Maverick, Eat Your Heart Out! Here Are 5 Strategies to Be the Best Bar Wingman

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I’m afraid that Tom Cruise is not the inventor of the wingman strategy; this honor goes to nature. Scientifically speaking, humans are far from the only species that utilize the wingman strategy. According to scientists and researchers, fireflies, turkeys, and even lance-tailed manakins use a type of wingman strategy to help their fellow beasts attain a mate.

As man has evolved, so have the communication tactics used to find a life partner. You might have guessed, but the ‘wingman strategy’ is one of the most popular approaches (possibly learned from the wild) to finding romantic partners. After all, having a wingman is one of the most effective ways to secure a date at a bar, the most popular hunting ground for singles looking to mingle.

If your friend is looking to meet new people in hopes of securing dates, it might be time to don your aviators and ready yourself to be the best wingman possible. Yet, fear not if you’re unsure how to be the best bar wingman because we’ve shared five winning strategies to get you wingman-ing like a pro. And if you falter, keep in mind that they would likely do the same for you, so gulp down your pride and read on.

What Is A Wingman, And Why Do You Need One?

You might already know what a wingman is, but we want to give a brief explanation so that we know everyone is on the same page. Firstly, the term ‘wingman’ became popular because it was first used in the aviation industry. It became a buzzword thanks to pop culture, movies like “Top Gun: Maverick,” and, more recently, Urban Dictionary.

Nowadays, the term ‘wingman’ is primarily used in dating because a wingman is an individual who helps a friend, family member, or acquaintance with their romantic prospects. Usually, wingmen are found in places like bars, networking events, high school reunions, parties, and even frat houses.

A wingman has to make the person they are helping look good so that they have a decent chance of piquing the interest of the person who has caught their eye. How well a wingman does depends on his strategies to help his friend.

Here Are the 5 Strategies to Be the Best Bar Wingman

Now that you know what a wingman is and why you need one, we have listed the five strategies you can follow to be the best bar wingman possible. You don’t have to use all these strategies, but if you do, you will likely successfully help your friend find a date the next time you head out to the bar.

1). Give Your Friend the Pep Talk They Deserve and Know When to Quit

Arguably the best strategy to be the best bar wingman for your friend is to give them the pep talk they deserve to boost their confidence. You have the sole duty of being the one-man pep squad; you need to hype them up enough so that they can approach romantic interests that have caught their eye.

Suppose you can increase your friend’s confidence, self-esteem, and energy levels. In that case, it’s far more likely that he will secure a date.

However, you also need to be the voice of reason and the responsible person who tells your friend when it’s time to quit. It might not sound like wingman behavior, but it’s essential to know when to tell your friend to cut their losses to prevent them from wasting time.

Man being wingman for friend

2). Make Sure You Go Mostly Unnoticed

To be an adept wingman, you need to go unnoticed so your friend can be the center of attention at the bar. This means you need to be savvy enough to know when to exit stage left. You need to know when to fade into the background so your friend can captivate his chosen audience.

To successfully get your friend a date while being his wingman, you must know when to walk and talk to someone, when to stay nearby and when to make a hasty exit. Fortunately, it is easy to go unnoticed as it all comes down to knowing how to read a room (and keep reading it).

Pro Tip: If you want to successfully read a room and go unnoticed while being the best wingman possible, you need to be sober enough to offer assistance. If you’re not, you won’t be able to read the subtle social cues people exhibit while out and about at your local bar.

3). Talk to People to Find Potential Matches

How will you ever be the best bar wingman you could possibly be if you don’t walk the room and talk to people to find potential matches for your friend? Often the most crucial part of being a wingman is being the introducer.

You have to be the individual who is unafraid to approach a group of people and say hello to break the ice and get your friend noticed for the right reasons. Essentially, you’re the guy who introduces himself so your friend can learn someone’s name again. It’s your job to open ‘doors’ for your friend in as organic a way as possible so as not to be awkward.

Additionally, you need to know when not to be a bother and a pest. You shouldn’t be waiting in a corner being creepy or creeping up on people as they try to enjoy a private night out.

4). Talk up Your Friend

Another wingman strategy proven to work is “talking up” your friend. However, there is a fine line between harmless hyperbole and exaggerating to the point of lying. When talking about your friend to a potential date, tell stories that are rooted in fact. But feel free to add some flavor and make him look good and even more attractive and impressive.

Luckily, making your friend look good by talking him up is easy. All you need to do is foster common interests between your friend and the person he’s romantically interested in. You can also go so far as to share appealing tidbits about his character, career, family, and personal life that he wouldn’t mind you sharing.

For example, if he’s writing a novel, is a closeted master chef, or has attended an Ivy League college, be sure to bring it up organically in conversation. These exciting insights will strengthen his chances of striking gold; trust us.

5). Run Interference

Our favorite wingman strategy is the ‘run interference’ all night long. A master wingman will keep an eye on their friend for any potential hazards that could ruin his chances with the woman (or man) who has caught his eye.

You should be able to read a situation in a split second and react accordingly when necessary by intercepting potential threats to your friend’s romantic success. Usually, this means you must sacrifice your evening to talk with your friend’s romantic interests pals instead of finding yourself romantic matches. Or it could mean ensuring other guys or gals don’t poach the date from right under your friend’s nose.

Running interference isn’t the easiest strategy, and it does require self-sacrifice (cough, cough), but it’ll be worth it when your friend secures an actual date.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you can easily use a few strategies to be the best bar wingman for your friend. If you follow these strategies, you’re likely to succeed in getting your friend the date they deserve. It might take some practice, but eventually, you’ll nail down the wingman routine and be everyone’s go-to dating savior.

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