Igniting the Flames of Passion: Sneaky Ways to Seduce Your Man and Keep the Romance Alive

Woman seducing her partner

Ladies, doesn’t it feel amazing to get sexual attention from your man, regardless of how long you’ve been dating? You could be at a point in your relationship where you’re searching for fun and exciting methods to make him focus on you to reignite the spark when you’re feeling particularly sexual. 

There are many simple and fresh ways to seduce your man (among other things) when you’re in the mood and revving to go. From sexy looks and subtle scents to dirty sex talk and forbidden dances, you can get his interest. 

If you’re looking for subtle everyday moves you can do to get his attention, check out the below methods that will turn him on while simultaneously making you feel sexy and empowered. 

1. Give Him Compliments

Guys like to feel good, especially if the source is you. So, when it’s appropriate, compliment his physical appearance. It can be comments about his physique, how he laughs, or how he moves. If you like his clothing style, let him know. 

When men feel confident about their appearance, they will likely be turned on and more receptive to your attempts for his attention. For example, try comments like:

  • “There’s my handsome hottie” when he comes into the room or if you walk in on him changing clothes.
  • “You look good in those jeans.”
  • “Your arms look buff when you vacuum.”

2. Seduce Your Man with Eye Contact

When you look at him, lock eyes and hold his gaze for a few seconds. Since your eyes are considered one of the strongest seductive tools, look at him from afar, either in public or when you’re in private. 

In public, glance at him from across the crowded room. When your eyes lock, give him a sly grin. At home, look at him from across the table and smile, or if you pass him in the hall, take a second to glance at him and hold his gaze for one or two seconds. 

The more intentional you are, the bigger his reaction (physical and emotional) will be. Here are some tips to use:

  • For a more significant impact, when you lock eyes, raise an eyebrow, add a wink, or use a pouty lip to make it distinctly clear that you’re into him.
  • Do not–we repeat–DO NOT lock eyes for longer than 8 seconds. After that point, it starts to look a little a wee bit creepy or like a joke.
  • If you use a signature dirty look that he’ll recognize (ex, licking of the lips or some other oral gesture), don’t hold back! He’ll love being able to identify your love signal, especially in public.

3. Say His Name in a Conversation

Who doesn’t love the sound of their own name? Cutesy nicknames like “sweetie,” “hun,” or “baby” are nice to hear. However, he’ll know you’re speaking to him intimately when his name comes from your lips. You can also add in some seductive and subtle pauses around his name in everyday talk, like:

  • “Neal, you won’t believe what happened to me today.”
  • “And then, Neal, I saw what happened at the supermarket.”
  • “Hi, Neal, how was your day?”

4. Use a Gentle Touch to Make Him Feel Hot

When he’s not expecting it, graze his lower back or gently run your fingertips down his arm. Your touch doesn’t necessarily need to be sexual to make him feel sexy and desired–although that’s good, too. With the slightest physical contact from you, he’ll feel like you want him, which is a complete turn-on.

Guys like being touched; whether it’s romantic, platonic, or erotic, they enjoy being physical. So, if you want to get his attention, try more unexpected, playful touches like:

  • an unexpected neck, shoulder, or foot rub
  • grabbing his hand or gently touching his fingertips
  • touching his arm
  • leaning into him when you’re standing near each other or sitting close
  • a cute, playful smack on his butt (if you’ve done it before and it was okay)

5. Wear His Favorite Perfume

Spray on one of his favorite scents or one that he says reminds him of you. It can be perfume you currently wear or one you wore when you first began dating. When people smell a familiar scent, it can stimulate various sensory reactions, including arousal. So, when he smells you, he may become excited.  

When he gets a whiff of that scent, he’ll start thinking about you and all the exciting and fun times you had together, and yes, that includes the bedroom!

  • Use scents that remind him of nature, sex, or even food. They can help get his attention and put sex on his mind. Use perfumes with hints of bergamot, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, lavender, citrus, or cinnamon.
  • Be a little sneaky and spray a tiny bit of perfume on or beside his pillow. He’ll begin thinking about you before you even come into the bedroom.

