Dating Site or Hogwarts House? Sorting Matches into Their Magical Homes

woman looking at phone and computer with hogwarts crest in the corner

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re already very familiar with Hogwarts houses. But you might not have used them in your dating life.

Even though everyone has their favorite Hogwarts house, no one can say that all of the houses weren’t necessary for the story. It’s also essential to have people in your life and on your dating site who identify with all of these houses as well. 

When you’re looking for love on a dating site, it can feel impossible to sort through all of your options and find the perfect choice for you. That’s why we suggest that you take a different and unique approach when sorting matches. 

To get the whole experience of a dating site and explore all of the options that your site can present to you, think about sorting matches into their Hogwarts houses and seeing where that can lead you. 

You might want to date someone from every house, or you might find that you’re attracted to one house in particular. 

No matter what, sorting matches into their corresponding Hogwarts houses can be a fun activity, and you might be encouraged to get to know them a bit better.

gryffindor sigil on smartphone


More than likely, you’re not going to find a lot of Gryffindors on your dating site; they’re going to find you. 

Gryffindors are often described as brave, but they’re more three-dimensional than that. Gryffindors go after what they want, and they usually have the skills to achieve their dreams. They are courteous and courageous, so you’ll probably be able to spot them based on their first messages. 

It’s good to date a Gryffindor because you know that you’ll be taken care of, and they can take the reigns for the most part in your relationship. 

That being said, bravery and chivalry are not the only things that Gryffindors bring to the table. They’re also plucky and a bit stubborn. You can’t tell a Gryffindor that they can’t do something because they’ll find a way to do it. 

Make sure to stand your ground when you’re dating a Gryffindor because their stubborn nature might rear its head more often than you think. 

ravenclaw sigil on smartphone


Although you might have to join a dating site like Elite Singles to find a Ravenclaw, they’re everywhere! You can spot a Ravenclaw based on their witty messages and impeccable bio. 

Ravenclaws lead with their cleverness, wit, and creativity. They will likely be the ones who stand out the most on dating sites because they’ve done the work and made sure that their profiles are top-notch. 

Ravenclaws have so much depth and power within them. Talk to your Ravenclaw matches about the things they’re passionate about, and watch their eyes light up. Just don’t think that you know more than a Ravenclaw; that will be the end of you. 

slytherin sigil on smartphone


Slytherin is another type you’ll see a lot when you’re on a dating site. 

Just because they’re often labeled as the bad guys in the books doesn’t mean that you should stay away from them online. Slytherin’s ambition, determination, and cleverness make them an excellent option for a match on a dating site. 

You’re sure to have interesting conversations when you match with a Slytherin, as they’ll probably do the homework on you and be able to make a tailored first impression based on what you’ve put in your bio and your interests. 

Slytherins will most likely slide into your messages with a pickup line that’s too juicy not to respond to or make a first impression that you cannot get out of your head.

hufflepuff sigil on smartphone


Last but certainly not least are the Hufflepuffs. Hufflepuffs are the best kinds of people you should match with when you’re online dating. 

Unlike most people who use dating sites, Hufflepuffs are loyal and patient, meaning that if they match with you and they like you, they’re not just going to drop you when someone new comes along. 

Hufflepuffs likely won’t send the first message when they’re on a dating site, but their messages will all be incredibly personal and intentional. And more than likely, Hufflepuffs will see you before you see them. They are incredible seekers, after all. 

Hufflepuffs will also bend over backward to romance you. You’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind romance when you match with a Hufflepuff, and they will treat you like the treasure you are. 

A Final Word

We hope this little article encouraged you to start sorting your dating site matches into their Hogwarts houses and hopefully diversifying them a bit too.
Dating sites are unique places you can go to and find different people and relationships online. We want you to experience all that the best dating sites have to offer and take advantage of your time online by dating someone from every house!

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