’re taking is affecting your sex drive, check the Internet or ask your doctor or pharmacist if any of the medicines on your list could be the cause. 

However, if your medication is the culprit, don’t stop taking the drug without discussing it with your doctor first. They may be able to change your medication’s dose, brand, or the time you take it. 

3. Guys, if You’re a Smoker, Have Your Doctor Prescribe You a Nicotine Patch

It’s scientifically proven that smoking may clog the blood vessels located in the penis the same way it blocks those arteries in your heart. If you never had a better reason to quit smoking before, you do now. 

Other quitting methods include:

  • Gradually cutting down
  • Going cold turkey
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  • My QuitBuddy app
  • E-cigarettes
  • Prescription medications
  • Alternative methods

4. Ladies, Start Practicing Your Kegels

For those who don’t know, Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, which is the muscles in your pelvic area responsible for childbirth and urinary continence. 

If you suffer from a weak pelvic floor, you may have issues with urine leakage and, in worse situations, uterine prolapse. The good news is, to help tighten your pelvic floor, you can start doing Kegel exercise RIGHT NOW.

Kegel exercises are also great for strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle, which is essential for orgasm. To do Kegel exercises:

  1. Note the muscle you use to stop flowing urine.
  2. Practice contracting that muscle by holding it and releasing it.
  3. Work up to 20-30 contractions three times daily.  

5. Start Planning a Hot and Sexy Getaway

Even if funds are tight and you don’t go, when you spend time together imagining where you’d like to go while scanning through photos on the Internet and picturing yourselves in a sexy tropical location, you’ll get your libido up and running. 

Plus, the imagination game is much better than playing Monopoly any day. 

6. Serve a Little Pesto over a Big Bowl of Pasta

We’re not telling you Italian bistros make you horny–although maybe, they do, and that’s cool, too.

But try drizzling some pesto over some pasta because pesto contains pine nuts, a great source of arginine, and arginine is the predecessor for nitric oxide, the primary ingredient in medicinal drugs like Viagra. (See where we’re going with this?) 

Arginine also helps open up the blood vessels to allow more blood flow. Buon appetito!

bowl of pesto pasta

7. Guys, Start Taking Ginkgo Biloba Supplements Daily

Ginkgo biloba is a supplement that promotes better blood flow by getting more blood to the brain and other organs. (Hopefully, we don’t need to tell you how that helps you.) Be sure to read and follow the instructions on the bottle, but always check with your doctor first.

8. Reach Out and Touch Someone

And by reaching out and touching someone, we mean your partner and not the hot cashier at the coffee shop. 

Sometimes, the little moments captivate us, so don’t allow them to go by without a kiss or a hug. It doesn’t have to be a full-on make-out sesh; in fact, it shouldn’t be. Increasing the amount of physical interaction you have with your partner can raise your desire levels. 

9.Sprinkle on Some Wheat Germ

Since wheat germ is rich in zinc, it’s an integral part of the production of the testosterone hormone. You can also get some zinc in foods like eggs, seafood (especially oysters), and beef.

Here’s what you do; sprinkle one tablespoon of it every time you eat one cup of yogurt or cereal. 

10. Go to the Movies

No, not porn, so get your mind out of the gutter. But now that you bring it up, that’s not a bad idea. However, we are referring to going to the movies and sitting in the last row in the back and making out like you did when you were a teen. 

The goal is to get those old juices flowing like you did when you were younger. It’s refreshing and sexy. Just make sure it’s not a G-rated movie.  

11. Make Eye Contact

Remember those romantic movies when a guy and a girl make eye contact from across the crowded room, and sparks fly? Well, do that!

If you’re at a party, look for each other from across the room as if you’re still wooing each other. When you spot each other, lovingly hold one another’s gaze and give a quick wink or flash a smile. 

Unfortunately, sex decreases in a relationship when you take each other for granted. These minor gestures let your partner know you still love and care for them. 

