Dating Sites for Those Looking to Date by Hobby

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When you’re in the dating game, it can be tough to find potential partners who have the same interests as you. This can be frustrating because you waste time and money on the wrong person. Time that could be spent building a meaningful relationship with the right one.

Arguably, one of the best ways to know if someone is worth pursuing is to determine if they have similar hobbies to you. For example, if you love to cook and are a foodie at heart, you’re not going to want to date a fitness-obsessed individual who doesn’t share your passion for food. Luckily, there are ways for you to find out if someone has the same hobby interests as you.

There are several dating sites for those looking to date by hobby, and we’re going to discuss some of the best ones. We have found five common hobbies many people enjoy and matched dating sites to these categories. This way, you don’t have to spend hours sifting through hundreds of dating sites to see which ones will show you potential partners with similar interests.

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Gamers?

Numerous dating sites help unite singles who enjoy gaming with other individuals who share their passion. If you’re an avid gamer, you must match with someone who understands your need to game.

You’re also going to need someone that can understand the many complex emotions being a gamer can invoke, especially while gaming. A fellow gamer will know how playing your favorite games can make you happy, angry, rageful, and determined. And how you can zone out and escape into your head for hours.


dating a fellow gamer will ensure fewer awkward conversations trying to explain why gaming matters and why you want to spend large portions of your time doing it.

So, if you’re passionate about video games, — regardless of if you enjoy PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo — you need to consider the dating sites we’ve found that will help you find a gamer girl or guy to spend your life with.

1. GamerDating

GamerDating is one of the best dating websites for gamers to find their forever “Player Two.” Unlike other gamer dating sites, this one is legit and caters only to gamers looking for love. Unfortunately, this does mean it has a smaller user base at about 2,500 daily users, but this is enough for those who like a challenge, even in the dating world.

Additionally, unlike other dating sites, GamerDating has an incredibly modern interface and is uber-easy to use. Homepage Screenshot

It also feels like a dating site for gamers thanks to its quirky matchmaking process that includes your game library. Yet, you should note that it isn’t created for endless browsing. Singles are matched according to the compatibility settings calculated when creating an account.

Another benefit of this dating site is the free creative reign to express your gaming passion by adding your favorite games to your library whenever the need arises. 

  • You can also search for what other singles are playing.
  • Upgrade your account to silver or gold gamer status to access unlimited messaging and live chat.
  • With an upgrade, you also benefit from free game rewards.

2. LFG Dating

The number one dating site for gamers interested in Destiny, Twitch, Pokemon Go, World of Warcraft, cosplay, and League of Legends is LFG Dating. This site (Looking for Group Dating) offers users a premium online dating experience amongst like-minded individuals.

Interestingly, LFG Dating was founded by an ex-Marine Corps officer and high school teacher who dreamed of creating a stigma-free dating site. Through hard work and the help of others, LFG Dating has become a success with thousands of daily users.

LFG Dating Homepage

This site might not be traditional, but gamers love it because it perfectly balances gaming and dating on its interface. You can even choose to put gaming on the backburner and focus instead on finding love with this site since it’s multi-faceted.

  • You can trust that finding love will be streamlined on this site thanks to the regular removal of inactive profiles.
  • You’ll never be matched with someone who no longer uses the platform, saving you time and effort.
  • You can also trust that your information is safe since LFG Dating uses SSL encryption.
  • Plus, you won’t need to fight for complaints or concerns to be heard, thanks to the superb customer service staff answering queries and complaints within 24 hours.

Moreover, LFG Dating is more than a premier geek and dater gaming service. Not only are they the world’s only 100% custom-built dating gaming service, but they are also free. Yes, you read that right. It won’t cost you anything to create an LFG Dating account. You won’t even need to pay to browse profiles or message matches, but if you want to get some extra features check out their premium memberships.

3. Gaming Passions

You need to consider Gaming Passions if you’re looking for a gamer dating site that doubles as a gaming community. This site will help you find fellow like-minded gamers and interact with them. On this site, you can see who shares your interests and strike up a virtual conversation with them.

