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Advice for Men

RI Restaraunt
4 Romantic Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Providence, RI
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Couples in Providence, RI can boast the fact...
Young Lady With Laptop
4 Reasons Women Blow Off Your Messages
If you sign up for the paid subscription on dating sites then you are able to take advantage...
Fish Market Guys
4 Cheap Eats for a Mouthwatering First Date in Dallas
Getting your money worth at a restaurant usually means sacrificing on the quality of your...

Advice for Women

Coffeehouse in Dallas
3 Date-Perfect Coffee Houses in Dallas
In recent years, coffee has become a bit of a hot topic among the masses. From the “basic”...
Lady With Thoughts
Why Do We Care so Much About an Ex?
You are in a relationship that seems to be going well. Things are progressing and then...
Couch Couple Talking
Step 3 to Reconnecting: Checking Up and Maintaining Your Relationship
In the first two parts of this article series, we discussed how to handle your relationship...

Pickup Dating

Nice Couple Having Wine
Don’t Care Too Much To Soon
Lately there seems to be a pattern with a lot of guys I've been talking to: they are spending...
Man Hitting on Woman
Don’t Worry About Being Sleazy
It doesn't always seem easy for guys like us to express our interest in women. Often we are...
Guy in Suit Smiling
10 Ways to Be Un-Alpha and Why It’s A Good Thing
It's my mission to show you guys that being the alpha isn't the pinnacle of attractiveness,...

Online Dating

Online Dating Heart
Benefits of Paid Dating Websites Over Free Ones?
When I first started utilizing online dating, I remember thinking – if there are so many...
Should You Use Online Dating to Find Love?
It has been determined that half of all relationships today start online. When talking with...
Woman Sitting on Her Laptop
Think It's the One? 5 Questions to Ask
The best way to ease the burden of online dating is by asking smart questions from the start....

Advice for Seniors

Old People in Love
Senior Sexuality
What You Should Know This week I checked out the new television show The Night Shift. Mostly I...
Old Man at Coffee Place
5 Tips for First Date Safety
Every day, every week, every month, there are men and women who fall victim of crimes on a...
Couple by the Water
3 Dating Tips for Seniors
Dating is a senior is not all that different from dating in your early 20s. You'll want to...

Christian Dating Advice

Couple Walking by Water
First Date Tips for Christian Men
First dates can and should be a pleasant experience for everyone, young and old.  Unlike...
Couple Different Religion
Can You Date Someone Who Doesn’t Share Your Religious Views?
Growing up, my dad used to say that he could not go to church because if he did a tree would...
Woman Waiting for Someone
God Wants to Give You A Match
One of my favorite stories about the power of prayer and religious faith is one about God and...

Health & Wellness

Breaded Chicken With Slaw
5 Ways to Make Chicken Less Boring
My friend Brandon is working on getting “lean and ripped”. His admirable quest involves a...
Brussel Sprouts
The Best Easy and Healthy Sides for Holiday Dinners
From Halloween until Valentine’s Day, there is one thing on everyone’s mind – food. The...
Mexican Woman Cooking Together
7 Tips for Successful Once A Month Cooking
Once-A-Month-Cooking (OAMC) is a popular practice by individuals who want to simplify their...

Self Improvement

Lady Thinking
Will Things Really “Work Out”?
My mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table gluing pearl strands on spray-painted beer...
Man Thinking
How to Make the Most of Your Potential
When you realize the unlimited potential in your life, you can’t afford to give up.” –...
Woman Smiling
How to Live Life to the Fullest
My baby brother, now 25, has spent the last few years bouncing around the country and working...