Labor Day Online Speed Dating | How to Make the Most of Your Time on Dating Sites

Online speed dating with bumble

After meeting my husband online and being married for over a decade, I was done searching for Mr. Right. But then a friend asked me about finding a date for the fast-approaching Labor Day holiday, so I did a little research and found out there’s such a thing as online speed dating. 

Years ago, I watched a Sex and the City episode where Miranda was searching for a date to bring to a weekend wedding, so she used in-person speed dating and found a match. It didn’t work out too well for Miranda, but maybe online dating would be more successful.

Online dating has taken the old practice of meeting people for five-minute mini-dates and evolved it into an internet phenomenon.

In the proper setting, speed dating can be both fun and practical. It’s an excellent option for singles who want to explore new connections quickly and, most importantly, safely. Since Labor Day is right around the corner, speed dating is the perfect choice for her!

After much research, I found one of the best free sites where you can speed date and find speed dating events in your surrounding area. You can also perfect your skills without even getting off the couch with a few online speed dating games. 

Bumble has fast become a favorite of online daters–especially women, who get to make the first move on the dating site. It also has a ton of fun and beneficial features for those looking for a compatible match! As soon as your dating profile is built, its matching algorithm pair with your dating preferences, and it immediately starts showing you potential partners in your area.

On top of Bumble providing a curated list of compatible singles, they offer online speed dating every Thursday from 7-8 p.m. in your time zone. 

Similar to traditional IRL speed dating, this feature allows you to randomly match up with another user and chat with them for up to three minutes–you can skip the initial messaging part and get right to the good stuff to see if there is any chemistry when you’re face-to-face (or face-to-video).

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How Does Online Speed Dating Work?

Online speed dating allows you to talk to other singles via webcam, just like you would with your friends and family on Skype or Zoom. Here is how it works, step by step:


When you join an event, a moderator/host will put you in the “lobby” area. You’ll wait until the moderator places you on a “date.”


After your date, you’ll be placed back into the “lobby,” waiting for your next date.


After your chats, you’ll fill out a form checking off who you liked from the matches you met. 


If that person ticks your name too, you’ll get an email within 24 hours with contact info informing you that you have a match.


You can tick as many (or as few) singles on the list. Or, you can opt not to check off anyone.

With online speed dating, there are no expectations or pressure, and they don’t have access to your private details until you agree to match.

What Should You Wear for Your Online Date?

Most people go casual for their dates, but it is entirely up to you. Here’s what some dating experts suggest wearing to stand out and make a lasting impression on a short 3-5 minute virtual date.

A nice dressA stylish T-shirt with a sharp, fitted jacket and jeans
HeelsSlacks and a polo shirt (neatly pressed)
Anything with colorPants and a button-down shirt (neatly pressed)
Something comfortableSomething with a pop of color
A statement piece of jewelryScuff-free shoes or fashionable boots

How Does the Screen Rotation Work?

If you’ve seen traditional speed dating, you’ll understand that those who attend face each other in pairs. Typically, the host rings a bell, and at that point, the men move to the following seat to chat with the next person. 

Each online event contains a host that leads the proceedings and advises you when it’s time to switch. However, instead of sitting opposite one another, each attendee is given four minutes in a private chat with each member. You’ll have a short pause in between for notetaking. 

The short time frame means you’re not stuck with someone you’re not interested in. But you also have enough time to determine the ones who are a perfect match. The moderator/host will guide you so you’re not left wondering what to click on next. They will walk you through each step, explaining everything as you go.  

How Long Does Online Speed Last?

Typically, each “date” lasts for approximately three to five minutes. The length of the entire evening depends on the number of participants, but you should allow about two or three hours. This includes breaks. Even though you’re home, you may still need to grab some water or go to the bathroom. 


With online speed dating, you will definitely find a few matches before Labor Day. You’ll just need to decide which one you want as your holiday date!

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