Yet, even though it operates a little differently from traditional gamer sites, you can look forward to modern dating site features. For example, Dating Passions has webcam videos, photos, groups, chats, forums, and email capabilities.

Gaming Passions Homepage

Gaming Passions offers a free sign-up process through Facebook (Meta) or email, and dozens of gamers are always online and ready to connect. Thanks to the Whos Online feature, you can also narrow your conversation pool down to those who can immediately reply.

4. SoulGeek

Chances are, if you’re a gamer, you’re also a geek or nerd who likes all things fantasy. Luckily, a dating site is designed for all the self-professed geeks in the world to find love. On the SoulGeek dating site, geek pleasures can be had as you will be able to talk about Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, animation, comics, and games with others who share your interests.

On this site, you can be expected to be matched according to these interests, with other gamers looking for love based on your chosen sexual interest range. In addition, unlike other gamer dating sites, SoulGeek features an extensive profile creation field that includes multiple-choice answers.

You should also expect to benefit from this site’s auto-search feature that runs once weekly. After the search is complete, it will send you matches to your email based on your profile feed answers. On SoulGeek, there are also numerous ways for you to express your true self. You can customize your game-like layout with videos and blogs that resonate and describe you.

5. Girl Gamer Dating

Despite its name, Girl Gamer Dating is not only for gamer girls. Like the others on our list, this dating site allows you to specify your gaming interests and places you with potential matches. Many like this dating site because it is safe for the most part, and it has a wide range of free features. You won’t need to give away your details or credit card information when signing up, and you can create a free profile within minutes. Additionally, Girl Gamer Dating provides unlimited messaging, letting you communicate with whoever has captured your interest. You can also use advanced features like photo and music albums to help engage any potential dates and keep things interesting. Girl Gamer Dating also has one on one chat features and numerous forums where you can discuss your favorite games and other interests.

What Is the Best Dating Site for Book Lovers?

Reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Unfortunately, in the modern age, not many individuals enjoy reading when there are so many other hobbies at the edge of their fingertips. Fortunately, although it might seem like a dying hobby, book lovers worldwide are dedicated to keeping the book industry alive and thriving.

Unsurprisingly, book lovers in recent years have united and kept the thrill of reading alive with Facebook (meta) groups, virtual book clubs, and BookTok (a niche area of TikTok). Yet, there is one book entertainment development many might not have seen coming – book dating websites.

If you enjoy reading and finding a partner who also likes to read is a BIG requirement, you need to consider the two sites discussed below. Each site has unique draws and is bound to help you find someone who’s into the literary arts just as much as you.

Book Lovers

The aptly named, Book Lovers is the perfect dating site for those who enjoy reading. This is our number one book dating site for those eager to sprout literary verses to one another over a date involving comfort foods. Even though Book Lovers is a relatively new dating site founded in 2010, it is becoming more popular and currently boasts more than 3,000 active users.

Another attractive attribute this dating site has is that it caters to all genders and sexual orientations regardless of if you’re gay, straight, lesbian, or trans. As long as you enjoy the company of books and conversation, you’ll have access to this dating site.

After signing up (which is entirely free!), you can filter your options by age group and mindset. This is convenient since you might not want to talk to a book lover who enjoys the true crime genre if your jam is fantasy. Once you match someone with a similar book taste, you can begin fruitful and constructive conversations.

Couple Reading Together

However, you should be aware that the free version of this dating site gives you limited access. Luckily, the subscription plans are not overly expensive and give you a range of features that make the price worth it.

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Travel Enthusiasts?

Are you excited to commit to many traveling adventures in the future, but you’re feeling underwhelmed about going alone? Well, a travel dating site might be the answer you’ve been looking for if you’re single and ready to mingle as you globetrot.

A travel dating site can connect you with a like-minded single looking for companionship while they travel.

