11 Date Ideas That Are Sure to Stoke the Flames

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Whether you have been together for a year or fifteen, consistently dating is crucial to ensure your relationship remains passionate and filled with romance. Dating experts have proven that maintaining date days throughout a relationship makes it stronger and more likely to weather any storms that come its way.

If you continue dating throughout your relationship, it will allow you to keep learning all you can about your partner on a deeper level. It will also give your relationship the intimacy it needs to thrive and prosper. Fortunately, dates don’t need to be overly expensive, which is excellent considering you will be going on many of them.

There are loads of ways to stoke the flames of passion in your relationship. But identifying date ideas that will incite passion is challenging.

That’s why we have put together this article to tell you 12 excellent date ideas to keep your significant other happy.

What Are the Top 11 Date Ideas That Will Guarantee the Passion Is Kept Alive?

For many people, keeping desire alive in a relationship is difficult, especially if you have been with your partner for years or decades.

Unfortunately, relationships can quickly fizzle out or become dull if you’re always too busy, leading to breakups and divorces. So, consider the eleven date ideas below to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

1. Date Night Jar

If you already have some ideas and want spontaneity, then a date night jar is perfect for planning a range of passionate dates. You and your partner need only fill the pot with a few exciting date ideas, and when you’re ready, take one out to find out what you’ll be doing for your date.

You can even have a date night to make the jar. Making a day out of it is simple; you need only go together to get the supplies, choose some snacks and beverages, and you are good to go! If crafting isn’t your thing, you also buy one from Amazon that already has dates ready for you two to try.

Additionally, if you want to expand on this idea, you can each make your own date night jars with experiences you’re interested in and alternate which jar you choose a date idea from each week. This way, you can have more variety and control over which experiences you want to share with each other.

2. Outdoor Camping or Backyard Camping

Why not rough it with your other half in a tent? It might not sound overly appealing, but a camping date can be incredibly passionate if it’s just the two of you alone in nature. This is because, when you’re alone with nothing but the birds and the bees, you have no other option than to communicate and bond.

Ultimately, camping at a campground is a way to remove yourselves from your busy lives while giving each other a break from technology and worldly distractions.

Additionally, if you’re worried about what you will do together, don’t be. There are many camping-friendly activities you both can participate in, including stargazing, canoeing, hiking, cycling, and campfire cooking, while you share meaningful conversations.

Yet, if you and your partner can’t rough it in real nature, why not try setting up a backyard campsite? All the fun and romance that comes with real-life camping can be had in the comfort of your own space.

However, you will have to devise rules to ensure the experience is as authentic as possible (such as keeping outside lights off or only being allowed inside for bathroom breaks).

3. Plan and Execute a Mini Adventure

This is an excellent idea for couples who love adventures. You can choose three places and explore each over the weekend or in a day.

One example is to have a local breakfast, then try a different lunch place a bit further away, and then dinner far away from home. Another is selecting three hiking trails to go on over a weekend and see what wonders you will find along them.

However, remember that the key ingredient here is to choose places you have never experienced to ensure it’s an exciting activity. This is an adventure date, and adventure dates are the best way to have fun and make memories, especially if you’re both spirited people.

4. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Date

Should your partner fear heights, you should skip this next date idea.

Arguably a hot air balloon ride is one of the romantic ways to have a date, especially if you’re both into unique experiences.

A hot air balloon date is a good idea for those looking to stoke the flames of passion because while you’re up in the clouds, there are no disturbances and no noise.

It’s just you and your partner who get to have some one-on-one time.

Another reason this is a great date idea is that you will have multiple views to look at together while you focus on connecting and being romantic.

Not to mention, for most couples, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hot air balloon rides date ideas

5. A Couples Dance Lesson

Dance is a surefire way to incite passion because it is a physical representation of how you feel and connect. Even at weddings, the bride and groom always come together to do their first dance, so taking a dance lesson made it onto the list.

Even if you have two left feet, it is still fun to try, and when taking dance lessons, you will learn something new together!

No one is a fantastic dancer at first (barring those lucky few), but if you take a few lessons together, you might be well on your way to finding your rhythm. So, although learning to dance might be a frightening date idea, it’s well worth it – especially when you get to the stage where you no longer need an instructor.

There are loads of dance classes to choose from that you can book online, but if you have budget restraints, you can even try a virtual dance class courtesy of a free YouTube video.

Yet, try to stay safe if you opt for home lessons by ensuring enough room to move around. Additionally, as novices, you should try not to choose dances that are too complicated as you don’t want to be put off or go home feeling upset instead of passionately connected.

6. Go Back in Time to When You Both First Met

No, we don’t expect you to build a time machine, but if you have an excellent memory, this is a unique and romantic idea.

