Best Dating Sites for Black People 2024

When it comes to the best dating sites for black people, we had to get a bit creative with our recommendations for our readers. You might have expected us to spout off a list of dating sites specifically designed for black singles exclusively (and there are a few we recommend that are pretty close to that description). Yet, many of the best black dating sites are mainstream offerings that much of the population uses, and to great success, we might add!

Dating App Key Facts Free Trial
Zoosk Logo Zoosk

Most Diverse Dating Pool

eharmony logo eHarmony

Best for Serious Relationships

Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles

Best for Black Professionals

BlackCupid Logo BlackCupid

Best for Casual Black Dating

BLK App LogoTable BLK

Best for Meaningful Black Connections

SilverSingles Logo Table Silver Singles

Best for Black Singles Over 50

Christian Mingle Logo Christian Mingle

Best for Black Christians

A large number of active members, reasonable membership pricing, and modern features that enhance the black online dating experience set these platforms apart from many others in the market. These platforms also use advanced search filters that break down singles by appearance and ethnicity.

These are our top recommendations for the 7 best black dating sites of 2024:

1. Zoosk: Most Diverse Dating Pool

If you’re looking to meet black singles online (or any single, for that matter), a large dating pool is key to widening your search and getting a good line-up of eligible candidates. And Zoosk is one of the top-tier dating sites for getting the most diverse mix of singles, due in part primarily to their 50 million users worldwide!

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 500,000 paying members (50 million total users worldwide)
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $12.50/month

Zoosk members set up search preferences for the right singles based on factors like ethnicity, age, and appearance (among others). The Carousel contains an extensive catalog of singles that roughly fit users’ preferences. As users like or dislike recommendations on the Carousel, Zoosk identifies the user’s “type” and forms better recommendations in the future, known as SmartPicks. If you want to date or develop relationships with black singles, you can bet you’ll find who you’re looking for on Zoosk!

Modern features like swipe-style dating, enhanced daily matches, and a large pool of potential candidates ensure that Zoosk remains one of the most competitive dating sites for finding black singles.

2. eharmony: Best for Serious Relationships

screenshot of eharmony's homepage

Our best dating site for finding black singles in 2024 has to be eHarmony! This is a dating site with a large pool of over 16 million active members, many of whom are black. The platform is especially helpful for those looking for serious relationships or long-term commitments and is not so heavily focused on casual dating or romance.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $35.90/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

eHarmony is well-known for its 32-Dimensions of Compatibility testing, which focuses on inner beauty more than outer beauty. They want to make sure that, first and foremost, you’re matched up with a compatible partner. While they ensure you’re paired with someone well-suited to your personality, interests, beliefs, and values, singles at eHarmony can also state their preferences based on appearance and ethnicity.

Combine a high volume of users with excellent compatibility testing and advanced search filters, and you have a winning combination for black singles looking for true love, serious romance, and meaningful, long-term relationships. eHarmony is the ticket!

3. Elite Singles: Best for Black Professionals

Elite Singles is a great dating site for finding professional, highly educated singles in general, but it is also our top pick for finding professional, black singles. This dating site is packed with professionals working in high-paying career fields, and many happen to be black! In fact, 85% of those currently using the platform have completed some form of higher education.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $27.95/month

Elite Singles caters heavily to professionals looking for serious relationships with other like-minded singles. This site offers its users the chance to break down which singles they are looking for along the lines of income, profession, interests, values and beliefs, and (most relevant to what we’re discussing here) ethnicity. Elite Singles is a great dating site for black professionals looking for singles who share the same mindset of hard work, dedication, and the drive to learn and achieve more!

Aside from personal preferences and advanced search settings, Elite Singles has a large volume of users and a terrific dating pool. They’re available in over 20 countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. Over 300,000 new members are admitted to the site each month. Over that same period, on average, approximately 2,000 new couples are created on Elite Singles.

