Patriotic Pairings | Celebrate Memorial Day with These Top Dating Sites

Dating sites to use for memorial day

So, here’s a cool new fact we’ve picked up: The week around Valentine’s Day is peak signup time for online dating sites, and that makes total sense, what with the hearts and flowers and romance. 

What about the second busiest time of the year for dating sites? It’s Memorial Day weekend, and we had no idea! But it tracks, being that the holiday ushers in the official start of summer. 

Dating, in general, is more enjoyable in the warmer months. You can’t go to the zoo or spend a day at the park, get ice cream, or go to a baseball game in the dead of winter.

This weekend is a popular time for individuals to sign up for online dating services, so if you’re thinking about doing so, you shouldn’t feel alone. And hey, it merely widens the selection of potential partners. So join in on the fun and celebrate Memorial Day with these top dating sites!

Celebrate Memorial Day with These Top Dating Sites

Let’s begin by saying that these dating sites could serve as a single person’s savior when it comes to finding a last-minute date, regardless of whether they’re looking for love or simply a good time, whether it’s Memorial Day or any other day of the year. 


Zoosk may be a novice compared to the other big dating sites, but it’s making up ground rapidly. Because of the site’s enormous user base (about 40 million people), you have a great chance of finding a partner in crime for Memorial Day festivities.

Zoosk may be a novice compared to the other big dating sites, but it’s making up ground rapidly. Because of the site’s enormous user base (about 40 million people), you have a great chance of finding a partner in crime for Memorial Day festivities.

In order to improve the site’s matching algorithms, Zoosk’s “SmartPick” function classifies users into one of many predetermined “types” based on their profile information.

The program also offers a neat feature dubbed “Carousel,” which is akin to functions seen in other modern dating sites–swiping left or right displays more or fewer options, respectively.


Although eHarmony is most popular among those seeking long-term partners, it can likewise be used to locate a fun partner to spend holidays like Memorial Day. Even if it’s only a casual outing at first, who knows what the future holds?  

Due to its sophisticated matching algorithms, this service is unique to every other dating site on the market. Years of research into what makes for happy, healthy relationships provide the basis for Harmony’s effective and renowned matching technique. 


If you’re looking for a casual hookup on Memorial Day, Badoo is the place to be. In the “People Nearby” section of Badoo, you can discover potential matches who are nearby and who share your interests. You can start talking to them or “like” their profile to interact!

An additional option is the “Encounters” feature, which functions like the popular swipe-based dating site Tinder. As you browse the user profiles that Badoo thinks you’ll like, you can either “like” or “pass” on each one. Among Mexican singles searching for a free dating site, Badoo is a popular alternative; users can upgrade to premium features for a fee. 


You could find a date for the same night or within the next hour with the aid of Tinder, another time-saving dating site. Like most dating sites, Tinder alerts you when a potential match is online and located nearby. 

Still, if you need a partner for Memorial Day, you may want to start reaching out to prospective partners as soon as possible to start chatting and filtering out any undesirable applicants. 

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On the dating site Bumble, women message men first in heterosexual partnerships; in same-sex relationships, any party can initiate a conversation. Additionally, when you’ve been matched, the site gives you 24 hours to get in touch with your match.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say in the initial message; all you have to do is make contact. By making a remark on their profile and asking an open-ended question, you can keep it short. It’s as easy as apple pie!

Later on, there will be lots of chances for in-depth talks, but you should definitely contact them before the 24-hour deadline ends if you want to find a Memorial Day date. Although Bumble is free as is, there are premium upgrades that provide users access to more features. 

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a great dating site to take advantage of if you’re looking for a professional companion to spend Memorial Day with. Eighty-five percent of EliteSingles members hold doctorates or other terminal degrees in disciplines such as medicine, law, and business.  

More than 381,000 new users join each month, and its “Have We Met?” function helps its almost 2 million monthly active users quickly find other compatible singles with just a single swipe. This means that there is an abundance of potential partners for users to choose from.


OkCupid is a dating site where users can search for possible romantic matches, learn more about each other, and indicate interest by swiping right or left–it’s a chiller dating site and perfect for a summer romance or something more casual!

Members of OKCupid can respond to several multiple-choice questions on anything from their level of romantic attachment to their political leanings, and these responses, along with other data, are used to determine how well they are matched with another user.

If you take the questionnaire, you could find a more suitable match and a last-minute rendezvous with a person whose profile you “match” 90% rather than 10%; but you aren’t required to do so.

It seems like you won’t have trouble finding somebody to spend Memorial Day with. The basic version of the dating site is free; however, there are paid premium add-ons available.


The “I’m searching for…” prompt on Hinge, a worldwide dating site that functions in any country, is a great place to let potential matches know that you’re only looking for a Memorial Day cohort, so you probably won’t be seeing each other again anytime soon unless fireworks go off and you are interested in stretching the connection out throughout the summer!

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s for Memorial Day or any other cause, you can discover a date or someone to hang with quickly and easily using one of the many dating sites available. Many other single people will be in search of a memorable Memorial Day activity, just like you, so why not seek them out and spend the day (and possibly the night) with them instead of sitting at home alone? 

When you have someone to enjoy them with, American traditions like barbecues, fireworks, and traditional holiday food are much more enjoyable. Just keep in mind to drink responsibly so you can recall all the fun you had at the Memorial Day picnic. 

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