After all, traveling solo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Ever-increasing numbers of solo travelers are scoping out the travel dating site to find in-the-know locals who can show them the hidden gems of the destinations they’re visiting.

Suppose you want to be swept off your feet while you explore the beaten path in an unknown location. In that case, you might consider trying out one of the travel dating sites we’ve listed below. These dating sites can help match you with your very own tour guide who knows how to wine and dine while showing you the must-see tourist attractions.


One of the most popular travel dating sites isn’t specifically for traveling. Yet, despite this, is still the go-to option for many travelers looking for love in different countries. With more than 30 million members and 13.5 million monthly visitors across more than 50 countries, Match is a must-see site before you pack your bags.

Unlike other dating sites, Match caters to singles with any interest, including – you guessed it – traveling and sightseeing. Homepage Screenshot

Once you sign up (for free!) and fill in details like your location, ethnicity, religion, and sex, you need to go to the My Interests section and select travel and sightseeing.

By doing this, you will filter your matches to show people who would be willing to hop on a plane with you and travel the world.

2. YourTravelMates

If you’re looking for romance and a bit of fun on your next vacation, you should consider using the dating site YourTravelMates. This uber-popular travel dating site will let you heat up your holidays since it unites adventurous souls with locals.

With YourTravelMates, you’ll find locals to make memories with as you tour islands, check out fine dining establishments, and ski down the slopes of the Alps. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything to join this travel dating site. And you can quickly start chatting with matches after filling out your information, including travel preferences.

YourTravelMates Homepage

There are also numerous ways to communicate, from old-school letter exchanges to modern-day phone calls, chat messaging, photo sharing, and gift-giving. In addition, you can trust that you’ll be safe when using this travel dating site because YourTravelMates uses the most advanced security features. This means no more ‘catfishes’ in your inbox!

So no matter if you’re seeking a short fling in a tropical setting or something more, you can use this site to connect to people from every walk of life.

3. Tourbar

Tourbar is one of the only sites to double as a dating site and a travel agency. This company has millions of members worldwide and thousands of exciting trips available in Asia, the US, and Europe. The dating portion of the site is free for travelers, and it’s one of the few dating sites that can help you experience the dating scene and travel scene simultaneously.

With more than 3.5 million people, you’re bound to get a few matches worth exploring as you embark on your planned adventures. So why not take advantage of the opportunity and get a local to show you around?!

Tourbar Homepage Screenshot

Additionally, this dating website has a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app. With this app, you can make friends or find dates ahead of time with a few swipes of your finger. Making plans across the cities and countries you plan to visit is infinitely easier with Tourbar. You could even make friends with Tourbar if you’re not exclusively open to dating.

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Sports Junkies?

It might not seem like it, but dating and fitness go hand in hand with those interested in staying healthy and fit. In recent years, research shows that 65% of online daters state that dating someone who routinely exercises is vital to them. If you fall into this category, you’ll likely be pleased to learn that fitness dating sites exist.

Since most fitness singles want to be with an individual who leads a similar active lifestyle, there was a market need for dating sites that catered to this demographic. Now there are more fitness dating sites than ever, which, although exciting, can make finding one to use difficult.

You needn’t look too far to find a few of the best fitness dating sites. Below we have found a few of the ones we think are worth your time if you’re a fitness fanatic or a person who wants to combine dating and fitness goals.

1. Fitness Singles

One of the oldest fitness dating sites in operation is Fitness Singles. This site was founded in 2003 and has been featured in numerous major media outlets over the years, like “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” “The Times of London,” and “USA Today.

Fitness Singles is the world’s largest online dating site for triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders, and athletes. Every member who has joined Fitness Singles is passionate about fitness, so you’re almost guaranteed to have something to talk about after signing up.

Fitness Singles Homepage Screenshot

You won’t need to pay to create a dating profile, browse other singles, add photos, flirt, and receive or communicate with potential matches. So if you’re looking to make a love connection with a fitness or sports enthusiast who gets you, it might be time to check out Fitness Singles.

