Top Asian Dating Sites for 2024

Online dating sites have now made it easier than ever to find and date Asian singles from just about anywhere across the globe! Learn what makes these Asian dating sites the best and why they’re so adept at helping Asian singles find romance.

Our Asian dating site review will cover our 7 top picks and what makes them up to the task of taking Asian dating, a market subject to the nuances of family involvement, courting, and traditional, conservative relationship patterns. We’ll even provide general strategies and tips for successfully dating Asian singles!

Dating App Key Facts Free Trial
eharmony logo eHarmony

Serious Relationships and Compatibility

Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles

Finding Professional Singles

AsianDating Logo

Best Asian-Specific Dating Site

Zoosk Logo Zoosk

Largest Dating Pool of Asian Singles

EME Hive Logo EME Hive

Best Modern Asian Dating Site

AsianD8 Logo AsianD8

Best for British-Asian Dating

6 Best Asian Dating Sites

#1: eHarmony – Find Serious Relationships with Asian Singles

What makes eHarmony so good for Asian singles is its focus on serious relationships and the wide net it casts in the online dating market. eHarmony is a dating site where you’ll find over 16 million active members, many of whom are searching for serious relationships and long-term commitments like marriage. Many Asian singles place a premium on the idea of the family, which means many Asian singles tend to lean toward the more serious side of dating and relationships. Even non-Asian users who want to meet Asian singles typically seek serious commitments. We can confidently say that eHarmony is the best, by far, for setting up compatible matches for marriage.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $35.90/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

#2: Elite Singles – Best for Highly Educated Asian Singles

Not only do 85% of the members at Elite Singles hold an above-average education, but they also have advanced search filters that allow users to find singles based on ethnicity. This makes Elite Singles our top pick for finding highly educated Asian singles who value career, success, and self-improvement. Elite Singles also has the advantage of being a dating site that caters to committed relationships. With over 2 million committed members, Elite Singles is one of the best dating sites for finding true love and romance with Asian singles.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $27.95/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

#3: – Best Asian-Specific Dating Site is a part of the Cupid Network of dating sites. It has been pairing together Asian singles (and singles interested in Asian culture) for about 15 years. This makes it our favorite niche Asian dating site, available in multiple countries worldwide, including the US, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and various EU nations. We feel this platform has many attractive men and women, plus robust profiles and modern features, making one of the most exciting Asian dating sites in the industry. This is another platform where the relationship focus tends to be more long-term.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 220,000 (150,000 active weekly)
  • Gender Ratio: 60% men to 40% women
  • Membership Price: starts at $42.50/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

#4: Zoosk – Largest Dating Pool of Asian Singles

The dating sites we’ve recommended so far have focused on serious relationships and marriage; Zoosk breaks this trend and is our favorite Asian dating site for casual relationships and finding one of the largest and most diverse dating pools of quality singles. There are over 50 million members across the globe in over 80 countries, making Zoosk possibly the best dating site for finding the largest volume of Asian singles. It’s also a busy and active dating site with 3 million messages being sent back and forth between members each day. Zoosk even includes modern features like the Carousel which allows members to “swipe left” or “swipe right” (a la Tinder or Bumble) through catalogs of Asian singles.

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 500,000 (50+ million worldwide)
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Membership Price: begins at $12.50/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

#5: EME Hive (EastMeetEast) – Best Modern Asian Dating Site

One of the reasons this is considered the most modern and best niche Asian dating app is that they cater to Asian singles who want to find true love and serious relationships with other Asian singles. Non-Asian users are not barred from using the site, but it’s mostly comprised of Asian singles alone. And it’s a young dating site! The average user on EME Hive is between 25 and 35 years of age. If you’re in your 20s and looking for your true love or someone you’d love to see become your marriage partner, EME Hive is a great place to begin your search!

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 500,000 (250,000 active weekly)
  • Gender Ratio: 64% men to 36% women
  • Membership Price: begins at $26.99/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

#6: AsianD8 – Best for British-Asian Dating

If you’re an Asian single living in the UK, we have the perfect dating site for you! AsianD8 has been around for over 15 years and is the best dating site for British-Asian dating. In fact, AsianD8 is actually the largest overall dating site in the UK. AsianD8 is best known for its in-person singles events that take place all year long around the UK. These include speed dating events with Asian singles and padlock parties where attendees can mix and mingle with over 150 potential mates at a single event!