4. BlackCupid: Best For Casual Black Dating

BlackCupid Homepage

While BlackCupid is much smaller than any of the other black dating sites on our list, you have the benefit of using a platform where the majority of members are black. This means you don’t have to filter your search to find singles who are black the way you would using a mainstream dating app.

BlackCupid isn’t perfect. Their dating pool is only 3,000 and there are far more men using the service than women. However, we cannot speak highly enough of the site’s excellent matching system and robust member profiles that help you learn a lot about your matches.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 3,000
  • Gender Ratio: 81% men to 19% women
  • Membership Price: $3.83-29.98 per month

5. BLK: Best for Meaningful Black Connections

This is a black dating app that is equally adept at fostering serious romance as it is at developing solid friendships and connections. Some call BLK the best black dating app out there because of its versatility. This platform is the newest offering on our recommendations list. It was founded in 2017 and has grown to a steady user base of 40,000 members, 5,000 of whom are active weekly.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 40,000
  • Gender Ratio: 70% men to 30% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $9.99/month

98% of the members and users on BLK are black, and the app’s base is in only two countries: the US and Canada. This makes BLK one of the most robust communities of black singles looking for profound connections, true love, or romance anywhere in the nation. They boast an easy 1-3 minute sign-up process and their own answer to swipe-style dating that allows users to reveal their “type” to BLK based on appearance and raw, physical attraction.

To give you an idea of how well this young black dating app has performed in the last five years, they have recorded over 400,000 downloads on Android devices and over 7,000 downloads on iOS devices. BLK is coming into its own, but its dedicated user base and robust app features make it a good contender as one of the best black dating sites for 2024.

6. SilverSingles: Best for Black Singles Over 50

If you’re a black senior looking for romance or a second chance at true love in your later years, Senior Singles will be the best dating site to use in 2022! You’re guaranteed to find singles between the ages of 48-52 years of age and even older, those who are in the same season of life and looking for serious relationships and commitments.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 100,000+
  • Gender Ratio: 53% men to 47% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $27.95/month

SilverSingles comes with reasonable, affordable pricing, perfect for those on a fixed income or keeping a close eye on their retirement spending. The app comes with an intuitive design that makes it really simple to navigate the platform and find other black seniors with the greatest ease. All in all, SilverSingles is a phenomenal dating site for black seniors who are down for romance or serious relationships in their twilight years.

7. Christian Mingle: Best for Black Christians

woman on christian mingle dating site

To find long-term, meaningful relationships with Christian singles who are black, our top recommendation is Christian Mingle, arguably the world’s best Christian dating app! New members will pay anywhere from $14.99 to $34.99 per month to enjoy features like anonymous browsing, unlimited messaging, and full access to your matches’ photos via profile swiping. With a dating pool of over 16 million Christians worldwide, you’re bound to find black singles who hold Christian beliefs and values!

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Membership Price: $14.99-34.99 per month

Comparison Chart

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a black dating site is its reach in the online dating market. After all, the more members are active on each of these sites and the more countries serviced, the larger the dating pool becomes for members and free trial users across these platforms.

A larger dating pool leads to more possibilities and better options for finding black singles.

Dating SiteActive MembersMember ActivityNumber of Countries

Zoosk Logo

50 million worldwide

500,000 paying members

80+ countries

eharmony logo

29 million worldwide

16 million each week

200+ countries

Elite Singles Logo

5+ million

900,000 each week

25 countries

BlackCupid Logo

3,000 Members

250 Active Members per day

20+ Countries

BLK App LogoTable

40,000 from the US

5,000 active weekly

2 countries (US and Canada)

SilverSingles Logo Table

100,000 from the US

5,000 daily logins

20 countries

Christian Mingle Logo

15 Million

3.5 million active members per month

7 Countries

How Do I Choose the Right Black Dating Site?

You might ask yourself, “how do I know when I’ve found the right black dating site?”