2. DateFit

Those looking for a high-energy social network and dating site should look at DateFit. This dating site is ideal for fitness enthusiasts looking for love within US borders. This dating site also has an app where you can like other people’s photos, engage in private conversations, and motivate others by posting to their profiles.

Additionally, DateFit is free to sign up for. Once you’re in, you can explore the many dating profiles of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Interestingly, this site also hosts events, promotions, and networking opportunities throughout the year geared toward the athletic crowd.

Moreover, if you use the app version, you can switch between looking for ‘just friends’ or ‘romantic dates.’ So you’ll never feel pressured to match with someone until you’re ready.

3. Fitness Matchmaker

Since fitness dating sites are incredibly niche, choosing one that isn’t going to let you down is essential. If you’re worried about quality, you might want to consider signing up for Fitness matchmaker. This website is mobile-friendly and has millions of health-conscious individuals worldwide that are potential matches.

One reason this fitness dating site is trusted is that it is owned and operated by Friends Worldwide Inc, a company with more than 75 niche dating sites in its portfolio. Like the other sites on our list, this one offers users a free membership and lets you create an eye-catching profile.

You will also receive daily emails about potential matches from Fitness Matchmaker so that you never miss the opportunity to work up a sweat with a prospective date.

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Musicians?

Music is undoubtedly the background noise to our lives. There is perhaps no better teacher than music since the words sung by human songbirds teach us all about regret, love, kindness, friendship, and joy. Although learning about these things alone can be enlightening, there is nothing like having a partner to share special musical moments with.

Most musicians have tender souls, so it makes sense that they want to find someone to love who understands their musical passion. After all, finding your musical other half will bring near-perfect harmony to your life and introduce much-needed notes of passion.

Unfortunately, using traditional dating sites can be a letdown for musically inclined individuals. If you’re a musician tired of regular dating websites, you might want to consider the three options we’ve listed below that cater to the musicians in the world.

1. Tastebuds

Meeting people through music has never been easier if you use the musician dating site known as Tastebuds. This easy-to-use dating site allows you to get matched with people who like the same music as you after you specify your favorite songs, bands, musicians, and genres.

Additionally, out of all the musical dating sites, Tastebuds has the most active user base, with more than 1.4 million messages exchanged every month. This means you’re more likely to find your musical half if you sign up for Tastebuds.

Tastebuds Homepage Screenshot

The only thing that is a little offputting about this musical dating site is that their customer service leaves much to be desired. Barring this, you’re likely to enjoy your time and your search for your soulmate.

2. Planet Rock Dating

If you’re looking to date casually or find your next musical muse, you should check out Planet Rock Dating. This dating site is the best place for those who love bands like Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and ACDC to virtually congregate and date.

Planet Rock Dating has a fun interface and offers many cool features that will draw musicians in like a moth to a flame. It’s also one of the safest, most reliable musical dating sites. The creators care just as much about keeping people safe as they do about musicians having a good time.

You can trust that the Planet Rock Dating team has thoroughly vetted every active member before they are allowed to join and become a potential match. In addition, an anti-scam system is in place to keep away the “scum of the earth.” We have Rob Zombie to thank for that one-liner.

3. Music Passions

One of the most unique dating sites catering to musicians is Music Passions. This website endeavors to connect passionate and talented people with a sound match (yes, you read that right). This site is also 100% free and allows you to create a unique dating profile that truly reflects who you are alongside your musical tastes and idols. Additionally, Music Passions is popular because they connect people looking for love with a vast audience of songwriters, music lovers, band members, and singers of all kinds. Besides dating, users can look forward to numerous discussion forums that cater to all musical tastes, like hard rock, hip-hop, jazz, pop, and country.

Wrap-up on Dating Sites for Those Looking to Date by Hobby

As you can see, there is nearly a dating site for every type of hobby imaginable! If you’re interested in any of the hobbies discussed here today, give these recommended dating sites a try. We’re confident they will help you find love with a like-minded person who shares your biggest passion.

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