Pets and Online Dating: Should You Include Your Furry Friend in Your Profile?

woman taking selfie with her dog

Howdy, pawtner. You’re here because you’re probably in the process of putting together your dating site profile, and you’re trying to figure out the answer to a serious question. 

  • Do you include your pet in your photos? 
  • Or do you leave the doggy at home? 

I guess it depends on who you ask. Apart from writing, I’m a pet sitter, meaning on any given day, I have no less than six animals in my home. So it’s kind of important that people know this about me. Why? Well, I don’t really want to connect on a great date with someone who is afraid of animals, allergic to them, or who can’t handle a little bit of fur getting on their clothes. 

So I’m going to take the position that YES, you should have your pet in your profile. And if you don’t have a pet, then don’t worry about it! I’m assuming more people reading this aren’t also pet sitters, and yet I’m still going to show you why including your beloved four-legged child in your dating site profile will help more than hinder your chances of a match. 

So get out your Furminator, and let’s clean up the confusion on this point. 

woman with pet cat

Fur-tastic First Impressions

We’ve all heard it before: A picture is worth a thousand words. And if you’ve ever been on a dating site, you know that your photo is the first thing people are going to see. 

So what happens when you add your pet to your photo? 

Well, a couple of things. Your dating profile is your chance to show off who you are and what your life is like, and you only have a couple of photos and a short bio to do that. If you’re on the fence about adding your pet to your profile, consider these factors.

question mark
  • Do you have a pet?
  • Is your partner going to meet your pet? 
  • Do you have a nickname for your pet?

These might seem like silly questions, but pets are our children, and you wouldn’t lie about having kids, so why would you not mention your pets? Maybe you just don’t want to or don’t think it’s necessary.

Well, did you know that according to a recent study from Animal and Wildlife News, 2 out of 3 people are more likely to swipe right on a dating site profile if your pet is in the pic? First impressions are everything with online dating, and by including your fur baby in your profile, you’re letting the world know a few different things about you:

question mark
  • You like animals
  • Which means you’re probably more empathetic than people who don’t
  • You’re not selfish because you care for something other than yourself

Now, some of those (specifically the second two) may be subjective, but it’s a well-known fact that people who own pets are just generally happier than those who don’t. 

Okay, that’s my opinion and subjective too, but this Time Magazine study agrees with me. You’re going to be a happier person if you have a pet. And what kind of person do people want to date? Not sad and lonely people. But happy and independent folks.

man with dog

Putting Pets in the Pic

Listen, if you’re not fully convinced that you should put your pet in your dating site profile, ask yourself this. Do you want to fall for someone only to find out they’re allergic to Fido, hate cats, or refuse to be in the same vicinity as a bird? No, you don’t. But if that hasn’t convinced you, I’ll add a few more reasons why adding your animal child to your profile is a good idea.

As I mentioned above, when you have a pet, you have to care about someone other than yourself. By adding them to your profile, you’re demonstrating your nurturing side and showing off your ability to offer love, care, and companionship. 

Plus, pets are a serious commitment. Maybe I’m imagining this, but looking back on my own love life, the men who never wanted a relationship were the ones who didn’t have pets. Just a little food for thought. 

Adding a pet to your profile is also a great way to show off your hobbies and interest. 

question mark
  • Do you and Murphy go hiking on the weekends? 
  • Do you travel with your cat? 
  • Do you ride horses every Saturday? 

Not only can adding pets to your pics help you show off your interests in your profile, but this can also help potential matches figure out if your lifestyle is compatible with yours. 

You’re more likely to attract individuals interested in similar experiences and, most importantly, who either love pets or have one of their own. 

If I still need to convince you to add your pet to your dating site profile, think of this. 

Let’s pretend you matched with your dream crush. You’re ready to get it, to dive in and have a conversation. Only one problem. They’re incredibly shy and don’t know where to start the conversation. 

What’s an easy solution? Putting a pet in your profile! Pets naturally draw attention to people and offer an opportunity to create an immediate connection with a neutral icebreaker. Even if someone doesn’t have a pet, most people like animals, and showing off your four-legged fluff can open the door for other people to reach out to you. 

woman with rabbit

Keep Expectations Real

So yeah, including your pet in your profile can help you attract the right kind of people, who

  •  like pets, 
  • is empathetic, 
  • and will message you about your pet. 

Seems like a great idea, then, right? I’m definitely on the pro-pet side (as you can tell), but you’ll want to ensure you don’t flood your profile with ALL pet photos. You may worship your dog, but I’m sure you have other hobbies. 

By showing different aspects of your personality, you’ll give a well-rounded idea of who you are and what your life is like. 

However, if your pet is everything to you, and you talk about them 24-7, have a shrine in your bedroom dedicated to them, and you take showers together, then ignore everything I said and include your pet in all your pics! 


Showing you have a pet will ensure you’re attracting people who also like pets, letting you filter out the psychopaths who hate animals or the poor souls who are just allergic to them. So now that I’ve convinced you to add your pet to your favorite dating site profile, you might as well start working on how to teach your fluffball how to smile for your next selfie.

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