3 Date-Perfect Coffee Houses in Dallas

Coffeehouse in Dallas

In recent years, coffee has become a bit of a hot topic among the masses. From the “basic” Pumpkin Spice Latte drinking 20-somethings to those on the quest for the perfect bean, it seems that coffee houses are on everyone’s must-stop list. In Dallas, we know there is no shortage of coffee shops which is why we tested them out to secure our top five picks for the perfect coffee date. What makes these shops so special? Aromatic house blends, casual atmosphere, and a unique flavor selection that you won’t want to miss.

1. Avoca Coffee

Avoca Coffee is the preferred spot for hipsters and geeks alike. The funky warehouse interior is open and welcoming without being too “hip”. The house coffee is made using Guatemalan beans roasted in house. At the first sip you will find strong hints of cocoa and berries. For a bold cup of joe, we think this one is the kind that will make you stop and take notice. As an added perk, you can receive 10% off when you bring in your reusable coffee mug.

Website: www.Avocacoffee.com

2. Cultivar Coffee & Tea Co

New to the scene Cultivar is currently located in East Dallas where the old Stir existed. The two owners have a true passion for coffee and put that into their selection of house blends. If you seek a coffee that is flavorful then try out the candied and spice notes of the house beans from El Savador. Of course, we have to mention the delicious espresso here as our favorite. It’s rich and velvety with a nutty citrus finish that leaves you wanting more.

Website: www.CultivarCoffee.com

3. Oddfellows

Not only is Oddfellows a popular coffee house but there is a full service restaurant as well. This means that if your date is going well, you could easily move it into dinner. As for the coffee, there are public tastings offered each month and the house blend rotates through a selection of premier roasts. We tried the Honduras beans which offered up an aggressive blend of tart cherry, citrus, and tea. The creamy espresso is perfect for sipping with its full caramel flavor and lemony finish.

Website: www.Oddfellows.com

Each of these locations is conveniently located nearby the many museums, monuments, and shopping that Dallas has to offer. Making them perfect stops before or after a casual afternoon date.

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