The Great Emoji Debate | How to Use Emoticons to Your Advantage on Dating Sites

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If you’re not fluent in emoticons, your online flirting game could be as lifeless as the wasteland in Mad Max. While some people say you should “use your words” when chatting someone up on dating sites, we think that they can add a fun element that is beyond words!

Our verdict? No emojis equal fewer love connections! 😘💕 Who knew that the fate of your online dating site success could rest on the tiny shoulders of an emoji? And no, we aren’t talking about the eggplant. 

Emoji’s have been around for a while now. And using an emoji, more specifically, the emoji you choose, might significantly impact your chances of getting a response when sending that initial message. If you’re looking for love online, though, do you know how to make the most of emojis? 

If you’re new to the world of online dating and want to learn the lingo so you can communicate better with potential matches, we’ve put together a glossary that will help you out. Find out the eight most popular flirting emoticons in online dating and how to use them to your advantage on dating sites to woo your next possible date!

heart eyes

Use the Heart Eyes/Kissing Emoji to Show Someone You’re Into Them

Emojis with the heart eyes or the kissing face are perfect ways to express your obvious attraction toward another person. Send the “heart eyes” emoji to express your admiration for someone’s outward appearance or the content of their dating profile. If you’re feeling very passionate or affectionate, opt for the kissing emoji instead of the regular heart eyes emoji.

smile emoji

Choose the Smiley Face Emoji for a Quick ‘Hi’

It’s the OG smiley face emoji! Say thank you to the one that started it all. Sending this timeless emoji is the perfect icebreaker to show someone you’re interested in them. Warm and inviting, it evokes feelings of pleasure or excitement.  This emoji can be used to show happiness at hearing from someone, overall cheerfulness, or in tandem with a carefully constructed pick-up line.

laugh emoji

If They Make You Laugh, Use the Crying Laughing Emoji

When you’re laughing so hard that tears are streaming down your face, that’s when the crying laughing emoji comes in handy. Because let’s face it, a simple “LOL” just fails to do it if your face hurts from laughing! “Haha’s” just don’t cut it sometimes, so we suggest using the crying laughing emoticons to let your match know they tickled your funny bone. 

blush emoji

Feeling Shy? Use the Blushing Smiley Face Emoji

The emoji of a smiling face with red cheeks is a subtly flirtatious approach to showing interest–when you want to show you are into a match but are too shy to do so openly, this emoji is the way to go. It’s also perfect to use after getting a compliment or when replying to a playful or flirty comment!

tongue out winking emoji

Show Your Sarcasm With the Wink/Tongue Emoji

The emoji for a wink and the tongue has come to represent a flirtatious and sexually charged atmosphere–use it as a reaction to a joke or a flirty remark to show that you find humor in the situation and are ready to engage in playful conversation and flirtation. The tongue-out/wink emoji is an excellent way to lighten the mood in your dating site DMs. 

smiley tongue out emoji

Feeling Flirty? Go With the Tongue Out Smiley Emoji

This lil’ cutie is an easy and casual way to show interest in another person. Compared to the wink/tongue-out emoticon, which could be interpreted as sexually provocative, the tongue-out smiley is a softer way to show affection. It’s a sweet way to let them know you’re thinking of them and want to make their day a little more enjoyable during the wooing phase!

peach emoji

Use the Peach Emoji for Casual Fun 

This is a sexual emoji, typically used to symbolize a person’s tush, and it’s widely used to express interest in a hookup or booty call–just less aggressive and gross than the eggplant emoji. This fruity emoji is the perfect way to send a not-so-subtle hint that you’re interested in having a one-night stand but don’t feel like actually writing those words. 

water droplets emoji

Impressed? Send the Water Droplets Emoji

Depending on the circumstances, the water droplets emoticon can be used to depict that your match has you sweating or drooling. It’s a clear way to show interest in another person or that they’ve got you feeling flustered (in a good way).

Final Thoughts

Knowing the meaning of emojis isn’t enough to use them successfully on your favorite dating sites–that’s why we compiled the best ones to up your dating game! With the following tips, you’ll be an emoji flirting pro. 

heart emoji
  • Use emojis judiciously–if you use them excessively, you are overdoing it, and it’ll come off as creepy. Avoid using more than two of any emoji in a row–one is good, two is fine, but three is aggressive! 
  • Don’t go overboard with emoticons; instead, use them thoughtfully. It’s fine to use an emoji occasionally to drive home a point or show enthusiasm, but they shouldn’t be your go-to love language. Using too many may make your match wonder if you can use your words!
  • Observe how your match uses emoticons in their messages. How often (if at all) do they use emojis? Match their energy–if they don’t use them, you should probably steer clear too.

To use or not to use emojis on dating sites—that is the question. While emojis can be a fun addition to your interactions, be careful not to misinterpret the meaning of the ones you use or receive. 
Take into account the context and consider if an emoji is appropriate–by using these suggestions, you can spice up your dating site chats and show genuine interest in your matches!

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