I Decided to Date a Workaholic, Now What?

Dating a workaholic

So you decided to date a workaholic, pun intended. You kinda feel like you are playing second fiddle to your romantic partner, which is not a great emotional space to be in when it comes to relationships.

It’s a challenge for sure, but not an insurmountable one if you think this chained to their desk person is “the one.” Yes, it’ll take some work, and it won’t always be smooth sailing, but not only is it possible, you can have a happy partnership if you know how to navigate the challenges!

But be aware dating a workaholic is not for the faint of heart or needy types—it comes along with coping with canceled plans (more than you’d like) and a romantic partner who is perpetually preoccupied with work. And at times, you could feel like you’re in a long-distance relationship despite them being physically near you. Don’t throw in the towel just yet—with a lot of understanding and the ability to adapt to this dynamic, you can have a happy and healthy relationship.

Clocking a Workaholic Partner

Workaholics typically exhibit certain behaviors, such as prioritizing work over everything—and we mean everything. 

It could also manifest as them showing signs of anxiety when they aren’t working, struggling to or the inability to separate work and personal life, exhibiting perfectionist tendencies, and often being so absorbed in work that they don’t engage in meaningful interactions or conversations. Like RiRi says, it’s all about “Work, work, work, work, work” with workaholics.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Dating someone who is super committed to their career requires some extra work and a few strategies to support a good relationship. 

We put together some practical tips and guidelines to help you navigate what seems like an impossible obstacle course of being romantically entangled with a workaholic. All of our suggestions have one goal, and that’s to bolster understanding, mutual respect, and a balanced relationship! This will see to it that both partners feel valued and connected despite the demands of a hectic career-oriented workaholic’s day planner.

Tips for Success


Scheduling Together: Sync up your schedules to allow for quality time together that doesn’t interfere with any work commitments.


Understanding Their Drive: Recognize the importance and value of their work and show sensitivity when it comes to their dedication.


Surprising Them: Small, unexpected gestures can brighten their busy routine. Pack them lunch! Or have their fav meal delivered to their office if they are working late.

days off

Respecting Off Days: Make sure that any days off are not overshadowed or ruined by work-related stress or concerns (this one could be tough, we can’t lie).


Don’t Nag: Butting heads with your partner over their overloaded work schedule will not get you anywhere. Try to be as understanding as you can be instead of having a go at them when you feel frustrated or angry.


Open Communication: Talk about your feelings and needs when it comes to your relationship expectations.


Understanding Their Industry: A great way to better connect with them is to learn about their work so you can get a better grasp of their schedule and commitments.


Accepting the Reality: From the jump, acknowledge the inherent challenges of dating a workaholic and adapt accordingly.


Getting Help: If you’ve been in a relationship for a decent amount of time, you can get some professional guidance, like couples counseling, to navigate the complex terrain of being with a workaholic. Do NOT suggest this if you’ve only been on a few dates!

to do

Stay Busy: You have your own life, so look after it! Stay active in your personal life, and keep up with any hobbies so you can maintain your individuality.


Use Tech for Connection: Take advantage of digital tools to stay connected, especially in long-distance scenarios. If they travel a lot for their job, use FaceTime or Skype when you talk.


Changing Your Perspective: Try to put yourself in their shoes and view the situation from their perspective—focus on the positive aspects of their work ethic and not just what it takes away from you.


Yes, dating a workaholic can feel like a job on its own, what with all of the challenges you face. But with a level-headed approach and a positive mindset, it’s more than possible to build a strong and supportive romantic relationship. 

Understanding, open and honest communication, and flexibility are the keys to the office when it comes to maneuvering with a significant other who seems to be married to their job. If they are worth it, hang in there; if it is meant to be, it won’t be the only thing they’re married to!

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