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 10,000+
  • Membership Price: begins at $26.27/month
  • Free Trial: Yes

Why Can You Trust Us?

Our Reviews Are Written from Experience

Our writers must create free trials at any Asian dating sites we review. They go through the process of signing up, creating a profile, and testing out the site so that they can write accurate reviews that come from firsthand experience.

We Use an Unbiased Rating Process for All Site Review

Our goal is to deliver honest, transparent, and unbiased reviews. That process begins by examining the pros and cons of any Asian dating site we appraise. We assign impartial scores to each of our five criteria points (usability, cost, features, daily matches, and active members) and take an average to come to our overall rating of the site.

Our Reviews Are Kept Updated

We go through any reviews or content we produce, and we ensure they’re kept updated with any changes in membership pricing or features. Our readers can read any of our breakdowns and know they’re getting current information and in line with any changes in the market.

Our Reviews Link to Free Trials

Our goal is not to push you into any old Asian dating site to get a kickback for a new sign-up. We want you to find a platform that is best for you, so we give you access to tools like free trials where you can test-drive the product to see if it’s going to be a good fit. It’s a great way to make a good decision without paying anything.

We Promote the Best Dating Sites

We don’t want to waste our time plugging dating sites that don’t deliver results for the consumer. When it comes to the best Asian dating site, we recommend a blend of mainstream sites and niche dating platforms. When it comes to niche Asian dating sites, we promote the ones with the best, active membership bases and best results.

Why These Are the Best Dating Sites for Asians

What makes these the best recommendations for dating or meeting Asian singles? In its simplest form, it comes down to variety, numbers, and years of experience! Check out the chart below for simple and solid facts regarding our top picks.


Variety of Dating Endgames

  • eHarmony: long-term relationships with marriage in mind
  • Elite Singles: serious relationships with professionals
  • serious dating with Asian singles
  • Zoosk: casual dating and romance
  • EME Hive: serious relationships with young Asian singles
  • AsianD8: serious or casual dates with British-Asian singles

Large Membership Base

  • eHarmony: 16+ million
  • Elite Singles: 2+ million
  • 220,000 (150,000 active weekly)
  • Zoosk: 500,000 in the US (50+ million active worldwide)
  • EME Hive: 500,000 (250,000 active weekly)
  • AsianD8: 10,000+

Number of Countries Serviced

  • eHarmony: 200+
  • Elite Singles: 25
  • 5+
  • Zoosk: 80+
  • EME Hive: 110
  • AsianD8: UK Only

Well-Known and Trusted

  • eHarmony: founded in 2000
  • Elite Singles: founded in 2013
  • founded in 2005
  • Zoosk: founded in 2007
  • EME Hive: founded in 2013
  • AsianD8: founded in 2009

Variety of Dating Endgames

Asian singles are nuanced. While many hold the family in high regard and lean more toward relationships centered around marriage or long-term commitment, we realize this isn’t the case for every Asian single out there. We chose Asian dating sites that support a variety of dating end games, be they serious or casual in focus.

Large Membership Base

For best results, the rule of thumb with dating sites is to promote platforms that encompass a large swath of members and users. Our mainstream suggestions have members in the millions, and our niche suggestions support hundreds of thousands of users. The larger the dating pool you’re dealing with, the better your chances of finding the right Asian singles you’re seeking.

Number of Countries Serviced

We made a point of choosing dating sites that serve a wide variety of countries because there are Asian singles located in many different areas of the world. In fact, many of the dating sites we push cover nations such as Thailand, China, Korea, India, and Japan. The US, the UK, Canada, and Australia were a must for access to our recommended Asian dating sites as these countries have many Asian citizens as well.

Well-Known and Trusted

Each of our best Asian dating site recommendations has been in business for at least 10 years or more. In the case of, they’ve been in the market of matching Asian singles now for nearly 30 years! These dating sites are well-known names at this point in the online dating world. They are proven effective and trustworthy among consumers.

Best Tips for Using Asian Dating Sites

What makes these the best recommendations for dating or meeting Asian singles? In its simplest form, it comes down to variety, numbers, and years of experience! Check out the chart below for simple and solid facts regarding our top picks.