If you’re having trouble narrowing down the field of options or are worried about committing too soon for fear of missing out, check out our best tips for choosing the right black dating site that best fits your needs and preferences.

Trust Our Recommendations

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your choice is to follow one of our recommendations. There are a lot of dating sites out on the market for black singles dating, and we’ve narrowed everything down to our top seven picks. Now, this is just our own opinion, be we feel we’ve evaluated some key aspects of these sites that give these recommendations some extra weight: the large volume of active users, the size of the dating pools, the advanced search filters provided, reasonable pricing, and good free trial offers.

Make A List of What You Want

Make a list of what you are looking for in your dating experience. Consider the features that each app or site will provide, like advanced search settings or swipe-style dating mechanisms. Consider the price of the services offered or how many singles are active weekly on the platform. Essentially, put together a list of your preferences, needs, and dealbreakers, and you’ll come to a decision relatively quickly.

Begin Using the Free Trials

When in doubt, give the free trials a chance to see what each site offers in terms of active members, pricing, and features. You can use multiple free trials at once if you so choose. There are no restrictions on that sort of thing. Once you get a feel for how a dating site works and experience some limited features firsthand, settling on a platform that is well-suited for what you need is much easier.

Join More Than One Black Dating Site

There are no rules saying that you cannot be a member of more than one black dating site at a given time. Sure, being a member on more than one platform will cost you more money, but it will help you to cast a wider net as you search for black singles online.

The Best Black Dating Sites FAQ

You might still have some questions that need answering in our review. That’s why we’ve included an FAQ section that features some of the most popular questions posed by online consumers and readers.

Are There Free Black Dating Sites?

There aren’t any black dating sites (at least on our list) that can be used entirely free of charge. But each of our recommended sites comes with limited free trial opportunities that allow users to enjoy just a few of the paid features as they decide whether or not to get a premium membership plan. These free trials are a great way to see what kind of singles are using the site and how everything is set up.

Are There Any Black Dating Sites That Cater Only to Black Singles?

Yes, they are called “niche” black dating sites, and we have recommended a few in our review: BlackCupid and BLK. These are platforms where you are guaranteed to find black singles who are ready for dating, serious relationships, true love, or romance.

How Much Do Black Dating Sites Cost to Use?

This will depend on which dating site you choose, but mainstream dating sites are typically a lot cheaper as far as pricing goes. For instance, Zoosk memberships begin as low as $12.50 a month. But then there are higher-end options like eHarmony, where the rate jumps to $35.90 a month.

What’s the Best Overall Dating Site for Black Singles?

Our top two picks for the best black dating sites are eHarmony and Zoosk. Both feature large dating pools of eligible singles from all over the world. Both deal with compatibility and personality testing to ensure compatible connections. And each comes equipped with advanced search filters for users to break down their searches by factors like appearance, religion, or ethnicity.

How Do I Know Which Dating Site is Best for Me?

It’s always helpful to read online reviews to see what firsthand users and professionals say about each recommended dating platform. Another good idea for testing out various black dating sites is to start a free trial account. There’s no limit to how many you can partake in, making this an excellent solution for testing out these sites and seeing what kind of singles and unique features you can find.

What is the Best Dating Site for Black Professionals?

Our top recommendation would have to be Elite Singles, the dating site that caters to highly educated and professional singles. The site is comprised mainly of those who are career-driven, personally successful, and filled with knowledge, many of them being black! 85% of those who use this platform have completed some form of higher education.

Are There Any Good Dating Sites for Finding Black Senior Singles?

Yes. You must check out SilverSingles if you’re a black senior looking for true love and romance. The average member at SilverSingles is between 48 and 52 years of age. Most of the people who are using SilverSingles are interested in finding true love once more and developing lasting, committed relationships with others on the platform.

Can Non-Black People Join Black Dating Sites?

Yes, non-black singles can enjoy our black dating site recommendations so long as they’re looking for black singles. The only restriction to joining these sites is the age restriction (you must be 18 years or older to enter).

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