Alexas Jimenez

Alexas Jimenez has a passion for helping women and men find love and work their way through romantic challenges. For more than 10 years, Alexas has specialized in online dating and everything that comes with it. She covers a broad range of relationship and dating topics as well as writes the occasional advice column, answering reader questions.

Help! I Hate My Partner’s Family

Man Looking Sad - Determined Woman

Many couples adore each other’s families so much that they spend every holiday together. They plan vacations and wouldn’t dream of having a dinner party without their partner’s family there. They’re so close they feel comfortable calling their significant other’s mom just to say ‘hello.’ Then you have the other couples. You know the ones. …

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How to Know You’ve Fallen in Love with Your Best Friend

Man and Woman Holding Hands - Supportive Friend

You get along so well with your best friend. You’ve been through everything together, including previous relationships and the loss of family members. You are their ride-or-die, and you know everything about each other, so falling for them is common. But how do you know your feelings are more than just platonic? If it is …

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