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DatingSites.com relaunched in the late summer/early fall of 2022! Our goal is to offer the best recommendations for dating sites in the online market and also provide updates on any new products that might appear on the online dating landscape.

Above all, we aim to lead our readers to the best resources that can help them find other singles online!

At DatingSites.com, you will be able to read reviews of the best dating apps out there based on the research done by our team of experts. They review all aspects of the site and create an overall rating based on an average of all major categories.

Another great facet of DatingSites.com is their dating blog which features everything from online dating advice to customer testimonials and success stories that have occurred over the years!

Meet Our Writers

Alexas Jimenez

Alexas Jimenez

Alexas Jimenez has a passion for helping women and men find love and work their way through romantic challenges. For more than 10 years, Alexas has specialized in online dating and everything that comes with it. She covers a broad range of relationship and dating topics as well as writes the occasional advice column, answering reader questions.

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Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson is one of our chief experts when it comes to dating tips and advice. He draws from years of his own experiences, but he makes a point of staying in the loop on what other experts are saying to inform his content! If you are looking for some first-date ideas or wondering if it’s time to get out of a relationship, Brandon is the guy you’ll want to follow!

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Matthew Fisher

Matthew Fisher

Matthew Fisher spends his days finding the best dating apps and the latest trends in the online dating market. He keeps his followers up to date on anything that might be worth their time! Matthew is also a price point and membership plan nerd and will show you some ways to find the best value and biggest savings.

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Services We Offer at DatingSites.com

These are a few of the things we offer our readers at DatingSites.com:

Honest Reviews and Rankings

Our writers are committed to taking the time to look at both the good and bad sides of each dating site they review. It’s part of our commitment to bringing our readers the most honest and unbiased reviews possible. Our team never shies away from telling our readers what they don’t like about the site as well as the areas where improvements are desperately needed for the future. Our customers and readers can make a well-informed decision as they choose what dating sites and matchmaking services are best for them.

Complete Price Listings

We are always upfront about our recommended dating sites and how much it will cost for membership. Just about every site we stand behind comes with multiple membership plans, and we make it a point to lay each plan out clearly for the reader. We go through the plan length, the plan features, and the respective price points. If there are any additional fees or extra features that might run our customers’ extra cash, we will always bring it to their attention!

Free Trial Opportunities

We know there is a good chance that our readers might be hesitant to join a dating site and become paying members right away. That’s why we have included links to the free trial opportunities that are offered at each of our favorite dating sites. Our readers can take their time using dating sites without having to pay and get an idea of what they offer in terms of features and functionality. And our customers always have the option to try multiple sites at once time to see which is the best fit for them!

Updates on New Sites or Products

At DatingSites.com, we like to keep up with the times. If there is a new dating site that we feel is worth our readers’ time and money or there are any new and exciting developments in the online dating market, we will certainly post those updates or that news to our site! We want our customers and readers to have their choice of the best that the market has to offer, so we include only the best products, sites, and matchmaking services that are available out there.

Firsthand Experience with the Sites

In order to bring you the most accurate and fleshed-out reviews of these dating sites, our team of researchers will create their own free trial accounts and learn everything there is to know about the site without having to pay for the services. They will go through the sign-up process and profile creation and then go on to experience the features of the site, like viewing profiles or limited messaging. Our researchers can then do their reviews from firsthand experience and provide the reader with the most accurate depiction of the site possible!

The online dating experience is a lot more enjoyable when you are using a dating site that you are comfortable with, that comes at a good price and has all the features you need to be successful in finding other singles.

At DatingSites.com, we hope to pair you up with the best dating site for finding anything from casual dates or relationships to serious commitments or long-term relationships!

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