Last-Minute Fixes for First Date Outfit Dilemmas

woman looking through closet

You’ve got a hot date! You are ready to walk out the door to meet up with that man or woman you met on a dating app, and you are looking FINE, if you do say so yourself.

One last check in the mirror before you go and OMG. There is a stain on your freshly-ironed, light-colored shirt. What is it? Is that coffee?? You run to the kitchen, wet a paper towel and spot dab the stain. That is not working. You rub harder but that only spreads the stain. Now you not only have schmutz on your shirt, but it’s wet on top of that.

You don’t want to be late, but you don’t want to show up looking like a mess. You could change your shirt, but you love what you are wearing! What should you do???

First of all, stop panicking. There are last-minute fixes for first date outfit dilemmas, and we are going to help get you through all of them looking no worse for wear!

button down shirt with stain

The Stain

 Okay, first we are going to tackle the stain on your shirt/pants/dress/any item of apparel you are wearing on this first date.

Let’s say it’s an unidentifiable stain you failed to notice. Or maybe it’s identifiable—like you put on your shirt after you did your makeup and there was a transfer.

Don’t freak out! This is why God invented the Tide Stick Pen (no, this is not an affiliate link or an advertisement…..for real). When we say God blessed us with this miracle stain removal product, it is not blasphemy—this thing is a miracle. In seconds, it will remove a stain, no matter what it is (except for red wine, so stay away from that). The only downside is a leftover bleach scent, but that’s better than having to change your entire outfit because of the offending mark. 

Our advice is to buy several of them—keep one in your house, one in your car, and one in your purse. That way, you can always be prepared to deal with any kind of stain!

turtleneck sweater

Sweater Weather

It was supposed to be in the 70s the day of your date, but a cold front snuck in and ruined your planned ensemble. Or did it? 

If the day is colder than expected, layering is your BFF. A cute jean jacket or fuzzy cardigan will save the day, and if you’re wearing a dress, pull on a pair of tights. And for men, a tailored blazer or a chunky cardigan over a casual tee will make you look like a snack!

If the forecast calls for rain or if it starts pouring out of nowhere, there are these things called umbrellas—yes, your hair may frizz and it’s annoying to tote around an accessory that doesn’t match your outfit, but would you rather look like a drowned rat? It’s just practical! And you know what? Sharing an umbrella is a rom-com moment.

long sleeve with holes in it

The Sneaky Hole or Tear

Found a hole or a tear in your clothing? If there’s no time for a sewing saga or you don’t even own a needle and thread, you can use fabric glue or double-sided tape—these aren’t necessarily things you’ll just happen to have lying around your house, but you may want to purchase them so if the time ever does come when you need them, it’s a quick fix. Just apply carefully and press but don’t go nuts on your date, as it’s only a temporary solution.

red shirt shrinking

The Shrinker

Have your clothes shrunk a tad and lying on the bed trying to yank those pants on isn’t cutting it? If it’s not plastic-level shrinkage, you can hang them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam can actually help relax the fibers, and a quick ironing while they are still damp can also work wonders.

If it’s a top that’s now entered into crop-top territory, pair it with a pair of high-waisted pants or a cute skirt. It’ll look like a choice, not a laundry error.

red heels

Shoe Woes

If you bought a new pair of shoes for the first date and they are making your dogs bark, you can rub some clear lip balm or petroleum jelly on where they are biting into your feet. This reduces friction and spares you from those dreaded blisters. 

This will sound crazy, but if your shoes have seen better days and you don’t have any shoe polish, grab a banana. Seriously. The inside of the peel will give your suffering shoes a quick, eco-friendly shine. Then buff with a soft cloth after you do the banana peel trick!

sunglasses, watch and hair clips

Accessory Assist

If your outfit feels too plain or not quite right, accessories are your secret weapon. A bold necklace, a watch, or a stylish belt can transform your look from meh to yesssss.

Lost an earring or can’t find a cufflink? You can opt for the intentionally mismatched look. It adds a certain edge to your style and says “I definitely did this on purpose.” Who knows, they may even ask about your bold choice, and it can fill an awkward silence!

summer collared shirt

The Unexpected Heatwave

If the day or night turns surprisingly warm, swap heavy fabrics for lighter ones if you can. A breathable cotton tee or a linen shirt can save you from overheating. For those wearing layers, ditch the extras or swap a heavy jacket for a lightweight, airy option.

Sleeves can work as your thermostat so roll them up for a casual yet put-together look that says, “I am adaptable!” It’s an easy tweak that can make a big difference in your comfort level.

For those who choose to venture out in somewhat more formal attire, choosing outfits with vents can be a lifesaver. A back vent in a dress or side vents in a shirt helps circulate air, keeping you cooler.

If it’s suddenly too hot for closed shoes, go with a pair of sandals or open-toed heels—not only do they keep your tootsies cooler, but they also add a summer vibe to your outfit.

Dark colors absorb heat, so if you’re feeling the burn, switch to lighter shades. Whites, pastels, or neutrals reflect light, helping you stay cool under the sun.

When the thermometer surprises us, go for a minimalist makeup look to avoid melting products. Think tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, and a touch of lip tint. For your hair, updos or loose, airy styles keep you feeling fresh and looking hot (in the right way).


There is pretty much a quick fix for almost all wardrobe malfunctions, unless you’ve ripped something in half, and incorporating these quick tips can help you keep your cool, both literally and figuratively, so that any outfit dilemmas don’t put a damper on your first date.

Of course you want to look good on a first date, but it’s not just about the clothes—it’s about who is wearing them. And you wear them well!

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