Finding Your Swolemate: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Gym Rat

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Let’s be honest; to establish a successful partnership, you must share some of the same interests. Relationship problems will likely arise if health and fitness are essential aspects of your everyday life, but your partner doesn’t feel the same way.

Gym rats frequently fail to recognize how unpleasant they can be when overly preoccupied with perfecting their physical appearance. If you’re currently in a partnership with a compulsive exerciser (or are a gym rat yourself), you already know this to be true.

However, this does not mean that a relationship won’t work out if you and your partner hit the gym more often than the regular person. To have a successful relationship with a fitness fanatic, you must know a few things – like where to find your swolemate and the dos and don’ts of dating a gym rat.

Fortunately, we have made the process easier by telling you everything you need to know, including the best online dating sites you can use to find a fitness enthusiast. Let’s begin!

What Exactly Is a Swolemate?

Swolemate is a colloquial name for a soulmate who doubles as a workout partner or weightlifting companion.

The Benefits of a Swolemate

Before we discuss the dos and don’ts of dating a gym rat, we want to speak about some of the benefits you can look forward to if you find yourself a swolemate.

Friendly Rivalry

Exercising alone might not be satisfying if you’re a competitive individual. You could be more inclined to push yourself harder and stretch deeper if you exercise with a romantic partner and engage in a friendly rivalry.

Encourages Reliability

You become more driven and reliable when you’ve got a support system and somebody who shares your objectives.

Ultimately, a romantic workout partner could provide the necessary incentive you need if you find it difficult to go further during workouts consistently. The more consistent you are, the better results you will see and the happier you can be.

Changes To Your Exercise Program

You can participate in fitness activities more beneficial to your goals when you work out with your swolemate. Additionally, you may exercise and add much-needed diversity to your workout program to make each session more enjoyable. The more enjoyable your workout sessions, the more likely you will continue down the fitness path with your partner.

Consistent Healthy Interaction

If getting up to go for a run to meet your fitness goals isn’t motivation enough, knowing you can chat and spend time with a partner you trust can give you the additional boost you require to kickstart your day.

Therefore, instead of concentrating on the challenging training that lies ahead, you can anticipate the social component of working out with someone you care for or love. Moreover, consistently working out with a partner will encourage healthy interaction, which will benefit your relationship’s longevity.

The Dos of Dating a Gym Rat

Now that you know some of the benefits, we want to discuss a few of the dos involved with dating a gym rat. It’s important to note that the below ‘dos’ are relevant to those dating their swolemate but are on a different fitness level than them.

Do Be Sure To Learn The Vocabulary

First and foremost, you must communicate using the same dialect because love isn’t always enough. It could seem like a foreign dialect if your significant other talks about sets, reps, and how much they’ve gained every night.

They will not leave this type of conversation at the gym, so it doesn’t hurt to attempt to pick up their fitness vocabulary so that you can discuss their interests more readily to communicate with them better.

Do Be Sure To Purchase Earplugs

Have you started to find the frequent 5 am alarms annoying yet? If not, you will. Ear plugs are the sole accessory that has held many relationships involving a fitness fanatic and their not-so-fanatic partner together all these years.

I promise you that loving a gym rat is much easier if you don’t awaken wanting to fight them every day. So, get a pair of handy earplugs and splurge on good-quality ones.

Do Make An Effort To Join In Occasionally

You should consider participating in the fun if the foreign fitness language, early starts, and expensive costs have yet to turn you off. Your partner will like working out with you while they improve themselves. And before you realize it, you’ll have “couple goals,” too!

You don’t have to commit fully to the 6-day, vigorous workout regimen just because you joined. You can participate in your partner’s passion by simply going for a Sunday morning jog, talking about the newest trends in diet and fitness, or trying to stretch with them every evening when they finish a workout.

You don’t have to completely change your life to keep up with them. However, if you make a few changes, you might discover a new way of connecting through physical activity, so why not give it a go?

Do Dress Appropriately

You won’t have a lot of time to try and think of clever ways to say things, so try to be entertaining but straightforward.

Do Choose Fitness Holiday Locations To Visit Together

When it comes to fitness holidays with your swolemate, there is an array of options. From hiking trails to seaside marathons, there’s something for every fitness level.

Additionally, no matter where you go, remember to reserve a hotel that has a gym. Most hotels will have sophisticated gyms, so be sure to book somewhere your swolemate can keep up their fitness regime.