Most importantly, you let them know you still find them sexually attractive because when attraction goes south, your man doesn’t, and basically, you’re screwed–and not literally.

man and woman making eye contact

12. Open Your Eyes

When you kiss your partner and look intently into their eyes, they can see and feel your love and devotion toward them. This sensual moment sends an incredible message of your honesty and trust in them. 

13. Act

We’re not talking Shakespearean theater–unless that turns you on. What fantasies do you have that you’ve always wanted to try? 

Perhaps it’s the doctor and the nurse scenario. Or is it the handsome, dangerous lover and the sexually deprived heroine? Act out the parts of your sexual adventure and watch your libido skyrocket. 

14. Sexually Speaking, Say What’s on Your Mind

If you’re watching your partner bend over while working in the garden without his shirt on and you become aroused observing him as he slowly pulls those weeds out of the ground with the sweat dripping from his forehead and onto his bare chest, tell him. 

If the site of your wife quietly painting a work of art while she’s in her own little world makes you happy that you married someone as unique as her, let her know. 

Sometimes love in a relationship diminishes because one or both spouses feel undervalued. You can deepen your intimacy levels by expressing how the small and mundane everyday things make you love and appreciate your spouse even more.

15. Make Your Own Romantic Rituals

This time, it’s not all about sex. Create intimate rituals by waking him up with a hot cup of coffee just how he likes it. 

Instead of the annoying alarm, wake her up with a peck on the cheek. You know she’s had a hard day, so can you have a hot bath ready when she comes home in the evening?

Start having regular date nights every week. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Go for Taco Tuesdays or have a special movie night every Saturday evening. When you’re watching Netflix at home, massage her feet or give him a back rub. 

The key is to keep it consistent. Don’t do your ritual for a week and then let it drop off. Do your rituals repeatedly until they become like a secret love language that only the two of you know and understand. 

16. Act as if You’ve Just Met

Remember first meeting your partner years ago and all the butterflies and sexual attraction you had for one another? When you first laid eyes on them, your heart fluttered, and you felt weak in the knees. Shivers ran up and down your spine because you were so scared to approach them.

You can have all those feelings and more again. Call her at work and ask her out on a date. Dress up for a special dinner with him and talk about all those beautiful memories you had together.   

17. Talk

Sadly, thanks to social media, people don’t talk to each as much as they used to anymore. So, grab a timer, set it for 15 minutes, and sit down and talk to your partner. 

Chat about anything that’s NOT stressful (sorry, kids!). Tell him your dreams last night, or tell her how you had a great workout at the gym last week. It doesn’t matter what you talk about as long as you connect. Give each other 15 minutes. You may even want to continue the conversation after the timer goes off.  

Couple sitting on the couch together having a conversation

18. Go for a Massage

Or get a manicure, pedicure, facial, or whatever creates a little me-time and makes you feel good about yourself. When you take care of your body, you’re much more likely to be able to enjoy the act. 

Consider exercise to tighten and tone. Exercising releases endorphins and puts you in a good mood. A bonus for both women and men is that working out helps blood flow to vital organs. 

29. Take a trip by yourself for a couple of days

Often, we only need a little time away from each other to keep the connection fresh. So plan a mini-vacation with yourself. While you’re enjoying some alone time, take a few minutes and make a list of everything you love and respect about your partner. 

Then, close your eyes and visualize having profound, intimate moments with them. Remember how those moments made you feel? 

Call them and partake in a bit of phone sex. Get as graphic as you like because, by the time you get home, you’ll both be longing for each other in a way you haven’t in a while. 

20. Ship the Kids Off

We want to say that we’re not talking about kissing your kids goodbye and literally putting them onto a ship to Kathmandu, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want to do.

However, this time, we’re talking about letting the grandparents (or any trusted friend or relative) deal with the little crumb snatchers while you and your partner make love in every corner of the house. It can be hot and steamy in the tub or romantic on a blanket in front of the fireplace. 

21. Create a To-Do List

This is not the shopping list or the things you need to get down around the house. This to-do list is for you to write out all your concerns and worries. Often, your worries can interfere with your ability to chill and become aroused. 