To take your date back to the first time you met, you’ll need to set up every detail of your first date that you shared and pretend it’s your first time meeting again. It will make it even more romantic if you can remember and replicate what you each wore that day. Wearing the same clothing will break the ice and bring a little humor to the date.

If you don’t want to pretend and want to ramp up the intimacy, you can add more romantic flair and prepare four things to say to each other that you’ve learned to love the most about one another since your first date. It will show how far you have gotten to know one another and how far you have come since the initial dating stages.

7. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing isn’t the typical date idea you would choose when wanting to stoke the flames of passion, but it is something that many couples enjoy doing. 

Rock climbing is fun and requires your partner’s support and trust, critical characteristics of a healthy and flourishing relationship.

After all, there is nothing sexier than a supportive partner you can wholeheartedly trust, right?

You can find a rock climbing wall if you are not too enthused about rock climbing in nature.

This is a more controlled and safe way to experience rock climbing together. If you like a little competition, you can see who climbs up faster towards the end, and you won’t have to worry about falling to your death – always a positive.

couple rock climbing as a date idea

However, should you both choose to experience real rock climbing, a great way to conclude the day is to sit at the top of your goal and enjoy the scenery side by side. Essentially, accomplishing these small acts of greatness amplifies your attraction for one another.

8. Backyard Dinner

This is a classic idea and can be as cheap or expensive as you think it should be, and it will be romantic regardless of if you choose a more costly or affordable alternative.

For those with a backyard, you can set up your romantic date night dinner in two ways:

Inexpensive: Take a table outside and light candles with a single flower in a cup in the middle of the setup. Then you can pick up an already made meal or make a meal yourself. This might be simple, but it’s the thought that counts, and your partner will likely appreciate the effort you put into the date.

Slightly expensive: If you have a bigger budget, why not go all out? You can set up a table with lit candles and flowers and lay a path of flower petals leading up to the table. To make it even more romantic, you can add a few decorations. For example, you can put up fairy lights, add some fancy napkins and plate settings, and consider a fancy backdrop like a flower wall.

This idea is sure to ignite a fiery evening, and perhaps the most significant benefit is that it takes place in the comfort of your home.

Remember that a bit of music also goes a long way. Find a Spotify romantic music list and have it play softly throughout the evening while you talk and connect.

9. Putt-Putt Golf

Putt Putt golf might not be very romantic at its core, but it can be if you take the time to make it so. Instead of playing the game boringly, you can choose to be serious and have some light competition or be silly and have fun rolling with it.

Putt-putt is one of the best couples activities if you both want to decompress and pull corny moves, like showing each other how to sink the ball, to foster closeness. After all, sometimes creating intimacy is just about being able to have fun and be silly without all the background stress.

So take each on a mini putt-putt adventure without placing unnecessary expectations on one another. Enjoy each other’s company, and you will see why you fell in love in the first place.

10. Couples Painting

Why not have a fun date with wine, paint, and canvas? Couples painting is one of the most romantic date ideas out there, and best of all, it’s simple to execute.

Once you have the materials, you can choose something for the other to paint and see how close you each get to the original artwork you selected. Not only is this fun and lighthearted it’s also private enough for you both to truly connect.

If you don’t want to use a paintbrush and try something even more fun, you can find a white tarp and use each other as the paintbrushes. Once you’ve applied paint to each other, you can throw yourselves onto the tarp, and bam! You have one art piece with a series of memories and private moments that only you two know about.

Ultimately, being creative, in general, inspires passion, so often, painting something together will give you lifelong memories and a lot of opportunities to share something intimate with each other.

11. Sunset or Sunrise Hike

Not every romantic date idea that stokes the flames of passion has to be complicated or expensive.

Many people underestimate the power of nature and its ability to create the best romantic environment with absolute ease.

So don’t be one of them; consider taking your partner on a beautiful sunset or sunrise hike.

Before heading out, check your local weather to find the exact times when sunset or sunrise is, and then choose a hiking trail that leads somewhere high up.

It doesn’t have to be overly high, but it should be high enough to look across the landscape and enjoy the view.

couple hiking as a date idea

Final Thoughts

Ultimately continuing dating is crucial to your relationship, so don’t let anything stop you from trying all these ideas over time. Even if you believe you know everything you can about your partner, we can promise you that there are couples that have been in a relationship for 30+ years that are still learning things about one another.

So plan regular dates and keep the courtship going because dating is the best way to stay in sync and maintain that relationship spark.

Frequent dates show that you both still value one another enough to invest time into the relationship. It is easy to lose the fiery passion in a relationship if you aren’t careful. So keep it alive and try one of these romantic dates, and you are sure to keep that fire going while igniting the passion that all relationships require.

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