Here Is the Best Way to Leverage Your Instagram to Get the Most Dates

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Did you know that according to new data, Instagram has more than 800 million users globally that engage with the app a minimum of once a month? If you didn’t know that, you might not know that millions of people are using Instagram as a dating app, and you can too. 

Yet, since this social media platform hasn’t been designed to be a dating app, it can be challenging to determine how to use it as one. Luckily, that’s where we come in. We’ve taken the time to analyze the data and dating trends to tell you the best ways to leverage your Instagram to get the most dates. 

So continue reading to learn everything you need to know about using your Instagram to find your next great love. 

Here Are the Seven Best Ways You Can Leverage Your Instagram to Get More Dates

Although there are quite a few ways you can use your Instagram to secure numerous dates, we’ve narrowed down the list. If you follow the advice we give below, you’re far more likely to be successful at leveraging your Instagram to secure numerous future dates. 

1. Make Sure You Set Your Profile Picture to Public

If you keep your profile picture private, how will the people you’re interested in see who you are? Many people forget to set their profile picture to public and then DMing people they want to go on dates with. 

As you can imagine, a person isn’t going to respond to someone that doesn’t have an image available for viewing. So don’t be this person. Go to your settings and make your picture public so potential dates can see and appreciate the person (you) asking them out. 

Yet, why not take it a step further and make yourself stand out from the thousands of other people trying to get a date with the person who has caught your eye on Instagram? It may not be easily achievable, but you can get a verified badge for your Instagram. 

We know that most verified people are celebrities, public figures, and sportsmen, but a few ‘normals’ have been blessed with the Blue Tick. The moment you achieve Blue Tick status, you’ll immediately appear more legit, significantly increasing your chances of obtaining more dates in the near future. 

How do you try to verify your account? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Do the following and hope for the best: 

  • Log into your Instagram and go to your profile page.
  • On your profile page, tap the three lines at the upper right corner and choose settings.
  • Select ‘account’ and then choose the ‘request verification’ feature.
  • After doing this, you need to provide the requested information and upload a clear picture of your ID.

Once you have followed these steps, you must wait and see if you get verified. 

2. Strategize What You Post

It might not be the most enjoyable activity, but one of the best ways to leverage your Instagram to get more dates is to strategize what you post. After all, if you have a haphazard Instagram profile with a mismatch of Images and no apparent theme in sight, potential dates aren’t going to take you seriously. 

First and foremost, a good strategy involves picking the right pictures for your 6 to 9 above-the-fold photos. These pictures will be the first few your potential dates see, so they must accurately represent you in the best light. If they don’t, you’re unlikely to make a good first impression and even less likely to get dates when DMing those who catch your eye. 

Secondly, you need to have a good balance between posts and stories. If your Insta looks good, it will immediately place more perceived value on you. The more value a person thinks you have, the better your chances of securing a first date with a potential romantic partner. 

When posting pictures and videos, you must make yourself appear more dateable and put together. To do this, you need to have content that does the following:

  • Shows your adventurous side.
  • Accurately showcases your interests, passions, and hobbies.
  • Represents your ambitions and goals.
  • Makes others happy.
  • Displays your social value.

3. Try Gain More Followers

If you want to leverage your Instagram to successfully get more dates, you need to try and gain more followers. Unfortunately, the more followers you have, the more worth you are perceived to have. If you have many followers, you’re far more likely to get a follow back from the people you’re interested in potentially starting a romantic relationship with. 

Why is this? Well, getting someone to follow you back is the Instagram equivalent of matching with someone on a dating app like Tinder. Additionally, more followers make you a more vital prospect in the dating world because it indicates you have verifiable ‘social proof’ and are someone others enjoy engaging with frequently. 

4. Ensure You Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Dating

It might seem difficult to believe, but optimizing your Instagram profile for dating is possible. The best way to optimize your Instagram profile is to ensure you have the best pictures, bio, and username. If you can optimize your profile for dating, you can target a larger dating pool, ensuring you secure many future dates. 

Additionally, by ensuring these three components are the best they could be, you’ll get the attention of many who might not view you as a dating prospect – yet. 

When optimizing your photos, bio, and username, you must remember that you’re trying to create a pseudo-Instagram dating profile that attracts and keeps an individual’s romantic interest and attention. So choose good photos, have a memorable but relatable username and ensure your bio accurately represents who you are. 

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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Send Friendly DMs

You need to start if you’re not using DMs to leverage your Instagram and get dates. The classic DM slide is one of the best features this social media platform offers singles looking to mingle. 

This is because, unlike dating apps, you don’t need to first match with someone to communicate with them. Instead, you can immediately send a friendly DM to someone you’re interested in pursuing romantically – so don’t be afraid to do so. 

However, don’t take advantage and be disrespectful, as sending unsolicited nudies and rude banter isn’t going to get you very far. In fact, it’s the absolute fastest way to get blocked and potentially flagged for investigation. 

When used correctly, you can use DMs to get to know someone very well before you ever meet them in real life. 

6. Use Hashtags to Put Yourself Out There

We know what you’re thinking. Hashtags are ‘so cringe,’ but they hold immense power. A hashtag under the right photo can get you the attention you need to earn multiple dates. It’s also easy to use hashtags to your advantage. 

All you need to do is post a cute picture of yourself or something funny and add the ‘singlelife’ tag. This tag will get your post noticed when other people using Instagram to find dates search for this same hashtag. 

However, it would be best if you didn’t go overboard using the ‘singlelife’ tag as it can make you come across as desperate, which is likely the last thing you want when wading through the dating game. Keep your tag usage referencing your singledom to one or two weekly posts. That way, you’ll stay relevant without looking like you’re only using Instagram to get dates. 

7. Use Videos Posted to Your Stories to Showcase Your Personality

Few people know this, but you can use videos posted to your stories to leverage your Instagram and get more dates. This is because the videos you post to your stories can showcase bits and pieces of your personality that you can use to entice potential partners. 

Ultimately, videos are far more engaging and allow others to see you in a real-life format, which they won’t see on standard dating apps. To maximize your potential for dates, you should post videos of yourself to your Instagram once or twice a week as you only want to tease and not give too much away before they can become invested. 

Additionally, if you want to come across as authentic, you need to post videos showing you doing things you enjoy. So, for example, post videos of you playing with your pets, working out at the gym, or spending a lazy Sunday at the beach. If you enjoy what you’re doing, it will go over well with viewers and likely get you more dates; trust us. 

Moreover, since you can see who views your stories, you can check if the people you’re interested in dating are seeing the content you’re putting out. 

Wrap-up on the Best Ways to Leverage Your Instagram to Get the Most Dates

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can leverage your Instagram to get the most dates. So give it a shot, as you never know if a well-placed hashtag and enticing video posted to your story could lead you to find love. If you follow our tips, you’re likely to significantly increase your chances of finding love on this social media app. 

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