Dating a Vegan: The Do’s and Don’ts

Couple Enjoying a Vegan Meal

Let’s discuss the differences between a vegan and a vegetarian before you date one. Since you devoured a pound of BBQ rib tips at your friend’s party last weekend, you probably don’t know much about either and haven’t given it much thought.

vegetarian abstains from eating meat, fish, or other animal products. In addition to avoiding such foods, a vegan is also stricter and abstains from eating dairy products, eggs, and other foods derived from animals, such as milk.

Ipsos, a global marketing research firm, estimates that there are approximately 9.7 million vegans in the United States. So if you’re looking for love, you might run into one or two.

So what happens if you find the right person but they follow a strict diet and all you know about vegans is that they do that? Not to worry. Here are some pointers on how to approach dating a hot vegan.

Benefits of Going Vegan for Health

Numerous people are embracing veganism to treat medical conditions or simply to have a healthier, more active lifestyle. Being a vegan has several advantages when done correctly.

  • Aids in managing diabetes
  • Lowers your risk of developing heart disease
  • Decreases your risk of developing certain types of cancer
  • Encourages weight reduction

Many people think that going vegan will make you slim or undernourished. However, becoming overweight is still possible while following a vegan diet. One factor is that, despite not eating meat products, you could overindulge in the food you are allowed to eat.

Planning your meals and limiting your intake of refined carbohydrates, fast food, and sweets to only moderate amounts are the keys to sustaining a healthy vegan lifestyle. Get your protein from alternative sources, such as soy-based foods like tofu, lentils, chickpeas, and edamame. Unfortunately, some vegans may become addicted to junk food and include it regularly in their diet.

What should you do while dating a vegan now that you are aware of some of the advantages of going vegan but aren’t quite ready to make the switch? Here are some ideas to think about.

Maintain an Open Mind

Judging your partner based only on what they eat is the last thing you should do. The funny thing is a lot of meat eaters think that non-meat eaters judge them for their way of life. If you’ve never met a vegan, you probably have an image of an angry, judgmental person who stalks online discussion boards to criticize others who don’t share their beliefs and morals. While some may hold this to be accurate, not all do; thus, lumping them together would be unfair.

Instead, let go of your preconceptions. Like everyone else, get to know the individual before making a decision.

Be Encouraging

Do not worry. They don’t need to join your causes, nor do you have to support all of your vegan partners. Be sensitive to their needs and supportive of the things they care about.

Assist your partner in making a vegan dish. You may even like it. Who says you can’t attempt veganism even when your partner doesn’t eat meat? Volunteer your time as well if your partner is active in a cause and in need of assistance.

Be Adaptable

The social component of dating a vegan is among the most challenging aspects. At a friend’s place, meals and gatherings can be awkward. Inform your friend in advance of your partner’s dietary requirements if you are attending a social dinner. You are welcome to bring your own food if that’s a problem. Delicious and simple to make, hummus is a great alternative dish. A satisfying dinner can be made by chopping up some vegetables on the side. Here is an easy and yummy recipe for hummus.


Either eat in a vegan restaurant or somewhere that offers a nice selection of vegan options. When taken to a restaurant known for its carnivorous options, vegans are frequently uncomfortable (Think Outback Steakhouse or any steakhouse, for that matter).

Even though they only consume a limited variety of foods, plant-based foods are a daily necessity, so if you’re treating a vegetarian or vegan to dinner, consider their needs. Visit to locate a restaurant in your area with a healthy assortment of vegan options.

Popular eateries with a wide selection of vegan cuisine include:

  • Blaze Pizza
  • Panera Bread
  • Freshii
  • Potbelly
  • The Pita Pit
  • Olive Garden

Popular eateries to avoid as they frequently provide few or no vegan options:

  • Bars/Pubs
  • Most fast-food restaurants
  • Buffets (cross-contamination)
  • Steakhouse restaurants
  • Breakfast spots (Denny’s)
  • Asian cuisine

Honor Their Decision

Okay, so you’ve never been with a vegan and don’t know why someone would want to adopt that lifestyle. That’s not a bad thing, but you should respect their decision to become a vegan for whatever reason they did. Just as you shouldn’t expect them to start eating meat because you’re in a relationship with them, neither should they expect you to quit.

It can be more difficult to compromise in a relationship with a vegan than it would be with a meat eater, but it is still possible. Each of you must respect the other’s lifestyle preferences.

Select Appropriate Date Locations

You might not want to go on a date to the neighborhood pork rib festival if you’re dating a vegan. Cross rodeos, zoos, and farms off your list while you’re at it. Unfortunately, these locations have a reputation for animal cruelty in the vegan world. A movie or sunset sail are both wise options. See also these entertaining vegan-friendly dating suggestions:

Inside Trampoline

When you go on a date, indoor trampolines are enjoyable and provide a workout. Additionally, you don’t need to be concerned about rain. Most locations with indoor trampolines also have other fun things to do, such as bowling alleys and arcades.

A Segway Tour

A segway tour is the ideal way for you and your date to see the local sights if you’ve lived in the city for a while but don’t truly know it. Travel amid the marvels of nature while learning more about nearby historical places. Who wouldn’t adore such a date?

Class in Vegan Cooking

There are many cooking schools to pick from that provide a vegan-friendly night in the majority of American cities. Smaller vegan markets also provide culinary workshops as more people adopt healthier lifestyles. For one in your area, check the local listings.


Bring your date to a museum to view some artwork. The best aspect is that most museums provide entertaining interactive exhibitions that are also free.


Another activity that can help you lose weight while being outside is hiking. While soaking in the gorgeous environment, you can spend a lot of time getting to know your date while trekking up a scenic trail. You won’t be distracted either, allowing you to give your date your total concentration.

Couple Hiking

Vegan Markets

Do you know the location of a market specializing in vegan cuisine among the many marketplaces in the city? Then, visit a nearby vegan grocery store to surprise your date. Even though they are aware of the larger chains, they support a local small business by finding a cute vegan grocery store.

Shop for Vegan Goods

Being a vegan involves more than just their diet. Furthermore, it concerns their attire. In other words, if you’re dating a vegan, you shouldn’t get them a pair of leather boots. Avoid plush animals since some vegans feel they are an example of animal cruelty. Give vegans only non-food things with an official cruelty-free logo; never buy any food that does not bear the certified vegan logo.

Watch Your Language

One of the more unexpected things you should consider when dating a vegan is what you say. Because of their overly-offensive undertones, some common sayings we use could be offensive to vegans. Uncertain of their nature? Here are a few things to get rid of:

  • It looks like it’s raining cats and dogs outside
  • You’re a chicken (especially with the bak, bak sound effect)
  • He’s a dog
  • Don’t let the cat out of the bag
  • You are dead meat

In the same vein, although you may not find some queries offensive, vegans may. So, here are 10 phrases to avoid using around vegans:

  1. How do you eat those nasty meat substitutes?
  2. What do you eat?
  3. How do you not eat burgers?
  4. Eating meat is natural.
  5. Can’t you just pick off the meat?
  6. I thought vegans were supposed to be skinny.
  7. Are you judging me because I eat burgers?
  8. I wanted to invite you to the party, but I’m serving meat.
  9. Don’t you feel malnourished?
  10. If you don’t eat meat, how are you getting protein?

Relationships with vegans don’t have to be complicated. You merely need to work a little harder at it. Investigate, and if you have any questions, ask. They won’t be hurt by it. Instead, people will value your interest in their way of life.

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