How to Find Your Perfect Travel Companion on Dating Sites

Travel companions that met on a dating site

The best part of traveling is experiencing new things and letting yourself be open to other ideas and cultures; that doesn’t just mean trying the local fare. Sampling the local tastes doesn’t have to be limited to food and drink; instead, it’s about being open to out-of-your-comfort-zone opportunities and perspectives you wouldn’t usually have back at home!

Online dating sites, which were previously frowned upon using while at home or abroad, have quickly become indispensable, especially for single travelers. They are a great way to meet new people in the vicinity and quickly blend into the local social scene, saving you precious time that you would have spent aimlessly exploring bars and clubs. 

You may learn more through interacting with the inhabitants of a place than you would from just wandering about all by your lonesome. If you have a spirit of adventure, a willingness to experiment, and a few guidelines, you can discover new friends, go on exciting date nights, have steamy hookups, and perhaps even find genuine love at pop-up raves and off-the-beaten-path watering holes!

So how can you find your perfect travel companion on dating sites? Let’s go exploring and find out!

How to Find a Travel Companion on Dating Sites

One of life’s greatest pleasures for those with wanderlust is seeing new and exciting places, and this enjoyment increases when shared with another person. Many people who are traveling alone are on the lookout for that “special someone” to share their adventures with. If you count yourself among them, there are ways to meet other singles interested in going on travel adventures with you!

Online dating sites can be used for two of life’s biggest joys: meeting new people and seeing the world. You could meet other solo travelers with a similar sense of adventure who are looking to explore and don’t want to do it alone!

But it’s also possible that you’ve been on a specific dating site for a while without much success in terms of meeting a travel partner. Here are some things to remember that will boost your success while using dating sites to locate your next travel companion. 

Identify Your Goals

Having a clear idea of what you’re looking for is sound advice in any context; the world of online dating sites is no different.

Make a mental image of your ideal travel companion, along with a list of their most important characteristics. Do you want an individual interested in basic tourism and sightseeing or someone up for some daring activities?

Perhaps you’re hoping to meet someone interested in both! You can (and should) narrow your search by talking to potential partners and asking them questions about their interests and lifestyle to see whether you are a good fit before committing to taking a trip with them. 

Be Upfront and Honest

The best way to avoid interactions with others that aren’t your type when traveling is, to be honest and open about what you are looking for. 

Given that you want to visit a new and exciting spot where you hope to create many pleasant memories, it seems only fair to be frank and open about the kind of experiences you want to have there.

Don’t pretend to be interested in everything just because your potential travel companion is hot.

If you want to have fun–especially while on vacation–you need to be able to be yourself and not spend half the time dreading a bungee jump over a canyon that you agreed to solely because the other person is attractive.

Make the Appropriate Arrangements

If you do connect with someone you think you might have a blast traveling with, there are a few things you should keep in mind. If the person in question happens to live in the same city as you, then setting up a meeting shouldn’t be too hard!

But if they live in another city, state, or even country, then you’ll have to make some logistical considerations if you want to meet up before the trip; if they live a few hours away, could you meet halfway? Or do you just video chat if there isn’t a way to get together before the trip? And how about travel expenses–are you going to split them? 

These are all important factors that should be considered and agreed upon before the trip happens. You don’t want to be in the middle of Peru and find out your travel companion, who said they’d split the costs down the middle, is broke, and you have to foot the entire bill!

Having these things in order before you team up on a travel adventure will not only ease your anxiety, but it will ensure that you can enjoy the ride!

Final Thoughts

When using dating sites to look for a travel companion, don’t limit yourself to just one dating site or even one person; instead, explore all of your options

And if and when you do find a travel buddy, when deciding what to do on your trip, it’s OK to pick up some ideas from your own travel bucket list, but you should also be open to your travel companion’s ideas. Be flexible, and don’t insist on only doing what you want–unless you are paying for the entire trip! Even then, you should at least let your partner pick a few of the activities; you don’t want them to have a bad time. 

Even though it’s common courtesy to divide the bill when two people are traveling together (at least if they aren’t married or in a sugar relationship), it’s also a nice gesture to treat them to a meal or buy them a drink or two. Hopefully, they’ll return the favor!

The possibility of true love blossoming out of this experience is real. However, even if it doesn’t, you will still come home with unforgettable memories of new acquaintances, fun stories to tell your friends and family back home, and maybe even a new long-distance romance that’ll have you itching to get another stamp in your passport. Safe travels!

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