Family Is Important To Consider

In Asian culture, family is super important. It might not be the case for EVERY Asian single you meet, but it’s a very likely possibility. Asian singles are close with their families and care what they think about dating partners or those they intend to wed. Show respect to your partner’s family at all times. There’s a good chance that you’ll be highly involved with your partner’s family, so be mindful of family traditions and customs.

Serious Relationships are More Common

Again, this does not apply to EVERY Asian single you meet online, but generally speaking, Asian singles are looking for serious relationships and commitment. They tend to be more traditional when it comes to relationships. They usually begin as a serious commitment that evolves into marriage, with family being a big part of the process. If you’re looking for casual dating and romance with Asian singles, use dating sites with a more casual focus.

Expect a Possible Language Barrier

This applies more to the idea of international online dating. You might meet someone in another country who doesn’t speak your language. If you want to date Asian singles in your own nation, adjust your search settings correctly. But if you’re intent on international dating, know that a language barrier is a real possibility. Many dating sites we recommend come with message translators for your convenience!

Courtship Might Be a Requirement

In many traditional Asian family settings, the man might be expected to court the woman before they can even begin dating officially. This could be performing certain acts to win over her heart or make him worthy of being able to date her. As we’ve said, this is not the experience of EVERYONE who has dated Asian singles. Nevertheless, it’s an expectation that could pop up in more traditional households.

Best Dating Sites for Asians FAQ

Anything that we might have missed in our review of the best Asian dating sites should be covered in our FAQ section. We have included some of the most popular questions we usually get from our readers and customers on this subject.

Are Asian Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Yes, just like many of the dating sites we recommend, the Asian dating sites on this list are all safe and secure for customers. These sites keep personal or financial information private and discretionary through good encryption. From what we can see, no information shared with these platforms is ever mishandled or misused.

Is It Better to Use Niche Asian Dating Sites or Mainstream Sites?

It will depend on what you’re looking for in the experience. Mainstream dating sites tend to have larger dating pools of candidates and come at a lower price. However, the niche Asian dating sites, in many cases, guarantee that most singles you meet will be Asian or interested in Asian culture. There are pros and cons to using both.

Do I Have to Be Asian to Use Niche Asian Dating Sites?

No, there are no requirements to join these dating sites other than being 18 or older. There are a lot of singles out there who want to date Asian singles but are not Asian themselves. These are platforms for finding actual Asian singles as well as admirers of Asian culture.

Are These Free Dating Sites for Asians?

No, you’ll have to pay for a premium membership plan to use these dating sites for all their worth. However, free trials come with each of these sites that allow newcomers to experience a limited number of membership features for free so they can get a good idea of how things work and what kind of singles are using the service.

What’s the Best Asian Dating Site?

Our favorite overall site for finding Asian singles is eHarmony. This is mainly because it’s a large dating platform with over 16 million members and is available in several countries across the globe. They also have sound compatibility testing that allows you to be paired with the right singles in harmonious and well-connected relationships.

How Do These Asian Dating Sites Create Matches?

There’s always some form of personality or compatibility quizzing that goes into the sign-up process at each dating site. But members can also state their dating preferences and factors they look for in an ideal match, like location, appearance, age, interest, beliefs, and others. Daily matches are suggested by these sites using factors and preferences such as these.

Which Dating Site Will Have the Best Dating Pool?

We’d have to settle on Zoosk for the best overall dating pool. You’re dealing with a dating site with around 500,000 active members but over 50 million members in over 80 different countries worldwide. eHarmony is up there too, but Zoosk would definitely be the best place for the most comprehensive and diverse pool of Asian singles out there.

Who Uses Asian Dating Sites?

There are all kinds of people who use these platforms. A lot of the time, it’s Asian singles who want to date other Asian singles. However, some non-Asian people who are interested in Asian culture or attracted to Asian people use these dating sites to find dating, love, or romance.

What Are Some Good Tips for Dating Asians?

If you’re looking to date Asian singles, it’s always a good idea to be respectful of beliefs and culture, be you Asian or non-Asian. It’s essential to be open to meeting their parents as parents are highly respected in Asian cultures and play a pivotal role in the lives of a lot of Asian singles. It won’t hurt to learn a new language if you’re dealing with international singles.

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