Do Expect To Spend A Lot Of Time In The Outdoors Together

Every wonderful trek, marathon, or other outside activity to get us moving is always welcome! Canoeing, paddle boarding, and boating are just some activities you and your swolemate can participate in when adventuring outdoors. In fact, any outdoor activity is a cause for excitement when it concerns a gym rat, so keep the let’s go mindset at the forefront!

Do Prepare To Be Possibly Turned Into A Gym Rat​

Get ready to be transformed. When dating a gym rat, your partner may try to turn you into one too. However, if you’re not interested, you must convincingly and adamantly say that you have no interest.

To show that you’re serious about not becoming a gym junkie, don’t outright decline; give it a go so that your partner can see that you at least attempted to join in. By doing this, they are more likely to accept your fitness boundaries.

Do Realize That Loose Clothes Will Become A Thing Of The Past

When dating a gym rat, you must realize that loose clothing won’t exist anymore. You’ll likely wonder if they possess any materials other than Spandex. However, this type of clothing is not appropriate for a date, so be sure to remind them of this.

This is because nobody wants to give off the “I just got back from a gym session and now am drenched in perspiration” vibe while out on a date. So, ensure they change out of their sweaty gym clothes before heading on a date to avoid any potential awkwardness that could lead to a fight with your swolemate.

Do Prepare To Ignore Throwaway Comments From Your Partner

You’ll need to develop the ability to tune out inane remarks like “a second upon the lips, a decade upon the hips!” and “do you realize how many carbohydrates are in that?”

With that said, you can give as good as you get. Don’t be afraid to inform your swolemate that they are welcome to consume as many calories as they like. The same can be said for you. If they aren’t happy, they can shove the protein shake where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Don’ts of Dating a Gym Rat

After learning the dos, educating yourself on the don’ts surrounding dating a gym rat is a great idea. See below to learn everything you shouldn’t do should you want to have a happy and uber-healthy relationship with your swolemate.

Don’t Look At The Bills

Being healthy can drain your funds due to the cost of pricey pre- and after-workout drinks, protein shakes, gym subscriptions, and exercise equipment. I advise you to adopt a “no queries raised” approach regarding your swolemate’s fitness purchases.

This is especially true should you want to experience the enjoyment of not arguing about money. And be honest, can you genuinely grumble if the result is that you have buff biceps to cuddle with at night?

Don’t Learn To Love The Mirror

Mirror checking is a favorite pastime for gym rats. However, when it comes to a gym rat’s not-so-swole partner, self-doubt can easily set in. This is especially true when you’re surrounded by people who are always in fantastic form.

Girls Working Out in Front of Mirror

As such, you must remind yourself that you are beautiful just as you are and avoid looking at every mirror you pass. The more you look in the mirror, the worse of a complex you’ll develop. If you do use a mirror often, be sure to tell yourself positive affirmations.

Don’t Ever Make Your Partner Choose Between You And The Gym

If you’re dating a gym rat and things are beginning to go well, you might subconsciously question whether they are spending too much time exercising. Although it feels like the squat racks are more significant than you, we assure you they aren’t.

They may frequently attend the gym, but this doesn’t indicate they are avoiding you. It just means they are taking care of themself to be the very best version of themselves so that they can live a long and uber-healthy life with you.

Don’t Label Them As A Narcissist

Don’t panic; your swolemate won’t be inspecting their appearance across every full-length mirror they can find. They won’t continually be posing for photos ahead of you or overly self-absorbed. Well, usually, they won’t…

Specifically, if they occasionally do so, it’s likely because your swolemate is highlighting the physical attributes they have worked hard to earn, not because they are overly vain or narcissistic.

Don’t Expect To Sleep In

You’re probably familiar with the proverb, “Early to sleep, early to wake, makes the body and mind healthy and wise.” This is quite accurate, but early morning wake-ups are a challenge.

Unfortunately, your swolemate will likely be awake and working out in the gym as you sleep, get up, or debate what to eat for breakfast. This is the typical routine of a gym rat, so you’ll have to get used to it.

Don’t Expect To Eat Unhealthily

If you’re dating a gym rat, you will not recall the last time you skipped breakfast. However, don’t expect pancakes or waffles; even though they would be pleased to cook you waffles, they’ll likely mess them up, given how long it has been since they last made them.

