Dating in the Metaverse

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The year? 2024. The Location? The Metaverse.

Like Dorothy once said to her little dog in The Wizard of Oz, “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” She was right about that, and we are not in the old days of the internet anymore, either–you can now find love in virtual reality (VR)

Welcome to the exciting world of technology in the digital age! We are currently living in the future, transitioning from our earthly existence to the metaverse.

The Metaverse? What on earth is it? That is an excellent query! Merriam-Webster states that the meaning of the word “meta” has always been “aware” or “understanding” and that it has been around for a long time—way before Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook and Instagram with it.

The Metaverse is a three-dimensional representation of the World Wide Web and computing in general, according to angel investor and venture capitalist Mathew Ball, who wrote a number of pieces investigating the concept and design of the Metaverse.

“When these two technologies (internet and computing) first emerged, all interactions were primarily text-based (emails, messages, usernames, email addresses). Then they slowly became more media-based (photos, videos, live streams). The next elevation of user interface and user experience is into 3D. Secondly, if we think of [a] mobile [phone] as placing a computer in our pocket and the internet being available at all times, think of the metaverse as always being within a computer and inside the internet,” Ball told Vice.

Therefore, it is real as well as imagined–at least in theory. While it shares certain similarities with video games, its massive size allows it to surpass the limits of conventional gameplay. I guess “cyberspace” is the best way to describe it for people who struggle to comprehend these complicated ideas. 

Are you with me so far? In a way, it is both real and unreal. Understood? Okay. My question is, how exactly does one go about dating in the Metaverse if it is sorta real and kinda not? Because love in the metaverse is happening, whether you understand it or not. And we have a guide of sorts for dating in the metaverse!

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How Exactly Does Dating in the Metaverse Work?

Currently, to access the metaverse, you need to register and set up an account using a specialized VR dating site like Nevermet or Planet Theta. These specialized dating sites are similar to “real” world dating sites like Zoosk, Bumble, and Hinge; according to VR enthusiasts, Nevermet is currently in first place in the race for popular metaverse VR dating sites.

But there’s a catch—you’ll need something more than just your finger to pull it off. It’s not Oz, so you can’t just click your sparkly red heels together three times and be magically transported to the metaverse. You’ll need to purchase some VR goggles, create an avatar, and find a VR date to go out on the town with when you are finally in the metaverse.

Put another way, it’s a more advanced and immersive method for people from all over the globe to communicate with each other. The idea of communicating with others online is not new; in fact, it is decades old, long before the metaverse even existed.

For those who aren’t bothered by the lack of physical intimacy associated with conventional dating, the Metaverse offers a fantastic alternative for meeting people, going on dates, and even establishing a long-term commitment.

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Why Would You Date in the Metaverse?

People in our culture put a lot of stock in how they look, but in the Metaverse, there’s an alternative to the standard profile picture: an avatar that can express much more than just your physical attributes.

As a consequence of this, you and the person you have a crush on can learn more about one another than you normally would if you went on a date in real life. You are able to get to know each other beyond the surface and find out a great deal more about each other. And if you’re not feeling it on your VR date?

It is as simple as taking off your headset in order to get out of your Metaverse date. It is not necessary for somebody to phone you with an “emergency” or for you to sit awkwardly and beg that the sprinkler system of the restaurant will kick on for no apparent reason so that you can leave. The bad date is over, and you can go on with your life. All you have to do is remove your virtual reality headset! Or, you know, you could just hop on another virtual date–just put your VR goggles back on, re-enter the metaverse, and look for someone else to connect with.

VR Dating Sites

There are quite a few specialized VR dating sites on the market now–if you’re interested in checking one out, here are the ones currently available:

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  • Nevermet
  • Planet Theta
  • Flirtual
  • VRChat
  • Meta Quest


A rising number of specialized virtual reality dating sites have emerged because some people take dating in the Metaverse seriously.

A lot of people who meet someone online think that the connection they feel will be there when they meet in real life, even if the metaverse is just a virtual place. Others hold out hope that virtual reality will one day be so realistic that it will motivate more people to create and maintain online relationships.

Just like not everyone was interested in online dating ten years ago, not everyone has an interest in dating in the metaverse via a VR dating site! But who knows–as the tech advances, it could attract more users–we’re excited to see what else happens in VR dating!

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