Food Is Life! 5 Dating Sites for Your Inner Foodie

Two foodies on a dinner date

Food is life; without it, we would perish, but for a few people, food transcends its simple purpose of sustenance. Many people see food as a creative outlet, a hobby, and a favored pastime, while others do not. If you’re someone who cherishes food in all its forms, you’re likely looking for a romantic partner who shares your passion to some extent.

Fortunately, there are many dating sites for the inner foodie in all of us if you know where to hunt to find them. In our article, we’ve shared five of the best dating sites to help you link up with other singles who enjoy delectable dining experiences almost as much as you.

What Are the 5 Best Dating Sites for Your Inner Foodie?

If you are a inner foodie, dating is a great way to experience trying out various delicious foods while meeting other like-minded people. However, if you don’t know where to start, we suggest you start with dating sites.

Dating sites are a great way to connect with other singles without any of the pressure and all the fun. For a inner foodie like you, there are even dating sites that will specifically help meet your dietary needs and concerns.

Food connects people in more ways than one, so it only makes sense that single people can use it to find love. Not only is the possibility of making a connection high, but you also enjoy the taste of different foods.

So, to get the ball rolling, here are five dating sites for single foodies looking for love through their passion for food.

1. Same Plate

Same Plate is a completely free dating website. This website encourages users to spark conversations by sharing their cooking or what they’re eating on the platform.

Starting a profile is easy, as all you need is your email address and a foodie-inspired profile picture. Same Plate is also one of the few websites that allow users to post videos of themselves cooking home recipes and allows anyone 18 years and up to join. These videos are sure to help you attract attention, especially if you can dazzle with your cooking skills.

The only downside is that users can only use the website as there is yet to be an app available for Same Plate. The website, however, is designed to ensure your experience maximizes user-friendliness. No matter how inexperienced you might be with dating websites and cooking, it’s comfortable to use.

2. Suppr

Suppr is a site made to connect people who enjoy the same restaurants. New users can quickly sign up and log in through their Facebook accounts. Users will then be able to customize their profiles to their preferences.

Additionally, once a match is made, a chat is available, and then it is in your hands to connect with your prospective partners and impress them with your food and restaurant knowledge.

Interestingly, if new users need more time to set up a profile, the site allows them to try some in-app features without making one. Moreover, the app is available on Android and iPhone, with the added feature to review the restaurants you’ve been to when out on dates with matches.

This is the perfect app for easy connections since it has a built-in instant icebreaker for food lovers and singles.

3. Dine

This nifty dating app has something for everyone. Whether users are looking for something serious or just a hook-up, the app will cater to both. With Dine, you will find that getting a match and that first date with a fellow inner foodie will be smooth and easy.

This is because the app has a Dine Pass feature, which gives users discounts to go and use at their local restaurants or bars. These are comfortable first-date locations, and the deals help ease costs – we’re not all millionaires.

Additionally, if you get currency in the app, you can also purchase the option to view your match’s Facebook profile and get a little research before the big date. Users will also get up to five matches daily and refresh after 24 hours. This means new possibilities every day.

4. Gluten-Free Singles

Sometimes it can be frustrating to find someone to connect with who understands your dietary needs. Finding a partner who shares your dietary restrictions can be even more challenging, especially on standard dating sites.

There might not be a dating app for every dietary need, but luckily, if gluten is a big no-no, you can sign up to use Gluten-Free singles. This is the perfect website for those who eat gluten-free foods.

The website allows users with this specific dietary requirement to feel comfortable connecting without worrying about the stigma or misunderstandings of dating someone who doesn’t have this ailment.

All that’s needed is an email address and a photo to sign up. It also offers fun events in which users can participate in the community. Additionally, as a fun bonus, the website even provides gluten-free recipes to try out yourself or with your potential match on a date!

5. Paleo Connect

This website is designed to help singles with the same views on health and welfare meet one another. It provides matches that either do CrossFit or are on a primal diet, low-carb diet, or Paleo diet. Sometimes it’s a combination, but users can rest assured that they’ll be connected with the best possible matches for their lifestyle.

However, you should note that this dating site doesn’t allow any users under the age of 25. In addition, Paleo Connect focuses on detailed profiles based on lifestyle and health to ensure that the matches will all be guaranteed to be the best when searching.

Not only does it get its users to do a detailed profile, but it also asks its users directly what they are searching for, which removes the possibility of matches with opposing interests from contacting one another and wasting time. What more could you want if you’re all about this way of life?

What Are a Few Dining First Date Tips You Need to Know?

Now that you have your first date in the bag, what now? Let’s look at a few tips to help you along your way:

  • First, make sure the restaurant you choose is not overly busy, or at the very least, it should make you feel relaxed.
  • Make sure to select a stylish but comfortable outfit, as you want to avoid constantly adjusting what you’re wearing while trying to enjoy a meal and the company of your date.
  • Before meeting your date, ensure you are on time and put your phone on vibrate. That way, you will have no interruptions, and it will show you are genuinely interested.
  • When you meet up after talking on a foodie dating app, you must remember to make eye contact and start the conversation if they seem uncertain or uncomfortable. Usually, the simplest way to do this is to post a foodie comment that you know they’ll love.
  • Ordering food can initially seem overwhelming, but try to choose something easy to eat, manageable and affordable.
  • If alcohol is on the table, take it slow and avoid getting too drunk.

Additionally, remember, above all else, that you need to discuss whether to split the bill or if one date will pay its entirety. This way, no one feels obligated to cover the cost, avoiding that ever-looming awkward end to a first date; trust us, we know.

Wrap-up on the 5 Dating Sites Inner Foodies Will Love

Food is a great way to break the ice and begin a burgeoning relationship with a potential life-long partner. Hopefully, with these dating sites, you can form genuine connections with other innder foodies.

All these dating tools will help you find ideal matches with foodie interests, and each will allow you to enjoy yourself. So run through the options again and start signing up, as we’re sure you’ll find love soon afterward with someone who loves food as much as you!

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