28 Hollywood Guys Not Considered Hot, But, Yeah, They Kinda Are

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I don’t care what you say; there’s just something sexy about a guy who isn’t necessarily hot in the public’s eye but has a particular something that gets a woman’s juices going. I’m looking at you, Sweet Meat Pete (Davidson).

Lately, social media has directed its attention to celebrities who don’t fit the Hollywood Hottie mold. However, only recently has diversity been represented on the big screen, so this includes every category, male and female, that doesn’t fit the standard representation of beauty.

This trend sparked a new classification of “hot-ugly” guys who fit the conventional beauty standards that Hollywood defined long ago. These guys had blonde hair and blue eyes. In addition, they were tanned, had a six-pack, and looked like Ken dolls. They are what are known as manufactured or generic guys.

At first glance, they look unbelievably hot, but then you see past all of the standard beauty and realize something is missing. It could be their “dude” personality, with which you no longer vibe, or maybe their lack of humor is a turnoff (hello, Mark Wahlberg). Eventually, you (and Hollywood) realize that these perfect guys are kinda dull.

According to social media, here are a few Hot-Ugly guys:

  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Zac Efron
  • Channing Tatum
  • The Rock
  • Noah Beck
  • Noah Centineo

On the other hand, Ugly-Hot guys are attractive but unconventionally. They aren’t the stereotypical good-looking hunk, which is why they’re attractive to women. They have big noses and don’t have ripped bodies (Adam Driver). Their hair is long and messy, and they have crooked smiles.

Their non-traditional physical looks place them in the “ugly” category, but they’re considered “hot” because of their personality, charm, brains, and unbelievable self-confidence.

They may have previously been considered unattractive, but all it took was one viral interview, and society pushed them right into the hot-as-shit category.

Social media considers these guys Ugly-Hot:

  • Anwar Hadid
  • Rami Malek
  • Bill Skarsgard
  • Jack Harlow
  • Asa Butterfield
  • Andy Samberg
  • Evan Mock
  • Timothee Chalamet
  • Will Poulter
  • Dylan Arnold

The last category that every guy would love to be in (or maybe they don’t give a shit, who knows?) is the Hot-Hot guy. As you would guess, this is the dude that’s hot looking, and they have a kick-ass personality.

These guys include:

  • Michael B. Jordan
  • Chris Evans
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Henry Cavill
  • Rege-Jean Page
  • Harry Styles

Remember, these categories are based on a collective personal preference, so the rankings vary. But here is a current listing, in no particular order, of the ones that are Ugly-Hot. In other words, these men are so confident and have winning personalities that women overlook their subpar looks. 

1). The Weeknd

This dude has dated popular models, so how is he in the Ugly-Hot category? The only thing I can think of is that his music is universally popular and trumps his looks. Personally, he’s neither hot nor ugly, so I wouldn’t place him in this category, but apparently, quite a few people think so, so there you have it.

2). Adam Driver

Sorry, but I’ll never understand what this guy has going on that makes ladies think he’s hot. He first popped onto the scene in the show “Girls,” and women have been checking for him ever since. It could be his long dark hair or his pronounced nose, but whatever it is, it’s working for him.

3). Jake Johnson

I hadn’t seen this guy before “New Girl,” but according to social media, he has improved in looks with age. He also has a great sense of humor that comes out as witty one-liners. This is what makes him stand apart from other guys. He’s loveable, and despite looking like an average Joe, he’s considered a hottie.

4). Pete Davidson

With a nickname like Sweet Meat Pete, he’s definitely going onto this list. Who he’s dating is always trending, and that’s most likely because he only dates supermodels.

5). Wiz Khalifia

He’s dated Amber Rose, and they have a child together. His music is chill and laid back, just like him, and he’s a tall skinny rapper. What more could someone ask for?

And surprisingly, he has a great sense of humor. Can you say that about most rappers? I don’t know, but you can definitely say that about Wiz.

6). Benedict Cumberbatch

I get the sex appeal of this guy, but then again, I don’t. On the surface, he seems like a total snooze fest, but that could be what women find attractive about him.

He’s a great actor and tall, so there are two things right there. Not sure if he’s married, but if not, I would have to go on at least one date to see what the hype is about. If that ever happens, I’ll report back.

7). Drake

For some reason, being a rapper gets you automatic bonus points. But you’re extra hot when you’re a double threat as an actor and rapper.

Drake has dated a long list of hotties. Though, not Rihanna, who bobbed and weaved to avoid his embrace. However, aside from that, I’m sure many girls would love to give him a go.

8). Jesse Eisenberg

This one goes right over my head, but if I keep judgment to myself, maybe women mix him up with billionaire Mark Zuckerburg, who he played in the 2010 movie The Social Network. Fun Fact: Jesse doesn’t even have social media.

9). Jesse Plemons

Yep, I can see this one. While he’s not conventionally hot, hence the Ugly-Hot title, Jesse is a hot commodity in Hollywood. I could also see him getting the girl, not just in movies. Bonus points for that nerd look he does impeccably.

10). Joaquin Phoenix

This guy is a little weird, or maybe it’s just the characters he plays.

Nope, he’s weird.