Instead, you can expect to eat healthy meals that might not be as tasty as you’re used to. Oh, the things we do for love!

Don’t Expect More Than One Cheat Day

Let’s pause for a second to reflect on how sacred this idea of occasional cheat meals is. The best way to describe cheat meals is a slice of heaven on a dreary day. You might believe you like cheesecake, Chocolate bars, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. But you will only understand its genuine, unfading beauty if you treat it like a cheat meal.

The paradoxical effect of limiting sweets is that you enjoy them more! So, only expect one cheat day a week if you’re dating a gym rat. You must understand that while this may seem severe, it’s crucial to your fitness-obsessed partner.

Don’t Expect To Go To Your Favorite Restaurants Together

Better bid adieu to all of your favorite eateries. You know, the restaurants that only provide calorie-dense meals that always leave you feeling incredibly satisfied.

Anything that can endanger their flawless #summerbod, sculpted by countless hours of devotion at the gym, isn’t acceptable. So, anything tasty must be put on the back burner, even alcohol.

Don’t Forget There Will Always Be A Third Wheel – The Gym

Beyond the two of you, there will constantly be fitness, so recognize that a love triangle involving you, your partner, and the gym will always be there.

Asking your swolemate or gym rat to decide between the gym and you will likely result in heightened emotions and the discussion ending in tears, so please avoid doing so.

Top 5 Dating Apps for the Gym Rat

If you still need to find a gym rat to love, you might find the dating sites below helpful. Download them and give them a try.


The pioneer of fitness online dating apps, if you will: Sweatt, which debuted in 2015, has survived some rival apps that attempted to enter the same market.

The app asks users to specify their preferred workout schedule (early risers or all-nighters?). It also asks how frequently they exercise and what they genuinely desire to do (be it Weightlifting, tai chi, or athletic events) and then pairs them with potential matches following those answers.

The obvious drawback? Prospective users have been waiting on the waitlist for several months, while those who downloaded successfully have yet to receive many matches. Still, it’s a good idea to try it if you are a gym rat or homebody looking for love.


Members of Datefit are asked about their life objectives, nutritional preferences, exercise interests, and much more. The app was officially released in late August and has since received 20,000 downloads nationwide, as it is free to download.

According to Steven Macevic, CEO of Datefit, it also sponsors activities like fitness cruises and is trying to build a community on social media. Gymgoers, joggers, yoga enthusiasts, athletes, athletic competitors, and hopeful exercisers all form a piece of their fitness community, so you’re likely to have a few matches if you join.


Happn is a contemporary ‘missed connections’ app that helps users track down and reconnect to like-minded acquaintances they’ve encountered daily. According to Eugenie Legendre, Happn’s global PR and communications manager, “A Happner’s timeline represents their daily activity.

This feature allows them to locate others who are just as busy as them and share fitness passions. You can also close in on any gym, park, or sporting event on the app’s newest map feature to simultaneously see other Happners in attendance and get talking. You never know – you might find love.


What is your ideal yoga retreat? For what fitness event are you now making preparations? Which trendy superfood is a need and not a want for you? According to an OKCupid spokesman, these are only a few things you can reply to utilizing the site’s new “Subjects” feature, which asks users about various topics like travel, cuisine, and wellness (fitness).

Including something you love—boxing, yoga, or any other activity—in any popular dating app profile, including this one, seems to be the most effective way to improve your odds of meeting a compatible match.

After all, people who share the same fitness interest as you are far more likely to be interested in a date. So don’t be shy and download the app to begin your search for your swolemate online.

Interesting fact: Running is mentioned in user profiles a lot—ten times more often than SoulCycle, for instance, and seven times more often than lifting.


Bumble draws fitness enthusiasts because the app is flooded with pictures of users going on hikes, fishing, or enjoying the outdoors.

Interestingly, health-conscious individuals can accelerate their success by putting an activity badge on their profile and looking for matches who have done the same.

According to a Bumble expert, this functionality also enables users to specify their lifestyle habits, including whether they exercise, use alcohol, or smoke. This makes Bumble one of the best online places to find a potential fitness soul mate.

Now You Know How to Find Your Swolemate and the Dos and Don’Ts of Dating a Gym Rat!

Armed with this information, you’re sure to find a partner who is into fitness and everything it entails. You’re also far more likely to maintain a successful relationship with a gym rat if you remember the tips we shared today.

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