4 Reasons Women Blow Off Your Messages

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If you sign up for the paid subscription on dating sites then you are able to take advantage of a handy feature that allows you to see if the user has read your message or not. Even if you maintain a free subscription, you may wonder why someone has not responded to your message. The truth is that your first message to someone is the defining factor between whether or not you have a chance at creating a connection with the other person. Here are four reasons why your messages get deleted online.

1. Bad Language

There is nothing more frustrating to a well-educated women than a user who sends a message using broken English, swear words or incomplete sentences. If you want to have a chance with that girl with the pretty face then you need to up your language game substantially. I’m not saying that you need to be the Shakespeare of online dating but you should at least make an effort to appear as if you have graduated high school.

2. Ignorance

I once received an online message that said: “I dint no NY has a cuntry part. Reppin’ ATL heer!” That was the whole message. There was no “Hello” or “Your profile picture is pretty”, just this short message. First, this message obviously violates the bad language note above. Second, this user comes off as ignorant. He did not know that the state of New York had a country part? It’s called Central New York for a reason. It’s called a Dairy State for a reason. If you made it past fourth grade then there is no reason why you should not know that New York State is made up of more than New York City. Ignorance is not attractive.

3. Too Simple

Another problem with the above message is its simplicity. Men often skip on the details when they reach out to a women. This is partially because men look at online dating as a mass project while women try to focus on one or two men that they might be interested in. In an effort to cover the bases faster, men will send short messages saying hello and that they would like to get to know you. I delete these messages instantly. My profile has information about me. If you want to get to know me, as me questions. Your simple message tells a woman that you are only half invested in the dating process.

4. Your Profile

Users will discriminate against your profile based on the primary picture which they see of you, the type of relationship you are seeking and your heading. These are often the only details a woman checks out on your profile when she sees a message from you. Be sure that you put in the extra effort to make your profile more appealing if you really want to catch a woman’s attention.

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