Did you see the bizarre interview he did with David Letterman in 2009? Of course, but then in 2019, he played the titular role in The Joker, and that’s where the world began to realize his genius (Or crazy. Take your pick).

11). Steve Buscemi

Another one that I can’t figure out, but if I squint, I can maybe see a little bit of….wait, no, I can’t.

It must be the quirky characters he plays that give him the Ugly-Hot title, but other than that, I got nothin’.

12). James Jagger

Mick Jagger is the OG of Ugly-Hot men, so it’s only fitting that his son, James, be placed on this list. James has gorgeous blue eyes, but it’s not enough. However, his smile is genuine, and that says hot right there.

13). Wes Anderson

I don’t know much about this guy, but I have seen pictures and understand why he’s considered Ugly-Hot. Aside from the cool name, Wes has piercing eyes that can look right into your soul.

14). Tom Hiddleston

I would place Tom on the Hot-Hot list, but I get why social media sees him in a different light since he’s not conventionally good-looking. However, have you seen the guy dance? When a tall, lanky guy has the moves, that makes up for any lack of perfect facial features.

15). Bill Joe Armstrong

If you’re over a certain age, you know who this hottie is and why he makes your heart thump. BJA has a great sense of style and is only one of a few men that can successfully pull off the eyeliner look. Sure, plenty of guys wear eyeliner, but notice I said pull it off?

16). Billy Joel

And while we’re at it, I need you to look at the younger days of Billy Idol. He was skinny, spiked his hair, and wore makeup, but that didn’t matter. The dude was (and still is) hot. Even as a grandfather, he can still pull the ladies.

17). Nick Viall

Most reality TV stars don’t really do it for me. There are a few, but Nick isn’t one of them. To me, he screams basic, but because of his popularity, he’s on the Ugly-Hot list, so there you have it.

18). John Goodman

Yes, please! As an avid Roseanne watcher, the overweight, loveable, down-to-earth dad was hot back in the day. Plus, he was hilarious. What more could a girl ask for?

19). Christopher Meloni

If you have difficulty separating the actor from the good-looking guy who solves fake crimes, you may consider him Ugly-Hot. He kind of looks like the type of guy that takes everything too seriously, but when he gets you in the bedroom, he’s a gangsta-lol!

20). Jay Z

I go back and forth with this one. Sometimes, it feels like he could melt off your underwear, but then there are the times you’d give him a fake number if you met him in a bar.

He is a tall, chill, laid-back rapper, but his marriage to Queen Bey and his multi-million-dollar empire puts him in the Ugly-Hot category.

21). Dave Franco

Dave is one that, to me, just missed the mark. Like his brother, James, he has a winning smile, but something is amiss, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. He’s a good actor and is currently making his mark in Hollywood, but the jury is still out when it comes to the looks department.

22). Bill Skarsgard

I get that this guy isn’t Hollywood hot, but c’mon, he definitely ain’t ugly. Although, of course, the issue could be that his brother, Alexander, is sooooo good-looking that anything less than that isn’t up to par. Playing a killer clown who preys on children doesn’t help, either.

23). Caleb Landry Jones

I remember seeing Caleb as the weird brother in the movie, Get Out, and even then, I thought he was a cutie. But not in a typical way. In most of his films, he plays a strange guy, but that goes perfectly with his looks and may be why the ladies are attracted.

24). Donald Trump

Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! I can’t believe he’s on this list, but I will put him on, so here we go. First, let’s get one thing clear, he is not hot conventionally or in any other definition of the word. I don’t see any appeal to him. None. At. All.

So why is he on this list? I don’t know. It could be because right-wing women seem to think he’s hot, not for his appearance, but for his balls-to-the-wall attitude. He declares he can do what he wants and get away with it.

25). Justin Bieber

This one depends on your type. Some girls think he’s Hot-Hot, while others, like me, see him more as an Ugly-Hot. That’s due to his previous antics and because people find more diverse guys hot. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, Justin is far from diverse.

26). Zac Efron

Again, this is one of those guys that is supposed to be Hot-Hot but fell short. It’s almost as if he knows it, too, because he went out and got buffed, and word around town says he’s had some plastic surgery. But, unfortunately, the alleged plastic surgery didn’t help his appearance, as the paparazzi pointed out. That’s a shame because he seems like a perfectly nice guy.

27). David Duchovny

I can’t believe he and Trump are on the same list, but let’s discuss it. David is not a bad-looking guy, but he has a dull face, if that makes sense.

In most of his TV shows, he rarely smiles, let alone laughs. His voice is one-note, but that could be his charm. In a few years, when those sexy grays come in, I could see him on the Hot-Hot list.

28). Johnny Depp

Ladies, back me up on this one. Johnny is not ugly, but he can make himself look that way. Plus, hearing that he doesn’t like to bathe makes you want to cringe even more.

As we’ve seen in his recent court case with his ex, Amber Heard, he has a sense of humor and charm that could pull him from this list. But Johnny, you have got to stop telling people you don’t like to shower or brush your teeth, please!

This list is subjective and created all in fun, so don’t take it too seriously. Just because these guys are on the list this year doesn’t mean that’ll be the case next time. Next year, there will be a new crop of Ugly-Hot guys to judge. Isn’t America so much fun?

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