So, make a list right before bed and then take it and toss it into the trashcan. Doing this signifies that you’re done worrying for the day. You won’t think about anything except the wild sex you’re about to have with your partner. 

22. Try Some Oysters

Oysters are reported to be aphrodisiacs, so why not try them? They’re loaded with zinc, which, as we previously mentioned, is vital for the production of testosterone, the sex hormone for both women and men. 

23. Don’t Have More than One or Two Drinks

Now think back to your college days and going way overboard with your drinking. The last thing you wanted was sex (in most cases) because you first needed the toilet or bathroom sink or nearest bush. 

When you drink a small amount of alcohol, it can enhance your mood and create a fantastic time in the bedroom. But drinking too much can kill your romantic mood, so don’t go past two cocktails. Maybe you can handle more, but why chance it? 

24. Touch Your Partner

Spend one hour touching every part of your partner’s body, But here’s the catch–you can’t use your hands. What?You thought this was going to be easy?

And actually, it is easy, especially when you’re sexually aroused. Use other parts of your body–including your mind’s imagination–and go to town. Nothing is off-limits.

A PG-13 option is to caress each other only using your hands to touch every body part except the genital area. Doing this activity may release any pressure you might feel “to get right down to it.”

couple sitting close together holding hands and touching legs

Instead, you want to take your time and relax your way into it and not feel rushed to “get in and get out.” We’re fighting the urge not to say literally, but yea, literally!

25. Act Out Again

But this time, recreate a favorite sexy scene from a movie. For reference, see:

  • the pottery scene in Ghost
  • the 9 ½ Weeks refrigerator scene
  • Clarke Cable carrying Vivien Leigh up the steps in Gone With the Wind
  • the rain-soaked kiss in The Notebook
  • the ending table scene in Sixteen Candles

Take your pick from any rom-com, past or present.

26. Buy One Item of Sexy Lingerie

This one is for all the ladies; purchase something you feel sexy in. It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything skimpy, just something that makes you look and feel good. 

Try something soft and silky, like a robe or a pair of satin pajamas. When you feel sexy, you exude confidence, and men can sniff out confidence in a woman a mile away. 

27. Make Your Own Romantic Playlist

Make a sexy playlist and have it playing when your partner comes home from work. Use sensual songs and tunes you first listened to in the beginning stages of your relationship. 

Combine the playlist with a bubble bath or a romantic candlelight dinner, and you will definitely have a little sexy time tonight.

28. Call Them at Work

You don’t want to disturb them from a busy day, so plan a short call to tell them something sexy, like what you’d like to do to them as soon as they get home.

Or, you can set up a private email account and send a sexy message so they can read it whenever they have time.

Another option is to stick a simple “I love you” note in their lunch or briefcase, so they’ll think of you when they see it. 

29. Tell Your Partner What You Love about Them

Please take a few moments and tell your partner what you appreciate about them. It doesn’t need to be anything sexual. Let them know anything you value and respect about them. 

For example, remind them how much you appreciate all their hard work around the house. It’s sexy when you show appreciation for your partner. 

30. Do a Physical Activity Together

Try doing an activity you’ve never done together before. Be adventurous with bungee jumping or skydiving. What about going skiing or taking a hike around a local trail? 

If you have a lake in your area, consider going canoeing. The point is to try something new together so you can see each other in a new and exciting light. When you do activities like this together, you create a sensual bond that easily translates into intimacy.

man in yellow sweater bungee jumping

31. Join a Dating App

You may have been together for so long that dating sites weren’t even a thing when you had your first date. It doesn’t matter because now you can take advantage of it. 

Sign up, set up your profile using your hottest pic, and give your partner your screen name so they can message you and set up a meeting time and place. You can sign up for a general site or a more specific dating site. It doesn’t matter which site you choose. Just have fun messaging each other back and forth.

Some people even enjoy watching others message their partners. It turns them on to know that other guys or girls want something they already have.  

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