How to Balance Faith and Love on Christian Dating Sites

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Navigating the world of faith and love while dating can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re a Christian and trying to adhere to the teachings and practices of the Bible.

When you’re on a dating site, sometimes the least of your worries is trying to figure out how to navigate your faith while also trying to find someone online. This is when the need for balance becomes so much more prevalent. 

As believers, we can’t just put our faith and convictions as Christians to the side and hope for the best. Instead, our faith needs to guide us in the right direction, especially when making important decisions like who to date and how to date. 

If you’re curious about some of the steps and practices you can integrate into your daily life as a believer, keep reading!

Establish Boundaries

1. Establish Boundaries 

Before you go too far in your dating journey, you will want to establish boundaries if you want to create a balance between your faith and your romantic life. 

Boundaries are very personal and subjective things. You should consider the limitations and parameters you want to place in your romantic life before you get too involved. 

Stay in Prayer

2. Stay in Prayer

As Christians, we are called to communicate with God continuously. God is a relational God, and He doesn’t want us to grow distant from Him, so He commands His followers to pray without ceasing

If you’re on a dating site, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pray before you match with or message anyone. But if you start to feel off about a relationship or connection that you form while you’re online or you’re thinking about making a risky choice and going for someone who you might not have thought about dating before, you might want to spend some time in prayer before you make those decisions. 

We worship a God who is bigger than any of our circumstances and who is always in control. 

When we join something as unpredictable and overwhelming as a dating site, it’s nice to know that God has us covered and He is on our side, guiding us through everything. 

Choose the Right Dating Sites

3. Choose the Right Dating Sites

Every dating site specializes in something different. Some might specialize in helping create casual relationships; others might be great for single parents to find love online. 

When you’re looking through your options, try to find a dating site that specializes in creating Christian relationships. 

If you choose a site like eHarmony, the site isn’t Christian, but it will allow you to only search for people who share your beliefs and show your profile to other Christians. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about matching with people you disagree with spiritually, and you won’t need to question someone’s faith. Instead, you can move forward in your relationship, knowing that anyone you meet online will agree with you on the basics. 


If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of online dating but are looking for someone who is not only a good match but also a Christian, we can help. Head over to our Christian Dating Sites page to find our recommended Dating Sites for Christians.

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