6. Try Flirty Body Language to Show Him You’re Ready

If you want him to know you’re in the mood, use flirty body language like wiggling your hips in bed or cuddling up close to him. A big move is smiling at him while tilting your head sideways. This is effective in front of him with an open posture. Other sexy moves include:

  • mirroring his movements (for example, if he puts his hand on your arm to tell you something, place your hand on his, or if he leans in to tell you something, you should lean in even closer.)
  • Standing or sitting with your feet pointing in his direction
  • Making eye contact and then looking away to suggest you’re ready to take “the situation” into the next room.

7. Reminisce about the Time You First Met

Talk about the exhilaration you felt when you first met each other. Turn off all distractions, like your tv or cell phone, so you can focus on each other. Think about all the fun you used to have together during your flirty phase, or reminisce about your first date. Where did you go? How did you feel? How long was the date? Discuss the details, like what you wore and your expectations about the date. His start will start racing just like when you two first met.

One other way to recreate an exciting and exhilarated feeling is to do something brand new together. Go to a new bar, or take a beginner’s cooking class–something where you’re both at the same inexperienced level so you can learn together.  

8. Flaunt the Physical Features He Likes on You

When he’s looking in your direction, subtly play up his favorite part of your body. If he loves your shoulders and neck area, don’t be shy about coming out of the shower only wrapped in a towel. 

If he loves your lips, brush them with your finger while studying. Do a few extra smacks when you put on your lip gloss. The point is to do what you naturally do, but only this time, do it when he’s looking. Other ideas might be:

  • Applying lotion to body parts like your legs, hands, or chest if he’s into those areas.
  • “Fix” your hair with a coy, sensuous hair flip
  • Asking him how he thinks your new jeans fit, especially in the butt.

9. Teach Him a Sexy New Dance Move

Next time you’re dancing together, pull out a sexy new move with your hips and butt in full view. You don’t need to be a professional dancer or create a choreographed routine. Instead, show him one new hip-shaking move you’ve never shown him before.  

Whether at a party, in a club, or at home dancing to music, your new move will grab his attention and reignite a spark that can ultimately lead to the bedroom. 

If you want to be more direct, do a slow, erotic routine just for him when you’re alone. It’s not about being the best dancer in the world; it’s more about being sexy for your man to let him know you’re interested.  

To get his focus on you, put on some music and move in a sensual manner that feels good to you.

10. Make Him Slightly Jealous

Hug a guy friend or reminisce about an ex in his presence. When he realizes other guys still drool over you, he’ll be excited and ready to go. A mild case of the green-eyed monster will help remind him how lucky he is to have you as his girlfriend–the woman who still lusts after him and only him.

Be careful not to take the jealousy too far because it may hurt his feelings. There are plenty of ways to make him a little green with envy, including:

  • “accidentally” bumping into or brushing against some other guy
  • swooning over a celebrity crush
  • taking some time to return his calls or texts

Ways to Make Him Jealous

Sadly, some guys take their relationship and their partner for granted, so they stop trying to keep the love alive But don’t fear because there are little tricks you can do to spark your relationship and remind him of the good thing he has.

If done correctly, jealousy is one way to get him to notice that he’s got a good thing. However, it can be a double-edged sword, so you may get burned if you don’t play it on the safer side.  

Ways to make him jealous:

