7 Great Icebreakers To Use While Dating Online

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In order to be noticed when using online dating sites, it is important to ask other singles great questions that will successfully break the ice. This is all in the hope that you can get a foot in the door! They are not necessarily hard to pull off, but some do require a bit of thought and strategy to be used to good effect.

Try out some of our best icebreakers for online dating and see if you can begin getting more singles engaged with you in a great first-time conversation!

#1: Talk about Something from Their Profile

One of the best ways to break the ice with someone you just met online is to form a question that is based on something posted on the profile. If you take this strategy, this shows them that you have actually taken the time to read their profile. It can also indicate that you are generally interested in finding out more about them!

Saying “hey there” or “how’s it going?” is no way to break the ice when beginning your first conversation with someone new online. Taking something from their profile and using that as the basis for your first question is going to stand out a lot better!

Ask them about any hobbies or interests that they might have posted to their profile bio. If you find out that they are into ice skating, you could break the ice (ha, no pun intended!) by saying something like, “I couldn’t help but notice that you like ice staking. Where do you usually go for outdoor skating during the winter? I’m always looking for myself and can never find anywhere good.”

If you find out they are into the things that you like, you have hit the jackpot! This will make the conversation much easier, and the two of you should hit it off even faster!

#2: Try a Top 5 List

Top-5 lists are another great way to get singles talking if you are trying to get the first conversation flowing. These kinds of lists are generally a lot of fun and require a bit of thought at times. People usually like ranking their favorite things, so this should be a fun and engaging first-time conversation.

You will want to root this question around the singles’ interests or hobbies. For example, if they love Italian food, you might want to ask them what their top 5 Italian restaurants are in the local area. Or they could be interested in horror novels. You might want to ask them to give you their top 5 favorite Stephen King books.

When they give you their top-5 list, you better be ready to reciprocate! Join in on the fun, and you guys can have a nice little back-and-forth finding out how similar your interests and tastes run.

#3: What Is on Your Desert Island, Music or Books?

There aren’t a whole lot of people who are completely disinterested in both music and books, so this icebreaker is one that is usually good to ask the first time you are trying to start a conversation with someone on an online dating app. By placing them on an island and limiting them to just a few pieces of their favorite media, you can begin to gain an idea of their tastes!

You could possibly build on the initial question and go into some fun variations. You could ask, “would you rather have just music or just books on the island?” or “would you rather have a dictionary or one guilty-pleasure song?

#4: What Are Three Things on Your Bucket List?

Asking someone for the first time online about their bucket list items can be a good little insight into their aspiration in life. This icebreaker can also reveal what they are passionate about, which could potentially lead to a ton of other conversations.

The Aurora Borealis
Time Square, New York City
Road Trip

The bucket list ice breaker is one where people can continue to think of things they want to do before they shake this mortal coil. The well really does not run dry on this topic. If you are looking to keep the conversation alive and exciting, talking about bucket lists is a good bet!

#5: What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?

This is a great icebreaker question to ask because this is something that most people are willing to share and are probably proud to discuss! Who doesn’t want to brag about themselves a little bit? This is a question that can reveal a bit about what the person has accomplished in a personal, relational, or professional sense.

You can get a good gauge for what it is that the person values and cherishes. If their proudest accomplishment is something work-related, it might be an indicator that they take a lot of pride in what they do at work. Or if the accomplishment has something to do with building a good relationship or mending a broken friendship, this might be a good sign that they value people over status, position, or wealth.

#6: Talk About Pets

An easy go-to icebreaker is asking about pets. Perhaps the person you are talking to for the first time has some photos posted to their profile with their adorable dog or their offbeat, cuddly kitty cat. This is a great opportunity to ask what their name is and offer a generous compliment on how cute they are!

If you own the same kind of pet, this can be a really good time to bond over being a dog or cat owner (or whatever pet it is that you have). You can never go wrong with discussing animals the first time that you are talking with someone online. Pets never really cease being cute and tend to do fun stuff that makes for some good light-hearted conversation, perfect for talking to someone for the first time online.

#7: Try Your Hand at a Fun Game

If you are feeling particularly daring, you can try playing a game with someone the first time that you speak with them online. Suggesting a game during the first conversation is certainly going to make you stand out compared to simply saying “hi” or “hey there.” A few good ice breaker games include Would Your Rather, 20 Questions, Truth or Dare, and Two Truths and One Lie.

Would You Rather?

The concept here is pretty simple. You are given two choices by the other person and then you must tell them which one you would prefer. It is a game that is easy to play and does tend to turn toward inappropriateness fairly quickly. So this is a game where you might have to use a measure of discretion, especially since you are dealing with a new person online.

20 Questions

You can even modify the number of questions to make the game as difficult or interesting as possible for the person on the other end. However many questions you settle on, that is the number of questions in which you must correctly guess the subject!

Truth or Dare

This is actually one of the more daring games you could be playing with someone whom you just met online. This can also be a really fun one, to begin with, someone you don’t know too well. Be sure to use discretion on this one so you do not cross any boundaries or come across as too forward or creepy.

Two Truths and One Lie

You give the other person two things that are true about you and one that is a falsehood. The other person has to guess which is which! This is a really fun get-to-know-you sort of game!

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