  1. Go out with your girlfriends- let him know that you are going out with your girls and have him wondering what you do when you and your girlfriends go out for a hot night on the town.
  2. Dress up- show him that you still look good.
  3. Ignore his calls and text- stop answering right away. Give it some time before you respond.
  4. Laugh at his friend’s jokes- It doesn’t matter if it’s his best friend; when you laugh at a guy’s joke that’s not him, he’ll get jealous. 
  5. Comment on well-dressed guys- This lets him know that you, too, can check out the opposite sex. 
  6. Flirt with someone he doesn’t know- Try some harmless flirting with some dude he’s never met before.
  7. Become the center of attention- Show him that you don’t have to hold his hand all the time and that you can garner attention on your own.
  8. Share all your celebrity crushes- Contrary to his belief, no, he’s not the only guy you think is hot. 
  9. Tell him about the guy who checked you out- Sometimes, all they need is a little push to let them know you’re no ugly duckling.
  10. When he flirts, ignore it- Guys can sometimes crave your attention by flirting with other girls. Next time he does it, ignore him.
  11. Stop agreeing to last-minute plans- When you let him know you’re busy, you’re also notifying him that you have options.
  12. Do something new without him- Get a new hobby that he’s not a part of. You’re showing him you have a life.
  13. Stop initiating contact- He doesn’t call because he knows you will. Let him text first so he knows that sometimes, you’re busy, too.
  14. Make yourself first- Stop doing everything for him and prioritize yourself. 
  15. Sign up for a dating app- Not only sign up “as a joke,” but sign up for one that is his polar opposite, like a conservative app and show him your matches, and then cancel. Doing so shows him that guys still find you hot even if he doesn’t. 

Making him jealous isn’t necessarily about playing games. It’s more about actions speaking louder than words. You may have told him how you feel, but he will definitely get your point if you show him.

11. Discuss How Hot He Was When You Met

Go into detail and paint a picture of how good-looking he was when you first met. Tell him how irresistible he was when you first laid eyes on him or how you wanted to devour him when you were in your flirting phase. Recount the time you first hooked up or engaged in sex, and don’t leave out one single detail. 

Give him a tempting touch or, if you really want to reminisce and take him back to the earliest moments in your relationship, reenact how you first sauntered over to talk to him. Add in some physicalities to let him know what you’re going to do to him when you’re done re-telling the story.

12. Get Flirty and Start Some Teasing

Whisper seductively in his ear or make sexy comments. Flirting and teasing can make your boyfriend feel desired and hot. Tell him what you would love to do with (and to) him later or what you want him to do to you. 

Teasing works well when there’s a little tension involved, so get him going at a time when he can’t easily whisk you away to the bedroom. Try something like:

  • “I have a big surprise awaiting you when you come home from work.”
  • “If you’re good at the party tonight, I’ll give you a surprise when we get home.”
  • “I bet I can help you unwind better than a six-pack of beer ever could.”

13. Initiate Some Sexy Time…but on Your Terms

Take all the control out of his hands and be the boss in charge for one night. This is a refreshing and exciting way to shake it up and display your more dominant side. You tell him where you’re going to dinner on date night. Or give him sexy teasing rules like, “no touching all night” as a type of foreplay. 

Your confident and domineering side will turn him on as he surrenders to your every command. Demonstrate you are in control for the night by:

  • Instructing him to do as you ask all night
  • Surprising him by getting into the shower with him
  • Taking off his clothes for him. Do it fast or slow. Remember, you’re in charge and can do whatever you want!

14. Turning Him on Tips

Do only things you feel comfortable with to get his attention. For example, skip the dancing if you have two left feet and are uneasy with the idea. If you’re hesitant about the more sexual or upfront ideas, but the subtle ones are getting your desired results, have a conversation with him about what you want regarding sexual attention. 

If you and your boyfriend have not engaged in sex yet, check in with him and yourself to ensure you’re both ready. It will be more fun attempting to get his attention when you know you both will be satisfied with the outcome. 

15. Sext When Apart and in Public

Message him your sexiest joke or a hot selfie of yourself. He’ll receive the message loud and clear and probably won’t be able to concentrate when he understands what’s waiting for him when he finally gets home. 

To add even more sexual tension, send a dirty text while you’re in public together. Text him something like:

  • “I can’t wait to tear off your clothes when we get home!”
  • “You need to hurry and come over because this big is way too big just for me.”
  • Send a picture of yourself in the sexy underwear he got for you.

You’re in a relationship with the guy, so of course, you want him to be attracted to you. Unfortunately, sometimes people get complacent after dating for a long time, and your sex life gets boring. Use these ideas to spice up the bedroom. 

But if you need some excitement out of bed, also check out these ideas if your partner is boring. Good luck!

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